View Full Version : This link is fun

28th Sep 2002, 01:28

You'll have to give them an email address to take the tests....but they are pretty accurate.

Let's see...

I'm a Shy Realist
My aura color is Crystal
My true color is Brown,

etc, etc.

20th Oct 2002, 22:31
Tests galore! And a lot of them about your... ahem,,, attractiveness to the opposite sex! So I won't list any of the results I got in that category. :o

But some of the others aree very interesting...and time consuming.

21st Oct 2002, 02:23
Yeah....it got passed around work as a co-worker challenge. The IQ test part that is.

I got a 133. Doubt it really means anything. They just want your money for a so called more detailed report....but the test are pretty fun, kinda like horoscopes and fortune cookies.