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28th Sep 2002, 20:25
You guys may already know this, but the cheats for Hitman 2, and the Hitman 2 demo are exactly the same as those for Hitman: Codename 47. Best of all, the giveall cheat gives you every single weapon from the full version, ranging from the surgeon's scalpel to the fire axe.

2nd Oct 2002, 23:42
I have the full release version, pretty much rocks, but why won't the console show up? Has anybody figured out how to work this on the full version? I have tried 300 different ways of putting enableconsole into the ini file, nothing works. I did notice that the command exists in the file from install, but no 1 or 0 after it. tried adding 1 there, still doesn't work.

3rd Oct 2002, 04:18
Just add the line enableconsole 1 to the hitman.ini file.

3rd Oct 2002, 05:07
Saba, did you get the Console codes to work on the retail version that came out yesterday? I have tried, and TRIED but to no avail to get the console to work but no matter what I do it still refuses to bring up the console.

3rd Oct 2002, 21:39
Oops. No I haven't tried that yet. I'll check tonight and get back to you guys ASAP.

Grey Mouser
3rd Oct 2002, 23:57
Hey Saba, maybe I can save you some time.

I have confirmed with the Eidos Producer for Hitman 2 that both the Console and Punch features have been removed from the retail game. Don't know yet if this is permanent or not...but they are not available in v1.0.


4th Oct 2002, 00:55
Thank you for the confirmation. If you get a chance you might mention to them that I purchased the game on the strength of the demo. That includes the beautiful graphics, awesome score, A.I., great gameplay and even the cheats. Had the cheats not been in the demo, I never would have purchased the game. It greatly enhanced the value of the game, by being able to use different weapons; try different tactics. I’m sure I’m not the only who tried the demo with each weapon. Also, anytime Edios has to provide a level cheat so a reviewer can finish the game, well, you might want to think about the people who pay for your product. I usually enjoy jumping through the hoops the game sets up, but when I don’t, I often like the choice of either taking the time to do it or cheating past it. My time, my call, if it’s right or wrong I don’t care, I’m your customer. It’s good to listen to me. Because next time I can promise that if it’s a choice between a single player that lets me do everything and one that tells me I can do only what the Dev’s think is appropriate, well, guess which one I’m going buy?

4th Oct 2002, 02:03
All the weapons you used, Azathi, can and will be found in later missions. We all like to cheat, and I will definitely miss those bloody rampages, but I'm sure that Eidos will unveil some cheats with time, so don't give up hope.

I've never heard of a game that didn't have cheats.

4th Oct 2002, 10:31
Project IGI...

4th Oct 2002, 14:14
Also Thief 1 and 2...

But my bet is that, since the cheats enhanced replayability so much, people will get vocal enough that they'll be re-enabled in the patch.

Azathi, I understand your frustration, but EVERY game is based, ultimately, on what the developers think is appropriate. I mean, they all have some sort of gameplay and narrative structure which you, no matter how many cheats you have, cannot go outside of. No game can be all things to all people. But, again, I'll miss the cheats too, and can only imagine that they'll be included in a patch.

4th Oct 2002, 15:43
I must admit, I have enjoyed the game quite alot, but the removal of the cheats was a real letdown and has taken alot out of my enjoyment of the game overall. :( If we want them we had better be vocal and let EIDOS know how we feel or else we may just be screwed like the IGI owners were. VOICE YOUR FEELINGS PEOPLE! :confused:

4th Oct 2002, 18:41
Last night I was having a terrible flashback of Operation Flashpoint, while trying to make my way through one of the levels. I loved thief 1 & 2 and this game definitely ranks up there with perfecting your sneaky b@st@rd skills. And I get your point Zaphod, and agree with you. I just want to differentiate between using a cheat to break the narrative and using one so you don't break your keyboard.

As far as the beloved bloody rampage-- I see the compromise they made and it's not a bad one. If you want to be surprised, then please don't read the following: When you finish the game, you can replay any level with the weapons you have collected. I do hope they put the cheats back in, but if not, I'm happy they had the foresight to think in terms of the game's replayability.

4th Oct 2002, 19:47
I, too, was immensely disappointed at the removal of cheats. Hopefully, some DO exist.

Everyone here should lobby both for the inclusion of cheats AND the wonderful slow-mo included in the original game's patch. It certainly makes the game more fun to play.


5th Oct 2002, 06:03
Thief did have some cheats, but they seemed more like easter eggs than cheats. The cheats we want, Azathi, are not just the weapons cheats, but also invisibility and god mode. I'm sure they'll give it to us. Are they stupid? (maybe) There's no reason they'd cut the cheats out of the game.

It's gonna be in a patch, trust me.

5th Oct 2002, 13:30
man i need the cheats cause i cant get passed the first mission. Everything i try fails. I tried to be the delivery guy tossed my guns into the produce basket and got past the gate guards but when i give the flowers to the maid i have to go back out the front door cause if i try any other door in the house all the guards rush me. If i go back outside and to the left the guard by the garage gets me. Basically if i go anywhere in the house im screwed, no matter how i enter with the delivery clothes on. I hide the guys body on the other side of the gate (the very 1st one to your left when you 1st start the mission.) so its not like the guards find the body or see me draggin it. I try to go in as the produce guy but it seems that no matter how i do that the two guards right at the 1st door attack me. Once again they dont find/see the produce guys body and really have no reason to attack me unless they see my guns in the basket???? Another way ive tried is to strangle the guard that comes out to pee and drag him into the garage and get the sniper rifle and pop the don but i still cant sneak into the house and get the keys i need. Someone please help me with this. So far i love hitman 2 but i cant seem to get anywhere in the game so far, maybe theres something im forgetting but i dont know what i just know i need the cheats and cant wait till they patch it or otherwise activate them. Untill then can i get a lil help with this mission?

5th Oct 2002, 19:19
Please visit this thread (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=6536) and feel the love.

5th Oct 2002, 19:29
I feel it. Do you?

6th Oct 2002, 00:30
im really feelin the love now now thnx

6th Oct 2002, 12:24
i was wonderin what these codes do

IOIER - Bomb mode On/Off
IOILEPOW - Lethalcharge mode On/Off
IOINGUN - Nailgun mode On/Off
IOIPOWER - Megaforce

i entered some of them and couldnt tell a difference

Spike Spiegel
6th Oct 2002, 22:23
Originally posted by BigSteez
man i need the cheats cause i cant get passed the first mission. Everything i try fails. I tried to be the delivery guy tossed my guns into the produce basket and got past the gate guards but when i give the flowers to the maid i have to go back out the front door cause if...
Before you start cheating do try the mass murderer way.
I just snuck up on the gate guards shot them to death changed into there clothes killed everyone infront of the door grabed the shotgun, blasted my way to the Don. Then blasted my way out.

How do you enter those cheat if theres no console?

6th Oct 2002, 22:27
I haven't tried this yet, but I'm going to guess you'll just have to type them in to turn them on.

Spike Spiegel
6th Oct 2002, 23:52
Originally posted by BigSteez
i was wonderin what these codes do
i entered some of them and couldnt tell a difference
IOIER - Bomb mode On/Off (dunno yet)
IOILEPOW - Lethalcharge mode On/Off (dunno yet)
IOINGUN - Nailgun mode On/Off (they stick to walls)
IOIPOWER - Megaforce (they get wailed back really, really far by your guns)