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28th Sep 2002, 04:23
Aquarius got me to thinking about what television commercials y'all find funny or interesting. I really like the whole "Jack In The Box" campaign. Those commericals about the American Football team (Gee-ball to some ;)) the "Carnivours" were hysterical. Also, I like the new ones where they talk to a woman named "Wendy" at her house and a guy named "Jared" from the subway. I guess I just love sarcastic humoUr because at heart I'm a bit of a smart arse. I assume that only the "Yank" forum members will have seen the commercials I'm speaking of but who cares about "U" international members anyway? I'm only joking international forum dwellers...I'd love to hear about some of your funny commercials as well.:D

Lil Lara
28th Sep 2002, 04:46
Lol--I know what you are talking 'bout, racconorth.

I like that wendy's/jared commercial. Funny stuff.

Irony is great. Sarcasm is, too. :D

I don't really have a fave commercial...hmm...let me think...

28th Sep 2002, 07:54
Don't you just love the new Rav-4 ad?

THE True Lara
28th Sep 2002, 08:29
The Rav-4 ad's are indeed hilarious, also found the new PS2 (tekken4 ;) ) ad's tickled the old funny bone.

28th Sep 2002, 08:42
Not so sure about the new PS2 ads....funny, yes.

But Sony's ads always made even the crappest game look cool by having a movie-trailer type ads for the games.

These new ones feature very little of how the game actually looks...like they are ashamed of them or something.

Still....I laughed like a drain.

28th Sep 2002, 15:20
I always liked the Heinekien commercials (the spanish ones) they keep you in suspense (is that the right word for it?)

I also liked this budweiser commercial that had a mariachi band in it:D It was about a guy who gave a mariachi band a bud and they followed him all over the place playing the "hat dance" it was a very very funny comercial.

28th Sep 2002, 17:58
The advert for some type of car, (I think its a Peugeot of some kind) where the jet fighter swoops in real low, turns upside-down over the top of the car, the pilot winks at the very gorgeous female passenger in the car. The male driver sees an oncoming bridge and smirks evilly to himself, the jet has to take a vertical assent away from the car to avoid the bridge. Very kewl!!!!