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26th Sep 2002, 20:36
There are so many theries about what people think went on to make the event of BO2 happen. Some involve time shifting and other involve events that have not been show to us yet. I created this poll to gather ideas on two things. The first is Jonas Audron presence in BO2 and the second is Vorador presence in BO2. I have stated in previous forums that I consider the events of BO2 a cause of the time shift at the end of SR2 but how many of you agree with me.

Umah Bloodomen
27th Sep 2002, 02:40
"Jonas" Audron eh? :p ;)

27th Sep 2002, 14:03
At least I spelled it right for the poll. Thanks for pointing out my faults.

27th Sep 2002, 16:15
Originally posted by TheElderGodofNosgoth
At least I spelled it right for the poll. Thanks for pointing out my faults.

Ah, don't worry, Umah's just kiddin' around. Nice sig by the way. I loved the way the voice actor who delivered that line. It was Anacrothe who said that, right?

27th Sep 2002, 16:52
I know she is kidding but the last thing I need right now is some one pointing out a minor spelling mistake. I have no idea who deleavered the lines that apper in my sig. This is off topic anyway. Just for the fun of it is does this time line represent the facts as the people who beleave the presence of Vorador and JANOS:

Pre Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain and Soul Reaver 2 Events

A war erupts between the two major races, the Hylden and the Winged Vampires, in Nosgoth. The Hylden want all of Nosgoth under there control.

The Pillars of Nosgoth, representing Mind, Dimension, Conflict, Nature, Energy, Time, States, Death, Balance, and the Reaver, a mystical sward with unlimited power, are created by the Vampires. The Pillars are mystically tied into the health of Nosgoth. Ten sorcerer guardians were chosen to represent the nine Pillars and Reaver. The Winged Vampires would use the Pillars and the Reaver to help them fight the Hylden.

To help them combat the Winged Vampires, The Hylden started to make The Device, which is has the power to kill every living thing in Nosgoth.

1000 years after the conflict started the Hylden were banished to the Demon Dimension. The Hylden were able to curse the Winged Vampires with a blood lust and turn them away from the light. The Hylden dominated the Demons and mad them do there bidding.

When a member to the Circle of Nine dies there position goes unfulfilled for a wile until the Pillar can chose a new guardian from his or her birth. Since Vampires were no longer born but created the Pillars started to choose humans as their guardians.

A cult, which worshiped the demon, Hash’ak’gik, arose and died. Were ever they went tales of human possession would follow.

The human Vorador is born.

Janos Audron, the last of the Winged Vampires and the Guardian of the Reaver, turns Vorador in to a Vampire.

The human Raziel is born.

By now the entire Circle of Nine are humans and the numbers of Vampires are growing. The Vampire Purges begin when The Circle of Nine decides to create the Sarafan, warrior-priest who vowed to rid the land of vampires. Malek is the head of the Sarafan and the protector of the Circle of Nine. The human Raziel, the human Turel, the human Dumah, the human Rahab, the human Zephon and the human Melchiah are under him.

The soul devouring Raziel arrives from 600 years in Nosgoth future. Raziel makes his way to Janos Retreat. Using his powers he enter Janos inner sanctum. Janos explains to Raziel that he is the 10 Guardian, the Reaver is the key to restoring the Pillars, and it was made to suck the lifeblood out of it victims. Before Raziel could learn more the Sarafan interrupt them. Janos teleports Raziel to an adjacent room and Raziel cannot return to the fight until he imbues the Reaver with the power of the Fire Forge. Raziel does so and reenter Janos’ inner sanctum.

Raziel arrives just in time to see Janos Audron being killed when the human Raziel, the human Turel, the human Dumah, the human Melchiah, the human Zephon rip his heart out. The Sarafan takes Janos’ heart, The Heart of Darkness, which has the power of restore vampirism life, and the Reaver to the Sarafan Stronghold. Raziel vows to restore Janos heart and begins the chase the Sarafan.

On the way to the Stronghold Raziel confronts Demons who are angry with him for trying to medal with his density. Raziel eventually makes it to the Sarafan Stronghold. Mobious disables his wreath blade with this staff. Raziel is forced to pick up the physical Reaver to defend himself.

Vorador, who has had many of his kin killed by the Sarafan, has entered the stronghold. He strikes back at the Circle and kills six of its members in the Sarafan Stronghold and defeats Malek in mortal combat. With there deaths comes an end to the Vampire Purges.

Raziel kills the Sarafan Melchiah, Zephon, Rahab, Dumah, and Turel one by one. The soul devouring Raziel comes in contact with his own Sarafan self. The Sarafan Raziel refuses to hand over the Heart of Darkness. Raziel is forced to kill the Sarafan Raziel.

The Reaver is invigorated with the blood of the Sarafan. Raziel’s wrath blade slowly returns and wraps itself around is former physical self. The two blades are so invigorated that the turn on Raziel and slowly suck Ariel’s soul into the physical blade. Kain then steps from the shadows and rips the blade from Ariel’s chest. This act changes time dramatically. New memories die and new ones are born in Kain eyes. Kain then has an epiphany. He tells Raziel that everything has be orchestrated by the Hylden. Raziel then slips in the Spectral Plain and find his wreath blade still with him.

Janos resurrected and is brought to The Device.

Vorador retreats to his mansion and vows never to interfere in human affairs again. The Pillars chose new Guardians and Mortanius punishes Malek for his failure to protect six members of the Circle by fusing Malek’s soul to his armor.

Kain finds himself 50 years in the past.

Mobious gives the Soul Reaver is given to William the Just.

Kain comes upon William the Just who will one day be know as the Nemesis. Kain decided to kill William and save Nosgoth from its death at the hands of this tyrant. Mobious, Guardian of Time, has given William the Just the Soul Reaver. Kain kills William and breaks the Soul Reaver that he is welding. Kain finds another Time Streaming Device and returns to his own time.

William the Just’s body and the Soul Reaver are brought to the Sarafan Stronghold.

Seeking to destroy the Pillars of Nosgoth the demon, Hash’ak’gik possesses Mortanius.

The soul devouring Raziel arrives in the Sarafan Stronghold from Nosgoth distant future. Raziel capacity for holding energy has decreased and the Soul Reaver has lost the Fire Forges power. He meats Mobious and learns that Kain is waiting for him at the Pillars. Raziel comes across the physical broken Soul Reaver. When he touches it the blade fuses back together. Raziel own blade goes under a significant change. Raziel can now summon it at will but the blade devourers all souls of bodies it kills.

Under Hash’ak’gik possession, Mortanius murders Ariel, the Guardian of Balance. Her death drives her lover Nupraptor, the Guardian of the Mind insane. Nupraptor unleashes a telepathic assault, which infects the other members of the Circle, who are all connected, with his madness. The Circle turns on Nosgoth and the Pillars are corrupted to the core. Each Guardian uses his or her magic to hurt the world around them.

The human Kain is born. He is the son of a noble. Unknown to him, he is the new Guardian of Balance.

The Soul Reaver is brought to Great Cathedral in the city of Avernus (probably by Mobious).

The soul devouring Raziel goes to the Pillars and confronts Kain. Kain suggest a third option to the dilemma facing Raziel and then disappears. Raziel finds the Elder Gods layer beneath the Pillars. He urges Raziel to kill Kain but Raziel is becoming more hesitant.

The soul devouring Raziel find the Dark Forge in the swamps and he imbues the Reaver with its power. On his way out Raziel meets Vorador who is intrigued by Ariel’s presence. Vorador advises Raziel to seek out Janos Audron. Unfortunately Janos is long dead. Raziel makes his way back to the Sarafan Stronghold.

The soul devouring Raziel finds the Light Forge and imbues the Reaver with its power. Raziel enters the Sarafan Stronghold and finds Kain in William the Just’s crypt. Raziel threatens Kain with the physical Soul Reaver but does not kill him since it is apparent that he is suppose to do so at that moment and then time shifts. Raziel goes to the Time Streaming Chamber forces Mobious to take him 500 years into the past so he can meet Janos. Raziel enter the Time Streaming Device once more but unknown to him Mobious has set the Time Streaming Device for 100 years after Kain had begun his rule of Nosgoth.

Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain Events

Thirty years after the human Kain’s birth Kain start on a journey across Nosgoth from his home city of Coorhagen. In Ziegsturhl Kain is killed by brigands who were hired by Mortanius. By now Mortanius has retaken control of his own body.
Kain’s body is taken to a crypt near Ziegsturhl, but Kain’s soul in sent to the underworld. It is there that Mortanius offers him revenge with a price.

The vampire Kain awakens in the crypt. He finds the brigands that murdered him and kills them. Mortanius tells him to go the Pillars and says that they were only the instruments of his death.

Kain finds Ariel’s ghost haunting the Pillars. She tells him there is not cure for Vampirism and only release. He must restore the Pillars of Nosgoth by murdering the Guardians.

Kain first went after Nupraptor, the Guardian of the Mind who had secluded himself in him mountainous retreat. Kain was told by Ariel to go to Malek’s Bastion where Malek was located. Unfortunately Kain was forced to flee from Malek.

Ariel told Kain to seek the advice of the Oracle of Nosgoth. The Oracle told Kain to find the vampire Vorador and the King Ottmar’s Army was the only hope against the advancing army’s of the Nemesis. Kain then made his way to Vorador’s Mansion where Kain met the Vampire. Vorador warned him to not to interfere with humanity, but Vorador told Kain that he would help him if he called upon him.

Kain found a Time Streaming Device (which was planted by Moebius, Guardian of Time). Kain was then advised to go to Dark Eden and kill DeJoule, Guardian of Energy, and Bane, Guardian of Nature. Kain did kill them but he also summoned the help of Vorador. Vorador destroyed Melak, Guardian of Conflict.

Ariel told Kain he would find Azimuth, Guardian of Dimension, inside the Great Cathedral in the ruined city of Avernus. While searching in the Cathedral for Azimuth, Kain masterly came upon the Soul Reaver. From this point on the Soul Reaver became Kain symbolic weapon. Kain found Azimuth and killed her.

Kain was told to seek out King Ottmar of Winllendorf and convince him to take up arms against the Nemesis’ armies. Unfortunate Elzevir, the Dollmaker, has stolen the soul of King Ottmar’s daughter. Ottmar was stricken with grief and he told Kain that he would pay any price to get his daughter back.

Kain hunted down Elzevir, killed him, and returned the doll in which the soul of Ottmar’s daughter was imprisoned. Kain and Ottmar took up arms against the Nemesis. Ottmar’s army was defeated, but Kain escaped into the past by using Time Streaming Device.

When Kain arrives back at his own time he finds that everything has changed. His assassination of William the Just has sparked a hatred of vampires. Every vampire in Nosgoth has been slain except Vorador and he is about to be executed at the orders of Mobious, Guardian of Time. Vorador is decapitated.

Kain then goes after Mobious and Kill him. Kain then returns to the Pillars and witnesses Mortanius, Guardian of Death, kill Anacrothe, Guardian of States. Mortanius then explains to Kain that he had to do what he did to restore the Pillars and save Nosgoth. Kain then kills Mortanius.

Hash’ak’gik emerges and tells Kain he served him well. Kain destroys Hash’ak’gik. Kain realizes that he is the Balance Guardian and that he can either save or destroy Nosgoth. He decides it is better to condemn Nosgoth and have Vampires in the world once more.

Pre Blood Omen 2 Events

Because Kain chose to condemn Nosgoth and destroy the Pillar of Balance a rift was created between Nosgoth’s Dimension and the Demon Dimension. A Hylden, later to be known as The Sarafan Lord was able to escape and erect a gate. This gate allowed more Hylden to come to the world of Nosgoth.

Vorador is resurrected.

The Hylden Leader, so to be know as The Sarafan Lord, learned of an ancient order called the Sarafan who soul purpose was to wipe the world of Nosgoth clean of the vampire menace. The Sarafan Lord resurrected the Sarafan and vampires were being hunted once more.

Vorador, with Kain’s help, creates an army of vampires. Kain is declared general of this army and sets out to take Nosgoth. Faustus, Marcus, Sebastian, and Magnus are four vampire solders that are close to Kain.

200 years after Kain started his conquest of Nosgoth the vampire army and the Sarafan clash for the final time. Faustus, and Sebastian all defect to the Sarafan. Marcus, Magnus become a threat in Kain's eyes and Kain attempts to kill him. Magnus attempts to kill the Sarafan Lord before the battle but is captured and is sent to the Eternal Prison. During the battle Kain and the Sarafan Lord fight each other. With the use of the Nexus Stone the Sarafan Lord disables the Soul Reaver and defeats Kain and his army. The Sarafan Lord claims the Soul Reaver for himself.

200 years later the Cabal, the vampire resistance lead by Vorador and Umah, find Kain, bring his body to Meridian, the capital of Nosgoth, and nurse him back to health. Kain has lost much of his former power but is eager for revenge.

Events of Blood Omen 2

Umah reminds Kain of who and what he is. She promises to bring him to Sanctuary, the home base of the Cabal.

Umah and Kain get separated and Kain has to find his own way there. While making his way through The Den he meets Faustus. Kain accuses Faustus of betrayal to the vamp Eric race and they begin to fight. Kain defeats Faustus and gain the ability to jump long distances.

Kain continues his journey to Sanctuary. In the Lower City Kain finally finds what he is looking for. Vorador informs Kain that Umah has been capture and is scheduled for execution. Vorador tells Kain to seek out the Bishop of Meridian. There the Bishop will inform Kain on how to enter the Sarafan Keep were Umah is being held.

Kain makes his way to the city and finds the Bishop in Cathedral control of Marcus who Kain thought dead. Kain defeats Marcus and gains the ability to charm humans. The Bishop lets Kain know how to get to the Sarafan Keep.

Kain enter the Sarafan Keep and finds Umah. Kain frees Umah and come face to face with the Sarafan Lord. Umah teleports herself and Kain to Sanctuary were Umah tell Kain and Vorador that the Nexus Stone is being held in the Industrial Quarter. Kain only way to defeat the Sarafan Lord is with the use of the Nexus Stone.

Kain makes his way through the Industrial Quarter and comes upon Sebastian guarding the Nexus Stone Kain kills Sebastian and gains the Dark Gift Berserk and takes the Nexus Stone. Before Sebastian dies he tells Kain that he cannot stop the Sarafan because they have the use of an ultimate weapon that will kill every vampire called The Device.

Kain returns to Sanctuary and inquires about The Device. Vorador informs Kain that he should seek out the Seer, and ancient vampire, who has the information Kain seeks.

Kain make his way out of Meridian and in to the Canyons. Kain finds the Seer and she tells him he will need to drink her blood and absorbed her Dark Gift of Telekinesis. The use of Telekinesis is needed to enter The Device. The Sarafan Lord appears and the Seer teleports you the entrance of the Device. There Kain meats a monster being held captive. He tells Kain that the only person to who knows how to destroy the device is the builder. The builder can be found in the Eternal Prison.

Kain makes his way to the Eternal Prison. Kain eventually find the builder of the Device. The builder tells Kain that the Mass, which has the power to kill anything with a signal thought, powers the Device and that a network is required to make it all work. Kain realizes that the Glyphs installed throughout Meridian are meant to channel the power. The builder He also informs Kain that he will need his blood to destroy the Mass and his only payment would be the release of death. Kain kills the builder and drinks his blood.

On his way out Kain encounter a mad vampire. They fight and Kain defeats him. The vampire regains his mind and informs Kain that he is his champion Magnus. Magnus tell Kain that he attempted to kill the Sarafan Lord and that he failed and was imprisoned here. Kain lets Magnus have his death and absorbs his power of Immolate.

Kain makes his way back to the Device and too the Mass. With the Builders blood coursing through his veins Kain poisons the Mass by feeding it his own blood. On his way out Kain comes across Janos. It seems that Janos has been imprisoned to feed the Mass and over time his body mutated in to a hirable monster. Now that the Mass is dead Janos reverted back to his former self. Janos teleports Kain and himself to Sanctuary.

Vorador, Umah, Janos, and Kain discuss their options. Contained with in the Hylden City is the Gate and a protective shield prevents teleportation into the city. Umah and Kain decided that they should go to the Wharves, slip aboard a ship going to the Hylden City, and shut down the shield so the Cabal can teleport in and destroy the Gate.

When Umah and Kain reach the Wharves, Umah question Kain intentions for the future. When she understands that Kain plain to become ruler of Nosgoth she steals the Nexus Stone from him and flees. Kain continues making his way through the Wharves. Kain eventually catches up to Umah. Sarafan Knights and Guards have sounded her. In her weakened state Kain takes the Nexus Stone from her and kills her for her betrayal.

Kain finally slips abound a boat going to the Hylden City. When he arrives he meats the Sarafan Lord. The Sarafan Lord attempts to strike him down by the Nexus stone protects him. Kain continues infiltrating the Hylden City. Kain discovers the Ward Gate protecting the Hylden City and destroys it. Vorador and Janos teleport in and Vorador courses Kain for killing Umah. The Sarafan Lord appears and strikes at Vorador and Janos. Janos teleports Kain to the Gate and teleports himself and Vorador out of the Hylden City.

Kain takes a platform down to the Gate and confronts the Sarafan Lord. As long as Kain holds the Nexus Stone he is protected from the power of the Soul Reaver but the only way to close the Gate is to drop the Nexus Stone into it. Kain decides to drop the stone into the Gate and stop the Hylden menace. Janos teleports in and attacks the Sarafan Lord. He is able to nock the Soul Reaver lose form the hands of the Sarafan Lord, but the Sarafan Lord casts him in the Gate leading to the Demon Dimension. Kain uses the Soul Reaver to kill the Sarafan Lord and exits the Hylden City vowing to take Nosgoth for himself.

Pre Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver and Soul Reaver 2 Events

Kain sets his throne on the ruined Pillars and decides to raid The Tome of The Sarafan. He chose six fallen Sarafan as his new lieutenants. He first raises Raziel, then Turel, next Dumah, then Rahab, next Zephon and finally Melchiah by necromancy since he did not become a vampire by the traditional blood gift. They are long dead and have no idea of there Sarafan roots.

Each of the lieutenants raises vampires by breathing a portion of there soul into a corpse. Thus the Six clans are created.

After 100 years of Kain’s rule every major human kingdom has been destroyed.

Raziel arrives form the distant past. He travels to the Elder Gods chamber were the Elder God curses Raziel for not killing Kain when he had the chance.

Raziel travels to the swamps once more and comes across another Time Streaming Chamber. He does on have the power yet to access it. Raziel eventually comes across the Air Forge and imbues the Reaver with its power. He makes his way back to the Time Streaming Chamber and trust in fate to take him over 600 years in to the past.

1000 years after Kain condemned Nosgoth Raziel emerged from an evolutionary state. He had surpassed Kain by growing wings. When Raziel arrived at the Sanctuary of the Clans Kain ripped off his wings in a seemingly fit of anger. Kain told Turel and Dumah to cast him into the Lake of the Dead where Raziel would be tormented for all eternity in the scalding waters of the Abbes.

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver Events

The waters of the Abyss tortured Raziel. He finally reached the Underworld where he meat The Elder God. Raziel found himself no longer a vampire but a soul devouring entity that could exist in both the Material and Spectral Plains. The Elder God told him that when Kain refused the sacrifice and created a vampire army he cut off the Elder Gods nourishment, the souls of the dead. The Elder God told Raziel that Kain had to die as well as his brethren. Raziel had a chance to avenge himself.

Centuries had passed since Raziel was condemned to the depths of the Abyss. The Elder God told him to find his brother Melchiah. Raziel did and received the gift of pass through gates from devouring his soul.

Raziel then traveled to the Sanctuary of the Clans were Kain made his throne. Raziel found Kain waiting for him there. They fought and when Kain attempted to strike down Raziel with the Soul Reaver it broke across his back. The soul devouring entity, which was released from the blade attached itself to Ariel’s arm. This wrath blade had now become Ariel’s symbolic weapon. Raziel then met Ariel’s ghost. Ariel offered her help in Ariel’s quest for vengeance.

Raziel then made his way to The Silenced Cathedral. It was constructed to stop the vampire menace by the humans but was never activated. Zephon made his home in the depths of the Cathedral. When Raziel killed Zephon he received the ability to climb walls.

Raziel then made his way to the Tomb of the Sarafan where he learned the truth about his past. Raziel confronted his brother Rahab in the Drowned Abbey. When Rahab was killed Raziel gained the ability to swim. Raziel came across the Fire Forge. When he imbued the Reaver with the forges’ power the Reaver was enhanced with elemental fire.

Raziel then made his way to the Ruined city of the Dumahim. Not long after Raziel was condemned to the Abyss Dumah who was trapped in the Spectral Plain when Vampire Hunters managed a successful raid on his fortress centuries before. Raziel killed Dumah and gained the ability to constrict.

Raziel was informed that Kain had retreated to the Oracle’s Cave. He found Kain and cursed him. They fought and Kain escaped into the Time Streaming Device. After hesitating for a few seconds Raziel followed Kain into Nosgoth’s past and leaves his brother Turel behind.

Well that is it.

27th Sep 2002, 18:21
I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D :D :D :D :D

Umah Bloodomen
27th Sep 2002, 18:28
Originally posted by TheElderGodofNosgoth
At least I spelled it right for the poll. Thanks for pointing out my faults.

I don't think it was Anacrothe who spoke the words at the beginning of BO1. I think It's just a "narrator type" being.

27th Sep 2002, 23:48
When you talked about Raziel being impaled by the reaver and Kain saving him, why did you say "The two blades are so invigorated that the(y) turn on Raziel and slowly suck ARIEL'S soul into the physical blade. Kain then steps from the shadows and rips the blade from ARIEL'S chest".

What did ARIEL have to do with Raziel being attacked by the Reaver, and Kain saving Raziel from the Reaver?

28th Sep 2002, 18:41
Its Malek. Neil Ross. aka Rahab/Turel. that says those lines, that are from some book.

Umah Bloodomen
29th Sep 2002, 03:45
Originally posted by warpsavant
Its Malek. Neil Ross. aka Rahab/Turel. that says those lines, that are from some book.

Well hush my mouth. I learned something new. ;)

**in best Vivian Leigh impersonation*** Biscuit Boy (TM) is my hero!

29th Sep 2002, 17:13
The whole "Ariel's soul" thing is actually a mistake that I made while spell checking. TG_Syd I am glade that I could help.

29th Sep 2002, 22:52
You didn't help, I knew all of that:D Its just good for reference(better then the timeline on the SR2 disk)