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27th Sep 2002, 00:12
thanks so far for the help, but... o.k. i have made my way back over the skull ,from which i enterted via the eye. i glided over to the ledge where the torch is..this is where i got the "force glyph" from this edge i see the block with the bulls eye on it...o.k. i have thrown countless spears at this block, tonight i actually hit the bulls eye twice and it did not move. i also tryed switching to the spectral plain but still could not reach any of the ledges. i have been trying off and on for weeks to get by this section...please i need any little piece of info you can give me..i am prepared to keep trying no matter what. but i would like to get all i can from the expeirienced. if you got the time go back and see whats up. again i went thru the eye of the skull that leads to the chamber of the force glyph , i glyded over to the ledge where the torch "troph??" is (just out side the path to where the force glyph is) throw projectiles or switch plains and jump??????

27th Sep 2002, 01:03
To move that block, you will need the Force Projectile, which you get later in the game.

27th Sep 2002, 01:49
if i need a force projectile to move the block then i dont need to go this way to proceed inthe game??...so where do i go or do i need to get past this block that is stopping me from climbing this wall???

27th Sep 2002, 02:26
Well you don't really need to climb that area..... All the glyphs are optional, they aren't necessary to complete game, personally I used each once to see what they did and never bothered with them again.

But to answer your question, in order to get there you have to have beat Zephon, and then returned to the Sanctuary Grounds (where you fought Kain), and then climb one of the pillars, at the top you'll find a door that will lead you out the back of the sanctuary, and if you continue and fly down to the path and follow it you will come to the Sarafan tomb, phase through the gates and continue until you have to return to Material and then you'll reach a dead-end room with a spiral in the center, switch to spectral and the floor will "give way" and you'll be at the bottom, you'll then have to fight Morlock and after defeating him you will gain the Force Projectile gift.

Hope that helps

Reaver of Souls
28th Sep 2002, 19:39
Okay, on the platform with the torch, hold the shoulder buttons so you are in look-around mode. Look directly at that bullseye block. Then look over to the left of it. The ledge you need to fly to is about 1/2 way between where that block is and where the entrance to the force glyph is. There are two ledges that stick out, with a space in the middle (If your screen is too dark to see them make it brighter). You need to land on the space between them. There is a ledge there that is hard to see. When you change to spectral the ledge is more easily visible. From what anubis_orr says you don't need to change to spectral to get there. Just fly over to the space between the ledges. The space is lower than the ledges, it's like this: --__--

From there you can push the block off. You must be over there because that is the only place you can move it from.
Does this help?