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Goose Master
28th Sep 2002, 19:38
I think that Lara Croft: Tomb Raider was the best game to film conversion yet. Before it came out i expected another rubish film like all the rest but i was surprised by its greatness. Some people might say that the only reason it was good was because of Angolina Jolie was in it which i partialy think is true but when you compare it to films like street fighter, mortal combat, mario.... there is only one winner and that is tomb raider. Hopfully this will set a trend so that future game to film things will be of better standered as i have never seen a good and well made/acted film from a computer game (except tomb raider). You may think that this is because the characters from these games are so different when played by a well known actor like jean claud van dam but if u look at comic to film you will see how well things could have been done. If you take Conan the barbarian for example a childs comic made in to a movie with a hugely know actor (arnold Schwarzenegger) with a great plot and almost the same with stallone and judge dreadd. So if you havnt gotten bored of me yet, tomb raider is great other films arnt when they should have been

Feel free to write about anything i may have over looked here about things ok.

29th Sep 2002, 08:34
'Tomb Raider' did a good job of getting elements of the game in there, but was a bad movie at the end of the day, caused mostly by its hasty re-edit.

'Resident Evil' is by far the best game to movie conversion.

ps...Conan started life as a series of pulp novels in the 30's, long before the comics appeared. The movie was based on the novels, not the comics.

Goose Master
29th Sep 2002, 09:03
Well i guess it is easy to make a movie from a novel rather then a game. But if you look at all the releases from games you shall see that the majority are truely bad worse then tomb raider by far.

29th Sep 2002, 09:20

The Tomb Raider movie does have two distinctions:
The highest box-office takings for a game - based movie, and the best opening weekend box-office receipts for a movie with a female lead.

Goose Master
29th Sep 2002, 09:23
I t was the female lead that made the film really. And also the amount of people who liked the games. I love the games obviously and i was not disapointed with the film.