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Reaver of Souls
29th Sep 2002, 18:51
I am currently heading to Avernus, but that is not important. I am going back through the game looking for secrets. I went back through Nupraptor's Retreat, and can't seem to get out anymore. The door to the teleporter to the room where you fight Nupraptor is locked and I can't get it open, and also a door a little ways back closed once i went through. In short i'm stuck between the teleporter to where nupraptor was and the room that has the four challenges. Help?

29th Sep 2002, 19:07
Wow, I'm sorry. The only thing that I can think of is to start over from a previous game save. Either that, or there's some secret room the game is trying to tell you to find.

Reaver of Souls
29th Sep 2002, 19:26
Well there was a save right before i entered the retreat and i saved there, and i got everything in the retreat the first time anyways. I think the first time i was stuck on this too. I couldn't get the door to the teleporter open, and i can't remember how i did it. How do you get that door open?

29th Sep 2002, 19:33
I think there's a switch in the room with the eyes and such. I didn't know what door it opened, I just flipped it before I continued just in case. Ya know, the skull part with the three rooms up ahead: eyes, and the nose? That's where the switches should be.

29th Sep 2002, 22:08
You cannot go back to a boss room after the boss has been defeated.

Yu seem to be stuck where you are, so use Sanctuary.

Reaver of Souls
30th Sep 2002, 00:29
I always forget about sanctuary! Thanks.

BTW, if i have any other questions aobut bo1 i'll ask them in here as to not make eleventy billion blood omen help posts.

Reaver of Souls
1st Oct 2002, 01:34
I am trying to get back into the mist form dungeon, but the door jsut inside the main door is closed. I tried mist but i can't get throught it that way, and the teleporter pad must be a one way only pad. Can i get back in??

1st Oct 2002, 02:20
Why do you need to go back in? I think these places stay locked because you've already been there, and I doubt they'd let you back in.

Reaver of Souls
1st Oct 2002, 02:23
I need to go back into the mist dungeon in particualr because there are some things i missed in there and i know how to get now. Why does it shut you out after you've finished it? that's kind of dumb...

Reaver of Souls
1st Oct 2002, 23:20
Only adding a new post and not editing in hopes someone will actually look at this...

So, does this mean i am stuck and in order to get what i missed i have to restart the game?

Umah Bloodomen
1st Oct 2002, 23:38
Have you defeated Elzevir yet?

The FAQ I am using on my site says that in order to get secrets number 1-97 you must not return the doll to Willendorf. After you do this, you have to restart.

Reaver of Souls
1st Oct 2002, 23:51
I am just going back through the game, I only just finished Dark Eden, and on my way to Avernus. I just found a good guide for all 100 secrets (not at SK) and am trying to get them. There aren't any in the mist dungeon, but i missed some items, like a vial and a magic-booster-power-sign-thingy-ma-bobber and am trying to get those too. I am going back for any items i missed so far. So i guess i need to restart, oh well, won't take too long i guess, it's such a great game afterall even the amount i play seems like a blink of an eye. But waiting for those full moons.... grr..

2nd Oct 2002, 01:00
GAH!!! I hate having to wait for all those **** full moons! I swear, I wait for one, then when one finally comes, I'm too far into a place to leave and find the cave or whatever I needed to get into....Then the whole cycle starts again!!!

Okay... I'm done ranting now...:D (soryy, when I saw the words 'full moon', I just couldn't help myself.)

2nd Oct 2002, 02:45
The Blood Vial and Rune Pyramid in the Mist dungeon on the raised thing in the water cannot be gotten as far as I know.

2nd Oct 2002, 02:49
Hey Frankmaster,
In the room in the Mist Dungeon with the blood vile and pyramid, go one room to the south, move to the center of the room, turn to mist, and go upwards through the crack in the wall. This is how you get them!
Crystal Dynamics

Reaver of Souls
2nd Oct 2002, 03:50
..the door opened and let me back in. Oh well, I started over and just got to the house in Coorhagen where you get the Bone Armor. Finally got repel again, I couldn't beleive how much i relyed on that one spell!:rolleyes: