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27th Sep 2002, 01:57
i am playing sr1. in the manual it shows the glyphs in "order???" i think...in the manual the force glyph is shown before the stone glyph i have retrieved the stone glyph. did i passs the force glyph ...... the main reason i ask is because i am stuck near where i got the stone glyph. i just got it and now i walked back over looking the skull thru whoms eye i passed and i am looking at a block that has a bulls eye on it. itis blocking me from climbing up and moving on .,..i really need help here......really

27th Sep 2002, 02:34
Please refrain from posting more than one topic pertaining to the same issue.

The Force glyph and Force projectile are different things.... just so you know. (look to your other topic for the location of the Force Projectile)
The force glyph is located underwater behind a gate,after you beat Melchiah return to the pool with a promontory sticking out (rock) at the bottom there is a life piece and another gate that will lead you to the force glyph, return to material realm and knock over the three standing structures, and the force glyph will appear.

27th Sep 2002, 02:49
thank you anubis. sorry i dont know much edqette for this forum. but its no wonder i cant move the block. thanks again ..everyone.

Lady Kreliana
13th Oct 2002, 03:53
Just so you know, the glyphs can be found in any order at any time (provided you have the abilities necessary to attain the glyphs). :)

19th Oct 2002, 00:16
Way up high near the Eye of the Skull, that block with the bulls-eye on it has to be knocked out of the way using the Force PROJECTILE. The Force Projectile is an enhancement to your Soul Reaver that will allow you to shoot a concentrated burst of Reaver energy at your enemies.

You will not get the Force Projectile until after you kill both Melchaiah and Zephon. You need the Phase-Thru-Gates power from Melchiah and the Climb-Walls power from Zephon in order to make your way to Morlock, a Turelim that you have to kill in order to get the Force Projectile Glyph from him. Once you kill Morlock, and get his power, then you can return to the Eye of the Skull area and shoot that bulls-eye block out of your way.

To find Zephon's Silenced Cathedral, go back to that Stonehedge-looking area where you encountered your very first Planar Portal and entered the physical world for the first time. Use Melchaiah's phase power to phase thru the gate in that area to find Zephon's area.

To find Morlock, you will need to use Zephon's climbing ability inside Kain's throne room.'

Make sure that you explore all areas fully, and fully explore them again everytime you gain a new power or ability. Because you will find new spells, new Warp Gates, and more health upgrades by using your new powers to get to hidden areas.

P.S.-In Melchaiah's area there is a coffin with a Soul Reaver symbol on it that you can move in order to find a hidden area. There is also a heath upgrade in a gate near the gate leading to the Force Glyph Spell.