View Full Version : Should I convert my partly-finished missions (1st in a series) to Thief 2 & continue?

30th Sep 2002, 05:24
I wanted to use DromEd 1 at first for several reasons: nostalgia, it had the enemies I wanted, etc.

But now I have played The Inverted Manse and Calendra's Legacy and I have seen what colored lighting, etc., can do for a mission.

So...should I convert Lord Bumfrey's Mansion to DromEd 2 while I still don't have a lot done?

How can I put in all the Thief Gold enemies and 3D objects?

Can I use my conversations?

Anything else I should know?

30th Sep 2002, 11:33
First off, I wouldn’t rely too much on other people’s opinion to help you decide on which game you should make your FM for! As I think most people don’t mind which game a FMs comes out on. And I’m sure there’s more people who own T1 than T2 so maybe you should stay with T1?

I can see why you want to change though, as T1’s past it’s sell by date (for me) a very long time ago now. While T2 isn’t a vast improvement, it’s still an improvement nevertheless. It’s a testament on how good a game T1 was, that it’s still on my hard drive. But with only about 50 FMs now still to play and finish, I should be un-installing T1 before the end of the year, maybe even for good. It just doesn’t appeal to me any more. Which is a real shame, because some of the FM’s I’ve played for it this year would’ve totally amazed me if I had played them when they were first released.

But this is just an opinion of someone who is more than a little tired of the Original Thief game and it’s out dated graphics engine. T2 will keep me going until T3 finally comes out but the day T3 does come out, my interest in T2 ends. But with T3 still more than a year away I’m sure there’ll still be many Thief players out there wanting to play your FM no matter if it’s on T1 or T2, I wish you luck!

30th Sep 2002, 13:33
Personally, I'm quite happy to play missions from either game. I've always liked the atmosphere of Thief 1/G a lot, as do a number of other people. So I'd say, just continue on with it as TG. It will still get played, I can guarantee it. :)

30th Sep 2002, 23:52
Since you've already started, I'd finish it with D1. Then I'd continue your series with D2 until the editor for T3 is released whereupon I'd continue the series with the new editor.

But that's my two cents and worth every penny.


1st Oct 2002, 00:10
Munin the Raven and I are in agreement that the whole appearance of dread, decay and ruin in Thief Gold are more asthetically appealing to the game of Thief than in Thief 2, on the whole. That said, there's a lot to like visually and design-upgraded-wise in T2, there's a bit more spit and polish to T2. I miss the fire elementals in Thief 1. You decide, I'm sure we'll like it either way. :)

1st Oct 2002, 05:54
You should already know my recommendation - Burn Dromed 1 onto a CDR and then use it for target practice in the back yard! T2/D2 all the way baby!

1st Oct 2002, 14:29
Originally posted by Komag
You should already know my recommendation - Burn Dromed 1 onto a CDR and then use it for target practice in the back yard! T2/D2 all the way baby!

Yes. That came across...err...quite strongly in your God-like tutorial. :D

2nd Oct 2002, 03:11
Okay...upon due reflection and a judicious replaying of certain missions in the original Thief: The Dark Project, I have decided to stick with DromEd 1 for this series.

Thanks to all who gave their input and I certainly hope the engine won't keep some from playing the missions once they are released.