View Full Version : The Dark forge exit is sealed!!!!

28th Sep 2002, 05:55
Please help me!!! I try, and try but the exit always disappear! What I can DO??????????????:confused:

Umah Bloodomen
28th Sep 2002, 05:57
Did you scare the green birds?

28th Sep 2002, 06:02
*I'm glad I didn't have to go through that, because that forge took me forever to solve.*

Yeah, the birds right outside the forge before you enter it... you probably scared them away. I imagine even backing up the slightest instead of going straight ahead into the forge will scare them away; they were practically right behind you anyway. You'll have to redo the forge, not scaring away the birds, in order to exit.

Umah Bloodomen
28th Sep 2002, 06:07
It has been determined (by a lot of individuals who are fluent with the series) that when you scare the birds on the outside of the forge, just before you enter it, that it causes a glitch in the game - thus sealing the door.

I had this happen on one trek through the game (like my fifth time through) because I was rushing through and didn't think about it.

When I experienced this, when I left the forge after completing it, the door actually lost the lock at first, then when I backtracked and returned to exit, the door flipped upside down (at least the reaver emblem did) and prevented me from leaving. I had to start again from a save game I had before.

28th Sep 2002, 06:13
Ok, got it! Thanks, i´m very :D now!!!!!!

Umah Bloodomen
28th Sep 2002, 06:14
Glad to provide some insight to your dilemma. Good luck with your game, and welcome to the forums.