View Full Version : Much confusion in "Gathering at the Bar"

Keeper Collins
29th Sep 2002, 19:56
First,I must ask some some questions. Were is the Golden secpter and were is this Mages secpter?I can't find either and I've chcecked everywere. Now about the aftermath of Gathering at the bar. HOW THE HECK DID THE MAGE TOWERS AND SONGS OF THE CAVERNES GET IN HERE?!?!?!?! If I play them will I find anything different about them? Also,I found the blooper mission of Lord Baffords Manor. I saw some things on thier that I wish I would not have seen. I had always known that after I stole Baffords secpter and killed all his gurads and servents that he whent crazy. But I did'nt think he was that crazy!

6th Oct 2002, 23:12
The golden sceptre is in a room on the main floor of the inn with a sleeping man in it. You can get in through a window from the outside. The ruby sceptre is also in a main floor room, but the window is locked. You can hear the mage walking around in the rooms and if you break the window, he runs out into the Inn hallway, then you can climb in, get the stuff and climb back out to the street. You can also get into both of these rooms from inside the Inn.

As for the rest of your question, I have no idea what on earth Mage Towers or Song of the Cavern have to do with GatB, much less the blooper mission.

Keeper Collins
7th Oct 2002, 00:00
Thank you for all your help Nightwalker but I did a little "experiment" and it seems you can only get the other two scepters from palaying on either hard or expert.

7th Oct 2002, 02:14
Could be. I've only played on Expert. I assumed you were too, since you asked where they were. :)