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Thorin Oakenshield
30th Sep 2002, 23:27
Mixed Messages

This mission takes place during the events of Thief 2, The Metal Age

You have just finished planting evidence against Lt. Hagen at CityWatch a few days ago. While you were there, you overheard Lady Rumford file a missing person report concerning Jeneviere. Basso and Jeneviere's wedding isn't for three more days. If they return her to Lady Rumford, her indentured servitude contract will still be in force, and she will likely be locked up again. The CityWatch precinct in Basso's part of town will no doubt have received a message with a description of Jeneviere. If you could sneak into that precinct and find the message, you could replace it with a fake message containing a false description of Jeneviere. The bulldogs will be looking for the wrong person until they discover the mixup. Basso and Jeneviere will be married by that time. The CityWatch detachment in that part of town also serves as an armoury fortress and training ground for new recruits, so it won't be easy......

1) Get into the CityWatch precinct
2)Find the message containing Jeneviere's description and replace it with the bogus message.
3)While you're there, you might as well get something for your troubles. Get 300 loot.
4)Get out of the fortress safely.

Taffer's are guaranteed that things are never as simple as they appear!

Here are 2 preliminaryscreenies, Textures will be changed :-



1st Oct 2002, 00:54
That sounds like a very good plot Thorin and I'm sure we all want to help poor ole Basso out again, LOL, and his lady love! Continued success with it's finality ;) Ta and Good Hunting!

1st Oct 2002, 14:21
MAN!! Thorin do you ever sleep? How do you find time to make all these FMs? Here I am struggling with mine, and your mass producing em :D what’s the secret? Of course I wish you luck in completing your next FM.

Thorin Oakenshield
1st Oct 2002, 18:14
Thanks Guy's;)
Karras' Diary was going to be my final fm for T2 but someone only went and sent me the start of a really cool map:rolleyes: I guess this won't be my last either:D I'm really looking forward to using the t3 editor... No more complexity errors:eek: :mad: :D

Shadow Creepr
2nd Nov 2002, 13:10

Will you post an update with screenies?