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28th Sep 2002, 23:20
would it be possible to come out with a patch for Soul Reaver 1 to run on a XP machine. I know some people can get it to run but its because they seem to have old(ok not old but not recent) graphics cards. when i ran SR1 on my old computer a window pops up with setup info like screen res and so forth. to do that it has to access the video card, but with XP it doesnt allow that. would there be any way to cercomvent this? u may not need a patch at all maybe just a line of code? would it be at all possible to ask the programmers to take a quick look and see if they can come up with anything?

just a thought.

EDIT: i just tried the blood omen 1 patch for win2000 and xp and it worked! thx god now i can play on my good computer! and i had a thought, would it be possible to modify SR1, or the exe like BO1 to get it to work?

also plz not i posted this as ~7:30PM


29th Sep 2002, 02:16
Soul Reaver runs fine on my XP machine (GeForce 4 ti4600, 512MB RAM, Athlon XP 1700+), and it ran fine on my "old" 98/2k/XP machine (GeForce 3, Athlon 1.2GHz, 512MB RAM) =). I believe that people who have trouble are experiencing driver issues of some kind. Either graphics/sound, or possibly their CD-ROM/IDE bus driver, which might have trouble with the copy protection.
IMO, it is unlikely that Eidos will release a patch for a game that has been out for this long. The Blood Omen "patch" is actually a hack that was done by someone who doesn't work for Eidos, Activision, *or* Crystal Dynamics.
If you're really desperate to play, you could always snag the Playstation version and play it under emulation (assuming your PC is fast enough).

29th Sep 2002, 02:36
i know its a hack but it worked so ill use it. wouldnt mind if someone hacked the sr1 exe.

sys specs:
XP(duh!) home
Geforce 4 MX 440 64 ram (already did that regedit thing for sr2)
Dx 8.1


30th Sep 2002, 19:00
I do not believe we will be creating any patches for SR1.:( Normally we patch games within the first 6 months as problems arise, but after that with new technology coming out at such a fast rate, we would be making patches every other week. If I hear of anything being worked on, I will post it here in the forums.
Crystal Dynamics

14th Oct 2002, 08:06
Chris, you're just too nice.


15th Oct 2002, 07:07
Blood Omen 1 patch for XP? Where can I get my hands on this? This is the best news I've heard in months

16th Oct 2002, 05:02
here is the link:

this is not from eidos there is no gaurentee it will work.