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26th Sep 2002, 05:57
This is an excerpt from THE LANGALIST a great newsletter.
10) Just For Grins

These items were promoted by our recent discussion of voice-recognition
errors (see http://www.langa.com/newsletters/2002/2002-09-09.htm#10 ):

"TerrySull" writes:

When my Mom {a novice typist} started to use email to keep
current with her children, she opted to try voice recognition
software as an aid in keeping up with her skilled typist
daughters. It ended after the following exchange

Mom: Well, I have to sign off and go to the store.
Daughter: Why go grocery shopping at this time of night?
Mom: As the rhyme goes, and when I got there, my cupboard was bare.
Daughter: Who in the H is Mike Hubbard, why is he naked, and
where are his clothes?

Jeff Breiwick offers:

Fred, Here is a more lengthy sentence that can trip up speech
This new display can recognize speech <--> This nudist play
can wreck a nice beach

And Charles Perry offers a site that specializes in homophone humor:

Fred, This was written a long time ago, but as soon as I got
my voice recognition program I thought of it. Ladle Rat Rotten
Hut <--> Little Red Riding Hood [Full story and more at
http://www.justanyone.com/allanguish.html ]
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BTW LADLE RAT ROTTEN HUT is a story I used to use in Extemporaneous speech contests when in college. It is a fun, funny story and only one of many of the same ilk by the same author.