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29th Sep 2002, 20:40
The Insurrection will be released today or tomorrow. Keep an eye on the "Cheap Missions" site... That is where you will find it first.

In my usual way I have gone beyond what should have been attempted -- not because I am brave or adventuresome, but because I am both stupid and lucky. This design should have collapsed under its own weight or become so impossibly complicated that it would never have been finished at all -- except for one thing... my luck in finding such a loyal and incredibly dedicated team of testing collaborators. Every single report from the team has been like pure gold, and I have made hundreds of changes both large and small because of their wise and insightful inputs.

And so I would like to dedicate this release to the testing crew of Hallucinations and The Insurrection...

Peter Smith

This is their mission, too!


29th Sep 2002, 23:57
It's up at Cheap Thief Mission Downloads (http://lserv00.math.uh.edu/thief/missions/) now!

Frobber has done an amazing job building this beautiful Cathedral and making a fantastic mission. Why are you still reading? Go download it!! LOL! :)

30th Sep 2002, 00:57
It's truly a wounderful thing to see a mission of this scale come to life. Thanks to frobber and the rest of the design and testing crew. And thanks to all you taffers out there. Now go and DL this puppy and I'll see you later. :)

30th Sep 2002, 04:46
Thanks frobber, and thanks for creating it.:D In case you are not already convinced, note that Insurrection takes place in the first realistic gothic cathedral ever done in Thief, perhaps any game. The scale is immense, and there are all kinds of places to go and ledges to crawl on. It is in a class of its own.

If you have not already done so, you might play Hallucinations (part 1 in the series) first.

30th Sep 2002, 07:27
I just got it all downloaded but before I start I have a question already :) I played Hallucinations in an earlier version of Darkloader (3.8) and have now also in this same puter in another drive 4.1 where I put Insurrection. So my question is...what about any equipment/health that I had left over in the first mission? Am I to start from scratch with whatever you (frobber) start us out with so that we are starting all out the same way? Or, do I need to put my last save(s) back in Darkloader 3.8 and move the new mission into the same loader so it picks up the continuation of where I left off in the first mission with whatever resources I had at the time it ended so that when I start the new mission it picks up those threads of the saves and incorporates them into the new mission?

I'm guessing that this would probably be more complicated than anyone would suggest or ask about but I just want to make sure how one is going to relate to the other as far as what you had when you ended the first mission...since this is a continuance and not sure how this element would be handled. So if you would please clarify this for me I would appreciate it :) Thank you for finishing it and thanks for the info I'm inquiring about ;) Ta and Good Hunting!

30th Sep 2002, 10:11
Huntress, unless Frobber has done something truly amazing you are 99% certain to start with whatever weapons are available in Insurrection only. When someone releases a multi-mission campaign there is apparently a way to carry stuff over, but I've never seen it done AFAIR, mores the pity! I expect you are like me and hoard all your weapons in case you REALLY need them, and suddenly find you've finished, still with 10 water arrows etc etc! :)
So, just dive in and enjoy :)

30th Sep 2002, 12:26
No carry over from Hallucinations. You do get plently of stuff with which to start and can find goodies along the way.

So Ta and Good Hunting:)

30th Sep 2002, 16:50
Although frobber noted that frame rate should improve after the initial battle and when you get inside, it was still pretty choppy for me. Many video drivers add support for altering the Direct3D parameters; in my case with an ATI video card, they add a Direct3D tab panel to the Display control panel applet (under Settings -> Advanced). The default is for best Quality. Reducing the slider a notch towards Performance reduced the choppiness but I saw nothing reduced for Quality (the graphics in this game aren't that high-quality that altering your drivers more for performance won't affect the graphics in Thief).

30th Sep 2002, 18:39
OK, guess I was reaching a bit about equipment, etc being carried over and perhaps if it had been in all one package, this would/could have been possible. However, since they are individual missions, it was not very likely :) Thanks again for the info :)

Vanguard...in my tabs for my ATI card, the only slider (or if you will a button to push for either better quality or performance, is connected with OGL settings. Nothing for D3D? Nor even in Powerstrips that I can see in that regard. I do have other options for other adjustments..such as anti-aliasing (application preference is selected (I have two samples selected); and under Dithering method when alpha-blending (Use error diffusion dithering is selected); Z-buffer bit depths (16:24) and 8 bit stencil (I have enabled). I also use Wait for Verticle Sync and Compress Texture Format. These are all under ATI's tabs not Powerstrips options.

Do you see anything that I should do differently? I did see choppiness in the first mission in the opening FMV and wonder if I should make any adjustments that could improve this in the second mission? Thanks for any helpful hints you might offer in this regard. :) Ta and Good Hunting!

1st Oct 2002, 01:41
I'm planning release a "two-pack" and the hope is to carry over a few things. But there is enough of a genuine division in events here that not a whole lot needs to come across. Certainly loot needs to be kept, and perhaps a few special items. Healing potions should not be transferd since players almost always wind up with way too many in Hallucinations ;)

For now, the two missions will stand on their own. And after I've listened to a whole bunch of reactions, I'll make some final tweaks in both missions, then I'll call it done forever!

1st Oct 2002, 02:21
Well as for me personally frobber...I didn't have way too many health potions left over...this was more of equipment/weapons that I was referrring to :) I did have some trouble as you recall about my ability to play the game "in time and finish within the time frame" and with you and Nightwalker's help I managed to get it done :) Just barely...so anything that I might have had to help me in the new chapter could have been perhaps useful? But since I've read that you do have a fair supply to start and can hopefully find what I need along the way...guess I'll just have to wait and see ;)

Just a reminder...if anyone can answer my question about settings for my ATI card (anything that I might need to do differently) I would appreciate (see earlier post above). Thanks and Good Hunting!

3rd Oct 2002, 02:58

Open the Display control panel applet (or right-click on the desktop and select Properties), click on the Settings tab to display that panel, and click on the Advanced button. You don't see a Direct3D tab?

I'm using the latest ATI video driver but even the prior one or two versions had the Direct3D tab panel. I have the ATI Radeon 64MB DDR VIVO video card (which is a near equivalent to their 7200 Radeon card but with VIVO added - video in/video out). I don't know what video card you have, but ATI distributes their drivers much like nVidia does - as a 1 package distributable that covers a whole range of their video card models. I am using their Catalyst 02.3 driver bundle. Because I have the VIVO port, I also have to then install their capture driver; otherwise, I get notified that there is an unknown device which gets left in Device Manager with a yellow question mark icon.

You might want to go to www.ati.com to ensure you have the latest drivers. The driver package includes ATI's control panels that show the Direct3D tab panel. Apparently you can also download their control panels separately (but if you're installing their driver package then I don't know why you'd bother).

3rd Oct 2002, 20:05
Hi Vanguard...thanks for the reply, however, you misread what I was saying. Yes, I do have a tab for D3D, just not a slider or whatever to denote quality preferences. I do have that type of option (a button which automatically makes the selections) in OGL only, either fuzzy or sharper. I did list in my other post what selections I did have and made in D3D and was asking if any of those should be changed to make any difference?

I have not experienced much slow down in the early moments of the game, perhaps I wasn't in the right area at the time to see something that would have caused it...I dunno. On a replay however, in a couple of spots while walking along the wall on the ice toward that opening that got me into the crypt area...I did notice a minor momentary stutter..but that's about it. Even so, if I have something checked in D3D that should be different to make even better performance, I should like to do so. As you know I'm not very technically inclined and don't understand all the meanings of certain elements (and I do try to make heads or tails out of them) but sometimes I just still don't know what the overall effects are to performance.

I did finally install DX8.1 the other night and so far all seems to be fine in that regard. I did get a pkg. for one of the CAT drivers for my system..9039 but am really hesitant about putting them in after reading the various forums at ATI and the problems several ppl have discussed about them. I know there was another upgrade 9061/2(?) and supposedly more for ME OPS but some ppl were saying they should work in W98 too? but W98 is no longer supported for these :mad: Consequently, I'm sortof between a rock and a hard place regarding this option. :(

So, if you would please take another look at my previous post and check out what I was talking about re: D3D and have any suggies to offer for improving on what I have done at this point, I would appreciate it very much :) Thanks Vanguard and Good Hunting!

ps: Oh yea, my card specs: ATI RADEON DDR 32mgs LE (But tweaked with Powerstrip to perform like retail) ;) OC'd from default 148 to 157 and have Hyper Z enabled. I could probably get a little more speed out of it but don't want to push it beyond a comfortable speed without more cooling. I'm not going to go through that as I do have reasonable cooling in my system now and I'm not interested in pushing it to the max limit I might get from it. :)

4th Oct 2002, 06:42
Well I am up late again because I finished this one tonight. Who needs sleep when there is a new FM to play. And I thought I would be in bed at 11:00! ;)

Thanks for the mission! :)
I will have to play this one again on different skills. Like the last one, I finished with not much time to spare. Of course once you do a certain thing in the mission you have little time anyway! So you better know which way to go. And I had a lot more slinking around to do and I left loot behind. I had quite a pile of KO's in there. Must have stacked 6 or more in one little corner I was attacking out of, plus all the rest.

But now that I know what is up and where it is I can get into the details of the game.

Saturnine did a nice job on the voice too!

I take it there is another sequel coming?

4th Oct 2002, 12:53
Sneak: Sooner or later you'll be sneakin' through "Oracle of the Prophets."

Actually during the night me and a few other taffers snuck into frobber house and gas arrowed him. When he awakes this morning he'll find himself chained to his computer desk. We left a 55 gallon drum of hot coffee, a case of "Twinkies" and strict orders to get to work.:D

4th Oct 2002, 16:49
I will wait in Frenetic Anticipation! ;) And put lotsa sugar in that 55 gallon drum of coffee and maybe he will be rushin' to complete it.

And as always Frobber, my application is in for you know what! ;)

Am here if you need me!

4th Oct 2002, 17:39
Originally posted by SlyFoxx
Actually during the night me and a few other taffers snuck into frobber house and gas arrowed him. When he awakes this morning he'll find himself chained to his computer desk. We left a 55 gallon drum of hot coffee, a case of "Twinkies" and strict orders to get to work.:D

No way! I'll only do it if you build a direct coffee pipeline from Starbucks!

BTW, The next mini-project is to combine Hallucinations and The Insurrection into a two-pack -- so it plays out the way I always wanted -- from cemetery to cathedral.

Oracle of the Prophets will be a long time in production.

8th Oct 2002, 00:33
I am slowly collecting evidence that it may not always be possible to win The Insurrection if the player is running the unpatched Version 1.07 of the game.

There have been more than 800 downloads during the last eight days and only four reports that the game could not win. So I'm guessing it does not happen very often -- even to those playing with an unpatched game.

In one case this was fixed by patching the game to Version 1.18 -- and in the other three cases, I have not heard any followup.

In no case has anyone reported this problem with a patched version of the game.

So if you are running an unpatched version, you should either skip this mission, or patch the program. Here is a URL to find the patch (last line on the page)...

Thief 2 Version 1.18 Patch (http://www.eidosinteractive.com/sup...ch.html?gmid=56)

This is the one and only patch for Thief 2 (other than the one for the level editor which is not needed to play the game).

9th Oct 2002, 02:47
Or you could just grab http://thief.math.uh.edu/patches/Thief2Patch107-118.exe

Shadow Creepr
12th Oct 2002, 06:33