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Les Effant Terrible
28th Sep 2002, 23:38

28th Sep 2002, 23:50
Wow! Did you really come up with that on your own? I'm impressed!

We are dealing with a master mind here, guys!

28th Sep 2002, 23:52
i no rite collin?? this guy is great isnt he....wow i'm really insulted now

29th Sep 2002, 00:20
:rolleyes: again, can't you come up with something different, I guess not.

Well, I got the last one deleted, so as we are playing the same game again, guess what I doing now.

Anyone want to start the count down…..

29th Sep 2002, 00:33
What's your problem now? You used to be nice, so why are you acting so childish?

29th Sep 2002, 00:37
Yeah Aquarius that's what I thought, I think it must be PMT.

29th Sep 2002, 00:40
PMT ?? Do I dare ask? lol :p

(I'm watching the Green Mile right now on tv. I've never seen it before, looks really good though!!! :) I want the mouse! :D)

29th Sep 2002, 00:46
Yeah that is a great film. Keep watching.

PMT...mmm, it's a women's thing, don't worry you will know about it soon enough!!!!!

29th Sep 2002, 00:49
Do you mean PMS, or is this something entirely different. lol

I really want that mouse now!! It's so cute!! :D

29th Sep 2002, 00:55
Yeah it's the same thing...kinda

Hey Aquarius, check in on the ‘Let’s all go raiding’ thread, if you have time :p we have kept you alive there and it would be really cool if you would make an appearance. (kinda like a guest appearance lol :D ) I’m not pushing you to do so or anything, it’s just you used to be good with that and your posts were always really cool. Anyway love to see you there darling, if you fancy it, it could do with some new life :D (I think there’s only 4 of us still posting lol )

(you can bring the little mouse! )

29th Sep 2002, 02:33
omg i'm watching the green mile too!!!!! sorry i just thought that was soo kewl...the mouse is awesome by the way!!!!

29th Sep 2002, 02:40
It's so good I know!! :D I was so glad when the mouse was healed!!! :p Yay mousie! :D :p LMAO!!!