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Umah Bloodomen
28th Sep 2002, 04:44
September, 29th.

***offers up another mug of ale for the weary traveler***


And I already gave you a present so :p

EDIT (And this was not supposed to have a hidden meaning. I merely designed him a signature image)

28th Sep 2002, 05:17
*sorry... i'm too hyper.....*

Have a great B-Day.... even though it's not 'til Sunday. So here's a Super-Heavy-Duty-Ultimate-Gift-Pack-Thingy:


Set of LOK plushies
a pet sluagh
bag-o-souls *bite size*
an all expenses paid trip to Nosgoth
tickets for a tour of the Underworld
The famous Flame Sword *slightly used*
An interview with a vampire (sorry, the sheer stupidity of the pun was too much!):p
And.... drumroll please.....a season pass to all the Soul Reaver Games!!! (such as the Sarafan Olympic Swimming Team *Watch and cheer on the team as they compete this year. So far unsuccessful, but this year's batch look promising*, 'How many hits can you take?' *watch the vampire hunters take one hit after another, and yet they come back for more! How long will they last?! You must come watch the excitement!*, and much much more!!! Just follow your guide, Raziel, and enjoy front row seats to all the games... and maybe even get to participate yourself!)

(sorry.... I'm soooo bored right now.... Hope you enjoy your present!):D

28th Sep 2002, 05:52
http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/sport/sport021.gifHAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/sport/sport021.gif

Power reaver
28th Sep 2002, 06:54
Happy Birthday !!!! :D

28th Sep 2002, 12:46
Thanks very much everybody :D

And don't worry about the swim team Naja..... I have a theory, let's throw a Rehabim after them and THEN see how fast they swim, although I would still be cheering for the Rehabim *evil laugh**evil laugh**evil laugh**evil... cough* :)

28th Sep 2002, 19:17
You're a genius! That's a great idea - now why didn't I think of that...;)

29th Sep 2002, 02:08

Reaver of Souls
29th Sep 2002, 03:28
"For he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow" c'mon! you all know the words! sing along! "For he's a jolly good felloooooooow, that nobody can deny!"

Happy Birthday :D

29th Sep 2002, 03:32
"...That nobody can deny, that nobody can deny. For he's a jolly good fellloooooowwww... that nobody can deny!"

*sorry.... I got bored again*:rolleyes:

Time Streamer
29th Sep 2002, 07:31
Happy Birthday Anubis. :)

29th Sep 2002, 11:46