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27th Sep 2002, 23:09
This is the fourth thread in the series of Ghost/Perfect Thief results for FM's. The prior threads have been archived at:

Part 1: http://forums.eidosgames.com/old-ubb/FMs_Ghost_Perfect_Thief_Results_Part1_1.htm
Part 2: http://forums.eidosgames.com/old-ubb/FMs_Ghost_Perfect_Thief_Results_Part2_1.htm
Part 3: http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1178

This thread will be used to post the results of players' attempts at ghosting fan missions (FMs) whether wholly successful or not. Rules regarding Ghost and Perfect Thief play modes can be found in the Thief archive.

Recorded in each message is the FM name, the user's play mode (Ghost or Perfect Thief), the end-mission statistics, and any comments regarding the ghosting of the fan mission.

WARNING: Discussions regarding how some or all of the mission was ghosted means there may be spoilers contained herein.

If you want to simply know if a mission was ghosted successfully or not, just read the statistics portion of a message.

To prevent this thread from becoming excessively long and forcing readers to span many pages to read the results, this thread should be closed when its length reaches 5 pages whereupon a new "Part n+1" thread is started. The moderator(s) will then be requested to move the old thread into the Thief archive to close it so it is retained as a lookup reference.

Replying to a reported result herein is appropriate but hurrah messages should be eliminated or kept to a minimum. Discussing how to ghost something in a mission not yet reported here should be opened in a separate thread. The idea is to report successful ghost attempts and perhaps discuss failures and possible solutions but not to incur a lot of fluff within this thread.

Please note that nobody requires a mission to be ghostable, and comments herein about whether or not a mission is ghostable do not reflect negatively on the mission. No mission is required to be ghostable. Ghosting is just a means of raising the level of difficulty in playing the mission.

27th Sep 2002, 23:18
FM Title: Squeeky's Secret
Game: Thief 2 - TMA
Ghost: Success!
Perfect: Success!
Time: 13 minutes 14 seconds
Loot: 787/787
Pick-Pockets: 4/5 (PP bug - complete)
Secrets: 0/0

- I kind of disliked this mission some because it was too dark, had bad texturing, and was hard to find loot.
- I don't dislike this game because it was RicknMel's first FM, so I don't mean to sound picky, it was well done.
- After I remembered where all the loot was from my earlier plays, I forget where 20 loot was. I kept missing the second pair of coins in the crate room.

28th Sep 2002, 00:18
FM: Jail Break 3.0

Ghost - Success
Perfect Thief - Success
Time - 01:59:19
Loot - 545/545
Pockets Picked - 7/8
Backstabs - 0 Knockouts - 0
Damage dealt - 0 Damage taken - 0
Healing taken - 0 Kills - 0
Secrets Found - 7/7

Comments - This is actually a small mission, but it took me so long to find all of the secrets, some hard to find loot, and a key I needed to open Truarts office. I could have gone on a blackjack run to find everything, but I thought that would be lame so I basically scrounged around in every cell block, every jail cell, and every hall to find pockets, loot, secrets etc because I wanted this perfect. The key to truarts office was behind a mechanist banner by the counter on the top floor which was nothing but marble floors and I was real sloppy about moss and water arrows. The entire hall was almost all mossed and almost all torches were doused. I found this acceptable because there were 3 patrolling AI (mechanist guard, combat bot and a cop) constantly intersecting with eachother and 2 idle AI that were facing the hall. I said above that I *almost* mossed everywhere because I rarely use moss unless its urgent so I left some areas unmossed for a challenge. And while searching around, I had no idea where the key was so I was just lucky to happen to right click next to the banner and pick up the key. So I crept around through one of the secret tunnels from the cell block to hit the end of the marbled hall and then into Truarts office. I found the sword and a key behind a banner and then I found a blue key in Truarts safe. I had no idea what to do with this key and the key didn't have a name so I was real close to wanting to blackjack everyone and search around; but I didn't. From this point, I retraced my steps and searched everywhere to find something that required this key. I had gotten all the way down to the beginning of the game and found this locked jail cell that couldn't be opened with the Master Cell key so I tried using the blue key and it opened. I saw a lever on the wall and when switched, the bed on the ground would slide away and down below was some kind of shrine with the silver gear I needed. So I had all my objectives complete except I was missing some loot. After a long search I finally found a few loose coins on the wooden platform in the secret passage way with the flickering light. I had all the loot now and it was time to go all the way back up to the top floor and then exit the prison. There were some idle guards outside of the prison that would spot me if I tried to leave. Luckily I had a gas arrow and 1 water arrow left and I doused the 2 torches near the exit and made my escape.

The design of the prison was well done, but going back and forth multiple times not knowing what im looking for was actually annoying so I won't say I enjoyed ghosting this.

1st Oct 2002, 00:09
FM: Lucrative Opportunity
File: lucrativop.zip

Play mode: Ghost (failed)
Time: 1 hr 8 min
Loot: 2431 of 2831 (2750 required)
Pockets picked: 4 of 6
Backstabs: 0 Knockouts: 0 (or 1 per objective)
Damage dealt: 0 (or 1 per objective) Taken: 0 Healing: 0
Killed: 0
Secrets: 0 of 0

Cause(s) of failure:
- An objective says to break into 8 houses. I broke into 10 but it is a 8 specific yet indentified list of houses that you need to break into (so the objective is worded wrong). The last house (by the winged statue across from the chapel's cemetery) cannot be entered without causing damage (breaking a window) and this alerts an AI inside. This AI will run off to the police station to alert an officer, so I had to blackjack him to prevent more AIs getting alerted. So the choices are: (1) Do not break into this last house and ignore the incorrect house break count; or, (2) Break into this specific house and blackjack the AI before it can alert others (and it will). If you opt for #1, you will also NOT make the loot objective (see comments below).
- Cannot sneak by zombies in mining tunnels between police station and chapel crypt room.

- The house mentioned above cannot be entered without causing damage (by breaking the window). Neither the door or window can be opened, picked, or have a key (until you get inside). The objective says to break into 8 houses. I had already broken into 10 "houses": gardener's tower (at the square where you start), the house at the opposite corner of this square, house across from the chapel's main entrance (near the pub), weaponsmith's, another house along the same river near the weaponsmith's, alchemist's house, police station, house across from the police station's front doors, the chapel, and the art gallery. Doesn't matter, though, since the author has some specific list of 8 houses that are unidentified, and this one by the winged statue is one of them. Since it is an objective to break into "at least" 8 houses and this one is mandatory to be included in whatever are those 8 houses, it can be argued that the breakage is allowed. It could also be argued that the AI alert is mandatory (the AI actually goes onto 1st alert and then proceeds onto 2nd alert although you are nowhere to be seen and there is no further cause for the 2nd alert, so it's probably scripted). Instead I choose to ignore the author's requirement to include this house and skipped the 200 loot in there for the poker. This more closely obeys the ghost rules that bar damage and AI alerts.
- Because I chose to ignore this obvious "setup" for breakage and alert, I lost the 200 in loot for the poker in that house. The maximum loot in the entire mission is 2841. That means the max I could get would be 2841 - 200 = 2641, which is under the 2750 loot objective. Tough, I'm ghosting and I'm not smashing the glass window AND forcing an AI onto alert. Screw it, so 2641 is the max possible when ghosting.
- However, there is 150 loot in a gold bag in a spider pit in a lava area at the bottom of the elevator in the chapel. There are 3 spiders in this pit room with unreachable and unpickable glowing mushrooms. Someone may actually figure out how to ghost all 3 spiders but I didn't want to waste hours upon hours in trying. There is an inviso potion in this mission - but ONLY 1 inviso potion. You will need it to get into the police station (where you must get the ring of keys to break into the other houses). So with this 150 loot impossible to get without sacrificing other objectives, the total ghostable loot is more like 2841 max - 200 in "breakage" house - 150 for spider pit gold bag = 2491. Of this, I found 2431 (i.e., I was 60 short of the max ghostable loot).
- I needed the inviso potion to get into the police station. The guard behind the counter always faces the front doors, the electric lights cannot be turned off, there are no windows or other routes inside, and the back office window only lets you get into that office to turn off the alarm but you can't get out of the office into the police station because you get spotted entering the lobby from the office and you cannot get behind the guard behind the counter to nudge him out of the way. You only have the 1 inviso potion to get into the police station. When I tried to go through the door from the back office into the lobby, I usually got spotted. If I managed to get out behind the counter, there was no way to nudge the guard out of the way so you could get to the stairs unseen. You leave by the sewers.
- The guard roving up and down the stairs moves too fast to get to the top floor to snatch the booty and pick open the chest. There is no place to hide once you start up the stairs, and piling up crates in the top floor doesn't help since AIs see right through crates (that haven't had a texture added [inside] that is opaque, but that would probably make the crate immobile). I took several crates into the basement and piled them up 2 crates high so the guard would bump into them and continually keep walking into them. I could then scoot upstairs to snatch the loot and have time to pick open the chest. Then I'd go back into the basement and remove one of the top row crates so the guard could pass through the lower one and continue on her path. I didn't want her around when I fell into the sewers since she might hear the splash when I hit the water.
- Leaving by the sewers means you will alert or destroy zombies. They stand in the tracks for the ore cart. I tried to walk along the tunnel to pass the zombies but they are too alert and see me when I get close (since I was still dark, they must've actually "felt" my presence). So I sent the ore cart down the tracks by itself to smash the zombies (in case the zombie explosions might cause me damage) and then took it for a ride.
- The "sky" is pretty low in many locations. When roping up or climbing up to a ledge, like at the house by the winged statue, I'd hit my head on the sky when trying to leap onto the ledge.
- Many textures were screwed up. They looked like they had leprosy with their skins peeling. No such problems have ever occurred with other FMs that have been played before and after this FM, it's just this FM that exhibits the leprosy of textures. Reading any scroll or paper that displays just its text on the screen and then returning to the game restores these textures back to normal. You have an undroppable scroll in your inventory so I used that to restore textures. However, if you pop out to look at your objectives, or reload a saved game, or start a new game, the textures are screwed up again so you'll need to read the scroll again to restore the textures the way they should look.
- In the chapel's mid-level basement is the entrance to an area with an elevator that goes down to a lava pit (and the spider pit with gold bag) where a Hammerite ghost wanders. It is totally ineffective; it doesn't see you, it doesn't react, it doesn't do anything. Apparently it is the ghost of the Hammerite that drowned in a flooded storage room. When I picked up his body and carried it through the walking ghost, the ghost disappeared. There's some loot by his drowned corpse.
- There is a mech bot in the chapel. While getting hit by its hurled bombs incurs damage, the bombs themselves are duds. They don't explode. When not ghosting, I like to get mech bots to destroy themselves using their own bombs by getting them to launch them at me while I'm leaning around a corner or pillar. The bombs explode on their side and do them damage until they are destroyed. Couldn't do that here, though.
- When not ghosting, I had fun luring the zombies into the basement chapel. They cannot endure in a holy place. I would alert the haunt and have it chasing me on my heels to lure it to other AIs to start off a melee - provided I could find a place to escape the haunt. The river by the weaponsmith's worked well. I'd lure some guards to the haunt, then all of them were chasing me, I'd run and fall into the river and go under the bridge to get out of their sight, and eventually they'd lose interest in me and battle each other. That's one way to get those helmeted guards out of the way.

The max ghostable loot is either 2641 or 2491. You can't get the max of 2841 because that requires: breaking a window (which alerts an AI) to get the 200 loot for the silver poker, and the 3 spider pit to get the 150 loot for the gold bag. Maybe someone can manage to ghost the 3 spiders to get that 150 in loot AND still also get into the police station with only 1 inviso potion in the entire mission, but you'll still only have a max of 2641 in loot which is under the 2750 loot objective. I say screw the loot objective and get what you can in ghost-only mode; I hate scrounger missions. Otherwise, this mission will always be impossible to ghost because of the requirement to smash that window.

It is possible that there is a key somewhere in the mission to open the doors into this house, but after many hours of scrounging around, I gave up. Even if there is a key, 2841 - 150 for the 3-spider pit gold bag = 2691 is still under the 2750 loot objective, and I see no way to ghost the gold bag in the spider pit without using an inviso potion (which is needed to get into the police station). If there is a key to this "breakage" house AND if there is a way into the police station *without* using the inviso potion (so it can be used in the spider pit) then you can scrounge enough loot in this mission to make the loot objective.

There is one other problem area regarding loot. Is the drunkard in the pub going on alert considered an alert? Probably yes. I could find no way to get behind the bar (to get at the locked cabinet for the loot goblets) without getting spotted by the drunkard who would then start prancing around like he was going to kung-fu you but never hits you (like most bar boneheads, all talk, no action). But it certainly appears that his state has changed and that he alerted. It may be possible to nudge him into the corner behind the bar so he doesn't spot you behind the bar, but I didn't bother.

This is a big and fun mission. Lots of tricks and ways to practice your ghost techniques, or just have fun "playing" with the AIs. You might want to up your game gamma; for example, I couldn't figure how to get into the gardener's tower until I upped the gamma to see the route to go up to the window.

1st Oct 2002, 00:28
FM: A Smuggler's Request
File: smugg.zip

Play mode: Ghost (failed)
Time: 4 hr 29 min
Loot: 3617 of 3977 (3100 required)
Pockets picked: 18 of 23
Backstabs: 0 Knockouts: 2 (required)
Damage dealt: 12 (required) Taken: 0 Healing: 0
Killed: 1 (big spider)
Secrets: 5 of 11

Cause(s) of failure:
- Cannot get key from pedestal in sewers without an alert because the big green spider almost occupies the entire top of the pedestal (and you're lit up so the lil green spiders will spot you, too).

- The blackjacks were required. One was to knockout the smuggler captain so you can tote his butt back to the smuggler's house. The other was for Captain Ash so you can drop in in the spider section of the sewers.
- Bodies aren't identified when you pick them up. The smuggler captain is obvious since books tell you he has been taken to be tortured (and he's the only one down there; all other racks and cells are empty). You have to guess that the guy in the bedroom is Captain Ash since he is apparently the top guy at the place and he's the only one with a luxury bedroom.
- I don't see any way to get atop the pedestal in the sewer infested section of the sewers without getting spotted. There is a big green spider atop the pedestal that almost occupies the entire top of the pedestal. You are also lit up so the lil green spiders along the side walkway will spot you. That was the only bust.
- It took help from other taffers for me to solve a couple problems. I couldn't find the key to get into the smuggler captain's quarters aboard ship until I was told it was on the map table. I had looked 4 times already, squatting and waddling while clicking on the table while tossing away the junk that was obvious. It's a brown-red key on a brown table and unless it lights up you probably won't see it even when right in front of your nose. The other help I needed was in finding the key to get into the torture chamber. It's the same key you find inside the safe room; it's how you can get out of the safe room (if you don't rope back out atop the beams) and it also works on the torture chamber door right across from the safe room door. I hadn't tried this key because it was marked "safe room".
- I had already figured out the ship's "combination" and retrieved the horn but I still had to go back to snatch the captain's log.
- Finding the "exit" where the mission ended was especially difficult because I didn't find any clue as to its whereabouts. I actually discovered it by jumping on a wall to evade a guard to prevent him from spotting me as the other guards with lanterns went walking by. Since I was up there, I wanted to see if I could do some roof jumping. Not much, but then I noticed the open window.
- This is a fun mission when not ghosting, too. I found out the guard that accompanies the trollop to the elevator can run just as fast as Garret, so the only way to get him off your heels when he is chasing you is to get somewhere he can't go, like jumping onto something higher or lower, or using a flashbomb.
- On my way to the ship through the 2nd part of town after the lift-delivery elevator, I hit a drawgate where 2 guards on each side of the gate have a conversation. The guard on my side just stays at the gate. I could use the beams to sneak past him to jump off and quickly dash out of sight with just a 1st alert. I tried hitting the gate lever with a moss arrow to raise the gate and maybe see if the guard would start following the other guard but the lever wouldn't move. However, because I had to go back to get the captain's log, I could not move quickly enough to rope back onto the beams even with a speed potion without a 2nd alert from this same guard. On other reloads and restarts, I found the gate was open and this guard was following the other guard.

1st Oct 2002, 00:54
FM: The Inverted Manse
File: invman.zip

Play mode: Ghost (success)
Time: 1 hr 43 min
Loot: 1754 of 1904 (1200 required)
Pockets picked: 2 of 3
Backstabs: 5 (?)
Damage dealt: 135 (required) Taken: 0 Healing: 0
Killed: 3 (actually 3)
Zombies killed: 6 (?)
Secrets found: 0 of 1

- This was a creepy FM. Even when not in a tense situation, occasionally my shoulders would shiver when I'd get a cold chill down my spine. Good eery setting and sound effects.
- Killing the 3 guardians was an objective (although optional, I think). I don't know why the zombie kill count is at 6; even with accounting for the 3 guardians, there are 3 more zombies not accounted for. It wasn't me!
- One guardian is invincible (and doesn't even recognize you while attacking it if it doesn't see you) until you take out his steed (a burrick). You have no gas arrows to knockout the burrick. I tried using the blackjack but kept hitting the guardian riding atop instead of hitting the burrick. So I had to side slash with the war gauntlet to take out the burrick and to get the guardian active and vulnerable. You get just enough time on the first blow only to do an overhead swing with the war gauntlet. Then you have to continuously use side blows to keep him backing off and prevent him from swinging his mace.
- The invisible guardian is also impervious to damage and won't even recognize he is being attacked if he doesn't spot you. I certainly didn't want to have him spot me and then try to take him out with the war gauntlet. That weapon severely slows you down as bad or maybe worse than trying to weild the sword. So I hid in the dark in the foyer around a wall, leaned out, and took him out with an explosive arrow. These act like napalm and keep him continuously on fire so eventually he collapses and you can collect his head.
- For the last guardian, you are catapult up in a shaft and land in his protected area but you'll make noise on the landing unless you muddy up the area. You also should aim at a column so you land behind it and give yourself some cover since it is lit up in his area.
- Using holied water arrows to douse torches almost always alerts an AI. You have to use wind arrows.
- I found the acid bombs in the arch near the vault door with the double combination panels. Alas, I found no clues on how to open the vault. There is one scroll where the writer indicates that they will be next working on the combination and that they don't like using i, o, or you (u), but this doesn't help at figuring out the combinations. At this same area is another building with a pillared entrance and with an unpickable door. I didn't find a key. Maybe it's in the vault that I don't know how to open. I went back in non-ghost mode, read everything, but still didn't see a *good* clue on how to open the vault. Obviously whatever is in there isn't critical to the mission so I skipped it.
- At the beginning are a couple spiders. I could get to the Hammerite with just 1st alerts but I couldn't continue down the tunnel without getting spotted. I had to use a wind arrow to douse the torch down the tunnel so I would be hidden. I also had to use a mud arrow to silence my jump up the 4-inch level change from the spider floor to the tunnel floor. Man, it will sure be nice in T3 if they manage to figure out how to give Garret some knees so he can bend his legs to step up and down.
- Just after the tunnels at the start, you see what looks to be a town and mansion through a gate fence. I did manage to get down there (but not back up) by finding a rock outcrop on which I could mantle, jumped to the rocks past the fence, and the backpeddled as I slide down a steeply sloped rock face. It's just for show; nothing down there for loot or of interest other than a few AIs. Well, at least I'd been there. I had wasted some time hunting around for a route that would bring me to this area from the rest of the mission's layout but never found it. It's probably just for show, just like you can't get to that far off castle by mantling onto the rocks.

1st Oct 2002, 02:11
FM: Insurrection
File: insur_v1b.zip

Play mode: Ghost (success)
Time: 36 minutes
Loot: 215 of 1015 (none required)
Pockets picked: 7 of 18
Backstabs: 0 Knockouts: 0
Damage dealt: 0 Taken: 13 Healing: 15
Killed: 0
Secrets: 0 of 0

- You will probably get a non-zero value for the "Bodies discovered by enemies" statistic since there is a battle at the beginning and the Mechanists that wander into and through the cathedral do battle with any Hammerties they encounter.
- You are poisoned and taking slow damage all throughout the mission. The only damage I encountered was from the poison, not from any battles, leaps, or other injury.
- I was a beta tester so I've had plenty of practice going through this cathedral. My best run was 29 minutes but now there is a 2nd gated opening at the 2nd highest central spire climb; there was no gate in the beta versions and I could drop down into the attic section with the ramps for quicker access to the elevators that went to the labs. However, the next quickest route involves using a rope arrow where you wouldn't expect to use a rope arrow. Hint: If you see the rubberized covering that is typical in Mechanists structures that deadens your footsteps on metal floors, the rope arrow will stick into it. There is a speed route from the crypt basement to the attic that bypasses all the ramps and elevators.
- I did encounter a problem with the "switches" used to turn on power to the portal. One of the blocks landed end-side first (i.e., the block was vertical instead of horizontal) so it went through the surface instead of pushing down on it. Dropping the block a 2nd time had it land horizontally and that worked.
- I think there is an easter egg somewhere but I haven't found it yet. I'm working on it. This time through, I was working on a fast run through for minimal elapsed time.
- Although there is a drain pipe route to the portal, I've never liked it. Instead I take the icy top ledge, moss it all up even past the archer, and then down the inviso potion to run to and into the portal. The timing is critical as the inviso potion lasts only long enough for me to just get into the portal. There is a 1st alert from some AIs as I just get into the portal, but everything goes dark, I can't hear any of them go onto 2nd alert, so I can't be sure if me seeing all black means that I'm really out of sight of them. I had to do this run several times since the inviso potion is barely enough with one dose to make it to the portal. Maybe the drain pipe would be better since it is closer. I'll try that next time. This is a fun FM to replay and try different tactics and routes. I love luring the Mechanists and Hammerites together because they "play" so energetically.

If you're not ghosting, I'm sure a speed run through this mission could be around 20 minutes even with my beta version short route blocked in the released version.

3rd Oct 2002, 03:37
FM: Something Up There...

Ghost - Success
Perfect Thief - Success
Time - 01:09:14
Loot - 2370/2370
Pockets Picked - 5/6
Backstabs - 0 Knockouts - 1
Damage dealt - 1 Damage taken - 0
Healing taken - 0 Kills - 1
Secrets Found - 0/0

Comments - I found this mission at cheap thief mission downloads. I had alot of frame rate problems with this mission because there were huge buildings in such a huge area; it was too much for my video card to take, but this didn't prevent me from ghosting it. The first problem I came across was a patrolling guard in a small kitchen with high brightness. I found medium bright shadows against the wall and near some shelves on the end of the dinner table, but the guard had such a short patrol I could not figure out how to get into the room behind him. I had no moss at this time and there was nothing in the kitchen to douse or switch, so I was in a loud and bright room with a guard taking short patrolls. I spied a few things in the room that I could try using: the sink and the dinner table. I tried the sink first but there was a safe infront of the sink and I would need to mantle onto that and then run to the sink. I made a few attempts and it wasn't even close to working. I could mantle up the safe but I would make a huge metal clang sound when dropping down onto the sink, and by then, the guard had already spotted me. I tried running and jumping onto the sink but the tile was too loud and the guard patrol was so short. So I crept to the back of the room next to the dinner table and tried jumping onto the chair next to it. This worked and I remained in a medium bright shadow. I had hope here because I thought I could jump to the other side of the table, and hide in the corner of the room. I tried this a few times but it didn't work because the guard was too close to the wall and I wasn't in the darkest shadow. I tried another tactic of jumping to the other chair, opening the door and creeping into it, but I just didn't have enough time. After tons of reloads I decided to leave the entire building and look for a crate or something I could use to land on without making noise. I came all the way to a huge towering church with a small garden patch at the entrance. To my delight I saw about 7 moss arrows in the garden. From this point I knew I could ghost that kitchen so I ran all the way back, into the kitchen, got onto the chair and shot a moss arrow at the tile where the guard walks. I jumped over the table, landed on the chair, opened the door and slipped on through just before the guard turned. From here I grabbed a key and went back through the kitchen using the same tactic of leaping from chair to chair.

The next problem was in the dome church with 2 patrolling mechanists on a wooden catwalk and 2 patrolling cops on a tiled floor. I needed the "library key" on the table at the end of the catwalk but there was no way I could sneak by those mechanists and the FM author almost designed them to be killed. On the catwalk there was some weird contraption that shot out little blue beams (like the purple things in T1's "Down in the Bonehoard" and "The Sword"). If 3 levers were switched, the contraption would start shooting the beams in the direction of the patrolling mechanists. It alerts just about everyone in the area so forget that. I dropped off the catwalk and shot a rope arrow into the side of it where the key was located. I was able to climb up and snatch the key while in complete darkness. Now I could leave the church and see what was next.

I wanted to get some loot in this safe in one of the buildings but the safe was blocked off by a banner and required a code put into a keypad. I tried blindly to input the numbers into the keypad without knowing which number was highlighted; this failed. In one attempt I accidentally looted something in the safe behind the banner and realized I could just snatch everything in the safe without opening it. There was no other hard to find loot in this mission.

After going through the library with my new key and reading a note, my objectives changed and the last thing to do was climb up some tower and "kill the ancient warrior". I thought a ghost might be busted because I thought I would have to fight the warrior head on. I wanted to end the mission so I used rope arrows to climb up little beams on the side of the tower and after getting to the top I heard a "join us join us now". I went around the top of the tower and saw the "ancient warrior" with his back turned. He had the haunt voice but he had the skin of a male thief and he was holding some skull which lit up the area. He was on first alert for some reason. I think I had made a jumping sound that put him on first alert when I was mantling, but he calmed down and was back to 0. I approached and backstabbed him, but it wasn't enough to kill him and I busted the ghost. It turns out 3 strong overhead slashes couldn't even kill him. I thought I failed here; what else could I do? Then something simple just came into my mind. I took my blackjack and tried knocking him out. It worked and I picked him up and threw him off the side of the tower, thus killing him. My last objective was checked off at this point and my ghost was successful.

4th Oct 2002, 20:54
FM: Something up there ...
File: something.zip

Play mode: Ghost (failed)
Time: 57 minutes
Loot: 2255 of 2370 (2000 required)
Pockets picked: 5 of 6
Backstabs: 0 Knockouts: 1 (for kill objective)
Killed: 1 (required)
Secrets: 0 of 0

Cause(s) of failure:
- A patrolling guard outside the church door ALWAYS went on alert when I opened the warehouse-like front door. I reloaded and tried opening the door at various positions of the guards but one of them always went onto full alert. Thinking that the guard might still be on a 1st level alert status, I went back to Erick's house to ghost the kitchen and even after all that time the guard at the church would still go onto full alert when I opened the front door.
- The panel to enter the safe combination is behind a banner. You can't see the buttons or the position of the panel, and I wasn't about to spend hours and hours trying to click on hidden buttons hoping to enter the combination. Deadfall noticed that you can frob through the safe door. Yes, you can but this sure feels like a cheat. It was a mistake by the author to make the item frobbable when the door was still closed, and this is his first FM. I had noticed that I could frob through the safe door to get a gas arrow and some loot but I never got the key. When frobbing through an opaque door, there's no way to guarantee you got everything, so I wouldn't know if there was a key or not in the safe using this technique. <small>While ghosters have had a lengthy discussion regarding allowable property damage, especially banner slashing and crate smashing (or even of dropping a crate since there is often some in-game damage), we've never discussed frobbing of items that were obviously behind a barrier that was meant to be opened or broken. It's like reusing water arrows that don't destroy on impact in that it feels like you're cheating on a ghost by acquiring water arrows that weren't meant to be reused and so you effectively up your inventory.</small> I tried banner transmigration since you can use a rope arrow in the wood ceiling but there's no room on the other side of the banner for Garrett.

- This is a first FM for this author. There are a lot of bugs, but since ghost reports aren't considered the proper place to report them, I sent the author an e-mail. Hopefully his e-mail is valid.
- I couldn't ghost the kitchen in Erick's house until I found some moss arrows (by the church). The table was resized but not its solid boundaries so you fall through anywhere on the table outside of its original dimension. This made jumping on the table to follow the guard almost impossible. Instead I mossed the kitchen floor and ran behind the guard from the bedroom door onto the cabinet with the sink. You can crouch and hide there unseen by the guard although the light gem is in the yellow zone. Fact is, a LOT of the guards are very blind in this FM. I then mossed the floor by the living room door and opened that door. As the guard passed me heading towards the door, I would run (not jump) onto the chairs, run across the chair backs while trailing the guard, and then land on the floor as the guard turned to head the other way, and then scoot into the living room and close the door. To get out, I opened the door and positioned myself to see when the guard's sword would flick by the opening to tell when he had turned, then dash out, turn right, and hop onto the counter and crouch there again. Then when the guard was walking away and towards the door, I'd scoot across the kitchen to get out. Trying to find objects you can land on (and stay on) when resized and being within inches of a guard in the yellow zone for the light gem was the hard and scary part.
- In the balcony room, I passed through a cloud of red bubbles and Garrett said, "He won't need that anymore". What's "that"? I presume it was the sword but I hadn't frobbed it yet. I thought at first that the statement had to do with the red bubble cloud but couldn't figure out what.
- There is a way to shortcut most of this mission. Use the key on the bar in the tavern where you start (that's right in front of you). Get the balcony key, get into the balcony room, and use the crates there to stack and jump over the gate at the tower. You can then kill the haunt-thief, but the "find out what's happening" objective won't be checked off. But if you see something is blue, you don't have to read a scroll to determine what is its color.
- I couldn't ghost the balcony inside the church until I cheated by reading Deadfall's ghost report. So I, too, roped up to the table to frob the key. But this only works because you can frob *through* the wood table. All this frobbing THROUGH objects has to be a defect in design; it's not a technique that I've garnered in 2+ years of ghosting and only find by accident. The only way to know that there was a key there to frob was that you got there before, either when not ghosting or from a failed ghost attempt.
- Roping up the beams at the top of the tower can test your immunity to vertigo. Uffda! I ran around the lower ledge hoping to find a less stressful way to the top. Nope.
- There might be something special about the glowing skull that you can frob from the haunt-thief, other than using it as a lantern, but I couldn't determine what it was. Tossing it at the haunt-thief had no effect (except to alert it when the skull hit the floor). When unalerted, it takes 3 overhead sword whacks to take out this AI. Or douse all the water arrows and zing it with 8 broadheads. I also used a land mine on it but it still took 8 broadheads to dispatch this AI so apparently the mine has no effect or very little effect. You can blackjack him but then he becomes impervious to the sword (the sword passes right through him) but can still be killed using broadheads.

4th Oct 2002, 23:01
FM Title: Rescue!
Game: Thief 2 - TMA
Ghost: Success!
Perfect: Succes or N/A*
Time: 14 minutes 4 seconds
Pick-Pockets: 4/5 (PP bug - all)
Loot: 0/0*
KO: 1 (Required)
DD: 1 (^Look^)
Secrets: 0/0

- * The "Perfect" is not applicable or successful, depending on how you view 0/0 loot. In my list of ghosted FMs, I consider it a Perfect because 1) I did recieve all available loot and 2) so when I write it down, I don't go back to perfect an unperfectable FM.
- The Pick-Pockets are forced since you must get all the keys to get through the gates.
- The KO is required as "Gumdrop" isn't smart enough to follow you back to freedom (but we know the real Gumdrop is much smarter).

5th Oct 2002, 00:49
FM: Sakura's Dragoneye
File: ladysakuradragoneye.zip

Play mode: Ghost (success)
Time: 23 minutes
Loot: 1070 of 1270 (1000 required)
Pockets picked: 2 of 3
Backstabs: 0 Knockouts: 0
Damage dealt: 0 Taken: 0 Healing: 0
Killed: 0
Secrets: 0 of 0

- It was a bit tricky to maneuver around the central room trying to keep out of sight in a fully light room. The guards were spaced unevenly so they were closer together rather than at equal distances while patrolling the room. This allowed me to follow the tail guard and duck into a room before the front guard noticed me. There are shadows behind the statues, too, but I didn't use them.
- It took probably half the time noted looking for the last bit of loot. You can't get at the loot in the meeting room since you get fully lit and one of the AIs will notice you. I had been in the kitchen and snatched what I saw there but missed the loot plates down farther in the sink (it's a pretty deep sink). I had to snudge the male servant to the right and forward and the female servant so they wouldn't alert as I approached the sink. I couldn't get completely up to the sink counter without getting seen, but I could get close enough to lean forward to see down the sink and snatch all the loot plates.
- I got 1070 in loot. There's another 100 in the meeting room, for a total of 1170 of loot. The endgame stat max loot says there is 1270 but I never found the other 100 in loot.

5th Oct 2002, 06:56
FM: Sakura's Dragon Eye

Ghost - Success
Perfect Thief - Failed
Time - 00:31:06
Loot - 1170/1270
Pockets Picked - 2/3
Backstabs - 0 Knockouts - 0
Damage dealt - 0 Damage taken - 0
Healing taken - 0 Kills - 0
Secrets Found - 0/0

Comments - I must have been playing this mission at the same time as Vanguard lol. I checked this page before playing Sakura's Dragon Eye and I didn't see Vanguards report here. I'll make it quick since obviously this mission can be ghosted. There were no problems with sneaking by AI. The only problem I found was trying to obtain a perfect thief. The missing loot was in the ball room and no technique or method could be used here. The ball room had no shadows and about 10 AI looking in different directions. Unfortunately, there were no switches to turn the lights off, so I could only get the purse on the ground by the drunken servant. There was a gold wine bottle just inches away from the purse and I tried all kinds of leaning and moving fast back and forth on moss to see if I could get it, but I was unsuccessful. I also had to nudge the male servant in the kitchen so I could get all of the plates and cups in the sink. The only hard to find loot I came across was a purse (100 gold) on a table in the study room.

The last 100 loot is the gold wine bottle (50 goods) and the gold dice (50 gold) on the table at the end of the ball room. The gold dice is impossible to get. Well... maybe I could use those 3 crates at the beginning of the mission and nudge every single AI in the ball room like Sneak did with the golden child in T2's LotP. Maybe when I have 20 hours to spare i'll try it ^_^

5th Oct 2002, 16:29
FM: Embracing the Enemy
File: embrace.zip

Play mode: Ghost (success)
Time: 1 hr 49 min
Loot: 2740 of 2995 (none required)
Pockets picked: 6 of 8
Backstabs: 1 (for kill objective) Knockouts: 1 (for kill objective)
Killed: 1 (required)
Secrets: 0 of 0

- Rather than try to go through the music room which is highly lit by a chandelier with no off switch, a guard constantly at the base of the stairs, and an archer patrolling back and forth, I went outside to get in via the balcony. I used the crates from outside and inside the storehouse to make stairs to reach the end of the rope arrow stuck in a wood beam sticking out of the eaves by the balcony. There weren't enough crates to use the stack method, so I piled them atop each other so the overlaid each other about halfway; in Thief, you can build stairs with no support under a crate other than a slight overlay with the next crate below.
- This balcony room has the key to the wine room in the storehouse, so I went back down and retrieved the wine bottle objective. You have to wait until the guard is away from the metal door to the wine room when you open it to avoid the guard going on full alert.
- You normally get into Montague's room (to knockout Alex before he kills Montague) via the small attic but there is a banner that you cannot pass through, so you have to slash it. You cannot get to the balcony to this room from the ground; the ground that you see from the balcony is not reachable (in fact, you can't even fall off the balcony railing into this area). You cannot get down to this balcony from the large attic since you can only get into the large attic from the safety tower area; I went into the house and took the tunnel to the sewer cover inside the tower but you cannot open the cover from the tunnel side (to get outside this tower and to the large attic). So slashing the banner is *mostly* a MUST. Actually there is one highly unconventional way to get to the safety tower area so you get to the large attic and down to the Montague's balcony. Use the crates to make an unsupported staircase on the recess in the roof of the storehouse so you can jump onto the west outside wall, walk along this wall, up the ramped wall, over the peak, ready the slowfall potion, jump off to land at a spot well away from the front door guards, and down the slowfall potion before landing to prevent damage. Now you can go to the stairs and use a rope arrow to get into the large attic and come down Alex's rope arrow to the balcony.
- Although you silently blackjack Alex (to protect Montague, an objective), Montague is scripted to go on full alert when Alex goes unconscious and sets off the alarm which alerts all the guards. This is not a ghost bust since it is identical to the alarm going off in the Undercover OM when you frob the talisman. The point is that you have to ghost the rest of the mission after this hardwired event occurs. I lugged Alex into the attic to keep him safe until I polished off the new objectives.
- I found Montague in the safety tower, blackjacked him, and lugged him to an outside corner away from the roving guard a floor below so the guard wouldn't hear Montague's cries when I killed him (an objective).
- I would've simply lugged Alex over the wall at the top of the stairs by the skylights and used a slowfall potion to land outside except for a couple of points: (1) I had already used the only slowfall potion to ghost my way into the safety tower area using the outside wall to get to the large attic to get to Montague's room to blackjack Alex; (2) the slowfall potion doesn't last long enough for the duration of the entire fall from the outside wall to the ground, so you have to down it during your fall; and, (3) you cannot select and use the slowfall potion during your fall while carrying Alex. I couldn't take him out via the guard tower and over the outside wall because the sleeping archer at the window would awake and spot me when I shot a rope arrow into the beam sticking out the outside of that tower. So how to get Alex outside and to the vineyard? I lugged him up onto the shed using the same crates I used to get in before, around the ledges, up the vines, down through the inside of the tower, opened the sewer cover, through the tunnels, back into the house, and roped down from the balcony room to get outside. I then dumped him in the vineyard (which must be in the row and near the scarecrow).
- On reloads, many of the guards that had gone off 2nd alert and settled back to 1st alert or agitated state had gone back on full alert.
- After completing all the other objectives, the remaining 2 were to "return to the vineyard" and "don't kill anyone". Okay, I was in the vineyard where dumping Alex checked off that objective but the mission wouldn't end. I wandered all over the vineyard. Still no game end. The mission doesn't end when you are anywhere in the vineyard although that's what the objective says. The objective is WRONG. I had to leave the vineyard and approach the vines on the east outside wall (across from the cart in the recess of the storehouse). That is NOT the vineyard.

5th Oct 2002, 18:48
FM: The Gambling Man
File: gamble.zip

Play mode: Ghost (success)
Time: 1 hr 15 min
Loot: 615 of 815 (250 required)
Pockets picked: 9 of 11
Backstabs: 0 Knockouts: 1 (required)
Damage dealt: 1 (required) Taken: 0 Healing: 0
Killed: 0
Secrets: 1 of 1

- The only difficulty level is Normal.
- Garrett starts nude of his lockpicks. No reason given.
- It took a long time to find the intermediate level that had the switch to turn off the watcher (not really necessary but something more to ghost). Where you hear Garrett say that he can't get through here (a stub hallway with paintings), that's not true. Just time the watcher to be looking to the side and run to the lamp to turn it off. You can use water arrows to douse the torch inside the room with the horn and time when to dash across the lighted area. I didn't realize that the elevator behind the chapel had 3 floors instead of just 2.
- The "secret" is actually a requirement since you need to get there to retrieve the evidence (an objective).

5th Oct 2002, 22:04
FM: The Eye of Ruthaford

Ghost - Success (Chemical)
Perfect Thief - Failed
Time - 00:29:13
Loot - 880/1130
Pockets Picked - 0/1
Backstabs - 0 Knockouts - 0
Damage dealt - 0 Damage taken - 0
Healing taken - 0 Kills - 0
Secrets Found - 0/0

Comments - This mission had some difficult areas that would make it seem unghostable if overlooked. 80% of the mission had marble floors and I only had 2 moss arrows. I also had 2 invis potions, thankfully, and I needed to use 1 potion to ghost the mission.

The first problem was trying to sneak by the unarmed male thief at the bar. I couldn't sneak slowly around the door frame without alerting the unarmed thief behind the bar. I could have used an invis potion but I decided to moss the floor at the entrance to the bar. With the floor mossed, I could run around the door frame and into the bar and only get a first alert. However, I could not get the gold wine bottles next to the guard and the unarmed thief without more moss and I needed my last moss arrow for the next situation.

The last problem was in the theatre which had nothing but marble floors. There was a noble lady blocking the aisle between rows of chairs, and a male servant on the podium facing the noble lady. This section had no shadows and the key I needed to retrieve the eye was at the front row under a chair. There was no way to sneak slowly because of the brightness in the area, so I had to moss the middle of the aisle. With the marble mossed, I then used an invis potion, jumped up on the chairs, moved along the aisle and snatched the key from under the front row chair. Then I moved quickly back to my original position, out of the nobles view without using my last invis potion.

I also had a few problems trying to get to the safe in the office with the nobleman looking straight at the safe. But I was finally able to CCC along the wall and the sofa towards the safe and get the loot with only a first alert from the nobleman.

The last thing to do was to open the secret door in the closet from the kitchen and get the eye. The key under the chair in the theatre opened the huge vault door with the eye enclosed in a display case. There was a trap if I approached the display case on one side, so obviously I just approached from a different side and I was able to get the eye.

5th Oct 2002, 22:30
FM: Hedgerow & Hammerite's
File: hedham.zip

Play mode: Ghost (failed - gave up scrounging for the loot)
Time: 1 hr 26 min
Loot: 3785 of 4185 (4000 required)
Pockets picked: 0 of 1
Backstabs: 0 Knockouts: 0
Killed: 0
Damage dealt: 0 Taken: 0 Healing: 0
Secrets found: 0 of 1

Cause(s) of failure:
- You have to blast a hammer-shaped inset with a fire arrow. Because the door is open (and you can't close it) and because the noise passes through the big hammer, the outside Hammerites and haunts below hear the blast. Ghost busted.
- After spending over an hour scrounging around this FM trying to find enough loot to satisfy the 96% loot objective, I gave up. That was far more scrounging that I would normally bother with.

- Could not find enough loot. Went into non-ghost mode and took out the Hammerites and haunts and still could not find enough loot. Moved all the panels in the waddle passage in the crypts and couldn't find more loot. Tried entering the dates noted on the base of a statue but nothing changed.
- I could not get into the office down in the vault room although the door is frobbable. Never found a key for the door, it is unpickable, and didn't find a switch for it. Maybe that's the secret that I didn't find.
- Because I didn't find the secret, presumably the remainder of the loot is in that secret (if so, it's not a secret but instead it is a *requirement* if every player has to get there).

It's a small mission but is okay for practicing ghost techniques or for normal play. Not finding enough loot is very frustrating, more so than playing the FM.

6th Oct 2002, 02:32
FM: Last Stand
File: laststand.zip

Play mode: Ghost (success - with forced mission end)
Time: 1 hr 5 min
Loot: 2485 of 2990 (2400 required)
Pockets picked: 2 of 3
Backstabs: 0 Knockouts: 0 (actually 1)
Damage dealt: 1 (only for KO, kill not included) Taken: 0 Healing: 0
Killed: 0 (actually 1)
Secrets: 0 of 0

- Had to nudge the apebeast at the beginning to the side since it was blocking the only door to continue.
- A switch (on a torch) on land is the "key" to opening a lock panel on the ship? No wonder it took so long to find out how to get the horn.
- The stats are definitely wrong. I blackjacked the captain and tossed him overboard to drown. The knockout stat should've been 1, not 0, and the damage dealt should've been more than 1 (for the blackjack) to account for the required kill.
- I had to lug a crate from the house, up the rope, and into the entrance to the jail area. I didn't have any more moss arrows; used them all up on the all-metal ship. Garrett cannot step or walk up 2- to 3-inch ridges in the ramped ground with ridges, so I had to use the crate to jump on to quiet my landing noise since I had to jump onto the ridges.
- I got all the way to the starting point but the "find exit" objective did not check off. I even got up to the "entrance hole" with the star field but that didn't help. I went to several areas (in non-ghost mode just to try them out), like the unpickable, unmantlable gate in front of the house, and smashing the windows in the library house (because there is no key to the unpickable metal doors) to get outside the designed area for the player to traverse. So I reloaded back to where I got back to the starting point and hit Ctrl-Alt-Shift-End to force the mission to end.

6th Oct 2002, 03:34
FM: Lort Lomat's Flute
File: lordlomat.zip

Play mode: Ghost (success)
Time: 19 min
Loot: 617 of 992 (500 required)
Pockets picked: 6 of 8
Backstabs: 0 Knockouts: 0
Damage dealt: 0 Taken: 0 Healing: 0
Killed: 0
Secrets: 0 of 0

- Some guards seem to almost be proximity triggered. That or they have super sensitive hearing (i.e., they hear what you can't). Or, in some case, they appear to have 360-degree vision; I'll be behind them by 60 feet or more and they'll 1st alert when I get lit.
- Upstairs where there is a stationary gal is a purse worth 100. You can't get it because that end of the room is fully lit and watched constantly by the gal.
- Finding the flute was tough only because I didn't think to look on top of the cabinet, and jumping is a no-no since the guards will hear. The end of the flute sticks over and out from the top so you can see it when it lights up to be frobbed, or jump up on the small table by the armoir.

6th Oct 2002, 04:49
FM: Curiosity

Play mode: Ghost (success)
Time: 1:15
Loot: 2364 of 3034(??)
Pockets picked: 5 of 7
Backstabs: 0 Knockouts: 0
Damage dealt: 0 Taken: 0 Healing: 0
Killed: 0
Secrets: 0 of 0

Vanguard posted a report about this mission here (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1178&perpage=25&pagenumber=2&postid=30408). I won't repeat the details he described, because his report is a good summary. I got exactly the same loot / pocket stats as Vanguard. The only difference is that in my case I avoided any 2nd level alerts, so I am declaring it a ghost success. I am pretty sure that we both found all loot that was possible to find (2364). I went back after the ghost, BJ'ed most of the AI, and looked quite carefully, including underwater, but I could find no more. There was a lot of normally frobbable stuff (like gold bottles and vases) that was not frobbable. That is probably the problem. The objective of 2800 seems to be bogus. And, as Vanguard said, it was satisfied by the first 100, which I am guessing was a quick fix by the author to a loot problem he did not want to deal with.

I agree with Vanguard that there was some interesting eye candy, but the mission seemed unfinished. Game play was a little too routine. You walk around and take some stuff. Some of the gadgets and scenes, however, were a lot of fun, and the author showed good inventiveness on that score.

I encountered only two ghosting problems. One was at the museum. At first the guard heard me approach the building on the grass outside, and he was alerted and yelling inside the building, with doors and windows shut. Quite unrealistic. To avoid this, I timed his patrol so I approached while he was at the other end of the building. After I got in, a little moss solved the problem. There is no proximity switch. I tailed him all the way to the telescope but found nothing up there.

The second problem was at the dock with the swordfish boat and a guy with a green tunic standing in a pirogue. I got past the green guy, in bright light, to grab the purse on the guard, but coming back I found it difficult to avoid being seen by the green guy. After about 20 tries I finally I did it with some moss and a nimble jump.

On the ship the guard by the fantail was a little goosy but no problem if you crawled along the rail and slid down.

6th Oct 2002, 09:16
FM: Gheldorf's Towne House

Ghost - Success
Perfect Thief - Success
Time - 01:16:17
Loot - 2223/2223
Pockets Picked - 9/11
Backstabs - 0 Knockouts - 0
Damage dealt - 0 Damage taken - 0
Healing taken - 0 Kills - 0
Secrets Found - 3/3

Comments - Just a nice straightforward ghosting mission. There were some areas that required some major CCCing and alot of quick creeping along marble, however.

I made the mistake of thinking there was only one way into the office; and that was from the library. There is a stationary guard standing infront of the office door in the library. I was trying to figure out how to get behind him since the library is well lit and I could not run around behind him. The library was full of thick bookcases and I noticed that I could probably climb on top of them. So I shot a rope arrow into the wall and then jumped onto one of the bookcases along the wall. From here I was in shadow and I could creep along top of the bookcases and drop down behind the stationary guard and then open the door to the office. When I got to the office, I discovered a red button at the bottom of one of the shelves which opened a secret door. Behind the secret door was a safe with a scroll I needed for my objective and some loot. But in this same room with the safe, I noticed a ladder leading up and it lead to Gheldorf's bedroom, which is far from the library. So really, I didn't need to use up all of that time trying to figure out how to get behind the stationary guard since there was an easier way around. This was the only unique incident I came across in this mission.

The only other problem I faced was trying to find loot, and my objectives required 2100 loot to be collected. Some hard to find loot included: a small ring on a windowsill in the main hall, a gold cup on a windowsill by the dining room, a statue on top of a bookcase, one loose coin by the mechanist statue, and a purse behind a shelf in the kitchen. This purse took the longest to find and I believe it is required because the purse is 250 loot. You have to flip a hard-to-see lever behind the fireplace in the kitchen to force a shelf to slide out, revealing the purse.

6th Oct 2002, 23:26
FM: Collector's Greed

Ghost - Success
Perfect Thief - Success
Time - 01:08:34
Loot - 1410/1410
Pockets Picked - 2/4
Backstabs - 0 Knockouts - 0
Damage dealt - 0 Damage taken - 0
Healing taken - 0 Kills - 0
Secrets Found - 4/4

Comments - Another straightforward ghosting mission. The only problems I came across was trying to get into the locked warehouse and also trying to achieve a perfect thief.

I never figured out how to get into the warehouse with the broken door except by stacking crates from the exterior and then dropping down inside. Maybe this was the way it had to be done, but it seemed a little difficult to figure out unless crate stacking is familiar to you. Crates were ubiquitous, so it didn't take much time to create a crate stack and then drop down inside and snatch the #3451 crate.

Trying to achieve a perfect thief was a little hard and it took some time to find all of the loot. I was fortunate enough to buy a vine arrow at the loadout screen; and that is exactly what I needed to get a purse from a window. Unless I stacked crates, I don't think I would have been able to get it, and there weren't any other rope/vine arrows found in the mission.

There are 3 gold plates and 2 gold cups in a sink in one of the kitchens, but a female servant stands pretty close and a few times I would alert her if I tried to lean and get the plates. So I just crept close enough and right clicked around the sink eventually picking up all plates and cups.

The last loot I needed to get was a crystal in this spider cave, accessed from the river. The cave had a few frobbable mushrooms and I couldn't get close enough to frob them. But I thought I could creep along the left wall and perhaps lean forward and grab the crystal without alerting one of the spiders that was close to the wall. To do this, I had to moss the floor so I could jump over the broken chair and table and then hug the wall. After very delicate slow creeping, I was able to lean forward and grab the crystal while being inches away from the spider. I now had all of the loot and the last thing I wanted to do was get all secrets and pockets.

The secrets were very hard for me to find. It took a blackjack run to find everything. The secrets: a switch behind some bushes on the exterior of the warehouse, a switch inside of a chimney in one of the houses, a switch at the bottom of the door frame in Berlad's bed room, and the last secret, shooting the last basketball on the shelf into the hoop. The last secret took me so long to find. I could tell that there was a secret door in the gym when I observed the cropped line on the wall. I ran all around the gym, clicking every where but I didn't find a switch or lever. I then thought of the numerous missions where you have to shoot a broadhead into a target and reveal a secret. With this in mind, I tried taking the basketballs and shooting them one by one into the hoop. The last basketball on the shelf opened up the secret panel on the wall, revealing water arrows and a flashbomb.

I did get all of the pockets even though the stat says I'm missing one. The missing pocket was the parchment scroll on the dead thief in the secret cave by the warehouse.

7th Oct 2002, 10:19
FM: Gervasius' Archery Tournament

Ghost - Success
Perfect Thief - Success (Chemical)
Time - 01:45:41
Loot - 3027/3027
Pockets Picked - 12/13
Backstabs - 0 Knockouts - 0
Damage dealt - 0 Damage taken - 0
Healing taken - 0 Kills - 0
Secrets Found - 1/1

Comments - Wow...this mission took me a long time to complete because I was trying to find all of the loot and pockets. I admit I had to go on a blackjack run to find the rest of the loot. If I hadn't, I would probably still be playing right now.

I had to use an invis potion, but only to get 2 silver nuggets in this spider cave. The cave was too well lit and the spiders had a short patrol, so the only way to get the nuggets was to use an invis potion.

The only secret in the mission is a frobbable torch at the armor booth which opened up a secret panel in the ceiling. Inside of the ceiling was a long attic with about 7 patrolling spiders. The only reason to come up into the attic was to get the loot. But at times I thought I would bust a perfect thief. I was basically dancing like a madman around these spiders. Every spider had a different patrol route it seemed like. Some spiders patrolled in zig-zags and then stopped for a short while, and some spiders would stay idle for a long time. Along each wall of the attic was a line of footlockers. Some of the footlockers had loot, and some of them had junk, which really infuriated me because I had to wait for the spiders to patrol away and then drop the junk on the floor without alerting them. This area took me the longest because I had to get to the end of the attic and back and my only option was to jump from footlocker to footlocker and hopefully not make a loud jumping sound.

The next problem was trying to get some loot out of a chest in the big maze. There was a male servant standing right next to the chest and I needed to pick it. Whenever I tried picking it, the male servant would go on 2nd alert and flee. I was determined to achieve a perfect thief, so I decided to nudge the male servant away from the chest. This was harder than normal nudging because the servant pivoted in all directions... This area also took me a long time because I had to position myself on one side of him, and sometimes strafe around when he turns and then nudge him forward a bit. I saved almost after every successful nudge. Finally he was far enough away that I could pick the chest without alerting him.

Getting the golden skull was very easy. I just had to turn off the watchers from the workshop, douse all torches at the fountain, rope arrow into the side of the wall and jump onto the platform with the skull.

Finding the hedge cutter took some time. I found a narrow path in the maze that lead to a small slit in the previous Gervasius building. The slit lead to a ladder, which lead to getting on top of the maze walls. From here I just explored around and finally found the hedge cutter.

Finding the 2nd prize took a while because obviously, I had no idea where it was. In a remarkable discovery, I found a key in one of the dead ends of the maze. This dead end, however, contained a few tree beasts and some frobbable mushrooms. I had to descend from the maze wall into the dead end by using a rope arrow. I didn't know what the key was for until I remembered a locked door in the Gervasius building, so I ran all the way back through the maze and into the buildling and luckily the key opened this locked door. The locked door lead to a street and there were 3 wheelbarrels that were important. One had tons of little gray statues, another had little mechanist statues, and the other had a chest which held the 2nd prize I needed for my objective.

Another objective was to find the "Archery Village Key". After careful scrounging, I located the key in the Gervasius building beside a mechanist statue.

The main problem for me was finding all of the loot though. The hard-to-find loot included: a small ring at the end of the spider attic, a hard-to-see moneybox with a silver coin stack at one of the booths, a small gem ring on the floor in the archery area, a purse by a chair in Gervasius's bedroom, one loose coin between 2 chairs in the maze, and a silver nugget at a dead end of the maze.

8th Oct 2002, 01:41
FM: Sammy Pays His Dues

Ghost - Success
Perfect Thief - Success
Time - 02:00:43
Loot - 3370/3370
Pockets Picked - 12/13
Backstabs - 0 Knockouts - 0
Damage dealt - 0 Damage taken - 0
Healing taken - 0 Kills - 0
Secrets Found - 0/0

Comments - I recommend this mission to any ghoster; it was a good one. The AI dialogue was funny and original, and some of the AI pathing and movements were very creative. In one room, a female noble would patrol and stand idle at 3 different areas. But what really made it realistic was that the noble would sit down on a couch for a while, then stand and walk to the other side of the room. I've never seen an AI walk towards a couch and sit down. It looked strange, but it was very realistic.

There were a few problem areas in the mission, but nothing too difficult.

The first objective I tried to accomplish was to find a whistle that would open the door Sammy went through. The whistle was all the way at the top of the building in a tower with an idle guard. Along the way, I had switched a lever to "off" and had no idea what I did until later I found out it shut down a watcher positioned above the pagan doll. Also along the way, I spied a small gem ring entitled "Mary's Ring" by one of the pews in the church. Later on after reading a journal, my objectives changed and I needed to drop the ring on Clioritis' desk. The desk was located on the bottom floor of the library.

The first real problem was trying to get to a double-door guarded by 2 swordsmen. There was no way to sneak by them since the hall was well lit. I did notice, however, that there were beams above the hall which I thought I could get on top of. I had 1 rope arrow, and I believe I bought it from the loadout screen. I was able to scoot along the beams but at one point I needed to moss one of the beams so I could jump and shorten the time I would be in brightness. This worked and I was able to drop down behind the guards and then open the double doors. From here, I found a pagan doll in a chest which I needed to deliver to Marianne's room as an objective.

I had most of my objectives completed by now; I went through the secret door by blowing the whistle, watched 2 thieves kill Sammy, dropped the ring on Clioritis' desk, dropped the pagan doll on Marianne's desk, and all that remained was finding loot.

Oddly, I found most of the hard-to-see loot and I was only off by about 300 loot. I later found that I had missed an amulet by the skeleton hand in the catacombs, and an entirely missed room or "barracks" with 2 chests full of loot. There was no difficult loot to find, but the only thing to keep in mind was that alot of guards had purses. Sometimes I would sneak by guards and not examine their belts, but I'm always trying to get all pockets when I ghost, so this wasn't a problem.

8th Oct 2002, 19:11
FM: Melian's Method
File: melian.zip

Play mode: Ghost (success)
Time: 27 minutes
Loot: 887 of 1147 (750 required)
Pockets picked: 12 of 14
Backstabs: 0 Knockouts: 0
Damage dealt: 0 Taken: 0 Healing: 0
Killed: 0
Secrets: 0 of 0

- Inside the front door is a frobbable window to the office. It comes off and you end up carrying it instead of just opening the window, so you have to drop it somewhere to free up your hands. However, I could not see nor frob the key off the table past the window. Instead I went outside through the front door when the patrolling guard was away and frobbed the key right through the unfrobbable outside window. This eliminated trying to get into the office. The hall light outside this door cannot be turned off and the light switch inside the office is too far away from the door opening to reach without leaning in too far and then getting spotted by the AI that always watches the door.
- Whichever door you start picking for the upstairs bedroom is the one the gal inside will jump up and start watching on a 1st alert. The key is across from the 2nd door, so start lockpicking the 1st door (after the stairs), don't complete the pick, go to the 2nd door and pick it open, the gal is facing away and looking at the 1st door, and get the office key behind her. However, because you can frob the blue key from the office through the outside window, there's no reason to bother going upstairs (I don't recall finding any loot up there and you don't need the office key).
- Getting into the safe room via the gambling room was difficult. The gate door opens into you and blocks your route into the safe room. If you get too close to the AIs, especially because you'll get lit, they spot you and the ghost is busted. So I crept along the wall to get to the gate door, positioned myself at the gate door, and jumped onto the gaming table so I would be at the side and slightly behind both AIs. Didn't even get a 1st alert. I frobbed the gate door to open it and ran off the gaming table and into the foyer with even a 1st alert. Had to crouch when in the office to prevent being seen since I was lit up there. Used the same trick to get back out (by jumping onto the gaming table).
- The spookiest part of this FM was walking (okay, so I was crouching and waddling) amongst all the black guard that were sleeping and snoring in the room across from the gambling room. They wake up pretty easily but you can also easily not make any noise and waddle the aisle between their bunks to get to the scroll and chest. When not ghosting, when you blackjack one guard, two others usually wake up but they won't spot you in the dark and head off to do their rounds. You can lift their purses and weapons without waking them.

9th Oct 2002, 08:11
FM: Red Ridge

Ghost - Success
Perfect Thief - Success
Time - 00:21:10
Loot - 986/986
Pockets Picked - 0/1
Backstabs - 0 Knockouts - 0
Damage dealt - 0 Damage taken - 0
Healing taken - 0 Kills - 0
Secrets Found - 0/0

Comments - This was a small 64x64 mission. Nothing gave me too much trouble. I almost died at the beginning of the mission though. After dropping down on a few cliffs, there was a bridge that would collapse into lava if you walk on it. I didn't expect this at all, but I was able to run and jump into the mouth of the stone face before the bridge fell into the lava.

There was one hallway with a patrolling apebeast and I thought he would present a problem. He patrolled both ends of this hallway and I thought I wouldn't be able to get around him. But as he patrolled back and forth, I noticed the way he turned might give me a chance to perhaps slip around him after he hits his patrol point. I gave it a try and in one attempt I was successful and was able to slide around him as he turned.

I had to nudge 2 AI in this mission. I had to nudge an idle apebeast so I could get by him and grab a few gold coin stacks. I also had to nudge an idle pagan forward a bit so I could get a key under the table infront of him.

I was a little stumped on how to get the explorers journal at first. The journal was located in a niche in a wall, a few inches below the ceiling, and thus impossible to get without a rope arrow. I tried shooting a broadhead into the molten rock ceiling to test if it was okay, but the arrow vanished and made no sound when it hit the surface. I play with my gamma on low so I didn't see that there was a small wooden block embedded into the ceiling. Later on I noticed this, and was able to shoot a rope arrow into it and then get to the niche with the journal.

Everything else was straightforward, and finding loot took no effort at all.

10th Oct 2002, 01:17
FM: The Royal Garmyth

Ghost - Success
Perfect Thief - Success
Time - 01:02:01
Loot - 3338/3338
Pockets Picked - 5/6
Backstabs - 0 Knockouts - 0
Damage dealt - 0 Damage taken - 0
Healing taken - 0 Kills - 0
Secrets Found - 3/4

Comments - Very nicely designed mission. Although it wasn't much of a ghosting challenge, the real difficulty was finding all of the loot and secrets. I still missed one secret even after going on a blackjack run. I'm either missing something very well hidden, or something plainly out in the open.

There were no difficult maneuvers required in this mission; just straight sneaking and ghosting. There was one area in the mission that contained loot and I don't know how anyone could find this except with luck. The area was an alcove with several crates stacked like a pyramid and an idle spider next to them. There was a statue behind one of the crates and you couldn't see it unless you moved a crate or highlighted it. This was the only loot I thought would be in this area, but I was wrong. Above me was one wooden beam and it was pretty far up. It didn't cross my mind that there would be loot up there because the beam was very high. After going further through the mission and then comming up 50 loot short, I went on the typical blackjack run to see if I could find it. It took me a long time before I decided to shoot a rope arrow into the beam and see what was up there. I had to get on the top of the crate pyramid and jump onto the rope because the beam was so high and the rope could not be grabbed from ground level. It took a few tries but eventually when I climbed up the rope, I spied a 50 loot gold dice on a window sill. I don't know how anyone would think to go up there unless you were desperate for loot. Getting back down took a few tries because I couldn't jump back on top of the crate pyramid or I would alert the spider. I also couldn't just drop down from the rope because the floor was stone. Luckily, there was a barrel in the corner of the alcove and I could jump onto it without making a sound. I couldn't retrieve my rope arrow though.

10th Oct 2002, 02:26
FM: Mansion of Chaos
File: mansionofchaos.zip

Play mode: Ghost (failed)
Time: 2 hr 11 min
Loot: 3672 of 4172 (3000 required)
Pockets picked: 3 of 7
Backstabs: 9 Knockouts: 38
Damage dealt: 897 Taken: 0 Healing: 0
Killed: 43

Cause(s) of failure:
- Far too numerous to mention in this section; see comments. The FM can be ghosted up to the upstairs mansion room past the portal-like curtain where you have 3 doors to select from (and where an apebeast stands and a bugbeast wanders). To the right (north) is the firey route. You cannot get past the first fire elemental (the 2nd fire elemental can be ghosted). Straight ahead (west) is the upside down room. You cannot get past the apebeast without getting spotted since there are no shadows anywhere to hide on the stairs, and there are no inviso potions anywhere in the mission. To the left (south) is the watery route but that is screwed up in that as soon as you surface you then die immediately. I believe the author noted a long time back that the design was flawed and that you should not die when you surface - but you do so this route is absolutely worthless. In fact, you cannot even backtrack into this water area from the one below where you retrieve the fire key and where fire elementals roam above the water; I used carrots in a stack-em-up method to get into the water "hole" in the ceiling, I was in the water and using up my air, but could not swim up into the water and would hit my head partway into the water so I could not longer jump atop the topmost carrot as I dropped it to get further into the water tunnel. Once you take the remaining survivable routes, there is somewhere that an AI will block your route.

- Really, REALLY big FM! Multiply the endgame time stat by about 6 for the real amount of time I spent in this FM, partly to ghost and partly to explore, especially after figuring out how to stack carrots to get atop anywhere (and there is an unlimited supply of carrots).
- In the Foofie village is a machine that catapults carrots. It never runs out so you can pile up as many carrots as you want. I retrieved 200 carrots this way. Carrots can be stacked just like crates under your feet to gain altitude. Finding the switch to open the gate to Foofie village was tough. Hint: Just after the first drawgate you open, turn left, look up.
- There are no crates around for stacking but the carrots worked nicely. This allowed me to get to the control console up on the outside ledge by the church which opened the secret room behind the church where you find a switch console that opens the stone panel for the passage past the cemetery gate. To get to that passage, I stacked carrots by the cemetery gate to get up on the ledge and ran up the sloped ground to get over the wall where you find a big green spider (a really blind one) next to another switch console. You can then take the ladder down to the passage to the archway that leads into the cemetery - of course, after pickpocketing the archers at the mansion. By using the carrots as a stack-em-up ladder at both spots, I never needed to get the mayor's key to get the cemetery key. So far the ghost is intact.
- I would've expected that diving into the moat would alert the guards - but there is no splash noise. Even from a high dive, there is no splash noise. Sweet. I wish more authors would do this when they decide to have a guard planted at a well or beside a river or waterway. I often get infuriated at the game itself on how clumsy it makes Garrett.
- Back to the left side of the mansion is what looks like a doorway (but there's no door) and a spyhole for the guard pacing within. Above is a gas arrow. Yep, build a carrot ladder again to reach it.
- The guard that roams around the pool by the mayor's house often falls in. In fact, it seems that he always eventually will fall into the pool and drown.
- Ghosting the cemetery is pretty standard. There are some gems, gold, and a tiara stashed in the corners behind something. Then you take a high dive into the water to get into the caverns.
- A scroll states that the walls in the big cavern are not as precipitous as they appear. They are still pretty steep and you will incur damage if you simply try to backpeddle or even turn around and try to reduce speed by running forward while quickly sliding down the wall. The wall at the other entrance to this big cavern is not nearly as steep but you can only get to it from inside the house (and I never figured out how to get past the guards at the front door). So while sliding down the steeply sloped wall, I turned at an angle of maybe 30 degrees from straight back up the wall and concurrently hit the Run and Strafe Right keys. You get a little extra speed that way and it was enough to eliminate incurring any damage when you slam into the floor.
- After hitting the switch and coming back into the big cavern, getting out was tricky. I used a moss arrow on the lower platform (with a frogbeast on the other side) to land quietly and mantle up the stone beam, grab the gold nugget, and then approach the last platform with a big green spider. It is highly lit on the platform and around it on the side with the unpickable glowing mushroom. I tried various positions on the vine to jumped onto the mossed platform hoping that I'd just get a 1st alert by being in sight for only the minimal amount of time during the leap past the column to hide me from line of sight from the spider. I tried jumping at the platform which sticks you on the side and sliding around it thinking that not as much of me would be lit but that didn't work, either. Speed potion didn't help. So I took the scariest route: right in front of this spider's face! Oooh, what bad rotting flesh breath it had. From the stone beam, you can mantle onto the platform but ONLY if you hit the vertex of the platform straight on (otherwise you get stuck to the side and any jumping throws you off and you fall to your death). Since I could mantle up this very narrowly enabled spot, I didn't need to use up a moss arrow. I then crouched and repeatedly shortly tapped the move keys to slide up to the spider right past its face and get past it. I then started to get lit up by the glowing mushroom's light on the other side of the column, so I risked it by dashing to the blind side of the column from the spider and only got a 1st alert. Whew! I certainly like looking and almost kissing a big green spider.
- After getting up from the basement back onto the 1st floor of the mansion, I had to nudge a stationary guard aside to get past him.
- When I got to the front garden (just inside the front door), I had to nudge another guard aside that was blocking the hallway. I doused the torch there to give me more shadows but there is unsourced light here so you don't get really dark.
- Timing the guards that pace the hallways to the button to open the gate behind Baneson takes trial and error and reloads. I would follow the 1st guard on his heels and to his rightside to pass him when he turned left to head back. This put me in dark shadows but not dark enough not to be noticed by the 2nd guard. The timing had to be that the 1st guard was heading down the 2nd section of hallway just as the 2nd guard had turned to head back down the 3rd section of hallway, so you could sneak behind the 1st guard while fully lit without the 2nd guard spotting you. Then you tail on the heels of the 2nd guard on his leftside to pass him as he turns right, hit the switch, catch up with the 2nd guard to tail again on his leftside to pass him and into the shadows when he heads back. The shadows are far enough away from the 1st guard that you can let him turn and follow him on his rightside to pass him as he turns left to head back. And you're out. I don't remember how many reloads this one took but it must've been close to a dozen.
- An objective says to kill Baneson. He doesn't go down quietly. He is impervious to the blackjack. Even if you lure him out and lean forward to blackjack him while you are completely dark, or even if he starts to wander back to his post and you quietly get up behind him to blackjack him, all he does is keel over but he never goes down. In fact, other than keeling over when blackjacked from behind, he acts like nothing happened and continues on his merry way back to his post. Gas arrows and gas mines are ineffective on him. All the other weapons are noisy (sword, broadheads, fire arrows, mine). Even if you flashbomb him and manage to not alert the other guards, he lets out a cry that is heard when he dies (that's why I wanted to blackjack him to tote him somewhere that I could kill him without his death cry being heard). So I left him hoping that I'd find something along the way to quietly knock him out or dispatch him later. And, no, the holy sword ain't it.
- After getting upstairs in the mansion but before passing the portal-like curtained door, there are 2 doors to each side. One is locked and you need to find the "a useless key" to open it. The other leads to a circular recess with a gold nugget and another gold nugget next to a bogus trap. In front of the circular recess is a pressure plate - but it does NOT move down when stepped on. The author must've not wanted to bother with having another object actually show the pressure plate. You can jump over this into the hollow to snatch the gold nugget. Then you continue through a spiral tube to a room with geometry models and then into a room where you're told not to kick the bucket. There is no bucket yet. The gold nugget is behind the platform and there is no trap or danger in getting it. In fact, at this point you can simply leave. If you're curious, you might get hurt unless you're careful, and then you'll see the bucket.
- After the red portal-like curtained door is a set of 3 doors: right (north) leads to fire elementals and lava, straight ahead (west) leads to apebeasts at the foot of stairs and the upside down room, and left (south) leads to the water death trap (the design was screwed up in that you ALWAYS suffer the sudden heart attack syndrome on surfacing from the water). The south route is impassable. The north route has a fire elemental right at the next tunnel after the lava pit so you cannot get by it (several other places are like this in these mazes where an AI blocks a path and it is well lit so you cannot sneak by). The west route has stairs that are quiet but extremely well lit by an unsourced light and you will get spotted by the apebeast at the foot of these stairs that constantly watches them. So of the 2 usable routes, you can't ghost you way into them. And later there are other AIs blocking hallways or passages or you become so highly lit that you always get spotted no matter if you crouch and creep very slowly or try to use a speed potion to dash back into a more shadowed area. So after this red portal-like curtained door, ghosting was over. Thank God, now I can have some fun, and I took out all the AIs with a vengeance.
- As big as was this FM so far, it gets even more huge after this point. But since I had surrendered on trying to ghost anymore of it, it was actually much easier to play.
- In one aspect, this FM sucks. Monroe is given god-like powers of survival. Almost nothing hurts him. Even the holy sword isn't that helpful if he is alerted; by the time weakling Garrett manages to finally swing the sword overhead, Monroe has already entombed Garrett in webbing or blasted him away, and side whacks with the holy sword are futile. In fact, on a couple runs, the holy sword went right through Monroe (so obviously the time was lost and I got killed - again). Garrett is pretty clumsy when it comes to navigating around on uneven terrain. The number of reloads was making this part of the FM very boring. Reload, try something else, reload, try this, reload, try that, reload ... ad nauseum. Finally I figured that if I positioned myself at the entrance with the short section of floor between the hole and the wall, I would be facing away from Monroe and towards the rear wall of his chamber and could climp up the sloped pool to hide in the shadows in a corner and behind a side pillar (Garrett moves pretty slowly here for some unexplained reason). I would then crouch behind the rearmost side pillar, ooze around it, and get behind the next side pillar. I then managed to ooze around this side pillar and get about halfway to the next pillar before getting too lit up whereupon Monroe would spot me and splatter me against the wall. So I'd get up to just short of this point and do a quicksave. I tried using flashbombs (I had 2 of them) which would make him freeze in place while trying to whack him with the holy sword. Didn't work; he'd recover, I hadn't done enough damage, I got killed. So instead I downed a speed potion (there's only 1 in this FM back in Foofie village), stood up (for best run speed), and simply dashed by him to his side without even a 1st alert. This let me slink up behind him and give him an overhead whack with the holy sword. Because he wasn't alerted at all, one overhead whack was all it took. This was WAY TOO HARD! It reminded me of playing Descent in which the bots get progressively quicker, smarter, and more powerful but the last one is a God bot that is nearly impossible to kill (i.e., you get lucky if you survive long enough to damage the last bot enough to destroy it before you get killed). I got bored at the end of Descent, too, from all the retries.
- Now was the time to off Baneson since I wasn't ghosting anymore and didn't care about alerting him or others. Melee anyone? I lured the haunts to the front garden to kill Baneson. I first lured the ghost over to Baneson so it would keep his attention. I then lured a haunt over to attack Baneson while Baneson was busy with the impervious ghost. However, having the haunt kill Baneson does NOT check off that objective so now you're stuck with an FM that won't end. *YOU* have to kill Baneson for that objective to check off, so I simply hit Ctrl-Shift-Alt-End to end the mission. Baneson was already a corpse and hitting more with the sword wasn't going to change the mission to seeing me as his killer.

Is there any loot in the town church? To the leftside of the raised platform for the dais is an inset in the wall that looks like it might move and reveal a secreat room. I did hit the switch behind a fixed podium at the front of the church which spawns the ghostly figure inside the church. I scrounged around the pews, the high pews, the ledges around the dais' side walls (and stacked carrots to see above the ledges), scanned the pillars, jumped atop the wood cross and look behind and under it and still never found a switch. What was the point of getting into the church if there was nothing there you needed to complete the mission and no loot? I'm about 500 short of loot. And, NO, I am not going scrounging, especially in such a huge FM.

10th Oct 2002, 05:32
FM: Poor Lord Bafford
File: poorbaff.zip

Play mode: Ghost (failed)
Time: 31 minutes
Loot: 3760 of 3870 (3000 required)
Pockets picked: 2 of 2
Backstabs: 0 Knockouts: 0
Damage dealt: 0 Taken: 0 Healing: 0
Killed: 0

Cause(s) of failure:
- One or both guards in treasury room go on alert when the torch is doused in that room. Doesn't matter where I am when I fire the water arrow or gas arrows to extinguish the torch.

- Pretty straight forward ghosting. Can't douse any torch in the front foyer room or any in the next hallway since that alerts the guards in there, so the 100 loot for the gold vase had to be skipped.
- You have to get most of the loot in the treasury room to make the loot objective. However, dousing the torch in there will put one or both of the guard in that room onto full alert. Ghost busted.
- This FM definitely needs a dromed fixup to up the ambient light level. Touching the screen doesn't help me feel my way through the mission when all the torches get doused in an area.

10th Oct 2002, 05:46
FM: The Item
File: the_item.zip

Play mode: Ghost - gave up when reloads crashed the game

- When the objectives are in French or German, I can maybe go to an online translator to figure them out. I don't know what language this is in this FM, so I haven't a clue what I'm supposed to do.
- Ghosting incurs reloads because you try something, your ghost gets busted, so you try something different - but you don't play the entire FM from the start to finish with reloads except for tiny unthreatening missions (or unless you're into Iron Man Ghost mode, which I am not). This FM will crash the game when you try to reload a saved game. I'm wondering if this might be because the author designed perhaps with an unpatched version of TDP and I'm playing using TG. Oh well, goodbye, onto the next FM.


A new version was released which fixes the crash on reloading a saved game.

Play mode: Ghost (success)
Time: 1 hr 33 min
Loot: 3195 of 3675 (2500 required)
Backstabs: 0 Knockouts: 0
Damage dealt: 0 Taken: 0 Healing: 0

-- When you get past the spiders and down the metal stairs, there is a patrolling zombie by a small trench with water. There is a door to the left (same side as the holy fountain) across the trench that is completely hidden in the black shadow. You'll only see it when you get it to light up when it is frobbable (to pick open). There is also a wood chest there that is completely hidden in the blackness until it lights up when frobbable.
-- You need to find 2 boulders to weight down a couple pedestals that then open a door to the eye. In the room with the 2 boulders is a fire elemental. I doused the torch but there is other light which puts you in the yellow zone on the light gem. I got into the room but it was difficult to tell if I had been busted or not. The fire elemental changed from being quiet to its groaning noise. However, it never fired on me nor changed its position where it was hovering. I snuck up behind the raised platform and frobbed the boulders over the edge. The fire elemental obviously went on a 1st alert but since it never moved from its spot and never fired at me while I was clearly visible and easy to hit, I figured it was just a 1st alert.
-- I tried to up the ambient lighting so the shadows weren't completely black. I tried "ambient 25" then 20, 10, 5, and 1 but any change in lighting completely removed all shadows. The light gem would respond like you had crossed into shadows but you couldn't see them. Even portalizing the mission (which no change in ambient light level) would remove all shadows. So you are forced to play this FM is total blackness for the shadows.
-- In the library room past the crypts is a roving haunt. The shadows intersect in the middle of the room but this is a trap. You can't see the pit that you'll fall into and die.
-- Back in the crypt room, there is some loot hidden above. You have to take the ramp up to the ledge and head toward the wall to find it up there.
-- When you dive into the big tower and pool (on your way to the eye), there are 4 ways to go. 3 are marked with a gold plaque and one is a dull gray plaque. The 3 gold marked routes lead to empty chambers with haunts that will alert when you swim into them, so don't go in them to preserve your ghost attempt.
-- There is no way to turn off the force field around the eye. You simply approach the eye to get close enough for the eye to remain illuminated and frob it when it is lit. If you only get close enough to have the eye flicker, it is unlikely you'll frob the eye when it happens to be lit, so you'll incur damage.
-- Getting the sword proved hard because of the total black shadows. In the pedestal room closest to where you surface from the water at the start is a switch behind the platform with the pedestal you weigh down with a boulder. A crypt slides over but you won't see the passage. You have to crouch to enter the passage. The only way I could tell if I was making progress was to turn around and back into the passage so I could watch the lit room get farther away.
-- There is a zombie by the ladder you take up and over the framework around the sword. You can quickly run and jump past the zombie without waking him. Or you can use a rope arrow anywhere on the wood framework to get atop of it. Then land on the rock blocking the rightside and fall towards the back where you can jump through a window. Just take the ladder back up to the top and jump atop the same rock to fall on the front side to leave.

11th Oct 2002, 03:10
Hidden Agenda

Built by: AsyluM

Final Release Version 1.0

My biggest thanks for building this one.Definately a fine piece of work. A real nice layout and lots to explore and figure out. Keep 'em coming.

I had played this one back at the first of the year and was going back through FM's and decided to play it again. I played it on Hard Skill as sometimes you can use the bow and other options to drop guards. Had a big time and after completing it it dawned on me that I had not Ghosted anything in a while. This one seemed like a challenge for a Supreme Ghost so I loaded it up on Expert and dove in. HA, well a short way into it I realized that for some reason I had never played it on Expert before. No idea how that happened but tis true. Everything was different, keys not in the same place or on the same guards, things that worked one way before did not work the same, more areas seemed opened up, and my whole plan of attack went down the tube in one big hurry. And the elevator was going to get used a lot to get me where I wanted to go. And it wasn't working! Oh Yes, I had stepped into a Wet Fur Ball of Mega Proportions. Yeah, I love it, what can I say. Never a dull moment I just went with it. I was all over this thing several times trying to find things and being that I was Supreme Ghosting it, I had to cross the map a lot of times with NO Comments, No Lights Off, No Moss, and the whole drill trying to unwind and unravel the changes from lower skills to Expert. What a ride! Being that it was almost like playing a new Map for the first time I decided on a particular name for this Report. It alludes to something Peter Smith said to me when he issued me a Cold Turkey Ghost Challenge a while back!

Cold Sweat and Facial Ticks

AKA: AsyluM, the elevator ain't workin'!

Supreme Ghost Mode: Failed
Ghost Thief Mode: Success
Perfect Thief: Failed
Time: 3 hours 59 minutes 55 seconds
Locks Picked: 11
Secrets: 4 of 4
Pockets Picked: 3 of 8 ?
Damages Given and Taken: 0 Failure is fine, no damage done! Ha ;)

Even though I Failed this in Supreme Ghost I still played it from beginning to end in Supreme Ghost Mode. I just took my hits where I had to but still went forward with Supreme. On the Pocket Picks above, I have no idea where 3 came from. I took an Acolytes key and I believe an Gear Key but the third one eludes me. I don't remember taking a 3rd item.

What Busted Supreme

1. The Watcher in the hallway off the dining room that leads to the Priests bedroom.
2. The Watcher down the hallway near the Vault. .
3. I could not close the Sewermans Hatch from the top and had to leave it open

Interesting areas

1. The elevator that ain't workin.
2. The area way down there by the double doors that lead to the Haunts and Tombs.
3. Returning the Priests and Security Keys.

Things don't remain the same

The game loaded, the plan was set, and I was off. Heh, well til a door wouldn't pick that would before and I had to find another way to get the Acolytes key off of a Servant that, as it turns out, didn't have the key anymore anyway. Hmm, OK now what? I went off to the main building to get a Cog Key off a wandering Priest who, yaa, wasn't carrying it anymore. I slunk through the building and nabbed an Acolytes Keys off some dude as he walked by the dining room table next to the Temple. Well something was working in my favor. While in the area I noticed a door that had a Cog Key lock that had not been there before. Then I went around the Temple perimeter collecting stuff and ended up downstairs behind a female Mechanist who had a chest behind her with a Security Key in it. I didn't take it cuz I was gonna Supreme Ghost all those Watchers. ;) I could not find a Priests key though. Another inigma. Somewhere along the way I read some note about an elevator not working, I don't remember where I read it and it went right on by. And somewhere else I actually got a Cog Key. Yes, to the elevator via the door from the courtyard, through the kitchen, up the stairs by the watcher, and down through the small Temple. There was no Cog Key Lock on the elevator and no button. It was then that I remembered the note about the elevator and realized that I had set my foot right in Cat Regurgitation. I was stumped as to how to get down there. So I paused in shadow and said, "AsyluM, what hast thou Done!"

I went over the map.And then I went all over the place, back and forth, trying to find another way to get down below. Couldn't find one. Absolutely dumbfounded. Finally I found a Cog Key Lock way at the back end of the small Temple and a Ray of hope struck.

The Elevator that ain't workin and the Vault

I made my way down the ramp and through the underground snagging loot and a Rusty Key as I went and made my way all the way over to the elevator. Asylum, did I say the elevator ain't workin'? It wouldn't go up except for a burst of rising inspiration that ends in abysmal hope dashing failure when it stops 6 feet up the shaft. And it won't go down at all. Thats a long fall down that shaft and I could not use the Cat Fall you placed in the crate. Supreme Ghosters do not imbibe. And the other way down there? With the Watchers and Turrets there and the switches still on, well, I wouldn't go through there without a Water Cooled Fire Arrow Slinging Armor Piercing Mini Gun.

I finally figured out that I could crouch on the edge of the elevator platform and run off at an angle towards the corner below while holding the mantle key down. There is a ledge about halfway down the elevator shaft and you catch a piece of it and drop to the floor below with no damage.It works, did it many times. I turned off the Vault forcefield and rode the elevator back up to the level I had just left. Yes, Yes, Yes, the elevator works from the bottom but doesn't go any higher than iut did before! ha!

I found the Cog Key, opened the Vault, plundered the thing, and went back out the same way I had gone in. I did not open the Vault main door at all. I went back down and hit the switch for the Vault forcefield and it came back on and locked up the doors.

The Watcher in the hallway off the dining room that leads to the Priests bedroom

Well he was there and so was I. There is the Priest key and the Cog Key that I needed in rooms down that hall. I could get by him to get in but I could not get out without a yellow alert.So I had to turn off the dining room lights which busted my Supreme Ghost. However, getting in can be done this way. When the servant leaves the dining room and the guard patrols away up the hall behind the Watcher, I jumped up on the dining room table. Then ran towards the door at the end of the table. Aimed for the right side of the door. When I got to the edge of the table I jumped. You want to hit the door in the air and drop into the jambs right side. You do not want to hit the top or sides of the door jamb. I used that door to open it almost before I hit the floor and ran right on in it when I hit the ground. You are actually safe from the Watcher sitting with the door closed and just hiding by that jamb on the dining room side. You are lit up but he can't get a bead on you.

Getting out with nary a chirp did not happen. Maybe it can be done but I couldn't nail it during this play. I tried running and jumping back to the dining room table and other areas in the room but was not able to do it. Had no run up for any jump because that door must be closed behind you. I also tried walking under the Watcher and going as far forward as I could. Then running out in a blitz and around the corner. No deal! Just no room to maneuver and the Watcher is looking right down that hall with very little side to side movement. Crouched creeping did not help either.

The Watcher down the hallway near the Vault

I had hoped to be able to ride that elevator from below all the way to the top to go up and get the room with the evidence near the Vault. I now had a Priests key. But, ahem, the elevator ain't workin'! Ha! So I had to go back through the underground, up the ramp, through the small Temple, and up the stairs to get over there. There is a shadow right down the end of the hall where that Watcher and his Turret friend is looking. You can hide there. A Female Mechanist patrols down the hall. No way I could figure to get by the Watcher. There is no shadow in the hall, you step out of the one at the end of it and move down the hall and he has you. I was looking face to face at my second Supreme Ghost Bust of the mission. But I had to get in the Library Study Office at the end of that hall to get the Evidence. Nothing I could do but turn off the Watcher. But the Female Mechanist who was carrying the key in Hard skill did not have it any more in Expert. And the only other one I knew about was across the room, down the hall, around some guards, past another Watcher, down the stairs, through the kitchen, across the courtyard, through the other kitchen, through the Foyer of the main building, across the dark room, up the stairs, down the hall, through the dining room, around the perimeter of the second floor of the Temple, down the stairs, and into the guard room with the Female Mechanist who has a chest behind her holding the key. As George S. Patton said, "I do love it so!" Sooo, I went merrily all the way over there and back dodging guards and Watchers. Then I turned off said Watcher in the hall thereby nailing a second nail in my coffin of Supreme Ghost Bust. I am proud to report that I did turn it back on when I was done.

The area way down there by the double doors that lead to the Haunts and Tombs

I had thought this was going to be a trouble spot to get into but it turned out not to be. When you open the door to the area there is a Watcher up and to your right, a little bot patroling, a big drilling machine in the center and beyond it parked in place is a big blue Mech. A black guard patrols through the door and up on the drilling machine where he pauses. Then he goes back out out the door, across a hall and over to a counter and pauses. His cycle time is short. Once you enter the door to the drilling machine room you can not hide or pause. If you hide in the shadowed corner to the left inside the door it is not shadowed enough. Your Gem is light green though it has no sidelight. But that is close enough to make the Watcher Chirp when he rotates. If you get into the small nook right at the Watcher which is too the right when entering the door, if you pause, when the guard comes back in he will bump you and begin to cave in your skull. So I waited for the guard to leave the drilling room and cross the hall. When he opened the far door, I quickly went into the drilling room. I CCC'd around the short wall right under the Watcher, no trouble. When I got around that short place right under the Watcher then I was in full view of the big blue Mech and lit up. But crouched, walking, and hugging the wall he did not twitch. I moved the same way all the way down the stairs to the double doors leading to the tombs. The guard came back in and up towards the drilling machine. But his back was too me so it was no problem. Coming back out was just as easy. I closed and locked the double doors when the guard left the drilling room. Then crouched I hugged the wall and creeped up to just below the top of the steps. Moving slow the big Mech did not notice and the small bot was oblivious. When the guard came back in and headed for the drilling machine I crept right around behind him and for the door. When I was around under the Watcher I was out of view of the blue Mech so I stood up and went for the door and out of the area. Was all actually pretty easy.

Returning the Priests and Security Keys

Getting there was no trouble but dropping them was. Those keys make the same amount of sound whether you drop them from 8 feet or 2 inches. I tried all kinds of stuff but could not leave the security key on the wooden chest or the Priests key back on his metal desk. They alerted everytime. I thought I had it by dropping a scroll and then the key on top of it. But when I picked up the scroll the keys made the same sound. So I dropped the security key in a corner of the room and the Priests key on the carpet right at the corner of his desk. If anyone knows how to drop one on noisey material close to an AI without alerting them, please do tell.

Sewermans Hatch
I exited by way of the Sewermans Hatch. My original plan had been to end up topside getting some stuff and ride the elevator down from above and go over the crates to the finish. But, ahem, the elevator ain't workin'! LMAO! So I went over hill and dale to those crates, through the sewers, and out the Sewermans Hatch. There was no way to close it from the top side. Third Supreme Bust of the mission. I thought I was going to be short some loot. There were doors I could not open and chests I could not pick without getting AI comments. Thankfully the Mechanist Plans count as loot and that took me well over the needed amount. What Ghost Mission it was! :)

Thanks again for the fine mission. And don't worry about the elevator that ain't workin'! It made for a real fun and semi-cold turkey Ghost Ride! ;)


What do you get when you cross a working Elephant with Darth Vader?

An Elevader that works! Oh Lord, I must be desperate :)

11th Oct 2002, 19:35
FM: Tymoteusz

Ghost - Failed
Perfect Thief - Failed
Time - 04:24:06
Loot - 8452/8937
Pockets Picked - 10/11
Backstabs - 0 Knockouts - 0
Damage dealt - 0 Damage taken - 0
Healing taken - 0 Kills - 0
Secrets Found - 0/0

Causes of Failure:

1. Forced to use a sunburst device and blow up a wall in the basement to escape. This is propery damage, and also alerts AI in the vicinity.

2. Forced to knock down a wall with the blackjack in order to get a required tome.

3. Frustration is a great enough cause for failure...

Comments - I would like to announce that this is one of the hardest FM's I have ever played. Simply because of the ridiculous hidden secrets/doors/panels and keys. How did the author expect anyone to be able to figure this out unless they were right clicking every object and wall in a room. It got so bad that I had to go to the ttlg boards and check out a thread about the FM and see how people were doing. Luckily, I found some information about parts I was stuck in. I wont put into detail about all of the difficult accounts I had from looking for each key and secret room, but I will explain about the very difficult ones.

When I first started this mission, and I had actually gotten into the mansion itself, I really thought this would be a nice mission. I was even going to compare it to "The Art of Thievery".

This is a polish mission, so I had no idea what my objectives were. The first part of the mission was fairly feasible. It was ghostable, but as I progressed, I have never felt so frustrated playing an FM before.

After exploring the 1st floor and the 2nd floor, I found myself stuck and I had no where to go. For hours I looked for any key I could find so I could get through the double door by the front door. The patrolling guard in the hall had a key, but I couldn't lean through the door and pick pocket him. After reading some comments at ttlg, I finally realized that I needed to douse a torch on the 1st floor, and then frob an unlit torch to open a secret panel. I would have never found this unless I looked at the ttlg boards. I did notice that the unlit torch looked like a frobbable item, but it didn't highlight when I approached. I never douse any torch unless it is my only option to get through unseen. How did the author expect anyone to instinctively douse this torch and then know to frob the unlit torch? I was quite shocked at the difficulty. After going through the panel, and ascending into a crawlspace area in the ceiling, I thought I would be back on track with ghosting.

All seemed well until I came across another ridiculous area. There were 4 numbered rooms in a hallway. In each room, there was a significant object that could be frobbed and would warp me to a catacombs area. Once again, the author does some unreasonable things with objects. The first room I came across had a silver key that was of great use later on in the mission(it unlocked alot of doors). But I didn't notice anything else, until I accidentally right clicked behind a plant and I was warped to the catacombs. Some objects in the catacombs were used as lockboxes and the silver key seemed to unlock them.
-I warped back and the next room had a gold ornate hammer on display in a glass case with a ring of fire around it. I tried shooting a broadhead into the target where I thought I would get a typical secret; and I did. A panel above the hammer was removed, but forget about grabbing it unless you use a water arrow on the hammer. It took me a while to figure this out, I kept falling into the case and then dying when I hit the hammer. Dousing the ring of fire enables you to grab this hammer. The hammer acts as a key for some reason and I later found out there are 4 hammers to be collected. I still explored this room for keys and secret switches etc. Once again, I accidentally right clicked, and I was highlighting what appeared to be "junk" eye glasses. To my astonishment, when I right clicked the glasses, I was warped to another side of the catacombs. I realized at this point that there were 4 sides in each catacombs, and with the numbered rooms, I was certain that some item in each room would warp me to each side.
-The next room had a water fountain and a key. The switch was at the bottom of a wooden shelf and was facing the wrong way it seemed. It took me a while to find that.
-The next room took me an hour to find the frobbable item. I gave up at one point and tried looking in Dromed. The only secret switch I could find was by the desk and the switch revealed yet another key by the statue. I almost gave up completely, when I looked at the ttlg boards and realized that one of the rope posts highlights and warps you to the catacombs. I tried jumping on the red rope and right clicking everywhere, but I still didn't find it. I had to crouch and fall through the rope poll because it wasn't solid, and then I was able to right click it. I found this so horribly difficult. It just didn't make the mission fun at all.

I now had all catacomb doors open, and a metal plate slid away to reveal a ladder down to the basement. I had no objectives completed at this time so I decided to leave the area.

With the mission being polish, I had no idea where/who Tymoteusz was, and what I needed to do with him. I later realized he was in a jail cell, and you needed to drop the "Gryps" scroll onto the tray by the jail bars. Tymoteusz would walk towards the scroll and start talking. After he talks, he gives you back the scroll which has been modified a bit and he disappears. I am now given new objectives, but it doesn't matter because I don't know what it is.

The next area that seemed to have an objective was a little room behind some crudely placed bricks. If I wanted to get into this area, I would have to knock the bricks away with my blackjack. This didn't alert any AI, but it was property damage sure enough. After reading the first tome on the shelf, it was placed in my inventory and an objective checked off. My delight was abrupt because I soon found myself being pummeled by 2 laughing haunts that seemed to appear out of no where. I experimented more with this and realized that 2 haunts spawn next to you when you read/grab the tome. I was able to hide in shadow on the shelf and then observe the haunts without alerting them. I thought nudging would come into play here, but the floor was marble and the room was bright enough that I would not have enough time to move next to a haunt. And one haunt was facing one way, and the other haunt was facing the other way, so it seemed considerably desperate. I discovered later that if you place the named skull (from the 1st floor room with the scrolls on the table) onto the pagan altar and then grab the tome, the haunts do not appear.

I can't decipher what some of my other objectives were. They were completed at one point from either collecting tomes or revealing secret walls. But after most of my objectives were checked off, except for finding 8000 loot, I went back to the catacombs.

The last area I needed to explore was the basement, which is accessible from the catacombs. There are several rooms in the basement with locked gates, and a control room with a keypad. The mechanist book (found from the labyrinth) has codes on the last page and each code opens one of the gates to the room. Each room had a number of loot and I was quickly able to get 8000 loot (an objective). There was also a book down in one of the locked rooms which was required for my objective.

The last door I needed to get through had an idle guard standing infront. I nudged him a little so I could open the door and slip through. I then found a brick wall, identical to the crushable wall with the tome, but I couldn't crush it with my blackjack. My blackjack attempt not only failed, but it also alerted the idle guard. I did have a sunburst device in my inventory that I found from one of the gated rooms, but if I were to use this, ghosting would be totally lost; property damage and alerting AI. I was thinking about nudging the guard all the way to the other end of the basement. It probably would have taken a few hours to nudge him, but I had already failed from breaking the wall with the haunts. I did, however, nudge him further out so I could stand outside of the room to prevent myself from being damaged from the explosion. So I set up the sunburst device and shot a fire arrow into it. The wall exploded and collapsed, alerting the nudged guard, the patrolling guard, and the apebeast. I had doused all torches in the area so I was able to escape without any of them charging me. But after alerting them, I was glad I didn't try nudging the idle guard because it wouldn't have mattered since the apebeast was alert.

There was a number of difficult secret areas to discover, and keys to find. It would take too much time and space to type in everything. The only hint I can give is to expect the unexpected. Anything that you can highlight could be the simple key to actually getting through the mission. I must confess though, I was really disappointed with this one. Looking at the properties of items in Dromed and spending my entire night in this mission, to only find the mission impossible to ghost at the very end, is quite vexing and dissatisfying. The mission was very well designed and Dromed skills were apparent. But the tedious search for keys and secret doors was simply annoying, difficult, and frustrating.

12th Oct 2002, 22:17
FM: Tymoteusz
File: timoteus.zip

Play mode: Ghost (failed - due to required property damage)
Time: 3 hr 48 min
Loot: 8737 of 8937 (8000 required)
Pockets picked: 10 of 11 (all)
Backstabs: 0 Knockouts: 0
Damage dealt: 0 Taken: 0 Healing: 0
Killed: 0
Secrets: 0 of 0
(can't decipher any other stats)

Cause(s) of failure:
- This FM absolutely requires property damage to complete it. You MUST bash down a stone block wall to get a book (an objective). You MUST smash a large crate in a vault to get the huge vase - which is obviously way too huge for Garrett to be toting out (an objective). You MUST blow up a wall using a sunburst bomb to get to the sewer exit (an objective).
- One AI alert: the guard by the basement storage cell where you must blow up the wall to get at the exit.

- This is a huge FM. The author LOVES hiding switches, and there are LOTS of switches. That's not bad in itself except that many of the "switches" were non-switch objects, like a pair of eyeglasses or a rope post, and some were facing the wrong way (so all you saw was a block that would light up but in no way looked like a switch).
- At the start, you begin with a "gryps" scroll in your inventory. I don't read Polish and most times a start-of-mission scroll is simply more info and you don't need the scroll anymore. Since any info on it was undecipherable to me, I tossed it right at the start. I found out later with the help of other taffers that this scroll is required; you give it to a prisoner at the back of his cell to get more objectives. I had to go back and find where I has tossed this scroll.
- This FM starts Garrett at a bad location. His is lit well enough and a guard is close approaching that you will ALWAYS get a first alert from this guard. I even tried to press and hold the backpeddle key to see if the guard wouldn't alert when the mission first started. Nope. You can hide, it's just that you have to do so immediately when the mission starts.
- Some AIs do not move or initiate their rounds until you approach them. For example, the guard you meet after opening the side door stands there indefinitely until you start to enter and ghost around him; when you get close enough, he starts his patrol. Same for the kitchen servant: he doesn't move until you douse a couple torches in the kitchen.
- There are 2 fireplace switches in the kitchen. One reveals a secret loot room and the other disables the trap in there (although you can circumvent the trap). The switch for disabling the trap is in a crevice alongside the fireplace. You cannot get close enough to this switch unless you step into the crevice but then you get stuck there. It takes several jumps while rotating and leaning to get back out but the landing from the jump alerts the kitchen servant. If you're lucky, you might jump out of the crevice without making noise. I managed it at the backside of the fireplace. There are NO moss arrows in this mission.
- When collecting the loot in this kitchen secret, there are gold wine bottles on a high top shelf. You could tote in some crates to get up to them or use a rope arrow (which you can find later in a screwed up secret route) but you can manage to just reach them. Lean forward while clicking underneath the top shelf and you can frob the bottles through it. I later had to come back here because I missed a gold plate.
- When standing and looking level forward, anything you drop gets dropped 7 feet away, even heavy stone blocks.
- Some keys when used will disappear from inventory. Others do not. You might assume that the non-disappearing keys have multiple uses but not necessarily.
- I almost assumed that the author was going to require property damage to continue the mission onto the other half of this large building. I couldn't get to the other side of the building and the unpickable but frobbable double french doors on the 1st and 2nd floors had no key. I eventually found the secret route but only by accident. On the 1st floor by the door to the torture room is a wall torch. It is NOT frobbable. After careful examination of the wall panels, I concluded the one on the office side was decorative (because I knew of the backroom where this wall panel would be on its side wall) but that the other one one the same wall as the torture room door seemed to be misaligned. There was a gap around its bottom and it appeared somewhat more recessed. I found the switch by accident and it is very poor design. On the left or torch side of this panel, take a step to the right, then turn at an angle to look at the side of the wall panel. Frob along the middle of its left edge and you will manage to frob through this panel to throw the lever to open this wall panel; i.e., the switch is on the INSIDE of this wall panel and you have to frob through the panel to throw the switch. <small>(Other taffers have mentioned that the real technique is to douse the torch on the opposite wall which then makes this torch frobbable - but that sucks just as bad for design. I don't use consumables and I don't go dousing every torch around.)</small>
- This secret room has 3 rope arrows (although on Expert mode I don't see a reason why more than 1 is needed since I got where it could be used with just one of them). There is some loot in here, but more importantly there is another route to get to the room that is behind the frobbable but unpickable door next to the jury box in the 2nd floor courtroom. It bugged me that I couldn't get into this room. The secret area behind this wall panel got me there where there is loot to be had. The key to open the door that goes into the courtroom is INSIDE the door; you'll never be able to open this door from the outside.
- Next to the elevator at the back of the courtroom is a secret wall with more loot. Down the elevator is the law library where you have to find the switch to open the passage to get at the loot behind the outset glassed display case. There is also a bathing room with pool. I found a panel behind a banner (by saving, slashing, and reloading) that appears to be another secret route but could never find out how to open it - from either side. On the other side is a book with combination that you'll traverse maze and use an elevator to get and that you need to open some basement storage cells and the vault.
- There are some coins in the corner at the bottom of this pool. I forgot those on a reload and had to go back there to get my loot total higher than the objective (at this time, I couldn't get into the big vaults and so I was trying to get 8000+ in loot elsewhere, and which is possible).
- In the 1st floor offices marked "1", "2", "3", and "4" are teleport switches that take you to a basement chamber where you have to open 4 sets of double stone wall doors. The first door of each set requires a hammer key. The 2nd wall moves simply by throwing a switch found there. Once all 4 wall sets are opened, the metal plate in the center will move and reveal the way to the basement where you find a slew of doubly locked storage cells (you need a key for the metal door and the combinations to open the inner drawgate).
- In office #1 is a hammer inside a case protected by a ring of fire. Bullseye and you have access, but cool it off first.
- In office #2, the teleporter switch is extremely hard to find because it is nearly impossible to see. It is hidden on the floor behind a plant by the stairs coming into the room but you cannot lean over the plant to see the switch. When the switch lights up to indicate it is frobbable, you will get to see small pieces of the illuminated switch through the leaves of the plant.
- Similarly, one of the return switches in the basement chamber is also hard to find. It is a red button on the backside of a rectangular post between it and the wall.
- The hardest teleport switch to find is NOT a switch. You find a switch by the desk to open a secret panel to get the hammer key (and another key - which isn't required since the white "krusz" key you find on the floor in office #3 will open all the wall safe panels in the common hallway between these offices). The "switch" for teleporting to the basement is actually one of the rope posts next to the wall. Even if you jump onto the desk and crouch to approach it, the post will NOT illuminate and become frobbable from that angle. You have to lean over the sofa to make the post frobbable (or get on the sofa to get close enough to wipe your nose on the post before it becomes frobbable).
- The white "krusz" (or something like that) key on the floor of office #3 (or maybe it was office #2) makes doing the rest of the mission much easier as it is a master key for lots of doors. Later I found a dark gray "krusz" key in a basement storage cell, the same one where you find a book to satisfy an objective, but didn't need it for anything. In fact, there are other keys, like for the lower and upper Biblioteka rooms that are no longer needed because this key will open those doors.
- Back down on the 1st floor in the office across from the torture room is a backroom where you find lots of scrolls (more than half of which are blank), some loot, and a skull (that gets you more loot and is needed later). There is a switch to turn off the trap before you lift the skull. The script for the skull is defective: no matter where in this mission you drop the skull and pick it up, this trap will fire, so you can be anywhere, drop the skull, pick it up, and this trap will fire. If this trap fires, the archer patrolling outside doesn't hear it but a guard upstairs and through the floor will hear it and come running down on full alert.
- Reading one of these scrolls found in this backroom with the skull will create a new objective. Don't know what it means but you get a new one. You don't need to keep any of these scrolls, just read the one that gives you a new objective.
- In te lower Biblioteka room is a secret panel that leads you to a floating guy, some loot there, a maze where you find some more loot, and an elevator to find a book with the combinations needed to open the inner drawgates to the doubly locked basement storage cells. When you find the book, you'll see the panel that leads out to the bathing pool mentioned earlier but there is no switch here to open that panel, either. The book goes into inventory so you don't have to record all the combinations.
- In a side room by the library shelves in the upper Biblioteka room is a wall of stone blocks that you MUST smash to get at a book which is an objective. I closed the door (which turns out unnecessary) to prevent any noise from alerting the guard that patrols this upper Biblioteka room (it might be unnecessary since the door disappeared and he still didn't hear me making noise in this side room). Another taffer mentioned using the blackjack to pummel down the blocks. There is a life potion between the big blocks already in this room (for you non-ghosters). I recommend not entering the bricked off section of this side room until you are near the end of the mission (i.e., when you are ready to exit). Upon entering the bricked off section, or just by leaning through the blocks, a reversed played ghost voice plays over and over and never stops. It is sourced in your head, not somewhere in this room, so when you walk away it continues to play in your head. This is extremely irritating and a huge nuisance since it makes hearing any other sounds in the mission difficult or impossible. So I reloaded and would come back to this room at the very end of the mission so having to suffer the constant noise would be minimized.
- By the way, just for fun, I dropped a sunburst bomb at this stone wall (you get 5 of them, although I thought in one replay that I had 5 of them as one inventory item and a 6th one as a separate inventory item, but on a later replay I never found the one that stays as a separate inventory item). I used a flare to blow the bomb but there was no damage to the wall. A blackjack or skull can crash down the wall but not a sunburst bomb? Similarly, I put a sunburst bomb on a desk in the office across from the torture room and set it off and yet absolutely none of the glass dividers were smashed, yet tossed a wine bottle at the glass will break it. Inconsistent behavior.
- Doors often disappear in this FM when you open them. Usually when you first open them, they swing open and hang there. However, if you later close and reopen them, they swing open and disappear. This can be a great nuisance when you're trying to hide your presence on the other side or want to dampen noise.
- The combinations in the book found in the maze open the inner drawgate in the storage cells in the basement that you teleport to. The storage cells are unmarked. In the room with a stationary guard and the combination panel is a row of lights and switches. The switches spawn an eye orb in each cell to let you look around inside. I know it is an eye orb because when you hit the pushbutton for this same room, you can see the eye orb drop in the corner by the electric throw switch (which I never found did anything). The light by that switch comes on when you punch in the combination for that cell to drop its drawgate. You still need a key to open the outer metal door for each cell; the white "krusz" key works here, too. The switches and lights are in a straight row from left to right and correspond to the cells in a clockwise order. The combinations in the book are also listed in the clockwise order for the cells. "brak" must mean "broke" since some cells don't have drawgates (nor do they have a light, just a pushbutton on the panel). I doused the torches in this room to prevent the patrolling guard from spotting me when my back was turned when entering the combination or using the spawned eye orbs to see inside the cells.
- The dewdrop doll is in the cell with the apebeast. I managed to ghost getting it but it's just fluff in your inventory (i.e., no objective gets checked off).
- In the vault room are some wall safes that are too high to use the lockpicks; i.e., you can't get close enough for them to stay lit when you select the lockpicks. There were no crates in this basement section or anything else that I could drop on the metallic floor without making noise. I couldn't tote in a crate or two because you cannot carry something and also frob a switch (to teleport back to the basement after getting the crate from the house). So I use the stack-em-up method with health potions. They wouldn't make any noise when dropped so I didn't have to worry about alerting the patrolling guard or the nearby apebeast.
- The big vault doors were a big problem for me. I had a key labelled "deposytz" or something like that but it didn't open these big vault doors. Nothing I had would open them. It turns out that you must be smack dead center of the doors when using the lockpicks. While the doors will illuminate when you approach them from the side, the lockpicks only work in the middle. I've gotten very habitual in standing to the side of door when I open it. Doors can open deliberately so fast that they squash you between the door and wall or catapult you at supersonic speed to splat and die against a wall, or there is a trapdoor that you fall into and die, or fire arrows shoot out from the other side, or whatever. Basically I've come to always open a door while standing to its side and probably crouched. Although the big vault doors would illuminate when I was at their side and they were still illuminated when I'd try to use keys or other inventory items on them along with the click noise, I couldn't get them open until another taffer said that he had lockpicked them and so I tried again but found I have to be in the center of the door for the picks to work. When the door opens, its swings open slowly and pushes you along but you have enough time to quietly move out of the way of the door.
- When I thought that I couldn't open the big vault doors, I went wandering throughout the rest of this mission trying to find enough loot to satisfy the 8000 loot objective. I had 7807. I found 60 in coins in the bathing pool at the back of the law library (1st floor, under the courtroom on 2nd floor) and a gold plate that I missed in the kitchen secret loot room. But I was still short at 7917. I had seen the floating coins on the 2nd floor in a room where there was construction beams and an elevated boardwalk (up a floor using the elevator by the offices marked "1", "2", "3", and "4") but on a subsequent reload I must've forgotten to collect them. Each coin is worth 120 and there are many of them here so this got me to 8137. When I did get into the vault, there was even more loot so I was significantly over the 8000 loot objective. I never did find the remaining 200.
- When I went back to find my Gryps scroll and give it to the prisoner, the guard patrolling the jail room kept going on full alert. Sometimes he would just hunt around a short time, other times he would run in the hallway circling around back of the jail cells, and sometimes he would run out of the room, down the hallway, and to the 1st floor. When I had been in this room before, I turned on the switches next to each cell to see what they would do. A light comes on inside the cell. At that time, the guard did nothing as a result of me turning on these lights. Later when I got in the hallway near the door, or into the jail room, or into the hallway leading around back of the cells, and although I was completely dark and still, eventually the guard would go on these full alerts. I finally figured that he was alerting to seeing the prisoner in the middle cell. If I turned off the light in that cell before he passed it, he wouldn't alert anymore. The other prisoners were sleeping so they could not be spotted through the openings in the jail cell doors.
- In the basement, I would douse a torch, the guard would walk over, I'd run in the dark into the nearby cell, he'd relight the torch, and I'd snatch the sunburst bombs. I'd have to douse the torch again to get back out.
- Every time I doused the torch, the guard walked over to relight it. I needed to get him out of the way to get into the basement storage cell where I had to blow up a wall to get to the exit. I approached on his right side (next to the gas lamp) and could get behind him with just a 1st alert. I then nudged him into the next cell, the one where you get the sunburst bombs (I had left that drawgate open). To get him farthest in, I'd have to close the metal door; he could pass through the metal door but not me. I would then open the metal door, squeeze past it, and continue nudging him into the cell. This took several tries since there was still the patrolling guard that I had to hide from. When I got this guard into the cell, I changed the combination to open the next-to-last cell (the one with the wall you blow to get to the exit) and close the metal door. He was now trapped. I did this so when he alerted from the blast that he was out of the way and couldn't hurt me. I also did not have to blackjack him which kept my endgame knockout stat clean. When he went on alert but was within this locked up cell, he couldn't escape and he wouldn't alert the other patrolling guard. The guard inthe combination room never hears anything outside his room; there is a barrier to sound in the door even when the sliding metal door is open.
- I could drop the sunburst bomb quietly by looking straight down when dropping it. Although the guard in the next cell would eventually alert, this just prolonged how long before he went on alert. If you use a fire arrow to trigger the sunburst bomb, the guards and apebeast will go on full alert. But if you use a flare to blow up the bomb, only the guard locked in the nearby cell goes on alert. I waited until the patrolling guard was at the opposite corner of the hallways, threw in a lit flare, BOOM, but the patrolling guard and apebeast never alerted. It is possible to nudge the guard that was by this cell all the way to the opposite corner of the hallways so he doesn't alert but the number of hours of nudging him and having to duck away when the patrolling guard came around would be extreme and very boring. No thanks. There were already ghost busts from property damage that was required for objectives (the stone block wall to get a book and the large crate in the vault to get the vase). I was just trying to reduce how many AIs went on alert when I blew the wall.
- Okay, I have an exit but I still have to go back to the side room in the upper Biblioteka room to get that book in the bricked off section that I was forced to smash down. When you take the leftmost book, it goes into inventory and checks off an objective (but ONLY if you've already given the "gryps" scroll to the prisoner and gotten the new objectives, too). However, this will spawn 2 haunts behind you. You could simply run past them quickly to escape; they will not leave that bricked off section of the side room. Or, to preserve a better ghost although busted, toss the skull you found in an office backroom onto the recess shelf with the other 2 skulls. This prevents the haunts from getting spawned when you take the book. Other taffers have said to put the skull on the pedestal in that room but that didn't work for me; with the skull on the pedestal, the haunts still appeared when I took the book, and only by putting the skull in the wall recess with the other 2 skulls did the haunts not get spawned.
- If you decide you want to take on the haunts, be sure to stand on the thickest part of the shelf; otherwise, a haunt will run over to pummel you to death. As you are at the shelf looking back into the room, the left haunt is much stronger than the right one. I can kill the rightside haunt with about 15 broadheads or a single sunburst bomb (be sure to position a pillar between you and the bomb to deflect the blast). But the leftside haunt takes more than all the broadheads that I have (30 or 31) and all the fire arrows (5 as I recall) and even survives 2 sunburst blasts. I found that 3 sunburst bombs would take out the leftside haunt but not when blown all together; you have to blow them up one at a time. Since there is a delay after they spawn before they alert and a delay after they alert before they attack, I found dashing out between them and running away a safe and cheap tactic.
- I then teleported back to the basement and left via the blown up wall to get to the sewer to exit and end the mission - and the constant drone of the reversed ghost voice in my head.

Wow, what a mission! When it gets translated to English, it will be popular. Some bugs do, however, need to be fixed, like turning switches around so you're not looking at their blank flat backside (and I don't like the use of a rope post as a switch, either). The non-frobbable tilting torch for the 1st floor hallway secret wall panel definitely needs to be changed. I couldn't have finished this mission without the help of RiCh, Deadfall, and other taffers (and those taffers at TTLG that helped RiCh and Deadfall). I think a lot of the infuriating aspects of this mission would go away or become assets once the players understood the objectives and all the writings within.

13th Oct 2002, 06:01
FM: Equilibrium
File: equil.zip

Play mode: Ghost (success)
Time: 2 hr 12 min
Loot: 0 of 0 (none available)
Pockets picked: 5 of 5 (all 5 required as an objective)
Backstabs: 0 Knockouts: 0
Damage dealt: 0 Taken: 0 Healing: 0
Killed: 0
Secrets: 0 of 0

- I thought I had already ghosted this one but it wasn't listed in the FM ghost threads (but I'm wondering if some pages were missed or truncated in the migrate to this new forum since there are other FMs that I thought I ghosted that aren't listed anymore).
- This one is tough because the rogue Keepers can disappear in the dark just like you. They are very tough; when not ghosting and if one spots you, run for the water. In Normal (when not ghosting), you can sneak up behind them and a single overhead whack will kill them.
- Their pace is erratic. This occurs when they speed through a lit up area where they too get lit up and become visible. Basically the technique I used was to listen for their footsteps, find a spot where I could remain completely dark and in a corner or somewhere they didn't travel too close, and watch them for a long time. This let me figure out their routine. Using the zoom view also helped in spotting them and watching them.
- The hardest talisman chamber to find was for the water talisman. You have to go swimming to find an underwater passage to this chamber.
- I got to the exit and noted the talisman symbols. So it would appear that those were the talismans that I was supposed to select and use to open the exit. Wrong. I remember from prior play that a transformation occurred although this time through I found no scroll or book that told me this. So I figured that the symbols for the talismans on the exit receptacles was for what talisman would trigger them but after a change; i.e., I would have to find the sequence of transformations for each talisman to determine what prior state it had to be in so when transformed became the state shown on the receptacle. After collecting all the prior-state talismans, none of them worked. Okay, so I went back to each talisman chamber and collected the talisman for the state that the talisman would change to from the one shown on the receptacle; i.e., I would collect the next-state talisman transformed from the one shown on the receptacle. That worked to open the sliding bars across the exit elevator.
- Because none of the books describing the symbols for the talisman states and none of the books for their transformations would go into inventory, you have to record all this data so you know it when you get to the talisman chambers and the exit.
- I liked the objective that required that I lift the pendant off each of the rogue keepers. This made it even harder because getting close to them ups the risk that they will spot you. However, if I was completely dark and crouched against a wall, they would walk around me like a regular AI. And by watching their routines, I could position myself to wait for where they would stop, then waddle over and lean to snatch their pendant or follow behind them.
- I wasn't sure why the author had switches around to turn on more lights. Garrett needs to hide even more than the rogue keepers (because he is no match for their speed and lethalness in a fight). I suspect that the lights help speed up a rogue keeper out of that area because they dash quickly to stay out of the light.

13th Oct 2002, 19:36
You turn on the lights to see the rogue Keepers. They are like you; except invisible. There are some flares in the game which are helpful too. The more light they're in, the better you see them. I had the worst time with this FM just playing on normal regularly. Though, I'm sure I could play again and do better, I doubt I could ghost it. I like to see what I'm fighting/pick pocketing/avoiding. ;)

13th Oct 2002, 21:09
FM: Elevator Mission
File: eleva.zip

Play mode: Ghost (failed - and gave up!)
Other stats: unimportant

Cause(s) of failure:
- Can't get by spiders (and cannot use tunnel to drop down to next level although I got past the spiders to get into this tunnel).
- In guard room next to smelting room is a guard that rotates every 2 to 10 seconds, making it impossible to creep up the metal stairs without being spotted.
- Cannot get unseen into the throne room where you must get the kitchen key to continue the mission.

- Again Garrett is nude of his basic tools, like lockpicks and sword (although killing is allowed on Expert level [when not ghosting]), without any story of why he lost his tools.
- You can jump off the chimney ladder onto the fireplace bottom without alerting the kitchen help although you make noise. You are at the bottom and your feet are on the ground because it is possible to lean forward, but you cannot detach from the ladder without jumping off of it.
- A lever by the fireplace is hidden in complete darkness. Like all the switches and levers I've encountered in this ghost attempt, none are labelled.
- I made it past the big green spider to get into the tunnel where you can use a rope arrow to climb down - but you can't! The guard down there stands right at the bottom of the shaft and he has eyes on the top of his head (and that can see through his helmet). Just leaning over to look down the shaft can have the guard spot you. You cannot go down this route to the next basement level without getting spotted.
- So I tried sneaking around the spider the other way towards the gated door where a little green spider rotates. However, this puts you in its full detect zone so no matter how slowly you creep the spider will spot you. Okay, one dead spider and a ghost bust. However, there's no way to ghost past the little green spider. Another dead spider and another ghost bust.
- If you slide down to the floor between the crates and the wall in this spider room, you get stuck there permanently. You can't jump back atop the crates to get out.
- When riding the elevator going down, crouch so as not to clang on the metal platform. When going up, you will also clang with the platform stops, so I pressed against the wall and when it reached the top then I would walk off the platform onto the narrow tile ledge and not make any noise.
- I don't know why the author bothered putting torches in this section of the FM since Garrett is nude of any water arrows and there are none to be found here. Maybe torches are easier to insert than electric lights.
- After the smelting room where you take an elevator up a level is a guard room. I can get to the metal stairs but there is no time to creep quietly up them. Garrett is also nude of any moss arrows. The guard by the stairs rotates so quickly and so often that it's like he is on a spinning top. He got blackjacked, and another ghost bust.
- Under the metal guard platform is a throw switch. Atop the guard platform is a slide switch. I have no idea what either one does except that one appears to have opened the gated door in the prior guarded room (which is ghostable once you can get in).
- I don't know what the big control console does back in this prior guard room (the one right after you get past the spider room and take a short elevator ride). The flip lever appears to open the big metal door into the throne room. But you don't need to bother getting into the guard room by the smelting room to get at this throw switch. You can frob this switch through the window slit in the wall without the archer inside spotting you.
- It is impossible to get into the throne room unnoticed. You don't have water arrows. There are electric lights outside the throne room door (although I managed to crouch and ooze past them slowly enough to just get a 1st alert). I could not find a route to go into the throne room without the guards there spotting me. The kitchen key is there (apparently the kitchen help are required to drop the prepared food onto the floor in this next section and aren't allowed in there). So I stood in the dark part of the door from the smelting room and took out both guards (one with a broadhead, the other lured over and blackjacked). Another ghost bust.

At this point, there were so many ghost busts that I quit trying to ghost this FM. I thought others had tried to also ghost this FM but there are no ghost reports for it, and as I recall everyone else failed, too. I had already played this FM a long time ago so there was no point in continuing. On to the next FM.

13th Oct 2002, 23:31
FM: Fortune & Glory
File: fortune.zip

Play mode: Ghost mode (failed)
Time: 37 minutes
Loot: 2500 of 3185 (2500 required)
Pockets picked: 0 (none available)
Backstabs: 0 Knockouts: 0
Damage dealt: 0 Taken: 0 Healing: 0
Killed: 0
Secrets: 0 of 0

Cause(s) of failure:
- You MUST slash 2 banners to get in and out of the room where the skeletons change to zombies when you approach a huge gold nugget.
- Reentering the water in a spider room (with a secret panel to reveal a mask which is an objective) makes noise and alerts all the spiders.

- Finding the entrance to the lab with the time machine is tough because the edge of a bookshelf has no real texture that lets you determine there is depth to it. You walk down the end of a bookshelf.
- On arrival, you really only have one way to go, into the pyramid, down the ladders, and hit a button to open a panel to continue. The next room has a banner on each of 4 walls. Here is one of those FM's that I argued for relaxation in the ghosting rules because there is absolutely no way to continue without slashing a banner. You also have to slash a banner to exit and return to this room.
- You slash a banner to continue to the next room. A ghost bust. In that next room is a green floor area with a huge gold nugget. It is obviously way too huge for Garrett to carry and yet it is worth a measly 100 loot points. Must be Fool's Gold. As you approach the nugget, the skeletons will spawn into zombies.
- The exit panel is opened by positioning yourself between 2 of the adjacent torch poles in a corner; as you enter, it's the corner to your left. You can enter the room without spawning the zombies; you must approach the nugget to spawn them. So go press yourself up against the inert skeleton to get between the torch poles and open the exit (it will not close with the rest of the panels as you enter the room). Douse the 4 torches on the same side of the room as where you entered. Douse the 2 torches across from the room from the exit panel that you opened. You can save 2 water arrows by not bothering with the 2 torches in the corner opposite the exit panel. Sneak up on the gem, the zombies appear, snatch the gem, and crouch and creep out the exit panel.
- At the end of this exit tunnel is another banner that you have to slash, a ghost bust. You'll get a 1st alert from the zombie at the other end of this tunnel when you slash the banner due to the noise.
- You then have to head back to the central room where you came in because another wall panel has been opened for you to continue. I crossed another room (without boulders propped up on a sloped shelf as though it were a trap) and into another room with a ramp, a passage to the left, and a passage straight on past the ramp.
- I went down the ramp to find a pedestal with a gem. There are spiders behind wall panels that open when you take the gem and the pedestal rises. So I jumped atop the pedestal to keep it down, took the gem, crouched, and ran off the pedestal. The pedestal rises slowly so you can run out before the door closes that blocks the tunnel.
- I then took the passage that is at the other end of the ramp but on the upper floor of the ramp. The button to open the next panel is right above where you exit that passage; i.e., turn around when you exit that passage.
- I went swimming and came across a room with 2 huge ominous skulls and a spider pit. I temporarily went out of ghosting mode, killed the spiders (because one of them blocks the tunnel entrance) to go look inside the tunnel. Nothing there (except another big spider). Reload.
- I approached the skulls while pressing against the walls to keep out of sight of the spiders in the pit. There is a pressure plate that will fire off a splat ball at you but if you're against the wall then it will pass by. The sound of the splat ball getting fired and disappearing does not alert the spiders.
- I then came to a room with 2 pits (connected by a tunnel) to a lava pit room. Although the room's texture looks like stone, rope arrows will stick in the ceiling. In the room across the lava is another huge 100-only loot gold nugget. The pressure plates for the floor traps are obvious and can be easily avoided.
- After getting back across the lava and out of the pit, I took the remaining passage that leads to more swimming into spider pits. One has a secret panel that lights up and reveals a mask. This is an objective. However, you cannot get back into the water without making a big splash noise that alerts all the spiders in there. Ghost busted again.
- I headed back past the 2 big skulls and spider pit to the two side rooms where there were zombies in open caskets. In one of these rooms is a switch in the ceiling. I used a broadhead to switch it and open a passage through the casket. This leads into a huge mazes. Mazes are boring!
- I finally exited the maze into a lava room where you jump across platforms (nothing sinister about them) and into the loot room. With all the loot in this room, I just made the 2500 loot objective and the game ended. According to the endgame max loot total, there is another 685 in loot somewhere but I didn't want to bother going through the maze again.

14th Oct 2002, 00:50
FM: Hightowne Museum
File: hmuseum11.zip

Play mode: Ghost (success)
Time: 15 minutes
Loot: 1887 of 1887 (1400 required)
Pockets picked: 1 of 2 (all)
Backstabs: 0 Knockouts: 0
Damage dealt: 0 Taken: 0 Healing: 0
Killed: 0
Secrets: 0 of 0

- I did get caught by the 2nd floor watcher in front of the gate into the chamber with the eye. I didn't hear it and was focused on going up the stairs. Sure enough, I hear it go on yellow alert and instinctively jumped back into the shadows. Too late. Reload.
- After getting the security key, you can get at the eye from either above or straight in on the floor. From above, I kept dying of SHAS (sudden heart attack syndrome trying to use a rope arrow and climb down through the opening. You find a slowfall potion where you start so I suppose you could drop in. However, going down to the 2nd floor and getting under the watcher, opening the gate, and creeping towards the eye works easier. There is mention of a security floor; I think it is the colored tile around the pedestal with the eye but you can simply lean forward to snatch the eye.
- Finding the last bit of 100 of loot was tough. It is a gem hammer on the top floor underneath the watcher. It is impossible to see that it is a frobbable item; it looks just like the metal junk and hammers in the box along with it. When it lights up, oh yeah, then you'll recognize its shape.

It's a small mission but fun. Although pretty easy to ghost, not every FM has to so stress out the player that their B.O. smells like rotting meat.

14th Oct 2002, 05:16
FM: Lady Whitman's Disease
File: lwd_t2.zip

Play mode: Ghost (success)
Time: 56 minutes
Loot: 1654 of 2164 (1400 required)
Pockets picked: 3 of 5
Backstabs: 0 Knockouts: 0
Damage dealt: 0 Taken: 0 Healing: 0
Killed: 0
Secrets: 0 of 0

- This is the T2 version of the FM.
- I found it easier to get the other lockpick from the Physical's House before going into the manor. Actually you must get the other pick since many chests and doors cannot be picked using just the white one that you start with. I didn't have a rope arrow at this point, so I built unsupported stairs from crates (by overlapping them) to get up and into the window.
- Once I got inside the manor, I used a moss arrow to hit the light switch to darken the central hall. I lifted the gallery key from the guard standing in the middle of that room.
- On the 1st floor is a guard's dining room with a fireplace. When I doused the fireplace, one of the guards would go on full alert - unless I 1st doused the wall torch nearest the latrine. That was so I could get to the wood chest in the corner by the fireplace. Turns out it was a flashbomb which is completely useless to me when ghosting, so I reloaded and skipped this.
- I mossed the floor of the dining hall between the table and the reading room door. I had planned to jump on the table and run around when the gal left to snatch all the goldware. Doesn't work because the boundaries for the table are screwed up; you will fall through the table and get stuck there. So I reloaded and mossed the floor at the 2 corner of the U-shaped table (I had to jump between the mossed sections). This allowed me to run around quietly to snatch the goldware.
- I kept looking for my "tools" in the manor. Never found them there. Then I remembered that there was still a wood chest that I couldn't open because I did not yet have the other lockpick. That was back on the 2nd floor of the Coal Store. Yep, got my tools.
- The last objective to complete was to escape. Okay, but to WHERE?! The objective doesn't say to where you are to escape. So I had to wander around town checking out where this objective might get checked off and the mission would end. The sewers were likely for Garrett but not in this FM. Turns out I have to get near the street that leads to the coal door that I used to get into the manor and near the door where you exit using the secret passage but you have to pass the safety wall divider to be on the street that runs along the manor. That's a safe escape point?

14th Oct 2002, 19:54
FM: Sir Lector Comes to Dine
File: sirldines.zip

Play mode: Ghost (success)
Time: 9 minutes
Loot: 710 of 710 (610 required)
Pockets picked: 0 of 2 (actually only 1)
Backstabs: 0 Knockouts: 0
Damage dealt: 15 (required) Taken: 0 Healing: 0
Killed: 1 (required)

- This one sets you up right away to be paranoid about knives getting flung by traps (based on position, not by touching anything specific that is the trigger).
- The stairs were made deliberately hard to walk up to slow you down to get impaled by the knives. I stepped on the first stair and jumped up which triggers the knife trap.
- Killing the Sir was rather easy - except I lost my water arrows. In the room next to where you start, you get 3 water arrows. By the time I made it to the 2nd floor kitchen and got the knives (to use like arrows), my water arrows were no longer in inventory. Had to restart to get the water arrows again.
- Although I doused the torches in the hallway by the 2nd floor barroom door, you still get lit when crossing the door. Yet I only got a 1st alert from Sir. I then leaned out and shot him with a knive, and it only takes 1 knife to kill him. The kill is a required objective.
- The sword was the hardest to find. It is impossible to see until it lights up to become frobbable. It's in the dining room.
- Although you get the key off Sir for the front doors, the front door NEVER become frobbable nor do they ever open. Once you complete all objectives, the mission ends with you still in the house.

It's a small mission but the knife traps perked it up by making you paranoid.

14th Oct 2002, 20:43
FM: The Cistern
File: cist.zip

Play mode: Ghost (success)
Perfect Thief (success)
Time: 1:12:30
Loot: 4320/4320
Pockets picked: 0 of 1 (actually 0)
Backstabs: 0 Knockouts: 0
Damage dealt: 0 Taken: 0 Healing: 0


This is Gumdrop's re-release of a mission that I never saw when it first came out.:) The setting is a series of grey stone rooms with access to some water passages and grey stone water tanks, one of them huge. I guess that one is the Cistern. Fog effects give it a monotone appearance. Kind of interesting and creepy. True to form (as in Hedges and Hammerites), Gummie gives us a nice maze, only this time it is underwater, so you can't dawdle. There is at least one one-way passage, where you drop in and can't go back. I guess I was just lucky to find all of the loot the first time through it.

In the first part of the mission the AI consist of quite a few bugbeasts, which present the average ghosting challenge, needing some timing and risk taking in a few areas, but it is not too difficult. The main problem in the first part of the mission is to make sure you go everywhere and switch all the switches correctly to make further progress. One of the switches in the large cistern area, which you find after a lot of other switching, jumping, and dodging some AI, causes the previously empty huge water tank to fill with water. Very nice effect and change of scene. The bugbeasts down there drown, some new loot appears, and an opening appears in the floor, through which you can find more places to explore.

At the end of the mission you find a mausoleum with several zombies on partol. Here the ghosting becomes more interesting. The patrol patterns are random. Getting from room to room requires good timing, risk taking, and luck. There are a few good hiding places, but some long exposed runs where it is difficult to find a long enough break in the procession. In fact, I gave up on the first attempt, but Gummie told me it was possible so I persisted.

The two secrets, both in the zombie area, were interesting. I saw where they were long before I found the switches to open them. A lot of loot there completed the total.

You need to grab the hand of glory last to avoid ending the mission when you reach the loot requirement.

Nice mission, Gummie. Thanks.:)

14th Oct 2002, 22:15
FM: Shadow of Doubt Part 1, Walking the Edge
File: ShadowofDoubt.zip

Play mode: Ghost (provisional success - you be the judge)
Time: 59:09
Loot: 2195/2643 (1500 required)
Pockets picked: 7 of 7
Backstabs: 0 Knockouts: 0
Damage dealt: 20 Taken: 0 Healing: 0
Innocents killed: 1 (Roget, required)


Walking the Edge is the first mission of the Shadow of Doubt series by Sperry. It is set in a small city, in which you must enter two buildings, get some loot, and kill a bad guy (Roget). Easier said than done.:)

As discussed in some other threads (here (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=7065) and here (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=6711)), Shadow of Doubt is a tough mission series, containing difficult puzzles to solve, and it is very difficult to complete the missions in Expert skill without seeking help from the many hints and spoilers found at TTLG. Shadow of Doubt, the first in the series, is no exception. I failed to complete it the first time through on Expert, and only after four prior playings at Normal (Fool) skill, a lot of loot hunting, and consulting TTLG several times, did I think I would be able to complete it in Expert (Master) skill, never mind ghost it. As it happens, trying to meet the no-kill / no BJ objective of Expert skill almost demands that you play it in ghost mode.

There are basically two problems to solve. One is to find the required loot: 1500 of 2643. The loot is very tricky, and at first I could get only about 1100 with much hunting. After much discussion at TTLG, during which I posted a loot list of my and others findings, I achieved the above total. Maybe this violates the rule about loot lists. That's one reason I said provisional. It would be interesting to see if someone can do it without help.

The second problem is to complete the mission, avoiding bugs that prevent its completion. That is also a non-trivial exercise. For the record, you have to do the following in order, or it will not complete successfully:

1. Find DuPont, who is supposed to guide you (he doesn't).

2. Approach a gate. DuPont lets you through and then follows to the closed gate.

3. Find another switch and let DuPont through the gate. Then he guides you.

4. Visit the Embassy basement and find the key to the Museum. Leave by the sewer (important).

5. Vist the Museum and find the key to the Embassy upper floors.

6. Go back to the Embassy, enter the upper floor, and do not leave until all business there is taken care of (save a game there).

7. Leave the Embassy by the sewer again.

8. Do not return to the Embassy.

Without doing 1-3 in order, the mission will not complete. Without doing 4-8 in order, the objective to visit the Emassy will become unchecked, and you can't complete it. Nice, huh? I think a little beta testing would have helped this mission.:)

The ghosting is straightforward sneaking with two exceptions.

One was to take a purse off a guy on a balcony with a guard circulating rapidly behind him. That was a question of maneuvering on rooftops to get a good position and making a quick mantle in and a quick jump out. Delicate, but doable.

The second was to use rope arrows to gain access to the second floor of the Embassy. The first time I played it I nudged a guard away from the gate. He was too close to enter. It is much easier to use rope arrows if you can figure out how to plant them. The guards in the foyer seem to be blind and senstive only to to the sounds you make.

There is another provisional aspect of this ghost report. The killing of Roget creates what I believe is a scripted alert, such as occurs in Return to the Cathedral. The guard partrolling up there always goes on alert, even when you close the door, when Roget makes the least possible noise, and when the Guard is farthest away from the scene. On the other hand, with the door open you can make a fair amount of noise in that room and the guard doesn't hear you. Is his hearing selective, or is it a script? It doesn't matter to me. Call it a bust if you like. It's the best that can be done, IMO.

My loot total includes amounts obtained by cracking a safe in the Museum through an intact banner. That's how I initially found it - honest. There are four additional stacks of silver coins there that cannot be frobbed from behind the intact banner. How do I know they are there? A little birdie told me.;) Anyway, accounting for the value of the unfrobbable coins, (48) I have accounted for 2243 of 2643 loot. As for the missing 400 loot, it's anybody's guess.

Second playing

1/15/06. I just went through this mission a second time. This time I tried two other tricks attempting to avoid alerting the guard in the stairway. One was locking the door to Roget's office, which reduces sound transmission, and the second was nudging Roget to the far left corner of the room, hoping to get some advantage from increased distance between sound source and guard's ear. It did not work.

This time through I had an even more vexing problem, perhaps one I had not noticed before. There is a guard partrolling the basement and the upper floor in a loop. Even though a "legitimate" AI could not possibly have heard or seen me (e.g., he is in the basement, and I would not be alerting him if he were closer and visible), he goes on alert while hidden in the basement and comes upstairs in hunting mode. This seems to be part of a script that gives him superhuman powers so he can come hunting when Roget is killed. This behavior can be avoided by being super-scrupulous about ghosting and checking that he is on continuous patrol after every move. If you witness too loops at about 1 minute each, he is OK. If not, he is down in the basement with sword drawn, and he will come up eventually in alert mode. The amount of checking needed to verify no alert is substantial. If you go too long between checks, he will alert and you don't know where it happened, so you have to repeat much more stuff. I got around this problem by checking very frequently and saving in a slot after every successful check. You need also to reload saves, because sometimes that seems to set him off. It is just unbelievable how sensitive he is when you can't see him. :)

Perhaps the reason I had this issue this time is that I did not take the side trip to the museum to get the key for the embassy basement doors. This time I followed the basement guard up stairs and jammed the door open as he passed through. That move could have caused a permanent state of unobserved alert. No matter. I got through it with the same result but with less loot - missing 600 rather than 400.

14th Oct 2002, 23:55
FM: Deceptive Perception

Ghost - Success
Perfect Thief - N/A
Time - 00:12:27
Loot - 0/0
Pockets Picked - 0/1
Backstabs - 0 Knockouts - 0
Damage dealt - 0 Damage taken - 0
Healing taken - 0 Kills - 0
Secrets Found - 0/0

Comments - This was the scariest mission I have ever played. Inverted Manse comes close, but this one is truly unique and it can be ghosted actually.

The entire mission has different areas that trigger different events to occur. This became a problem when I came upon Grimsby's corpse. I had to walk over the corpse in order to trigger a huge spider to spawn next to the doorway. But each time I tried to walk over the corpse, one of the little green spiders would always become alert. There were 3 little green spiders and they were tiny; smaller than rats. This didn't really mean anything though because they were actually the same size as a normal spider; they just appeared to be smaller. I used Lytha's "spiders-see-with-their-butts" and crate nudging knowledge in order to ghost the little green spiders. Each spider had their rear facing the back wall, so I knew they were actually looking that way. With this in mind, I was able to drop a crate on top of the spider that was giving me trouble, and I easily nudged him further away. Problem solved, and I was able to walk over the corpse and trigger the huge spider to spawn.

The huge spider had his rear facing away from the door frame, so I was able to just creep slowly around him and I got out of the area with a first alert.

The last problem was the massive zombie spawn. When I first played this, I remembered reading the note, watching zombies rush me and then the mission ended. The solution to avoid alerting the zombies can be quite overlooked, but it is very simple. I crouched at the hammerite banner, and I realized I might be able to only get a first alert because I was in medium-high brightness. I tried reading the note, and to my astonishment, the zombies spawned and just stood there. A few gave a first alert "moan", but none of them started searching around or charging me.

15th Oct 2002, 03:53
FM: Quick Cash

Ghost - Success
Perfect Thief - Success
Time - 00:10:10
Loot - 502/502
Pockets Picked - 0/1
Backstabs - 0 Knockouts - 0
Damage dealt - 0 Damage taken - 0
Healing taken - 0 Kills - 0
Secrets Found - 0/0

Comments - Whoa... I thought I was busted on this one. I read an old report by RiCh, and he had the same problem I did with this mission. However, I found an extraordinary and somewhat strange way of ghosting it.

This really is a small mission, but the problem is in the Hammerite Chapel area. The room has 2 torches that light up the area pretty well, and about 5 hammerites; 2 on one side of the pews, 2 on the other side, and 1 at the altar. I tried dousing the torches but the hammerites would always go on 2nd alert. I hate it when this happens in missions. I've dealt with this before, particularily in the FM, "The Ritual" where you cannot douse torches without alerting AI. I needed to get 2 candle sticks which were on the altar, and they were the last loot I needed. I didn't know what else to do. I didn't want to try and nudge any AI because the room was too well lit... or was it? I didn't try nudging, but I tried CCCing very slowly up the aisle between the hammerites towards the hammerite at the altar who was facing right towards me. I kept creeping further along until I was in a very medium-high brightness and the hammerite was already on a first alert. I continued creeping until I was in almost full yellow brightness and I was certain I would get busted; yet I didn't. I was able to continue forward creeping inches at a time and then finally leaning forward, I was able to grab the 2 candle sticks without completely alerting the hammerite. At this point, I was in full yellow brightness, and probably one particle away from getting the red mark in my visibility gem. I don't know if the altar obstructed his view or if I was just going so slow that he couldn't spot me. After I grabbed the candlesticks, the mission ended right where I was in full brightness, but the hammerites were not alerted.

16th Oct 2002, 05:38
FM: A Lesson Learned

Ghost - Success
Perfect Thief - Failed
Time - 01:42:45
Loot - 820/900
Pockets Picked - 11/12
Backstabs - 0 Knockouts - 0
Damage dealt - 0 Damage taken - 0
Healing taken - 0 Kills - 0
Secrets Found - 2/2

Comments - Never underestimate the power of nudging. That is the material point I acknowledged when I successfully ghosted this mission.

-In one of the houses there was a female noble who stood infront of a cabinet with a gold wine bottle. I had to nudge the female noble towards the wall so I could open the cabinet and get the wine bottle.

-I never did find a way to get into that window when Garrett says, "doesn't look like I can get up there". I totally forgot about it after finishing this mission. There might be some missing loot there.

-The loot was very interesting in this mission actually. The author changed the value of common loot to an extreme low. For example, a gold cup would be worth 3 gold instead of 25 gold. A gold wine bottle might be worth 5 or 10 goods instead of 50. The author also changed some "junk" items into real loot. There were a few "junk" vases and hand mirrors that were counted as loot.

Nothing in the city measured up to the difficulty of getting by the guard at the front door in Lord Whelan's manor. Each time I tried to move upstairs, the guard by the front door would spot me and go on 2nd alert. I tried shooting a rope arrow and then dropping down on some moss on the stairs, but this didn't work either. I read an old report by Vanguard and I could pretty much relate to everything he had reported about this. However, I didn't want to be defeated by an overly alert guard. I observed the guard by the front door and I noticed he pivoted in 2 directions. This sparked the idea of nudging. It appeared I could get behind him without him noticing, but the patrolling guards would become a problem. I doused all torches in the library and positioned myself by one of the bookcases. I then waited for the archer to head up the stairs and the patrolling swordsman to exit the library. This is the time to move. I leaned to the right to make sure the guard by the front door was looking to the left, and then I ran behind him and started nudging. I was safe when the archer came down the stairs, but if he was going back upstairs I would get spotted. After observing these patrols, I realized that I would have to nudge for about 10 seconds and then retreat to the library and wait for the archer and swordsman to meet up again. After a few attempts, I realized this would work.

It took 30 minutes of nudging to finally get the target guard under the staircase. From here, I went around to the dining room and hid in the shadow under the staircase. I was going to try what I did before; shooting the rope arrow, and landing on moss. This is what I had to do, but I had to do it very quickly. The archer and the guard upstairs would always go alert if they spotted one of my rope arrows. It was some odd AI behavior. The archer would say "Hmm, that's not right" and then the guard upstairs would scream "Ah!" and become alerted. I attempted to climb the rope and jump on the moss again, and this time I removed the rope arrow from the ceiling. I didn't have much time until the archer came back upstairs so I had to mantle onto the wooden railing and then drop off onto the floor and hide in medium-brightness against the wall. Each time the archer patrolled down from the staircase, he would give a 1st alert.

Looks like I did it. The guard by the front door was under the staircase and clueless, and the patrolling archer was not a concern anymore. Before I could rejoice in my success, however, I realized that getting into the rooms infront of the guard at the top of the staircase would be impossible unless I nudged him. So I decided to nudge him forward into the wall between Lady Whelan's room and the barracks while dodging the archer patrol. After 10 minutes the guard was nudged as far as I could get him towards the wall. I was now able to slip through each room with only a first alert from the guard.

Everything was straightforward from here. I doused one torch in Lady Whelan's room and picked the money box. I was also able to get the loot in the footlockers in the barracks without alerting the servants. The last area, Lord Whelan's bedroom, contained loot and the amulet for my objective from a secret door. The switch that opened the door was located at the bottom of a desk.

It's too bad I couldn't get all of the loot. But I believe I found most of the difficult loot. The difficult loot: gold cup on top of the keg shelf in Lord Whelan's manor, gold cup between the keg shelf in the Inn, a loose coin on the couch in one of the apartments, gold coin stack behind banner in mechanist church, and a gold ring on the sink in Lord Whelan's bathroom.

I must say, the title of this mission "A Lesson Learned" is significant because... I did learn a lesson. I learned how effective and invaluable nudging can be when there is simply nothing else that can be done.

16th Oct 2002, 22:56
FM: The Game

Ghost - Success
Perfect Thief - Success
Time - 00:45:31
Loot - 3205/3205
Pockets Picked - 4/5
Backstabs - 0 Knockouts - 0
Damage dealt - 0 Damage taken - 0
Healing taken - 0 Kills - 0
Secrets Found - 4/4

Comments - I read some old reports about this FM and noticed that people were having some trouble. So I decided to try it out myself. I was real sloppy with this one. I used every last water arrow that was found in the mission. I only did this to speed up the process of sneaking around and avoiding first alerts.

-I had to douse all torches in the guard room so I could sneak through and get the Games Room key, and the serp torc in the footlocker.

- I also had to douse a gas lamp next to the storage tower entrance because there was an idle guard who never rotated.

- I was able to run into the room with the nobleman and guard without alerting any of them. I couldn't use the secret door from the spider tunnels since one of the spiders was blocking the passage way.

- There is a very difficult loot location that I should report. Outside of the storage room there is a painting of The Trickster on the upper left corner of the wall. There is actually a 200 loot purse behind the painting. I had to douse all torches next to the storage room so I could move freely without alerting the idle rotating guard. I then had to drop a crate inbetween the chair and the wall. From here, I jumped onto the crate and then jumped straight up while right clicking. After a few tries, I nabbed the loot and I didn't make a sound at all while jumping on the crate.

- The key to the 2 doors at the top of the staircase in the tower(with the objective Mask and loot) is located in a little niche in the spider tunnel next to the secret door to the Games Room and the Storage Room.

The real problem was trying to sneak by the spiders in the tunnels. The ground was gravel and there were plenty of mushrooms lighting up the place. The spiders were different than your average idle spider. These spiders actually rotated. The first spider at the bottom of the ladder from the storage tower was real sensitive. I couldn't sneak by him and move around one of the corners in the tunnel and it was only because of the mushroom. I also didn't have enough time to creep along because I had to move as if I was moving over tile or metal. The spider was that sensitive that he would go on 2nd alert if I made one little footstep on the gravel. It turns out that I didn't have to go this way. There is a secret door in the Games Room that gives me access to the other side of the spider tunnels. So I was able to completely avoid the spider by the ladder of the storage tower.

The next spider was positioned in one of the tunnel passage ways and he gave me some trouble at first. This spider was just as sensitive as the one by the ladder, so I had to creep very slowly while in medium brightness. Once I came upon a corner full of brightness, I just had to move when the spider was facing me (rear facing the other way). Once again, I used Lytha's spider knowledge in order to sneak away from him.

The last spider was the hardest to deal with. He was an idle pivoting spider, but the area he was in had about 5 mushrooms that lit up the area completely. There were some artifacts beside the mushrooms that I needed in order to complete my loot objective. I was going to try and haul some crates to this area and see if I could create a bridge and perhaps skim across them and get the loot before the spider sees me. I didn't feel like doing this so I simply tried to move towards the loot while the spider is looking away. After a few attempts, I was able to move towards the artifacts, lean forward and grab one, and then retreat back out of the spider's view. I got busted a few times, but eventualy I was able to get all of the artifacts without alerting the spider.

Finding the loot was tough as well. Hard-to-find loot: several loose coins under the crates in the storage room, 1 loose coin on top of the big crate in the safe and power room, 1 loose coin on a wooden post by the guards outside of the castle, a gem ring in a niche behind the door near the Games Room, 4 loose coins in a fountain by the hammer church, and of course the 200 loot purse behind the painting.

17th Oct 2002, 05:42
FM: Lord Burkhard

Ghost - Success
Perfect Thief - Success
Time - 00:14:24
Loot - 920/920
Pockets Picked - 1/2
Backstabs - 0 Knockouts - 1
Damage dealt - 10 Damage taken - 0
Healing taken - 0 Kills - 1
Secrets Found - 0/0

Comments - I needed clarification from Old Man and Peter Smith before declaring a ghost success on this mission.

Before I go into detail about the questionable ghost bust I thought I had, there are some other things that should be explained. First of all, this is a German FM, so I could not decipher the objectives. Second of all, you should not play this mission unless you are willing to play without saving/loading. Everytime I tried to load a saved game, Thief would close and I would get kicked to desktop. This makes it very hard to ghost because now I'm playing Ironman style.

The beginning of the mission took so many replays just to get the idea of how to sneak by the guards. You start off in a small room on the upper floor of a house, with your blackjack on a bed and no other tools in your inventory. There are 2 guards in the entire house; 1 who patrols in 2 rooms, and 1 who stands idle near a table staring at the wall. Outside of the house is a patrolling guard carrying a lantern. The patrolling guard inside of the house has such a short patrol within these 2 rooms. The tactic I used was to wait at the staircase, follow the swordsman out of the first room, then hug the left wall and strafe to the left, thus slipping around the guard after he hits his trol point and turns. However, I could not linger around after successfully sneaking by this guard. My tactic only worked once and I needed to get out of there before he came back into the room again, which would be in a few seconds.

This is the room with the idle guard staring at a table. On the table is a sword, some lockpicks and rope arrows. The only thing that was needed to complete this mission was the rope arrows. I didn't have time to grab everything, so I just took 1 rope arrow. From this point, I exited the house and the patrolling guard with the lantern was walking away with his back turned. There are no shadows outside of the house. I thought I was busted here because this guard also had a short patrol. Ultimately, I had to follow him, hug the right wall, and slip around him as he turned. This was very difficult because I had to do all of the above in one attempt or else I would have to restart the mission.

From here, the difficulty eased down a bit. There was shadow at the end of the street, and another short patrolling guard. The key on the guards belt opened the door to the right. Inside of the building were a few rooms of interest. There were a few loose coins on a table in one room, and upon taking them, one of my objectives checked off. I had no idea what this meant though. In the next room there was a key on a table which opened a shed by the guard outside. In the shed there was a lever which opened the portcullis next to the guard and the mission was straightforward from here. I needed that one rope arrow from the house to get into the mansion from the left side.

The last problem I needed to deal with was the area I needed clarification on from the expert ghosters. From the first floor of the mansion, there is a room with a ladder descending downwards. At the bottom of the ladder are a few corridors that eventually take you to a prison area. There are a few servants in jail cells along each wall in the prison area and they are totally blind. They can still hear, however, and this became a problem. At the end of the prison area next to the wall there is a guard with a sheriff truart skin. After a few seconds of observing inside the prison, the sheriff truart guard would start attacking this nobleman in one of the jail cells and inevitably kill him. This attack alerted the servants and would force them to search around. The sheriff truart guard also searched around after he had killed the noble. I thought this multiple alert would be considered a ghost bust. But after reading some opinions from Old Man and Peter Smith on the subject, I guess I'm ok with this one. I discovered in a previous game that the last objective was to kill this sheriff truart guard. After everyone calmed down, I was able to sneak behind him and blackjack him. I wasn't about to kill him infront of these servants, so I carried him up the ladder, and up into the foyer of the second floor where no guards patrolled. I beat him to death with the blackjack because I didn't have my sword or any other weapon. After beating the unconscious guard to death, my objective checked off, and it looks like I managed to ghost this FM.

18th Oct 2002, 22:53
FM: Sisterhood of Azura Pt 1
File: sofa1a.zip

Play mode: Ghost (failed - but only due to the loot objective)
Time: 2 hr 55 min
Loot: 2004 of 2594 (2000 required)
Pockets picked: 6 of 25
Backstabs: 0 Knockouts: 3 (via gas arrows on unalerted AI)
Damage dealt: 30 Taken: 0 Healing: 0
Killed: 1 (required)
Secrets: 6 of 8

Cause(s) for failure:
- Had to blackjack the Mechanist inside the security room in the police station with the cathedral gate switch. (Not enough inviso potions to cover getting enough loot and to also ghost this spot.)
- Had to blackjack the 2 Mechanists in Sara's house. They blocked the bedroom door so being invisible wouldn't help. Had to get the key in there for the backdoor to the sisterhood's mansion.

- There looks to be 1 secret that I didn't find. One had to be skipped, the one across from the Tippled Burrick Inn where you stack crates to open a ceiling panel (to find broadheads and a gas arrow). I could never manage to sneak into this building without the stationary guard spotting me that is across the street and next to the outdoor pub area. I needed my inviso potions for more important reasons, like getting loot rather than finding secrets (with no loot). But there appears another secret that I haven't found and maybe that has the missing 200 loot. I don't think anyone has managed to get all the loot in this mission whether ghosting or not.
- I suspect the missing 200 loot is in the secret room that you get teleported into from Lord Wilson's house. You teleport to the room, find a drunk passed out on the floor, and a secret painting behind another painting. Clicking the pushbutton to slide the painting to reveal the other one is a secret. The painting lights up to indicate that it is frobbable but it is not. I suspect this painting is the 200 of missing loot but you can't take it although it looks frobbable.
- You somewhat get stuck right at the beginning of the mission. You can't get over the gate to King's Street because of the archer watching the street and gate next to the guardhouse (but you dash quickly enough past the metal doors that are invisible to the guards to only get a 1st alert). You might get past the stationary guard at the square by the Tippled Burrick Inn but you would have to nudge him forward to circle around behind him. The patrolling 2 Hammerites and even faster gal means you would have to keep ducking back around to the corner so nudging this guy would take a really long time. The last route available is past a watcher and guardhouse. I could squeak up to the corner to see the position of the watcher without getting spotted. I'd then time when it was looking away and run into the shadows under the window at the guardhouse, then wait for the watcher to swing and look the other way to dash into the Cathedral Square and out of view of the watcher.
- Getting past the next 2 watchers is tricky. The watcher up on the cathedral wall over the door is the most blind. I would time when the middle watcher started to swing to look away from the cathedral wall and then run under the cathedral watcher, and repeat to get over to the Pool Cafe. You can find shadows by the vending displays.
- I think there are 2 keys in the FM for the Pool Cafe but I don't remember having any when I got to the door so maybe it was pickable. I could not get into the kitchen in the Pool Cafe to get the loot in there. It is so highly lit in the dining area that it hurts my eyes. There is no way to turn off the lights. The gal in the kitchen faces the door you enter and the guy standing in the room will see you, too. I can't even get an inch into the room without getting spotted by the guy and gal.
- I had to nudge the gal archer in the locker room so I could reach the loot in one locker and the police station key in another.
- The weaponsmith's key you find in the locker in the Pool Cafe doesn't open either the front or back door to the weaponsmith's building. Only the front door is pickable. The key opens a basement door but inside is a guard that constantly watches the door and it is highly lit there with no on-off switch. Took him out with a gas mine (you can get 4 more atop a roof by the building with 2 archers posted at 2nd story windows). You don't even have to hit the pushbutton on the table that moves the wall to the safes in the basement. You can lockpick and frob the safe and its contents right through the banner and right through the stone wall panel.
- One of the secrets is a cache in the target practice area in the weaponsmith's.
- Down the street is the alchemist's shop. Go into the garden, rope up to a roof, and get in via the shuttered window. There is a trap inside: touching the cabinet doors spawns a gas arrow to impale on the cabinet doors.
- I went back along the pub to Porter's street where a bluecoat sword guard and Mechanist patrol. A they passed me in the direction of Cathedral Square, I would run up the street behind them, crouch, and creep around the corner very slowly to prevent getting spotted by the 2 archers posted at the broken windows on the 2nd floor. This was a close call: the patrolling bluecoat and Mechanist were coming up on my butt, went on 1st alert when they got close, but I had to still move slow enough so as not to alert the archers. You're in the green zone with yellow indicator when crouched and against the wall when approaching these archers. Around the corner and there is a bright spot that will light you up and get you noticed, so I stood (for best speed) and immediately dashed around the corner into a more dark area. Didn't even get a 1st alert.
- You cannot get into the area with the archers. They block the windows which is the only way in. So even if you did use an inviso potion, you couldn't get past them to get the 100 loot for the purse on the table behind them. You can rope up along the left of the window with the bluecoat archer to frob her purse worth 100.
- Getting to Lord Wilson's manor proved impossible by taking the streets. There are 2 archers, 2 swordsman, and an occasional black clad Mechanist that patrol the street in front of his house. A bluecoat lies in wait in a doorway down the other street towards the ramp (an approaching there sets off a melee between a greencoat and this bluecoat). For the building next to these 2 archers, its eaves are wood so I roped up to its flat roof. That's where you'll find some more gas mines. I would then wait until all the guards on the street were heading away from the front door to the manor. To get get down, I would run off the roof and onto the ledge for a window, then hop down off the wide window sill onto the street.
- To get past the standing gal in the bedroom behind whom is the library key, jump atop the dresser and slither past her. The edges of the dresser do not match its visual size but you can manage to jump atop it without any noise.
- There is a black clad housebreak in the kitchen. You cannot get by him in this small kitchen. There is 180 in loot in there.
- The secret room requires finding the pushbuttons. One opens a wall panel with loot and another button. There is some loot in the secret room. There is also a painting in that room which counts as another secret, it lights up as though it is frobbable, but you cannot take it. I don't think anyone has yet gotten 100% of the loot in this mission and I suspect this painting was supposed to be loot so it is possibly the missing 200 in this mission.
- Getting into the secret room in the manor also opens the unbreakable immovable window in the rear bedroom. This provides the route by which you get to Sara's house to get the key for the backdoor to the sisterhood's mansion. There is beam sticking out from this window so use a vine arrow to rope down to the street. There are shadows where you can hide to let the patrolling black clad Mechanists pass you by and then run behind him to continue. The ghost is pretty easy to ghost.
- In Sara's house, moving past the first interior door sets off a scripted melee between Sara and 2 Mechanists. She dies. The Mechanists are on full alert and remain agitated for a long time. They block the doorway into the bedroom so you couldn't even use the inviso potion if you wanted to, and you running around on the wood floors trying to get to the key before the potion wears off puts the AIs back on full alert. I saw no way to get past these 2 Mechanists so I made noise, lured them to where I was hiding in the dark corner in the vestibule, and blackjacked them as they approached. I then went back the way I came to rope back up into Lord Wilson's manor. You can't go via the streets because: (1) You'll start a melee between 2 bluecoats and 2 hobos, and sometimes a guard is left after the melee that you cannot get past; (2) You'll hit a black clad Mechanist that would require a LOT of nudging to get him down the street; (3) This nudging moves you closer to a bluecoat at the other end of the street that will spot you; (4) You'll have to nudge a Mechanist that stands at an archway (near a guardhouse whose guard you can ghost) and this would take awhile to get the Mechanist out of view of the next archway he is facing and that you have to pass through to exit; (4) This leads to Market Square with 2 Mechanists and a patrolling mech bot. Going back to Wilson's was far easier to get back into town.
- There is no way to get into the security office in the police station to hit the switch to open the cathedral drawgate (and turn off the watchers). A Mechanist stands inside the door and blocks entry to that small room, the hall is brightly lit, and there is no on-off switch for the hall light. You could use an inviso potion here but I needed both of them to get loot. Besides, I'd have to nudge this AI backwards and nudging doesn't work when on the face side of an AI as they will spot you that near to them.
- The scene in the chapel crypt (where you watch Mechanists pelting and killing kids) didn't play when I first got there and grabbed the eye. The "get to the pub" objective has to get checked off first for this scene to play. I needed the inviso potion that is available in this scene. So I went to the Tippled Burrick Inn and managed to get down the street with the patrolling 2 Hammerites and gal. You can get the "get to pub" objectived checked off just by moving a little bit past the front door into the inn but not so far that the extra guards outside the door get spawned. There's nothing in the pub you need other than the loot but that loot has another spawn trap that possibly busts the ghost and does so in the worst way (by spawning a bunch of AIs, a melee ensures, lots of AIs get killed, and you get spotted [and, again, the inviso potions had more important uses elsewhere]). So I had to skip the loot behind the bar.
- I was at 1904 and needed 2000 for the loot objective. I went back to the chapel to play the cutscene where I could get another inviso potion. I needed 2 of them to grab the 2 silver nuggets in the mech bot shed at Market Square (to get past the 2 Mechanists nearby and the patrolling mech bot on both the way into the shed and back out). However, triggering the cutscene (where you watch kids getting killed) also triggers the spawning of 2 more haunts in the chapel. Usually this would be no problem but they are enemy haunts to the haunt and mage already in the chapel so a melee breaks out. Although, according to many, this was not a ghost bust, I couldn't reload and replay this melee so the original haunt or mage were left. The mage was blind enough for me to sneak out without having to use an inviso potion (the reason I went here) and the original haunt's position was to face towards the altar and away from me. I could only replay the melee with one of the spawned haunts left behind at a minimum, and he would always spot me trying to leave unless I used up an inviso potion. So I decided not to reenter the crypt room and play the cutscene which prevented the spawning of the battling haunts. I then positioned myself about halfway down the chapel's middle aisle on the carpet at the point when I'd get a 1st alert from the mage. Then I downed the only inviso potion that I had and snatched the gold candlesticks and ran out. I needed 100 to satisfy the loot objective. If I couldn't keep the one from the crypt so that I had 2 to use back at Market Square for the silver nuggets, I'd use the one that I had to snatch the gold candlesticks that were worth 100. This gave me 2004 in loot which just squeaked me by the 2000 loot objective. Whew!
- Once I had gotten to Lord Wilson's manor, already discussed, getting to the library was easy. Douse the torch by the altar after getting into the secret passage. This will keep you hidden in the dark. Frob the chest on the right and run to the rightside of the altar which triggers the spawning of 2 haunts. Since you're in the dark, they don't alert. Frob the torch to leave.
- When you frob the torch, you get teleported back to the library. The fall incurs damage, so down a slowfall potion before frobbing the torch. Joshua is patrolling the section of the library to which you get teleported. You can't figure out where he will be so it is just luck that you enter the room when he is walking away. Do a quicksave before downing the slowfall potion and frobbing the torch, frob the torch, see if Joshua is walking away, if not then reload and try again. Joshua is impervious to gas arrows so it doesn't help to ready one as you frob the torch. When I managed to slowfall into the library with Joshua walking away, I'd run into the side room and crouch by the bookshelfs. He would walk past and I'd run up behind to blackjack him. Then I lugged his butt over the table and to the farthest end of the library away from the bluecoat. I then pelted him with repeated blackjack blows until he died; he dies most quietly this way.
- To exit, I tried to rope up over the railing to the 2nd floor of the library, but there is no key to the door up there nor can you pick open the door, and there is no switch to open it.
- To get around the bluecoat and to the exit door on the 1st floor, I used a vine arrow to rope up atop the bookshelf by the guard. I then drop on the guard's head and slide off to her left side to be in the dark and slightly behind her. I then nudged her to the left and forward to squeeze between her and the bookshelf, and then nudged her left and forward into the corner so she wouldn't clearly spot me going through the door at the top of the stairs.
- I went back to the cathedral to check off that last objective of getting into the mansion. As a cautionary note, move to the side of the step as you enter. A gas arrow gets spawned when you move off that step and it hits the step about where were those fire arrows. The archer in there fires gas arrows at you but if you blackjack him (when not ghosting) all you get is broadheads from his quiver. All the lights turn on when you enter the cathedral area but you can remain unnoticed if you stay far enough away from the archer and guard at the gate.
- There is nothing you need nor can put into inventory in the first building to the right as you enter the cathedral area, but it's a fun show. However, if you trigger the constant firing of the fire arrows from the cannon, the mission thereafter becomes very choppy until you turn off the cannon.
- You can slither along the cemetery side cathedral wall to get around and behind the guard at the drawgate to get past the moat and to the back of the sisterhood's mansion. To open the door, I slithered over to the control room where there are 3 guards. I had to nudge the gal near the door clear across the room to get close enough to frob the control console to open the drawgate.
- When not ghosting, another melee you can setup is to alert both mech bots. They don't like each other and will blast at each other.
- I didn't have anymore inviso potions and so I thought the ghost would get busted when I had to pass the mage in the side room after passing through the back door of the mansion. However, you can run right past him without even a 1st alert. He's really blind.
- If you decide to enter the Tippled Burrick Inn farther than where that objective gets checked off and the tune plays showing you accomplished that objective, the gal behind the counter has seen you. She doesn't alert but it takes a minute of standing behind her before she goes into idle mode and when you can finally lift the room key from her belt. Other AIs are like that, too. The hobos that fight with the bluecoats near Sara's house stay on alert for awhile and you cannot lift the health potion of a belt for awhile (assuming the hobo didn't already drink it from his battle with the bluecoats). Because the "get to pub" objective can be checked off without entering too far into the pub (which prevent spawning of 2 guards outside the pub), you also don't have to get the loot behind the bar - which triggers that other melee. If you're not ghosting, you can drop a gas mine in the hallway next to the door (without alerting the patrons so they don't wander over and get gassed) so the guard spawned in the bedroom gets taken out when she comes running to the bar, select gas arrows for you weapon, and down an inviso potion as you trigger the melee. You can then take out the AIs, friendly and enemy alike, while safely invisible atop the bar. I had a lot of fun with these friendly AIs. I'd open the door, bash the sword against the metal door, and draw them out to "play" with the other AIs. Then I'd lure more AIs to these friendlies while they were still outside, or I'd lure the enemy AIs to their slaughter inside the pub (but it was often hard for me to move around all these AIs to avoid damage from the chasing enemy AI).

I was actually surprised and pleased with how much of this mission that I could ghost. If I could've kept the inviso potion found during the chapel crypt cutscene, I might've been able to ghost the AIs at the cathedral gate switch or those that slew Sara (but they also blocked the doorways so that might not have helped to have more inviso potions). I just squeaked by on the loot objective. My ghost was busted so I supposed I could've gone on a blackjack rampage but I wanted to ghost as much of the mission as possible.

19th Oct 2002, 02:45
FM: Prisoner's Revenge
File: prison.zip

Play mode: Ghost (failed)
Time: 2 hr 25 min
Loot: 574 of 574 (500 required)
Pockets picked: 6 of 8 (of 7 real)
Backstabs: 0 Knockouts: 2 (actually only 1)
Damage dealt: 48 Taken: 0 Healing: 0
Killed: 2 (spider was ghost bust, traitor was required)

Cause(s) of failure:
- Could crate-nudge one spider out of the way but this puts its butt radar in line with the 2nd spider. I could not crate-nudge the 2nd spider without getting spotted by the 1st spider. Killed the 2nd spider.

- This is a very hard FM to ghost. Most of it is straightforward but requires several tries while figuring out the AIs' timing.
- Had to nudge the gal in the kitchen/pantry forward and against the wall. This was needed so I could get up the stairs unseen (for a key) and through the nearby door to the basement unseen. Nudged her up against the wall.
- Getting into the target and sword practice room with the sensitive 2 guards in there required a swift move to dash through the door to minimize my exposure to light - provided your feet don't happen to clap on the tile between the carpet runner and the wood floor in the room.
- Had to nudge the basement guard against the wall and into the corner by the next door leading to the underground passage. This was to prevent him from seeing me moving up/down the passage.
- In the caverns and turning right is the library. A scroll in a room on the 1st floor hints at which is the correct button to push. I didn't get that scroll until later when I managed to lock the roaming guard on the 1st floor in the front room (described later). It doesn't take much to figure out: quicksave, press a button, and if the trap triggers then reload and try again (there are only 3 buttons). The pushbutton to open the next gate to get into the caverns is above a bookshelf in the corner. You have to jump to reach it. You can just manage to stay on the carpet while jumping so you don't make noise that is heard by the guard in the backroom.
- Getting past the guard in the backroom proved very hard. He rotates after only short pauses in each position. Sometimes his pause when facing away is long enough for you to crouch and creep (so as to not make noise on the tile floor) to hide behind a pillar, and then repeat to get behind the next pillar, and the same to get out. There is a chest in there with loot. This took a lot of reloads to manage sneaking from pillar to pillar when he was turned away because the pauses are not regular so he often turned back in too short an interval to catch you slithering across the floor.
- In the caverns are 2 spiders. One protects the switch to open the gate to where there is a haunt, gemstone, and key. The other protects the gate the key opens. I could crate-nudge the first spider along the hallway to push it to the other end and far enough away for me to get into the balance-beam room where you hit a switch. I could not simply creep or walk into the room without a full alert from the nudged spider; I had to dash into the room to only get a 1st alert. But coming out, no alert at all from the spider.
- In the pit room with the haunt, I got behind the haunt and nudged him during his turns so he was atop the movable oblong transparent sewer cover. However, once he got fully atop the sewer cover, he stopped rotating and I couldn't nudge him anymore. When I leaned over to push a wrong button which makes the sewer cover open by dropping down, the haunt just floated in the air. AIs often never incur damage from high falls; they just drop down unaware that there was any change (and so does this haunt). I tried leaning over the edge against him to see if I could push him further, but no. So I reloaded to try to see if I could nudge him further or maybe across the room and into the corner. However, on the reload, the haunt ended up at the bottom of the pit - and the sewer door had not yet been opened! I pushed the correct button to open the wall safe to get a gemstone and gate key.
- I used the key to open the next gate (leading to the pentagram room) and was going to crate-nudge that spider all the way down the hallway into the pentagram room and possibly into a corner to get past it. However, the first spider had already been nudged down the hallway and was in sight of this second spider. Although I was about 30 feet away, the first spider can easily spot me there. I could dash across this hallway with only a 1st alert from the first spider, but crate-nudging is a slow process. I had no choice and shot the 2nd spider with a broadhead to kill it. The first spider did not hear the 2nd spider die. This busted my ghost.
- I got to the church, snatched the gem hammer from the altar, and got outside only to realize that I had not satisfied 2 objectives: kill the traitor and get 500 in loot. I had a miserable amount of loot collected so far, maybe 75, so I knew the loot was going to be hard to find or hard to get at. So I went back into the mission.
- You'll never make the 500 loot objective unless you get into the room with the traitor where there is a blue chest. The total loot in the mission is 574, there is 300 in this chest, so you can only get 274 elsewhere.
- The problem was with the 1st floor guard that keeps roaming this short hallway with periodic loops in the front room and the kitchen/pantry. The 2 crates in the kitchen were not sufficient to get this AI stuck walking against them. They were sufficient if I put them in a doorway but then the guard was stuck walking against them while he was partially in the hallway, and I needed to close the door with him on the other side (to ghost the kill of the traitor). So I went all the way back into the caverns and into the church basement to lug 4 of the large crates to the this front room. Although the crates look large, they are just resized small crates so their boundaries are the same size as the small crates; i.e., getting an AI stuck into walking into them requires a stack of 2 of these large crates. But that only alters his path if there is enough room for him to get to the side of them. So I had to pile two stacks of 2-high crates in the front room. These had to be sufficiently inside the room so the guard would walk into the room and then get stuck there. I could then close the door behind him.
- I had to close all doors. The front room door to the hallway and into the kitchen so that stuck guard wouldn't hear the flashbomb. The kitchen door to the hallway so the gal wouldn't hear the flashbomb. I also had to close both doors in the room with the basement guard along with the door at the top of the stairs to the basement to prevent the guard down there from hearing the flashbomb.
- I then picked the middle door in that hallway to get at some loot in there. You now get a scroll telling you which button at the library door to push. Too late. The next door is where the traitor watches the door. It is all highly lit there and this AI is highly resilient to damage; i.e., you cannot sneak up to the edge of the doorway but short of his line of sight to hit him with a broadhead to take him out (he just reels and then attacks), and the noise will alert the stuck 1st floor guard and the 2nd floor guards, anyway. So I opened his door while to the side of it, dropped the flashbomb on the carpet runner, and went in to blackjack the traitor. I closed his door and proceeded to continually blackjack him figuring this was the quietest way to slay him. After 100 slaps, the blackjack still just thumped against him. Usually when an AI dies, it makes a wail plus your weapon doesn't make any noise when it hits the AI (for the sword) or just passes by the corpse (for the blackjack). So I lugged his butt down to the bridge in the caverns and was going to slay him there. I had to drop his body to go back and close the basement door so that guard wouldn't hear anything. The corpse didn't land in the best spot so I picked it up to move it over and then saw that I was carrying a corpse. So I dumped him into the pit under the bridge (so they won't know immediately what happened to him) and left.

If I could've managed to crate-nudge the 2nd spider without the first already crate-nudged spider alerting to me, I would've ghosted this mission. It's not that large a mission but it take a long time and lots of reloads to ghost 99% of it.

21st Oct 2002, 09:03
FM: A Brawl in the Tombs

Ghost - Success
Perfect Thief - Success
Time - 02:04:50
Loot - 5420/5420
Pockets Picked - 1/9
Backstabs - 0 Knockouts - 0
Damage dealt - 0 Damage taken - 0
Healing taken - 0 Kills - 0
Secrets Found - 0/0

Comments - This is a new T2 FM that I found at the cheap thief missions site. It was a well done FM and I certainly enjoyed it.

The mission isn't straightforward really. It is perfectly non-linear. There were no difficult maneuvers required but I did alot of meticulous sneaking. This is the one of the darkest FM's I have ever come across. About 90% of the setting is in catacombs and tombs that have no torches at all. It made "The Bonehoard" look like "Song of the Caverns" in terms of brightness and lighting. This wasn't bad actually. It made my sneaking easier, and there were tons of undead, so running through pitch black was much prefered.

The Objectives

-The sword is floating in the blue laser beams above the huge pyramid, accessible from the hallway with the hammerite statues. It is hard to see the sword at first because there are sapphires under the sword that could draw your attention away.

-The "old artifact" is actually a light brown "precursor mask" located in one of the many niches along a hallway that leads to the glowing blue pyramid.

-The golden skull is positioned on an altar in the Haunt area, accessible by the sewers.

-The rosary is found in the safe in the strongroom behind the old chapel of the Hammerite area.

-The Mechanist information is located inside a pickable vault door in Brother Arbez' zombie labratory.

-The Hammerite information is one of the scrolls in Brother Thoren's chamber behind the old chapel.

-The primary objective was to get 4500 loot. Loot was actually easy to find and the only loot I ended up missing were 2 gold goblets in the Haunt area. I didn't explore this area completely because there were alot of haunts patrolling around. The goblets are on the sarcophagus' in the center of the Haunt area.

-The last objective was to escape. At first I thought I had to go back to the area where I started. I found out the hard and long way that this isn't so. You actually have to escape from the thieves hideout using the yellow key on the "exit tunnel" door.

Some things I noticed:
-The dead hammerites in the room with the broken pews and rails would turn into Haunts after a certain time.
-Sometimes zombies would freeze in place and not make any sounds at all. They can still become alerted, and this could become a problem if they are blocking a path or entrance. If you come back to the frozen zombies, they will usually patrol again. This was not an alert. It just appeared to be a little bug or dark engine glitch.
-At certain times, I believe zombies would start spawning and more undead would gradually pour into the catacombs. I noticed more patrols as I visited an area that I have previously been through. On my way out after completing all of my objectives, there was a batch of thieves with lanterns patrolling through the catacomb halls killing everything in sight... except me. The thieves are indifferent to me and supposedly they are my "allies" as evident from reading scrolls in the Thieve's hideout. The thieves would search around after every successful zombie kill, but this is acceptable since they are indifferent to me and were not alerted by my presence.
-The allied thieves could still be alerted if you made certain sounds. I once accidentally picked up a crate and dropped it near a thief and he went on 2nd alert. Opening doors, dousing torches, or dropping something loud could put them on a 2nd alert. When the thieves are on 2nd alert they end up searching around for nothing since they won't attack you or notice you. But this is still an alert and thus a bust, so it is important to be careful when running around the thief hideout.

The pockets I missed were some pickable arrows from archers. The archers were standing in an outpost area and this was the only place that contained alot of light from torches. I did have 2 invis potions, so I guess I could have used them to sneak up and grab the arrows out of their quivers. Dousing torches in the mission would sometimes put AI on 2nd alert. It put the patrolling guards at the outposts on 2nd alert every time.

My stats also reported "Bodies discovered by enemies: 2". There were thieves, hammerites and perhaps even mechanists eventually getting into fights with the undead. I have no doubt that a hammerite noticed a fallen comrade or a thief noticed a dead thief and this is why the stats show 2 bodies discovered.

Nothing else really significant to report. I do, however, recommend this FM to everyone. The combination of thieves, hammerites, mechanists, and human guards all wrapped up in their struggle against the undead was quite creative. The mission never got boring, and that is a virtue for an FM definately.

24th Oct 2002, 00:56
FM: Rogue's Honor
File: roghon.zip

Play mode: Ghost (success)
Time: 1 hr 34 min
Loot: 1000 of 1125 (none required)
Pockets picked: 10 of 11 (all)
Backstabs: 0 Knockouts: 0
Damage dealt: 0 Taken: 0 Healing: 0
Killed: 0
Secrets: 0 (of 0)

- This is a really tough FM to ghost. The AIs get pretty thick in the house, a servant (Brian) keeps relighting most doused torches, and you can get trapped in the house due to one-way routes (except I found a way out that wasn't obvious).
- In the warehouse basement is a button for a buzzer that has a guard come out. This is your only opportunity to get into the mines. You can hide right next to the door in the dark and scoot in behind the guard that comes out as he walks away.
- You can lockout the guard that answers the buzzer by closing the door before he comes back in. Unfortunately, if you deliberately alert him (when not ghosting) to draw him back into the outer room, he may close the door, then turn to hunt for you, and now you both are locked out of the next section of the FM. The guard has no way to open the door from this side and neither do you.
- Anytime the door to the treasure room in the warehouse basement is opened, 3 guards are scripted to wander over and enter that room and look around. One will eventually leave but 2 remain in that room. It is possible to sneak out of the room if you get caught in there cowering in a dark corner. It is easier to douse a hallway torch, open the door, run in and frob the treasure chests through the bars, and run back out and hide in the shadows in the hallway before the guards wander in.
- The elevator from the warehouse to the mines will only work once. You can push the button to bring up the elevator platform but the doors only open on the first time you use this elevator. This makes this route a one-way route.
- Once in the mines, getting atop the metalwork to fetch the gold stone up there is tricky because you're climbing and mantling metal objects, but it can be done. I could not get the water arrows in the water basins because of the splash noise alerting the guards.
- Getting down the tracks through the lower portion of the mines requires a bit of timing and scooting into side tunnels to let them go by. In one side tunnel is a trap where boulders come crashing on your head. However, you can approach the ceiling trap and pick out the boulders sitting atop the boards. Then when you walk under the boards, the boards fall without any boulders and you don't get hurt.
- In the upper mines are guards with lanterns. I timed it so the guard that came all the way down to the side tunnel was walking back towards the central area and would then turn to go down a side tunnel where a worker carried a pick axe. The other lanterned guard had to have recently turned at this spot and was heading back to the central area for this to work. I would then hide in the dark passage leading to the spider room so that the lanterns would not light me up. I was a bit surprised at how fast I could walk on the crunchy ground without being heard.
- I could not get the gold nugget in the pool next to the elevator due to the splash noise and being too well lit in that area.
- At the top of the mines and at the top of the elevator is a wall panel. You have to frob a torch that never lights up to indicate it is frobbable to open the wall panel. Once this wall panel closes and you are on the other side (for the basement of the house), you cannot go back through this wall panel. It is a one-way route. Because the warehouse elevator to the mines doesn't work anymore (its doors won't open) and because this wall panel won't open (there is nothing to frob on the house side), you can never get back into the mine section of this FM.
- Once you get inside the house and reach the top of the basement stairs, you are dragged through a series of scenes. This catches you off guard but no AIs are alerted to your presence during this show.
- I had to nudge a male servant in a small room where there is a chess set atop a table. I could get into the room from the back hallway with only a 1st alert but couldn't get out the next door (towards the kitchen) without getting spotted. I spent a long time nudging this guy into the corner. On a later reload, he was facing towards the door rather than against the wall. I could nudge him enough into the corner to squat and scoot out the door with just a 1st alert. On later reloads, I simply bought lots of water arrows at the shop and doused the torch in this room and ran out and around to the kitchen before Brian ran over to relight the torch.
- I could not get from the kitchen to the dining room. There is a wall panel but it opens only a crack. You can toss an object at the panel which makes the panel disappear but that seems equivalent to property damage and would bust the ghost. The noise from whatever collides with the panel also alerts the kitchen gal so that would be a bust, too. I later got into the library, mossed the tiled floor for the hallway, doused the hallway torches, and ran across before Brian showed up to relight the torches. There was just a single gold plate on the big dining table. I doused the torches again to run back to the library.
- To get to the library, I would douse a torch at the backend of the hallway that runs along the room where Brian sleeps and where there are 3 standing guards. I'd be past his backside door and would douse the frontend torch when he was running to the back one. During this time, I was crouched and hidden in the dark on the farthest wall from the patrolling guard. The guard from the front hallway had entered and I followed behind him as he turned to go back to the front hallway. I closed the door behind me so Brian wouldn't spot me when he came running to the frontend to relight that torch. There is a dark spot in the front hallway behind a wall pillar where you can get completely dark and where the guard will pass you without incident. I then mossed the tiled floor and dashed into the library. This was after I had already gotten the sceptre from the 2nd floor secured rooms area (so I could get the ankh, an objective).
- I used the dumbwaiter to get from the 1st floor kitchen to the 2nd floor. There is a wall posting about this being a security breach but it's on the 2nd floor (where you can read it after breaching their security). As soon as I got to the 2nd floor, I ran full speed towards the door while the servant there was turned away; she will turn to serve the dumbwaiter call shortly after it arrives. She then wander over to the table room (between the dumbwaiter room and the upstairs hallways). You can douse the torch in there without Brian coming to relight it which allows you to be on the correct side of the door to open it and watch the hallway guards to time when to waddle on their heels to circle around and scoot into the office. I had 2 of the keys needed to enable the security gate but had to tail the guards to get to the master bedroom to get the masters key; it takes 3 keys to enable the switch. The 3 keys and switch can be frobbed through the banner but you'll probably have to do a quicksave, slash the banner to see where are the latches and switch, and then reload to know where on the banner to frob the keys. A tiny bit of the red end of the switch shows through the banner so you can figure out where to frob for it through the banner.
- Once you get past the security gate, run quickly to either end of that hallway. Running to the right as you enter is best since that's the room with some loot and a surprise; the other room has nothing. When you reach the door, start lockpicking right away and get inside the door where it is a little darker because soon after you open the gate and enter this hallway, 2 guards get spawned. The first one remarks that something is wrong, comes in, scans down both directions of the hallway, and goes to patrol in the next room. The 2nd spawned guard comes in and patrols that hallway.
- Moss arrows would be handy here to follow the patrolling guard in the hallway but I didn't have any. I would wait in complete darkness midway in the doorway and start trailing on the heels of this guard as he walked away. You have to crouch, hit the Run key with the speed toggle and angle into the wall to give you the maximum waddle speed to trail behind this guy without getting too far behind to prevent him getting to the end of his patrol and turning around to see you. However, you also have to get lucky that when you get to the intersection that the other hallway guards don't happen to be passing the security gate and spot you through the gate. Then you still have to quickly get up to the next door and get midway in the doorway to get in complete darkness before the patrolling guard in the hallway hits the intersection and without the patrolling guard inside the inner room from also spotting you. Moss arrows would definitely had made this easier and with fewer reloads.
- I doused all the torches in the inner room where there are 3 doors. In the door to the left is the gravity well room. Close the door behind you, pick open the panel, slash the wiring with your sword (the power must be off or you get electrocuted), and flip the switch. Explosions occur but the guard outside won't hear them. Flip the switch off. Although you could lean into the gravity well and be hovering right over the gold egg, you cannot frob it until the explosions occur and the gold egg appears on the floor outside the gravity well. Getting across the room is hairy because gravity is screwed up now. Squat and waddle across the room but only by tapping the walk forward key. Occasionally you will float up and land a ways away when you hit a negative gravity pocket which occur randomly. You don't want to be walking to fast or you'll get slammed into the ceiling and get stuck there permanently with no control to move.
- If you get to this 2nd floor secured area and to the room with the eye AND the force field is still enabled, you're screwed by a bug in this FM. Once you get here and if the force field is still on, you won't be able to turn it off. You must FIRST douse the fire underneath the pedestal with the eye on the 1st floor before making it to the 2nd floor secured area. However, there are no writings anywhere in this FM telling you how to disable the force field before you get to it. When you are next to the force field, you can hear a fire crackling noise but then it is too late since the bug will occur. When you look upward from the furnace room over the fire, you only see the bottom of the pedestal and will never recognize that the eye is atop it. So you need to douse the fire before you get to the 2nd floor and before you get any clues regarding the force field.
- There is one clue but I only recognized it on something like the 4th replay of this FM. When the series of scenes play when you exit the basement to get into the house, the drunk guard says at the end something like, "The trick is to not stand on the ...". After several replays, you might catch the last word which sounds like "hee". It turns out he was saying "heat". So you have to turn off the heat by dousing the fire BEFORE you ever get there.
- At one point, I was stuck inside the house. I didn't have enough water arrows, moss arrows, the force field was still one (and no more water arrows to douse the fire underneath), and I had the safe key but needed to get back to the shop to get the stethoscope for cracking the safe (the key is a trap). I also wanted to get a deer leg from the shop since I wasn't sure if the deer legs in the kitchen would work (they do) for swapping with the orb. There are 2 outside guards at the front door and a guard in the foyer just inside the front door. I suppose I could nudge the foyer guard and one of the outside guards but I would be nudging 2 guards and for a very long ways. I didn't have anymore water arrows to douse the outside torches so the remaining guard would've probably spotted me trying to nudge the other two guards, and Brian might come a'running to relight the torches, anyway. You can smash out the middle attic window with 3 whacks of the sword, the outside guards don't hear the noise, but that would be property damage and a ghost bust. I can't get back through the basement wall panel (it doesn't open from the basement side) to go back through the mines to take the elevator (which also doesn't work anymore since its doors don't open) to get through the warehouse and back outside. I was stuck in the house. There are cellar doors in a basement gardening room but bashing them open would be property damage and a ghost bust, and they can't be bashed open, anyway. However, there is a "big heavy hammer" in the basement at the foot of the ladder going to the cellar doors. This hammer goes into your inventory, like a key, not like a hammer that remains temporarily in your grasp until you throw or drop it. So I "used" the hammer on the cellar doors and they opened. There was no bashing noise; the cellar doors just opened normally as if a key had been used. Not all "keys" have to look like keys so this looks not to be a ghost bust. This got me back outside where I could go to the shop and back to the warehouse (to open the safe safely).
- The instructions on the table on how to open the safe are overly complicated. You need to use the stethoscope on the safe dial to hear when they click into place. Ignore the left column of levers and focus only on the right column. Click the top and middle levers one at a time. This keeps the big wheel (bottom one) from resetting because you are turning the middle wheel along with the big wheel (but not more than the number of turns where the middle wheel will reset). Once you hear the big wheel click in, now click the bottom level (for the top wheel) and the middle wheel together. You'll hear the middle wheel click in. Then click the bottom lever to turn the top wheel until it clicks in. As I recall: (1) Click top lever (for bottom wheel), click middle lever (for middle wheel), and repeat twice more together so the bottom wheel has moved 3 positions and clicks in; (2) Click the middle lever, click the bottom lever (for top wheel), and repeat 4 times together so the middle wheel has moved 5 positions; (3) Then click the bottom lever until the top wheel clicks in (I think it was 3 times). You don't need to do any right-left-right-left turns of multiple wheels. The safe key opens the safe immediately - and then you die from the trap.
- There is another bug back at the shop. When I bought a rope arrow, the purchased items do not go into your inventory but instead get dropped on the table block in the middle of the shop. The first rope arrow purchased dropped INTO the table block and disappeared. I had to buy another one so it would stop ATOP the table where I could frob it into inventory.
- I wanted the rope arrow to get into the church. Get atop the roofs; easiest is to head to street by the shop and mantle up onto the sloped roof. Get atop the starfield rooftop (where the rest of the roof is red). Jump over to the church wall and rope up to the bell tower. There is no loot inside but there are 10 water arrows (worth 500 in loot if you purchased them back at the shop), so the 250 you spent on the rope arrow (which you can't take with you) is recompensed by the 10 water arrows. You can't take the rope arrow with you because there are no slowfall potions and no way to get off the bell tower without taking damage or dying from the fall. The only exit is the way you came in, via the bell tower by rope. I had missed finding the basement before because it is at the back end of the confessional rooms and not easily seen, but there's nothing down there. I did find a "secret" in the fireplace in the reading room. There is a pushbutton that rotates the back wall of the fireplace. Nifty but there's nothing behind there, either.
- The "get out of manor" objective is a hard one to get checked off. You can get out of the manor but then you have to find out where the author really wants you to get to. I wandered all over town trying to find where this objective would get checked off and the mission would end. The spot is at the vee in the road at the outside backside of the manor where there is a fire. However, just getting there doesn't work. I had to walk up and down the streets to trigger that objective. I had exited the manor by the cellar doors, the only nondestructive exit, which takes me to the outside garden and up the side street along the manor. It appears you are supposed to walk down the street alongside the shop and then head back to the manor. It's not enough to get to the spot. You have to walk past it and come back to it.

There were many times that I thought I was stuck and that the rest of the mission couldn't be ghosted. Thanks to help from other taffers and also from having to restart a fresh replay of the FM (to avoid the force field bug) then I was able to complete all objectives without busting my ghost. This was a really hard FM to ghost.

24th Oct 2002, 02:51
Congratulations, Vanguard, on your ghost of Rogues honor. It certainly was a tough mission to ghost. After a little while and failing in a few places, I ended up BJing 48.:) I got 3025 of 2900 possible loot, or so it says. There is a funny deal about buying stuff with your loot, and I guess I bought less stuff. I noticed that you didn't mention the church. Check it out.;)


26th Oct 2002, 01:57
Holy mohly, now that's a ton of crate stacking. Actually I did mention getting into the church:<blockquote>- I wanted the rope arrow to get into the church. Get atop the roofs; easiest is to head to street by the shop and mantle up onto the sloped roof. Get atop the starfield rooftop (where the rest of the roof is red). Jump over to the church wall and rope up to the bell tower. ... I did find a "secret" in the fireplace in the reading room. ...</blockquote>My way looks to be easier since the only risky part is jumping from the higher roof onto the church wall. To get back out of the church and down from the wall, I jumped from the church wall onto the ledge across and then crouched, slid a tad off the side of the ledge to lower myself a tad, and in the corner faced the cornering wall to slow myself just enough to not incur any damage on the fall. Just crouching and sliding off the ledge would incur damage.

I figure I didn't find anything in the church basement or behind the fireplace secret because the author had started there but decided to develop the FM outside of that building and didn't finish it here. There's a scroll inside honoring the beta testers and mentioned Lytha (probably she made it in here first during beta testing). I did find 10 water arrows inside that were worth 500 if purchased so they compensated for the 250 that was spent on the rope arrow that I had to leave behind stuck in the bell tower eave.

Hey, my endgame mission stats say there was only 1125 max loot in the game. Your max says 2900. I GOT ROBBED! Since there was no loot objective, I came back to the house after collecting a lot of loot and bought a whole bunch of water arrows and moss arrows to help me inside the house to ghost to the library. My other choice was to get a bunch of crates that would block Brian on his run to relight my doused torches so he would get stuck running indefinitely into the crates and never get to those torches.

Maybe in T3 the endgame stats will indicate how many reloads were needed to complete the mission. In this case, that stat would be very poor (i.e., very high) for this mission.

26th Oct 2002, 21:53
FM Title: The Ties That Bind
Game: Thief 2 - TMA
Ghost: Failure!!!
Perfect: Failure!!!
Time/Loot/Secrets etc: Not kept due to failure

- Failure results from a game script. A safe with wine in it in behind a banner in the Keeper building. You must slash the banner to get the safe. The safe is only teleported behind the banner when the banner is destroyed, so there is no hope for frobbing through it.
- Perfect isn't possible because 1) It's impossible to do the ghost 2) There is gold behind some boards, but they must be slashed to get past 3) Again, the safe is impossible to get to and contains money 4) If you enter one house you must torch a doll to escape (scripted) and there is money in the house.
- Without the property damage rule, this FM would be very ghostable. It's not a bad FM and very good I think, considering the small amount of area it takes up.

29th Oct 2002, 21:30
FM: A Brawl in the Tombs
File: brawlinthetombs.zip

Play mode: Ghost (success - forced end of mission)
Loot: 5045 of 5420 (4500 required)
Time: 1 hr 40 min
Backstabs: 0 Knockouts: 0
Damage dealt: 0 Taken: 0 Healing: 0
Killed: 0

- Pretty the same as Deadfall's ghost report.
- The melee between the thieves and zombies took place when I wasn't even around. There were zombie parts scattered about and the thieves were on alert. They even wandered into the large tiled room with a pylon and were swiping at the zombies on the floor (that never awake).
- In the Mechanist HQ is a floor throw switch. If you flip it, a melee breaks out. It is not necessary to continue the mission by flipping this switch; i.e., the switch is unnecessary. Since Garrett flipping this switch causes the melee, it is a ghost bust - so don't flip the switch.
- I had to turn the game gamma all the way up for this FM. It's dark.
- I probably spent half an hour trying to find the exit. I kept focusing on the ceiling grate in the back of the Hammerite temple but there is no way to open it. I read Deadfall's ghost report and the exit is back in the Thieve's Guild. Okay, got there, but I have no yellow key. I have the gray key. In the secret passage into the Mechanist's HQ is a body of a thief. Next to his body are 2 keys, a gray one and a yellow one. I picked up both. I went back to check and the yellow key was not back there. For some reason, the yellow key disappeared from my inventory so there is no way to exit. So I went to the exit door and hit Ctrl-Alt-Shift-End to end the mission.

When I got done ghosting, I just had to go back and start the melees. They are a blast to watch. I would then lure more zombies and haunts to the archers with the holied water arrows or to the thieves and watch them get diced, sliced, and smoked. It can get a bit jerky when 20+ AIs are embroiled in a battle.


<u>Garrett-triggered melee may constitute a ghost bust</u>

Depending on how the ghost rules might be interpreted or changed, there might be a possible ghost bust forced by the game. When you grab the sword, a large door opens and there is a melee between Mechanists, Hammerites, haunts, ghosts, and zombies. Since taking the sword is an overt action and the melee does not occur unless you take the sword, this is like a switch that Garrett has frobbed for an objective. FMs can have ghost-violating objectives (because it is not required that FMs be designed for ghosting).

However, if you read the scroll inside the cavern behind the big door, the Mechanists got trapped in there due to a collapse of dirt and are working to get out through the big door. In this case, the Garrett-triggered switch that started the melee is really just the author's way of giving you a show. It would've been more appropriate to have a boundary trigger near the top of the stepped pyramid to set off the melee.

Garrett frobbing the sword (like a switch) and starting the melee is a ghost bust. But it also appears this was a simplistic means by the author to start the melee instead of using a boundary trigger which would not be a ghost bust. Depends on how you look at it.

30th Oct 2002, 03:12
FM: The Keep (version 2)
File: keepv2.zip

Play mode: Ghost (success)
Time: 1 hr 24 min
Loot: 2233 of 2753 (2000 required)
Pockets picked: 4 of 5
Backstabs: 0 Knockouts: 6 (required)
Damage dealt: 6 Taken: 0 Healing: 0
Killed: 0

-- An objective says to take out the henchmen around the keep by any means possible. Blackjacking works to checkoff the objective.
-- A guard was stuck walking in place in the alley by the restaurant/bar inside the compound. I used the wood catwalk above him to get by him and then roped up to the catwalk to come back.
-- Nudged a servant in the big kitchen (near the front drawgate) so I could frob the gold wine bottle on the table and the loot goblets and bottles in recesses in the fireplace.
-- When you enter Rameriz's room, he is hardwired to start talking to you. I gassed him before he finished talking. An objective says to kill him. I tossed him down his secret shaft to kill him silently and "accidentally". It took 3 drops before he died.
-- Getting by the ghostly zombies is tough because you don't know which ones are real. I followed the leftside of the passage, doused the torches at the bottom, and ran down into the darkness without even a 1st alert.
-- Open the large metal inner doors after you enter the keep has a guard come out on alert and hunt for you. This seems hardwired. Since he is one of the henchmen that I am supposed to get rid of, and since he was alone, I blackjacked him.

This version 2 of this FM is recently released. I didn't notice any differences from version 1 (which I played a long time ago).

6th Nov 2002, 01:31
FM: Garrett's Nightmare

Ghost - Failed
Perfect Thief - N/A
Time - 00:56:11
Loot - 0/0
Pockets Picked - 2/3
Backstabs - 1 Knockouts - 18
Damage dealt - 374 Damage taken - 13
Healing taken - 4 Kills - 19
Secrets Found - 3/0

Causes of Failure:

- Cannot sneak by idle guard facing the spider cave more than once.
- Cannot sneak by any of the frogbeasts from the ice tunnel.
- Cannot sneak by the spiders in the upper caves.
- You must break glass in order to get a key which is needed to escape. Breaking the glass also alerts the Haunt.
- Cannot sneak by any of the zombies infront of the Mechanist room.
- Cannot sneak by Mechanist priest and combat bots in the Mechanist room.

Comments - Well... I had a definate feeling that I wouldn't be able to ghost this after reading the author's notes. This mission has only one difficulty and one objective, and it was designed as a "kill or be killed" survival mission. I still tried to ghost this mission anyway and I was surprised I got as far as I did.

I started off well. I was able to sneak by some very difficult areas with AI that were placed to be alerted and engaged. Eventually ghosting this got ridiculous and it was totally lost when property damage and alerts were unavoidable. But I am unusually satisfied with my failure because I was able to ghost all the way up to the frogbeasts. Also: The secrets reported 3/0 found. This is obviously a bug, and I don't know if there are any other secrets because of this.

The first area of difficulty I came across was right after comming out of the "Hall of Victims". There is an idle guard staring at a door that you need to get through and too many factors were against me; the electric light behind him brightened the area, he did not pivot, and it was not feasible to try and nudge him anywhere, so I had to use an invis potion. What I found out later, is that I need to come back to this area and there was only one invis potion found in the mission. So alerting him was inevitable. When I did use the invis potion, I didnt want to waste it so I ran passed the spiders and the into the apebeast ice cave.

Getting by the apebeasts proved difficult. I used a tactic that I never tried before, and I don't even know if it's allowed in the ghost rules. I didn't know that you could fire a broadhead into mushrooms and then destroy it as if you "frobbed" it. Shooting a broadhead was the only way I could produce darkness and sneak by the apebeasts. I don't think this would be property damage, but I can't be certain. In one tunnel, I had to resort to head on nudging for one of the apebeasts. I was able to crouch and creep right infront of his knee-caps and push him to the side so I could get by.

After going down the ice tunnel, I came across a huge batch of frogbeasts. These frogbeasts are not "allied" with Garrett, and I could not sneak by the one on the right against the wall. This was the only area that I had a chance of sneaking through but I tried everything. I tried CCCing, mossing and jumping, and using the slowfall potion, but none of these worked. I decided to take the other route, which is a secret passageway to the upper spider caves. A guard around this area has a key needed to open one of the doors, but the only way to get back down was to use the hole planted in the center of the spider cave. There were about 10 or so big green spiders positioned around the hole, and the room was way too bright to even attempt sneaking. I had also used my invis potion so I had nothing to do but try another way. I thought I could stack my holy water vials and perhaps jump up back into the ice tunnel near the frogbeasts, but I was only successful once and I had to use a flare stacking trick. However, for some reason, the apebeasts at the other end of the ice tunnel had completely rotated and I could not sneak by them. I had no other options now except to go on a rampage. I killed all of the spiders, the frogbeasts, and knocked out most of the apebeasts.

After returning to the previous area, however, a new batch of guards were spawned and started patrolling around each room. A guard even spawned in the exact place where the previous idle guard was. I ended up luring all of these guards into the darkened spider area and then I knocked them out one by one.

The black key from the guard near the upper spider caves unlocked the door with a haunt and a glass barrier which needed to be broken in order to get another key. Breaking the glass alerted the Haunt who was only a few inches away from the glass, so I backstabbed him to prevent the alert. The button behind the statue on the left removes a secret panel revealing the blue key, but after hitting the button, the center of the metal floor slides away and you fall into a room where you become trapped with a dozen haunts. I used a rope arrow on the beams above the metal floor so I could press the button, get the key, and jump back through the broken glass.

After this, however, a whole new set of AI were spawned. There were some translucent haunts and zombies patrolling around the rooms now and it took alot of waiting to finally sneak by. It was time to get out of here, so I went back to the frogbeast room and tried opening the door and to my surprise there were zombies clogged up in the hallway. There is no way to sneak by them so I cleared them out with a rain of holy water arrows. The next room was even worse because after opening the door, I stood face to face with a mechanist priest who immediately went on alert. If I doused the torches beside me, he may not have spotted me, but either way, it is impossible to sneak by him. The room behind the mechanist priest consists of two patrolling combat bots, and one idle mechanist priest at the other door. I used fire arrows to get rid of the combat bots and I knocked out the mechanist priests because it was impossible to sneak through this room. This was the last area I would come through because the blue key opened the locked door and after exiting to a garden, I was transported back to my "room" and the mission ended.

7th Nov 2002, 09:06
FM: In Search of Leon

Ghost - Success
Perfect Thief - Success (Chemical)
Time - 01:49:02
Loot - 6471/6471
Pockets Picked - 8/10
Backstabs - 0 Knockouts - 0
Damage dealt - 0 Damage taken - 0
Healing taken - 0 Kills - 0
Secrets Found - 0/0

Comments - This is the 5th mission from Christine's FM saga and this was the easiest one out of all her missions. I only used 1 water arrow in the entire mission and that was so I could get a few loose coins on a window sill. I also didn't need to use any moss arrows.

The guard in the sparring room was constantly attacking one of the dummies and getting too close to him would put him on 3rd alert. I wanted to get the silver coin stack in the chest so I watched him and made sure his back was turned. Sometimes his peripheral vision would just catch me and he would start charging, but it took some slow sneaking to finally lean forward and loot the chest while he remained clueless, attacking the dummy.

The main hall has 3 patrolling guards and 2 patrolling servants and the only way to sneak through without being seen or heard is by hugging the wall and moving slowly. The wall had a few spots where you can take advantage of medium shadow. But the wall also had very bright spots since the torches on the columns were pretty close. The upper floor of this area had another set of 3 patrolling guards, but the floor had carpet sections so all this area took was timing.

The magical book (objective) was found in the library. An unlit frobbable torch opened the bookshelf wall panel behind the couch and inside there was a patrolling fire elemental that circled around the book. I always got a first alert when I tried to mantle up into the secret area; jumping didn't work. Getting the book took all of about 10 seconds. The floor around the book was marble, but the entire room was dark and the fire elemental's patrol wasn't fast enough to be a problem.

Other Notes:

-The Prison Tract key was on the floor by one of the curtains in the pool room.
-I had to nudge Sir Hrothgar just a little bit forward so I could get the gold wine bottle behind the curtain infront of him.
-The missed pocket is actually a purse on a dead thief in one of the jail cells.
-Leon was found unconscious on a torture rack in one of the jail cells.

Loot was the primary objective for me, but I found loot with ease. I had recently played all of Christine's FM's one after the other and I was able to observe alot of similarities with each mission. I knew that she liked to place loot on window sills, behind curtains, and under bushes. I knew that she liked to put big "treasure" rooms in her mission that contains alot of loot. I also knew that alot of strange looking wine bottles and other "junk" items counted as loot.

Hard to find loot:
-Gold nugget under bush on the right side of the double doors in the courtyard.
-Loose coins on the window sill in the tower with the staircase leading to the castle wall.
-Loose coins on the window sill next to the guard in the octagonal room that connects to the main hall.
-Amulet on top of wine shelf in the pub room (use vine arrow to retrieve).
-Gold plates on the wine shelf in the pub room that are easy to miss unless you right click everywhere.
-Ring on window sill in the lounge/music room.
-Gold goblet on the ground next to the chair in the dining room.
-Ring on window sill next to the sleeping lady in the green dress.
-Gold wine bottle behind curtain infront of Sir Hrothgar in the library.

I needed to douse the candle on the window sill next to the guard so I could sneak infront of him and get the coins. I could have nudged him, but using a water arrow was obviously easier.

The room with the female noble and the guard on the upper level of the castle contained 2 candlesticks, but I couldn't sneak inside and get them without using the only invis potion in the mission. Dousing the candles put the noble on 2nd alert and I could not sneak in due to the brightness. I finished looting the rest of the castle and came back to this area to see what else I could do. But in the end, I just had to use an invis potion.

The Secret Areas (not counted as secrets):
-Secret "treasure" room is in Sir Hrothgar's (I guess) room behind the couch next to the fireplace. Highlight the red/black book on the bookshelf in the adjacent room.
-Secret shrine room with loot is in the storage room. Flip the switch behind the lamp.
-Secret equipment room is next to the sparring room. Frob the target to open the door.

Before I was about to carry Leon back to the start of the mission, I explored a little more and found that in the sparring room there was a frobbable target that opened the unhighlightable door in the other room. There were tons of moss/water/fire/gas arrows and other equipment in this room, and I found it just after I had finished going through the mission. It doesn't really matter though, because there was no need to use moss or water arrows.

Other than finding loot, the mission had no difficult areas and was easily ghostable.

7th Nov 2002, 20:27
FM: In Search of Leon
File: in_search_of_leon.zip

Play mode: Ghost (success)
Time: 1 hr 11 min
Loot: 6421 of 6471 (4000 required)
Pockets picked: 8 of 10
Backstabs: 0 Knockouts: 0
Damage dealt: 0 Taken: 0 Healing: 0
Killed: 0
Secrets: 0 of 0

-- Deadfall got done ghosting this one before me. While he spared as much as his inventory as possible, I used it whenever it made ghosting easier, like dousing the torches in the main hall and in the practice sparring room, and mossing the floors around the magic book and into the 2nd floor room with the lady and guard.
-- I couldn't find the last 50 in loot.
-- I had to use the inviso potion to get into a 2nd floor room with a lady and guard. I couldn't get in unspotted otherwise. I also mossed the tile floor at the door to eliminate a bad jump through the door from the hallway carpet runner and room carpet and back out.
-- I mossed the tile floor around the book and the stairs so I could easily just tail the fire elemental while snatching the book and get out.
-- The actual pickpocket max is 9. I could only find 8 liftable items from the AIs. Either I missed one or the author forgot that the purse on the corpse in the jail cell would never get counted; the game engine won't count items lifted from corpses or unconscious bodies.

8th Nov 2002, 20:07
FM: Gheldorf's Towne House
File: gheldorf.zip

Play mode: Ghost (success)
Time: 1 hr 2 min
Loot: 2123 of 2223 (2100 required)
Pockets picked: 6 of 11
Backstabs: 0 Knockouts: 0
Damage dealt: 0 Taken: 0 Healing: 0
Killed: 0
Secrets: 3 of 3

-- After getting inside, there are a couple sleeping rooms on the 1st floor. The bunks for the servants quarters were more than wide enough apart to normally walk between them but the boundary was screwed up so you got blocked. I used a moss arrow so I could jump onto or over the bunk beds to get at and pick open the chests.
-- I doused 2 torches in the kitchen to be unseen by the rotating kitchen servant. He wasn't rotating when I was first in the kitchen so he could not be nudged (he doesn't shuffle his feet). I couldn't get past him to frob the switch to open the secret behind the bookcase next to the fireplace. I lugged a crate from the guards' sleeping quarters so I could get high enough to lean and frob the switch. You have to position the crate halfway beyond the front of the fireplace so there is room behind it for the bookcase to swing open.
-- I then had to lug the crate into the dining room. Two of the loot wall plates were too high to reach and I didn't want to be jumping and making noise to frob them.
-- Getting past the guard at the office door proved almost impossible. He is in the corner of the room by the office door and is angled to face into the center of the room so you cannot sneak up to him from either side without him spotting you. Good thing I did a quicksave here. I figured that I would use rope arrows to get atop a bookshelf and see if I could sneak over him and drop behind him. Unfortunately, the rope arrows simply disappear if you shoot them into the bookshelves. They will work, however, in the wood walls. Once inside the office, you'll notice the secret wall panel but finding the switch is very difficult. I searched everywhere for a long time. Turns out if you get too close to the corner bookcase then the button does not light up; you have to back away and look down to see underneath and by its rear foot for the button.
-- I could not find the last 100 of loot. I was under the 2100 loot requirement. I had missed the mask in the upstairs bedroom and the coins behind the angel statue on the 1st floor. That got me over the loot objective.

21st Nov 2002, 06:57
FM: In Search of Leon

Ghost - Success
Perfect Thief - Success
Time - 03:25:54
Loot - 6471/6471
Pockets Picked - 8/10
Backstabs - 0 Knockouts - 0
Damage dealt - 0 Damage taken - 0
Healing taken - 0 Kills - 0
Secrets Found - 0/0


I never check Ghost reports before playing. I didn't realize this one was so polular.:)

This is a slightly better result than reported previously by Deadfall. I did not require the use of an invisio potion to get the candlesticks from the noble and the lady. The first time I tried to put out a candle the lady didn't alert, but I blew the ghost in another way because I didn't have enough water. On reload, the lady alerted when I dowsed a candle. Knowing it was possible, I just kept trying and eventually after about 10 tries I had another success. I think the key could be a long wait to remove an unapparent first level alert caused by opening the door. It seems to work better when the lady hums and the guard mutters.

I had a slight disadvantage when playing this room. I had already used all but two of my water arrows, and three were needed to get the candle sticks with complete safety. I dowsed the candle on the left and did a very slow CCC into the left corner, avoiding an alert even though my visibility gem was yellow. Once in the corner I dowsed the fireplace, and that did it.

Later I got two more water arrows in the kitchen sink without alerting the maid, but they were not needed at that point.

I spent twice as long as necessary in this mission owing to the hunt for tricky loot in ghost mode, with no side trips. As is usual, this was my first playing of the mission.

I agree with Deadfall. The last pocket must be a mis-accounting of the purse on the dead prisoner, which of course doesn't register in the pocket stats. No other AI have anything on them. In fact, that purse was my last piece of loot. I had found it before but lost it in a reload, and I found it again only when I retraced all my steps.

24th Nov 2002, 04:39
FM: Iron Man

Ghost - Success
Perfect Thief - Success
Time - 02:21:24
Loot - 10194/10194
Pockets Picked - 1/2
Backstabs - 0 Knockouts - 0
Damage dealt - 0 Damage taken - 0
Healing taken - 0 Kills - 0
Secrets Found - 5/5

Comments - This new mission is the sequel to "Best Defense".

There was only one very difficult area that took mere chance and luck to beat in this mission. And it is only to get all of the loot; it is not required.

There were a few possible entrances that could be used to get inside of the huge mansion; even the front door, but I decided to take the back way by using the secret panel by the graveyard which lead me to a garden with a few apebeasts. One apebeast was standing by the pool and I think he had seen better days. He had no head, no arms, no legs; only a torso, so it looked like he was just a floating stomache. He could still see/hear however, so I don't know how to explain that.

Since I had no intention of using moss to help speed my way through, I had to creep for a very long time on the metal floor in the basement. I was glad to have found that there was a way to turn off all of the lights though, and once this was done, I could lean into the side rooms and turn off the lights. I needed to do this to get loot in a chest.

The mech bot by the wheelbarrels and crates seemed to have a longer sight range than normal. He was far enough away that I could sneak behind the idle hammerite and not be seen, but for some reason this particular mech bot saw me every time. So I had to resort to using 2 water arrows to douse the torches next to the hammerite.

Getting the keys in the barracks was a little tricky even though I had a few choices; douse the torch, nudge the hammerite, or mantle the bed. I chose the hardest one and mantled the bunk bed. I had some experience before on how to drop down from bunk beds without making a loud jump sound, so all I did was aim for the closest chest and then dropped down on the edge so I would be hitting neither the floor, nor the top lid of the chest. There is also a little switch inbetween the two beds on the right that opens a secret panel to an equipment room by the lift. I had to nudge the female servant in the servants quarter in order to get the nuggets in the secret panel on the side of the fireplace.

Sneaking by the idle hammerite in the music/living room required a different method than what I thought to be best. The room was well lit and I needed to get to the light switches behind the frame of the double door. I would have to hug the left wall and make a circle around the room. I tried sneaking slowly, but the hammerite spotted me every time. The unusual method I used, was simply running to the corner with a bright yellow gem. The method yields only a 1st alert from the hammerite, and it seems im either moving too fast for him to spot me, or an object blocks his view. I was also able to run by the fireplace with a first alert too. From here I fired a moss arrow at the light switch on the far right next to the double door and this turned off all 4 lamps in the room. There are 2 switches, however, and the switch on the far left is not the one that needs to be hit. If the switch is pressed, another set of lamps will be turned on and that is obviously unwanted.

To get the masks on the walls and the loot on the dining room table, I simply watched the servant's movements and used some quick sneaking (creeping while standing). The mask on the wall by the kitchen took a slightly different tactic. I needed to walk slowly against the wall while the servant was heading back to the kitchen. Then I had to crouch and wait for him to come back out, then snatched the mask and remained crouched while the servant walked towards the kitchen again. Then I crept up almost to the edge of the kitchen door, waited for the servant to enter the dining room, and then I crept into the kitchen.

At the back of one of the storage cellars, there's a lift that goes down to a storage basement. In one of the adjacent rooms there is a pile of crates against a wall. I am always scrounging like a rat for loot so I looked under the crates, and to my surprise removing the crates revealed a hidden passage. In this area there was some loot and an interesting song about "butter beans."

The upper floor eased down in difficulty a bit because the ubiquitious marble floors were gone and I could sneak quickly again. The 2 hammerites guarding the door to the vault must be nudged if you want to sneak by without dousing any torches. Through this guarded door was the vault and a patrolling hammerite. None of the keys I had, or my lockpicks would open this door, so I thought I would find the key later on. I went up stairs and came upon a large ball room. It was time for some creeping on marble again, and it was also time for a very difficult area that requires pure speed and dexterity. To get the loot behind the bar counter with the patrolling servant, I had to mantle up onto the counter and then drop down near the ladder. To get the gold wine bottles on the upper shelf I had to climb to the top and remain in brightness while the servant makes his way back and forth with only a 1st alert. When the servant goes around the corner of the shelf, I would climb down and get the wine bottles and then climb back up and wait again. There was no loot or any thing of worth on the other side of the shelf.

And now the very difficult part. After leaving the bar area and creeping along the walls, I came to a game room with 3 hammerites and nobles. The room was bright and the light switches were by the frame of the entryway on the left. The problem with getting into the room was that the female noble and one of the hammerites was facing the entryway and there just didn't seem to be a way to sneak in. The coin stacks, jeweled cups, and wine bottles beckoned, however, and I felt the need to get in here. The first thing I did was moss the floor by the entryway. I tried sneaking slowly and I tried different leaning to see if I could press one of the light switches, but I just wasn't close enough. And if I wanted to be close enough, I would have to alert one of the AI's. The ultimate method I used required alot of speed and I failed dozens of times. I simply tried running through the door frame and then attempted to lean to the right and hit the light switch. The time it took to run and lean without alerting the noble made this part seem impossible; but it's not. I learned to improve my attempts after many reloads and found that if I run towards the surface of the door frame on the left, lean to the right and hit the left switch, the 2 lights facing the entryway would turn off and I would be in shadow while standing in the door frame. I knew what needed to be done, but the real challenge was executing all of this fast enough. It takes some quick leaning and mouse clicking, but once I was successful, I gave a sigh of relief, continued turning off the other lights, and then grabbed everything in the room that wasn't bolted down.

The hardest section of the mission is dealt with now. But for me, it was a little different because I had completely missed a very significant part of the basement. I realized this because I had explored every room of the mansion, yet I still didn't have a key for the vault. I tried thinking about where I had been and thought maybe there was a switch that opened the vault door. But the vault door was highlightable, so there had to be a key. And then I thought of the metal floored basement and the switch I flipped beside the other levers and switches that turned off the watchers and lights. I remembered reading one of the signs that mentioned opening a gate in the sewer. I never knew what hitting the switch did, so out of curiosity, I went all the way back down and found that the switch opens the metal gate in the sewer. Beyond this gate there was a flooded room, and a strange prison area with levers located in each cell. The button on the altar opened the gates of the levers and switching some of the levels would spawn some zombies. I started from the cells on the left and the lever in the 3rd cell from the left makes the vault key appear on the altar. Getting out took some effort. I noticed that the tunnel to the prison area now had a locked gate and I flipped all of the levers and nothing happened except more zombie spawns. I thought maybe the levers have to be flipped in a certain sequence, but actually the lever in the first cell on the right has to be switched twice and then the gate in the tunnel will open.

How inconvenient that I missed this area... But at least I found what I needed. I went all the way back to the vault and got the horn and the loot and I exited the mansion by going through the front door. I doused both torches and just barely noticed that there were some loose coins in the fountain and this was the last 100 loot I needed.

27th Nov 2002, 17:47
FM: Iron Man
File: ironman.zip

Time: 1 hr 41 min
Loot: 9919 of 10194 (8500 required)
Pockets picked: 1 of 2 (all)
Backstabs: 0 Knockouts: 0
Damage dealt: 0 Taken: 0 Healing: 0
Killed: 0
Secrets: 5 of 5

- There is a secret wall panel next to the elevator outside the door to the barracks. It took a long time to find the switch. I missed it repeatedly. It's in the barracks room.
- I had troubles trying to get the money box next to the apebeasts in the secret courtyard/pool area. Dousing their fire alerted the one closest to the pool. I found that I had to be a long ways away, almost across the pool, to douse the fire without causing an alert.
- It took a long time to find the vault key. When I entered the waterway from the pool in the secret courtyard, I went into the basement and then into the house. I had not traversed to the end of the waterway which is where you find the vault key. After a long search outside and inside the house, I remembered seeing that waterway went further than the opening into the basement and decided to check it out.
- I nudged the guard forward in the barracks to get at the keys.
- In the upper basement level, I nudged both Hammerites forward in the room with the switches to disable the watcher (so I could get close enough to the throw levers to frob them).
- Nudged the guard in the Great Room so I could sneak past him by the double doors and get to the darker side of the room and to the light switch.
- Could not get into the upstairs gambling room. I would get well lit when approaching and entering the doorway. A gal close to the door would alert if I became too well lit regardless of how slowly I moved. The light switches were too far around the corner to reach; when I would lean in to reach the switches, the gal would alert. Had to skip 345 in loot in there.
- Between what I found in the outside front garden and elsewhere, I had something like 35 or more moss arrows. It's possible to sneak around without using them. I did that in the basement figuring I wanted to keep as many as possible for later. But eventually it made it much easier to use them, like mossing up the safe and jumping into it behind the guard when he paused and faced sideways. I also found moss handy in the front wishing fountain. I doused the torches so I was hidden but the splash noise still alerted the outside front door guards. Although the moss doesn't disperse when shot into the water, it gives me another level on which to step and go more slowly into the water. I was then able to frob the coins from the fountain.
- On returning to the front and outside, I happened to get close enough to the scarecrow that it lit up. I frobbed it and a secret panel opened. Inside were some fire arrows and a journal that mentioned the vault key (i.e., the portcullis and switch). Gee, would've saved me a lot of time if I had found this at the start.
- On a sub-basement guard (with the metal floor) is a "private key". Never found what this was for, or maybe its door is pickable and I already picked it open.
- There is a suburst bomb behind the powder kegs in the basement (near the big mech bots). Don't know what you would need this for.
- In the secret courtyard w/pool is a folded up apebeast. It doesn't move but it will alert to your presence. I don't know if this was a design defect or to be humorous by showing an apebeast with its head up its arse.
- I did a blackjack run through the mission and still didn't find the last 275 in loot. I gave up scrounging for it.

2nd Dec 2002, 20:48
FM: Ravencourt's Mansion
File: ravenc1eng.zip

Play mode: Ghost (forced failure)
Time: 31 minutes
Loot: 1186 of 1286 (1100 required)
Pockets picked: 2 of 3 (all)
Backstabs: 0 Knockouts: 2 (1 required)
Damage dealt: 2 Taken: 0 Healing: 0
Killed: 0
Secrets: 0 of 0

Cause(s) of failure:
- You have to bash open a wood door.
- When you open the door to the museum or art room, you get a new objective to save Lady Ravencourt. She is getting kung fu'd to death by a guy. You have to stop him before he kills her. The least damaging means of stopping him is to blackjack him. However, according to the new proposed ghost rules, the objective doesn't explicitly exempt you from blackjacks so this might be a forced bust to satisfy this objective.

- You MUST get version 1.4 of this FM; see the FM's description when opened in Darkloader to check the version. The author originally intended that you blow open a metal door using a sunburst bomb (which would've been another ghost bust) but never got it working. He later added a key to open this door.
- The only level of difficulty is Easy.
- When you frob the chest down one floor from where you start, a guard gets spawned in the same room. Although I was totally hidden in the shadows, I could not manage to sneak around the room to get out the door. Since I have to bash this door open with the sword (which is a ghost bust), the guard would alert. If I bash open the door before frobbing the chest so the guard didn't exist yet, on frobbing the chest the guard would get spawned but now be already fully alerted. So I had to skip the 100 in loot in the chest and eliminate spawning the guard. The ghost bust from bashing the door open was already bad enough.
- Upstairs there is a courtyard. When you pick open the door (there is no key), one of the archers patrolling in the hallway on the other side will alert when close to the door. So pick it when you lean into the door and hear them go through the far door. You also have to open and shut the door when they are at the far end of the hallway.
- You have to carefully slide onto the elevator going up to the top floor. Otherwise, you will hop instead of walk from the floor when you get onto the elevator platform and make a loud clang that is heard through the stone floor and alerts the guard down one floor in the storeroom behind the kitchen.
- When you open the door into the museum or art room, you get a new objective to save Lady Ravencourt. She is under attack. Even with the hallway door closed, the guard patrolling out there will hear her wails of pain, so wait until he is at the far end of his hallway, open the museum door, dash in, and immediately close that door so the guard hears nothing. You can sneak up in the shadows behind the guy attacking the lady and blackjack him while remaining unseen and unheard. However, although the objective says to save the lady, it doesn't explicitly exempt you from the no-blackjack rule, so this is probably another ghost bust.
- You have to rope up to the upper level in this room to get the diamond and some more loot.
- I had to blackjack Rosie in the kitchen so I could tote her out to the mansion entrance, an objective. I actually came into the kitchen from the hallway through the dining room rather than through the back storeroom. I couldn't get into the kitchen using the storeroom because the guard would spot me. There is a light switch in the kitchen to make it dark. The light starts on, frobbing the light switch doesn't do anything, and frobbing it a second time turns off the light. The switch was probably initialized in the off position although the light was on. I don't recall any other defects than this one (once the door was fixed to use a key instead of trying to blast it open which didn't work).

13th Dec 2002, 07:32
FM: A Brawl in the Tombs

Ghost - Success (old rules).
Perfect Thief - Success
Failure with new rules.
Time - 03:58:41
Loot - 5420/5420
Pockets Picked - 8/9 (all)
Backstabs - 0 Knockouts - 0
Damage dealt - 0 Damage taken - 0
Healing taken - 0 Kills - 0
Secrets Found - 0/0
Bodies discovered - 5 (must've been someone else's work)
Comsumables - only water arrows, no potions.

Comments - Deadfall and Vanguard have already covered this ghosting well, so I will report only small differences.

It's a huge mission and dark, so it's easy to miss things the first time through it. I missed some loot because I didn't feel like taking the time this evening to hunt for it. Maybe I'll go back in this weekend.:) There are an awful lot of empty sarcophagi, and I think I looked in all of them.

Edit: I went back in and found the remaining loot. I feel really stupid. It took me three hours of clock time (one hour of game time) to cover the entire map again, only to find that the wine cabinet in the hammers drilling area had two doors, and I had failed to see the top one light up.:) Three wine bottles in the upper cabinet did it. I also found the last pocket - an arrow on an archer at the chapel entrance courtyard.

While looking for the loot I discovered the Keepers area and the tribute to Master Nightwalker. I thought I had frobbed all those gates before, but I guess not. Must be slipping....

I got the pickpockets in the torch areas by extinguishing all the torches (no alerts). The guards were extremely sensitive to water arrow noise, so that took a long time, many reloads, and some experimentation. In some cases it was shooting location - shoot below the torch to the side of the structure away from the AI. Or technique: don't pull back on the bow all the way. Lob it in there with a high arc. Sometimes it was the order - shoot the far ones first, and the change of light will not bother them so much.

I did not notice the pocket I missed. I don't think it is on a dead AI, unless it is one of the two keys in the tunnel leading to the mechanist complex. There are some goosey guards outside the chapel that I avoided. Maybe on one of those. [Edit - yes it was!]

As has been noted, the start of a melee by taking the sword is a bust under the new rules. It cannot be avoided because the sword is an objective, but the melee is not an explicit objective.

As for the five bodies discovered by enemies, I did not do it (zero damage). There were two unavoidable melees. One was when taking the sword (an objective), and the second occurred when some Thief reinforcements came (unbeknownst to me) and did some serious whacking on some undead. Later, after their work, the thieves lined up nicely on sentry duty with their lanterns, which helped me to find my way back to the thief headquarters and the ending. Nice touch.

I thought this mission was very entertaining. Good scenery, great sound effects. I like the deep voices talking-backward, or whatever they did. Headphones make a difference there. The melee scenes were great. I thought the one in the drill tunnel was the best. I went down the tunnel and checked it out up close. How else could I get the gold teeth out of the bodies? Not ghosting then, of course.:)

16th Dec 2002, 22:20
FM: Sir Stefan Geheimnis (The Secret of Sir Stefan)
File: sir_stephan.zip

Play mode: Ghost (failed - due to long delay in AI reaction)
Time: 1 hr 48 min
Loot: 6510 of 6727 (5000 required)
Pockets picked: 8 of 9 (all)
Backstabs: 0 Knockouts: 0
Damage dealt: 0 Taken: 0 Healing: 0
Killed: 0
Secrets: 0 of 0

Cause(s) of failure:
- I doused a torch in the pub. It takes 54 seconds (almost a minute) before either the blackguard or female kungfu guard react. I had already done a quicksave after about 15 seconds passed and, and normal for me, I was only using the quicksave to recover. This is not because the patrolling servant gal triggers to the doused torch. It takes a minute before one of the AIs inside the pub react to a doused torch. Some torches can be doused, but a couple will eventually set off one or more AIs after a long delay.

- Nudged a gent forward in the book shop to get a gem vase on an inside window shelf that was beside him.
- An interesting and possible typo was on a letter in a house that said, "... my dear son-in-law. I don't understand why he wants to marry my beloved grandson." Hmmm.... Considering the period in which Thief is set, I didn't think they allowed boy-boy marriages back then.
- To douse the torch alongside the open end of the bar, I had to move across the outside walkway to maximize my distance from the blackguard so he would not alert when I doused that torch. I still got busted after a long delay when I doused a torch on the far wall (see above for cause of failure).
- Finding where to use the "key to the server" took a very, very long time. Eventually I found that the water gate does not illuminate to indicate it is frobbable (using the key); the change in contrast is nearly imperceptible. Also, you cannot be close to the gate. You have to back away from the gate to use the key. This leads to Sir Stefan's hideout, and means everyone that enters gets wet.
- Had to nudge a guard forward in a guards' barrack room so I could get close enough to use lockpicks to open a wood chest.
- Nudged the guard in Sir Stefan's room sideways into the bedroom and forward past the doorway so he could not see me enter the secret passage leading to his pets.
- I was out of water and gas arrows and so had nothing more to douse torches. I mossed up a hallway and nudge the guard forward and away from the wall in a half darkened hallway to get past him and into the dining room to get the loot in there. This took many tries due to a patrolling servant that would alert if he got too close although the light gem was completely black.
- Getting back into the water to exit the hideout proved difficult. The splash noise on entering the water would alert the guard standing there at the dock. I managed to get back onto the ladder and then moved down and into the water and jumped off the ladder after I was already below the surface to eliminate the splash noise.

17th Dec 2002, 00:17
FM: Winternacht (A Winter's Night)
File: winternacht.zip

Play mode: Ghost (success)
Time: 36 minutes
Loot: 4179 of 5692 (4000 required)
Pockets picked: 7 of 9 (8 total)
Backstabs: 0 Knockouts: 0
Damage dealt: 0 Taken: 0 Healing: 0
Killed: 0
Secrets: 0 of 0

- Nudge a guy that was upstairs next to a fireplace so he couldn't see me (beyond a 1st alert) going into his bedroom door to the side and in front of him. Also nudged his kitchen servant gal forward towards the counter to reach a gold plate (and also get water arrows in her sink).
- There is 813 in loot, maybe more, in the pub. However, opening the door alerts 2 AIs: a barmaid runs out for help and the kungfu guard gal and maybe a blackguard go on full alert. Had to skip the loot in there, including the purse on the kungfu gal (and why I was 1 short on the pickpocket stat).
- I used a crate, the only one in the mission, to get up onto the balcony on the backside of the pub. I only had 3954 in loot and needed 4000 for the loot objective. This got me over 4000, plus I had missed a gold wine bottle under a 1st floor table in the house at the start that has the weapons cache.

18th Dec 2002, 09:01
FM: The Secret of Sir Stefan

Ghost - Success
Time - 03:17:44
Loot - 6512/6727
Pockets Picked - 8/9 (all)
Backstabs - 0, Knockouts - 0
Damage dealt - 0, Damage taken - 0
Healing taken - 0, Kills - 0
Secrets Found - 0/0 (there were some)
Comsumables - lots of water arrows and moss. Two gas arrows to extinguish torches.

Comments - Vanguard in his post above describes some trouble spots. I was not aware of these because I like to play a mission with no prior knowledge. Given enough time and effort, I managed to circumvent all of the problems he mentioned.

For a start, I did not have to nudge any AI. I don't know what to say other than I used careful sneaking and leaning. There are quite a few places where you can go with a green visibility gem and not be seen.

The main thrust of this mission is wise use of water and gas arrows for extinguishing torches and careful technique in shooting them.

The first trouble spot was the pub. To get the loot there it is necessary to extinguish most of the torches. The AI are very goosy, and they often alert when a torch is put out. As Vanguard mentioned, sometimes the reactions occur a long time after the event. It took me many reloads, trying different approaches, to do it, but eventually I managed to put out all the torches I needed to without an alert. As above in Brawl in the Tombs, it was a question of optimal order, shooting technique, shooting location (on structure below torch and to one side), and some luck. I dowsed them in this order: far wall right torch, far wall center, far right corner, doorway, lamp on bar. I left the one on the left wall lit. I hopped onto the bar where I snatched the loot, but it was also possible to go around.

From there, it was fairly routine exploring and ghosting until I got to Stefan's hiding place. I was not confused by the gate. I had frobbed and clicked it before, and it was the only frobbable item left unlocked when I got the blue key, so I went straight for the gate. True, it does not unlock when you are close to it. That set me back a notch, I will admit, but I hit it again from another angle and it opened. I never take one bad mouse click as a "no." I click all around on the off-chance I have missed something.

Once inside Stephan's hiding place, the lower floor was routine, but then upstairs there were some well-lit marble floors, so the going got a little sticky in that area. However, with plenty of moss and water arrows, I made short work of it (or so I thought).:) When I finally found the burrick place, I had two gas arrows and two water arrows left for extinguising torches, more than enough, one would think. Wrong! There are eight torches in the burrick room, and I found it necessary to put out six of them to get the goodies, which I could not do at that point. Busted!

So I went back to a saved game on entry to the hiding place, and this time around I was very careful not to use water unnecessarily. This meant, for example, sneaking through the first rotunda room with one of two torches still lit (the one on the side of the guards' path). I put out the two torches in the T passage, where it is necessary to stop and rest, skipped the left corridor for the time being (in which I had previously used two water arrows), went down the right passage with only the far torch put out, and avoided puting out the fire in Stephan's room. With that, I arrived at the Burrick room with eight water + gas arrows and left there with all the goodies, burricks none the wiser, and two arrows to spare.:)

On return from the burricks area into the marble halls, I found, with my new attitude about water conservation, that I could loot the remainder of the rooms without dowsing any more torches. So I finished the mission with two arrows to spare rather than two arrows short.

That's it. I am short 215 loot. Maybe I will go back for it sometime, but that is all I can do this evening.:)

18th Dec 2002, 18:45
Originally posted by Vanguard
FM: The Keep (version 2)
File: keepv2.zip

-- An objective says to take out the henchmen around the keep by any means possible. Blackjacking works to checkoff the objective.

this is different from version 1. before you had to Kill them.

-- A guard was stuck walking in place in the alley by the restaurant/bar inside the compound. I used the wood catwalk above him to get by him and then roped up to the catwalk to come back.
-- Nudged a servant in the big kitchen (near the front drawgate) so I could frob the gold wine bottle on the table and the loot goblets and bottles in recesses in the fireplace.
-- When you enter Rameriz's room, he is hardwired to start talking to you. I gassed him before he finished talking. An objective says to kill him. I tossed him down his secret shaft to kill him silently and "accidentally". It took 3 drops before he died.
-- Getting by the ghostly zombies is tough because you don't know which ones are real. I followed the leftside of the passage, doused the torches at the bottom, and ran down into the darkness without even a 1st alert.
-- Open the large metal inner doors after you enter the keep has a guard come out on alert and hunt for you. This seems hardwired. Since he is one of the henchmen that I am supposed to get rid of, and since he was alone, I blackjacked him.

This version 2 of this FM is recently released. I didn't notice any differences from version 1 (which I played a long time ago).

Other differences are..
1.A few more AIs placed.
2.The started area -docks was rebuilt to no longer look like outside.
3.You can now exit the lower keep section to get back and BJ/Kill the henchman if you forgot.
4.The "U Win" at the end no longer lights up.
5.Moved the placement of the Passed out Ai with the weapons room key.
6.Added a bit more decoration to the streets.
7.Removed the building on the way to town.
8.Added a map of the city.(With locations marked)
9.Raised the ceiling hieght of the map to allow for more roaming on the roof tops.
10.Fixed some high polycount areas.

Overall I think there are quite a few changes. Perhaps you need to spend more time playing the map and enjoying the setting, instead of trying to ghost everything.
I know that sounds harsh. Just meant it as a suggestion to your playing style.

19th Dec 2002, 01:27
apache, why did you remove the lit u win? just curious, i thought that was cool. anyway ill have to d/l this one sometime and play again, too busy right now but someday...as it is in my opinion a very great map(and i saw the movie too!) i think it a very good idea that you made it so that you could go back and get all the henchmen. i played the old version and didnt have a hard time understanding which ones were the henchmen but i can see how some people might have been confused on it.

19th Dec 2002, 02:43
Originally posted by amievil?
apache, why did you remove the lit u win? just curious, i thought that was cool.
Thought it was a bit corny..:D

19th Dec 2002, 05:33
I only refer to the map, if there is one, usually as a last resort when I can't find some place or after I get irrevocably lost. I'd rather discover along the way and investigate in the order that I happen to encounter them and to explore out-of-order than use a map as a guideline. Besides, after playing lots of FMs, the lack of a map is so pervasive to FMs that I often don't even check to see if there is one until I get stuck or get lost. I rarely used maps even in the OMs which always had one. Relying on a map as a guide, to me, is somewhat counterproductive to the fun of exploration, especially since I try to investigate every nook and cranny of an FM. I'll even dive off a cliff knowing that I'll die just so I can see what it looks like all the way down.

In our family, there is a standing joke about being adventurous. I'll head off through some unknown part of town without any clue as to what is over there, no maps, and no idea if we'll get to our destination, get lost, or end up backtracking and taking a known route. Sometimes after a short distance the others will suggest that we head back and go the "right" way, and then I'll query, "Hey, what happened to being adventurous?" When I take road trips and get asked where I'm going, I'll pick a direction and say, "That way". When asked what's over that way, I say, "Don't know. I'll find out when I get there. That's the adventure."

19th Dec 2002, 05:45
I think Apache meant playing the mission, aka map, aka level, not looking at the mission's map.;) Of course, I could be wrong.

And, now that I am also guilty, let me remind you (us) that the purpose of this thread is to report ghost results and to make comments on same.:)

24th Jan 2003, 08:03
FM: Winternacht (A Winter's Night)
File: winternacht.zip

Play mode: Perfect Thief (success)
Time: 2:08:36
Loot: 5692 of 5692
Pockets picked: 8 of 9 (all)
Backstabs: 0 Knockouts: 0
Damage dealt: 0 Taken: 0 Healing: 0
Killed: 0
Secrets: 0 of 0


Vanguard reported several ghosting problems in this mission, all of which I managed to circumvent with enough time and effort (my two hours vs. his 36 minutes). My main problems were finding all the loot and getting the loot on the balcony of the pub without an alert.

My first problem was ghosting the Jeweler's house because, in my first time through it, I did not notice the light switch in the main room.:) That was easily solved. Anyway, the tension in there no doubt made me overlook what turned out to be my last loot: three coins worth 60 in the storage room. It took me a long time to find those.

The main ghosting problem of the mission was the bar, as Vanguard pointed out. On my first approach to the entance, I opened the door OK, but I had trouble extinguishing the lights. Later, on a reload, I suddenly became unable to open the front door without alerting the bar maid, as Vanguard reported. However, if at first you don't succeed, then fiddle about! My secret to opening the door was to stand near it so it didn't swing very far. Then I closed it, moved back, and opened it farther. Repeat three times, and it was all the way open without a peep. I have noticed that sometimes a gradual approach like this avoids an alert. Anyway, being super quiet with the door, in turn, made it easier to put out the lights. Evidently a hightened state of first level alert can be caused by opening the door, and this can trigger a 2nd alert when the lights are extinguished.

So, I looted the first floor of the bar with no problem after that. The next problem occurred going up stairs to the balcony. I could moss the stairs and sneak-dash through a lit-up spot to get out OK, then close the door, and walk around on the balcony with no problem. There was a line on the balcony floor, however, that I could not get past so I could not reach the loot. No matter how careful I was, using moss, etc., all the AI below triggered when I crossed the line. Perhaps if I waited up there for 10-15 minutes it would not have occurred, but I doubt it. The line acted like a proximity trigger.

Then I went on a crate hunt, hoping to build a stack to get up the back side of the balcony, to avoid crossing that line. I found only one crate, which was not nearly enough height for me to jump or mantle up. The ledge seemed about 15 feet up. Vanguard reported using one crate. I guess I must be shorter than Vanguard.;) Once again, a little fiddling. I reached into my inventory for all the stackable items I had. First the crate, then two potions, then two pieces of purple fruit. That got me up a couple of more feet, but still not high enough. Apples don't work. They lift you up a little, but then they bounce all around when you jump on them. Finally I got lucky with a piece of cheese.:D The drop jump with the cheese put me over the rail, even though the cheese ultimately fell down off the stack. See below.


I did the same move in Tymoteusz the other day with a crumpled piece of paper. Catching it with a jump in mid air can put you over. But it is not repeatable.

That did the job. The rest was routine.

No nudging was required anywhere. I just got into good position and leaned. I was not able to get the water arrows from the kitchen maid, and that almost put me in a bind. I got four water arrows, used one foolishly, and used my last three in the pub.

26th Jan 2003, 17:42
Posted January 2, 2003 at TTLG Forums (My Temporary Ghost Sucess stories file)
AT http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=62922

Mission Title: A Winter's Night
(Night, not Eve, remember that)
Game: Thief 2 - TMA
Ghost: Success!
Prefect: Failed
Time: 1 hour 8 minutes 15 seconds (althogh 3 times as much of trial and error)
Loot: {5283 OR 5397} /5692 *SEE COMMENTS*
Pick Pockets: 7/9 (7/8 PP bug)
KOs/Kills/Damage: 0

-Okay, depending on how you look on a chemical success (use of potions), I have different loot scores. WITH an Inviso Potion in th bar, I have 5397 in loot. WITHOUT the Inviso Potion, I had to skip even more loot, and ended with 5283.
-The first two houses were easy compared to the rest of the level. It was just a little room dodging.
-The Jeweler's was VERY hard. I did more CCC ing (creeping) than I've ever had to do. I would have prefered more moss arrows. First, you have to hug the wall to slip past the gaurd in front. Then use 2 moss arrows to moss the display room, and 2 water arrows to douse 2 out of 3 torches. After gathering all the loot (which takes some time in between gaurd rounds), you have to CCC to the doors and into a dark corner by the office in the hall. Then wait for the gaurd to pass, then CCC in and out of the office after looting it. The moss the hall. Open the doors to the main room. Wait for the lady and gaurd to face away, then run on the moss and jump through the door to the carpet in the room. Run to the light switch, run on the carpet, jump though the door, and jump onto the moss and hide in the corner. Wait for the gaurd to make his rounds, then jump in the room and douse the torch. Run across the carpet, and then CCC like mad past the curtains under the stairs. CCC to the coins and back to the curtain. Wait for the gaurd. CCC into the room and hide in a corner. Wait for rounds. Grab the loot and CCC out to the curtains. Rounds. CCC to carpet, dodge the lady and gaurd while on rounds. CCC close to the downstairs room the lady enters. Wait for lady to leave and CCC in. Grab the loot and CCC out. Wait for rounds. CCC to carpet and jump and hide in the hall. Now for the trick part. Wait for the gaurd to enter the display room this time. Jump into the main room, then RUN to the stairs (if you time it right, you won't hit the marble and you won't be heard). Now, crouch and crawl up the stairs JUST barely hanging on the edge. Wait for the lady to exit the room above and pass you (I didn't even get a first alert). Run up the stairs to the room she exited, in the door, grab the loot and out again. Hide at the top of the stairs in the corner. Wait for the gaurd to go down the stairs. Then run to the last room, in the door, and close it. Get the diamond, run out to the corner and hide. Go down the stairs the way you came up, but halfway down, fall onto the table with the gold candle. Take it. Then fall off the table. Then CCC to the carpet, and jump to the hall to hide. Then go out the way you came in.
-The bar was hard too. The bartenderess was touchy about the door. I fixed that by double clicking the door (opening and shutting it fast). Then it was normal for some reason the next time I opened it. The thiefy lady was touchy about the torch I was dousing in the first room. If you aim on the wall beside it or in the corner, she doesn't hear it as well (it's juuuuuuust out of her room brush). Then a lot of rushing to behind the stairs by the touch (and over the back door for a fast exit). The jumping on the stairs (that was hard). Then creeping over the stairs. Then a TON of crouch-walking and leaning to get ALL the loot near the bar. Then run back to the door. All this took a lot of waiting because of all the first alerts. I had to wait for them to calm down every time. Then I could take the inviso potion, run to the kitchen, grab loot, and hid in the corner nearest the bar door to hide from the thief man. Then run out to the front door (to hide). Wait for 1st alerts to go away. Then run up the stairs out back. Grab loot, jump over the back wall and you're HOME FREE!!!
-I was worried about the army of guards partolling the streets, but I was just able to grab the pouches without any alerts. I expected them to make round trips on their patrols but it seems they only walk when you are near them.

28th Jan 2003, 10:15
FM: Island of Iron, part 1 - Fortress of Steel
File: islandpt1fos.zip

Play mode: Ghost (failed - required objective sets off alarm)
Time: 28 minutes
Loot: 1255 of 1405 (1000 required)
Pickpockets: 0 of 12 (who had anything to lift?)
Backstabs: 0 Knockouts: 0
Kills: 0

Cause(s) of failure:
- An objective says to do something in the control room to disable the outside defenses. You have to throw a beacon lever but that sets off an alarm.
<small>This is like the Undercover FM. The alarm was okay under old rules but not under the new ghost rules.</small>

- When I got done ghosting and played in normal style, the fire bomb seemed to do nothing (on the mechs). Found out later that the swirl of embers has the same effect as a bug cloud (on humans).
- On the 2nd floor and near where you find Friend Kevin's diary (goes into inventory, you cannot drop it, but it is not an objective) is a guard in the hallway. Nudged her to the side so I could pass her to get the diary and some loot in a chest by another guy standing at a desk.
- If you open the door to the medical lab, a melee ensues between the zombies inside and the hallway guards. So don't open that door. There's nothing in the medical lab, anyway.
- There is another armory across from the medical lab but there are way too many guards huddled together there (and I needed the single inviso potion for elsewhere).
- Some more guards are added after throwing the lever in the control room but they don't add much more difficulty. I used the inviso potion to run out of the control room, down a shaft, and to the first floor where none of the guards were on alert. It was pretty easy then to just go back down to the basement to get back to the boat and end the game.
- In the basement, more guards were added and one had a lantern. Didn't have any more inviso potions. Crouched and downed a speed potion to dash around the lit corner with just a first alert from 2 guards.

28th Jan 2003, 20:11
FM: Mr Chuz
File: mrchuz.zip

Play mode: Ghost (success)
Time: 1 hr 8 min
Loot: 2540 of 3152 (2200 required)
Pickpockets: 6 of 6
Backstabs: 0 Knockouts: 0
Damage dealt: 0 Taken: 0 Healing: 0
Kills: 0

- Nudge a guard forward in the barracks you get to taking the back door from the start to get close enough to pick open a wood chest in front of him.
- A gal in the 1st floor kitchen constantly faces the wall with a gold urn so I had to skip it. Might be able to douse the fireplace to make it dark enough but I wanted my water arrows for elsewhere.
- 1st floor barracks with 2 guards has 12 in loot. Came back later with water arrows to darken the room to get into the chest.
- Nudged guard forward in 1st floor bedroom to get key on desk.
- From the 1st floor are 2 spiral stairs but one has a door that is locked and you don't get the key until you've been upstairs into the master bedroom. The other stairs take you to the 2nd floor hallways where a guard stands and rotates in the the hallway crossing. From here, you could take the route to the red & white checkered tiled hallway that leads around the front but this is noisy, lots of torches to douse, and a couple archers patrol quickly (and spot you crouched against a wall). So took another route. A guard stands and spins in front of the door to an elevator. The patrolling archer there is very goosey. I had to douse a torch to make the hallway dark when the archer wasn't around and you still have to stay away from him, like in the corner so he doesn't get too close. The elevator guard keeps rotating in place, so when the archer was away, I ran up to this guard when he was turned away (towards the now opened metal door that I unlocked), and nudged him. This was necessary to get enough room to squeeze between him and the doorway. Took only one nudge, got behind him, hit the button to bring the platform up, and got down before the archer came around.
- This took me to the prison area. After that is the portal mentioned in a book but it doesn't work. There is a little spider to get past on your way out but a split in the wall makes it possible to slip past, and the spider seems overly blind. This got me to a room with about 10 wood chests with very little in them and up a ladder through a secret panel into a large bathroom on the other half of the mansion (with the master bedroom).
- In a bedroom across from this bathroom, I had to nudge a fat boy forward to squeeze between him and the bed to get close enough to frob the blue treasure chest for loot.
- I think the red book in the master bedroom is the notebook mentioned in the objectives. When read, it goes into inventory. When dropped, it hangs in the air. I had it inventory but it later disappeared.
- After the master bedroom is a library with mages. I doused the 3 torches in the library room so I could get the purse from the top patrolling mage. The bottom patrolling mage was easy to pickpocket.
- You have to be careful when using the cloud elevator. If you get stuck on its side (i.e., you jumped but grabbed the side), you'll incur damage. When you jump atop of the cloud, make sure to move forward or you get crushed between this very solid cloud and a low ceiling (the ceiling on the opening side is higher).
- In the ethereal stairs thereafter, I could not jump over to the spiral stairs platform. Instead I went back up the stairs so I was higher and jump over to the spiral stairs.
- The ghost mages and haunts seem pretty deaf and blind and are easy to sneak past. In fact, I would be at the edge of the lava pit trying to snag the magic book while being fully lit by the spotlights and the ghost mages and haunts wandered by without ever noticing me. They will, however, notice you after you snag the magic book. So I doused the floor (to make no noise on the metal floor when jumping to grab the book) and waited until they were facing away or around a corner (so they wouldn't see me after I snagged the book).
- The book is just out of reach. Even when right up against the edge of the lava pit and leaning out, the book is out of reach. Jumping doesn't work because the book is still out of reach. What worked for me was to lean forward out over the edge of the lava pit and facing the book and then jump. The lean doesn't quit on the jump right away so during the jump you are still leaned forward. The book will then light up and you have a split second to snag it.
- I took the tunnels to exit this area. There are a couple of apebeasts by a fireplace. You have to douse their fire to get past them but that puts one of them on full alert. I found that a minimal draw on the bow to shoot a water arrow AND landing the water arrow behind the apebeasts on the floor in the corner between them would douse the fire with only 1st alerts from both of the apebeasts.
- I got to the last section of the garden and jumped into the waterway to the gate behind which it appears there is a tunnel. The objective to exit via the sewers did not check off. But then the objectives to get the notes and magic book weren't checked off, either, although I had them. So I had to hit Ctrl-Alt-End to end this mission.

28th Jan 2003, 20:52
Just a note about Mr. Chuz. I was one of the betatesters and Azharhn just couldn't get the objectives to work properly all the time. It's her first mission and she finally gave up and released the mission, hoping that one of the Dromed gurus would play it and tell her how to fix it. If you check the Darkloader screen, that should be noted there. The only thing you have to remember is to save right before you pick up either the red book (Mr. Chuz' notes) or the Magic Book. Then check your objectives. If they didn't check off, reload and try it again. It will eventually tick off, so you can end the mission properly.

The other note is about getting the Magic book. You can get it without jumping, but you have to find the right point on the jagged edge of the hole. On it, you can move forward to the very edge, then just lean forward and snag the book.

The spider in the basement doesn't react to anything, at least in the beta he didn't, so you don't need to sneak past him. :)

28th Jan 2003, 22:17
FM: Burglary in Blackbrook
File: blackbrook.zip

Play mode: Ghost (success)
Time: 34 min
Loot: 2195 of 2710 (1500 required)
Pickpockets: 2 of 3
Backstabs: 0 Knockout: 0
Damage dealt: 0 Taken: 0 Healing: 0
Killed: 0

- A melee will break out in the crypts when you approach the huddle of zombies and haunt with Hammerites on the other side of the door in a small room. You can prevent the melee by moving around this setup by using the other hallways. There is a gold urn and holy potion in there.
- I had to nudge a Hammerite guard in a watch room (with cell gate switches) to the side and forward to get within reach of the sewers key on the table in front of him.
- If you're not ghosting, it's fun to open the cell gates, make noise to alert guards and prisoners, and then watch the guards have at the prisoners. Fun to watch someone else getting it for a change.

9th Feb 2003, 02:38
Title: Night of the Singing Potion
Game: Thief 2 - TMA
Perfect Supreme: SUCCESS
Time: 55 seconds
Loot: 900,000/900,000
Pick-Pockets: 0/2 (PP Bug - 0/1)
Locks Picked/KOs/Damage/Etc: 0

- I know this FM shouldn't be called "GHOSTED" but it's going down on my "Done" list.
- I ghosted this the true way and didn't talk to any AI (including the short-cut)
- I tried the "short-cut" once, and I ended up being over 1:30!

9th Feb 2003, 02:48
Title: Thievery
For the way this FM is set up, I truly "ghosted" this FM by playing each player "type" as three seperate games.

Player Character: Support
Score: 132
Win/Lose "Game"?: Win
Loot: 600/1400
PP: 2/5 (PP Bug - 2/4)
Time: 4 minutes 52 seconds
LP/Damage/Etc: 0

Player Character: Burglar
Score: 140
Win/Lose "Game"?: Win
Loot: 675/1400
PP: 4/5 (PP Bug 4/4)
Time: 5 minutes (on the dot)
LP/Damage/Etc: 0

Player Character: Sniper
Score: 137
Win/Lose "Game"?: Lose
Loot: 650/1400
PP: 3/5 (PP Bug 3/4)
Time: 3 minutes 45 seconds
LP/Damage/Etc: 0

Anyways, I Ghosted all the game play types, even if I didn't win them all. And I still ghosted the game.

9th Feb 2003, 02:51
Title: No More Clients For Monty
Game: Thief 2 - TMA
Time: 14 minutes 10 seconds
Perfect: Success!
Loot: 5135/5135
PP: 0/1 (PP Bug 0/0)
LP: 3
Damge/Etc: 0

- When you grab the diamon, the rest of the objectives check off and the diamond one does the ( / ) thing. I count this as ghosted since I succeeded in all the objectives.