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26th Sep 2002, 03:53
Here's my list:

Ghost Recon: Island Thunder - - (Today!)

Gothic II - - (Q4 2002)
Tomb Raider VI: The Angel of Darkness - - (Q4 2002)
Splinter Cell - - (Q4 2002)
Rainbow Six: Raven Shield - - (Q4 2002)

Deus Ex II - - (Q1 2003)

Halo II - - (not sure)

American McGee's Oz - - (TBA)
Thief III: Website Coming Soon - - (TBA)
System Shock III - - (TBA)

26th Sep 2002, 05:11
Doom 3 ?
Thief 3 ?

Growlanser ?
Goemon ?
Zelda Gamecube - maybe Feb 03.

26th Sep 2002, 11:19
Thief 3
Unreal Tournament 2003
Deus Ex 2
Icewind Dale 2 (only just released, waiting to find some money to buy it)
Any new Black Isle RPG... :D

"fafhrd" huh? That sounds kinda like a password in Baldur's Gate 1; more specifically the Thieves Guild... right?

26th Sep 2002, 11:25
THIEF 3: Despite the constant disappointment on not knowing anything about this game, it’s still top of my most wanted.

DEUS EX 2: I’m not the biggest fan but the sequel will be the closest thing to T3 hence I’ll probably get it.

SYSTEMS SHOCK 3: I this baby ever comes out I’ll buy it, loved SS2 it’s just a shame there isn’t many FMs out there to keep it going!

DOOM 3: Have you seen how good this game looks and sounds? I’ll have mine pre-order ASAP! Not too sure about QUAKE 4 at this present time, I hated Q3! But I think Q4 is going back to a single player format? So we’ll see!

UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2003: Having played nearly all the maps from a near complete beta version of this beauty at a recent LAN party. I’ve already had this on pre-order for a while now, it’s fantastic multiplayer action!

UNREAL 2: Also looks and sounds great, so I’ll be buying this most probably!

BATTLEFIELD 1942: Also played this at the LAN party and it’s awesome multiplayer action, can’t wait for the proper game! AGAIN I have this on pre-order!

RAINBOW SIX: RAVERN SHIELD: This looks great, I like the way you can slowly open and close doors with your mouse wheel, that’d would be a cool feature in T3!

HIDDEN AND DANGEROUS 2: Despite the bugs and dodgy AI in the first game I still loved it. I’ll be getting the 2nd for sure.

A proper sequel to OPERATION FLASHPIONT! One of the best PC games ever made in my opinion!

MIRCOSOFT COMBAT FLIGHT SIMULATOR 3: Not the biggest flight sim fan but I loved IL-2 so I’m looking forward to this.

WORLD WAR 2 RTS(working title) from Maddox games who made the great flight simulator IL-2 Sturmovik.

METAL GEAR SUBSTANCE: As I never got chance to play it before I sold my PS2! May get this on my Xbox though.

STAR WARS: KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC: Looks very good, I maybe interested it that!

NO-ONE LIVES FOREVER 2: Really enjoyed the first one, so I’m tempted to get the 2nd!

BREED: also has my attention, I’ll wait for a review before I think about buying though.

I might be interested in TOMBRAIDER WHATEVER? 6? But I doubt it!


HALO 2: The first was a great game, but didn’t quite live up to the hype so I was a little disappointed in it! After all it was the reason I brought an Xbox! Halo 2 looks utterly gorgeous I hope this one will live up to the hype surrounding it!

PROJECT EGO: If this lives up to the hype, it’ll be one of greatest games ever made…well have to wait and see if it does or not?

BC: Looks totally amazing! but again I’ll wait before I buy!

COLIN MCRAE RALLY 3 and TOCA RACE DRIVER: I loved the last games so I’ll most probably be buying these too!

SPLINTER CELL: This looks AND sounds fantastic! Unreal engine, realtime shadows, stealthy game play! sound familiar? This game’s a must, just not sure what platform I’ll buy it on XboX or PC!

SILENT HILL 3: If it ever comes out on the Xbox I’ll most probably buy it!

26th Sep 2002, 14:17
Gothic 2
Thief 3
Doom 3
Halo 2
Unreal 2
(sequel happy)

26th Sep 2002, 15:20
Thief III
Halo II
Unreal II
The Thing
Dark Corners of the Earth
Doom III
Commandos III
Grim Fandango II (please make it happen :( )
Super Virtul Pony Trecking II
Battlefield 1942

26th Sep 2002, 15:57
Obviously Thief 3!!

.....Are Mel & I the only ones who are waiting for Myst 4??
While there is absolutely no replay value in the Myst series IMO..... The series has been a great game for Mel & I to play together as a team. No quick thinking or fighting required. Makes a good game that we can play (actually taking turns "steering") at our leisure, at our own pace, and don't have to worry about one of us "losing" becuase of not being good enough.

What about Thievery beta v1.3...with 5 new levels? ;) :p

...but sheesh....I'll need a new pc before we can play just about any "new" game. I was relieved to find I could play the Spongebob demo and still get good framerates! :D

26th Sep 2002, 15:59
Gumdrop I’ve played and finished ‘The Thing’ on my Xbox this week in fact, it’s not that good IMO! Just thought I’d let you know before you splash out any hard earned cash on it! I’m glad I never brought it and my m8 did! It’s not rubbish but very average and not at all scary! Quite buggy too, and the trust idea and testing each other to see who’s the Thing just doesn’t work. For example I came across a guy locked in a cell, decided to test him to see if he was infected, he wasn’t, so I gave him a weapon and told him to follow me. No more than 5 seconds later he turns into the Thing? WTF? Didn’t I just test you m8? All the locations are the same and nothing changes l throughout the game :( it also has no replay value whatsoever. But that’s just my opinion on it; I just didn’t really enjoy it! Might be worth a look on budget? If you really wanted to play the game.

26th Sep 2002, 18:03
Originally posted by Gumdrop
Commandos III

Hey, you play Commandos? :cool: Salutations! http://forums.eidosgames.com/images/icons/icon14.gif

I am waiting for:

Gta3 Vice city
Thief 3 and DeusEx2 (of course)
Commandos 3

26th Sep 2002, 18:53
Rick, have you and Mel tried Baldur's Gate? Suzie and I played Baldur's Gate 1 (twice!), and are now stuck in Baldur's Gate 2, not because we can't do it but because we're both way too busy. You need some time, but it has the things you like about Myst. You can 'pause' the combat the change settings etc, so it's not at all about fast-twitch reactions, but about thinking and story. Highly recommended.


26th Sep 2002, 19:09
To get back to the thread topic, definitely <b>Deus Ex 2</b> and <b>Thief 3</b> are the top two. If there were a System Shock 3 in the works that would be well up there too, but there seems not to be...

It's interesting that we're all waiting for sequels, but I guess maybe if there are new big original things out there we might not be hearing about them so much.

Quake 3 was a big disappointment to me, and likewise Unreal Tournament, because I play FPS games for the story, not for deathmatch (that's a diversion that I enjoy but that gets old pretty quickly for me). So a single player, story-driven Quake 4 would be great, and likewise Doom 3 (never really played Doom).

It's also why I enjoyed a bad game like Daikatana - though it has its flaws, there wasn't that much story-driven stuff around at the time.

Because RPGs take so much time, and I have so little lately, there are none I'll rush out and buy the minute they arrive. I'm still tempted to play Planescape Torment, and then there's Icewind Dale 1 that we haven't even touched... Gotta finish Baldur's Gate 2 first though... ;-)


Grey Mouser
26th Sep 2002, 19:16
Originally posted by newk007

"fafhrd" huh? That sounds kinda like a password in Baldur's Gate 1; more specifically the Thieves Guild... right?

Hiya newk007...welcome to the Forums!

I'll take the liberty of answering your query (http://www.stormbringer.net/mouser.html) in Fafhrd's absense.

I am really looking forward to:

Thief III and DX2: Invisible War (natch)
Master of Orion III (hope I can misplace as many hours of my life with this one as I did with MOO II!)
Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth (sanity is a state of mind...)
Doom III (it looked pretty freakin' amazing at E3!)

errr - Gumdrop..."Super Virtul Pony Trecking II" ??? Should I put this on my wish list with Britney's Electric Bongo Boog-a-Loo and (more seriously) System Shock III? ;)

26th Sep 2002, 19:34
One answer, Thief 3. :)

27th Sep 2002, 05:06
Thanks for swinging the answer, Mouser :)

Am I the only one here actually waiting for any console games? (growlanser and goemon will be on ps2, the other is obvious)
even worse - I'm waiting for games for systems I don't yet own... (sad, ain't it...?)

Well, I knew I'd get a GC for zelda eventually anyway (I own every other zelda game - in gold where possible - yes, I'm a geek, I admit it)

The other two are both from Working Designs, and I'll pretty much buy anything they put out - I have about half of what they've brought over - all the sega cd stuff and all but one PS1 game.

I'll chime in with another one - if someone makes a shock 3, i'd be jockeying for first in line with the rest of you...

27th Sep 2002, 12:06
Thief 3 and NOLF 2 are the only things I'm looking forward to, though I'm going to need at least a new video card and more probably an entire new computer to play either one of them. Now, that's also presuming I can actually find TIME to play them! The FMs are coming out so quickly, that I can't even keep up with them. Hopefully, when T3 is released everyone will be playing it like mad, so the FMs will slow down until the new game's been played through. Then I'll have time to play it too! :D

27th Sep 2002, 14:28
Thief III
Deus Ex II
Splinter Cell
Hitman II

27th Sep 2002, 14:55
Originally posted by Grey Mouser

Hiya newk007...welcome to the Forums!

I'll take the liberty of answering your query (http://www.stormbringer.net/mouser.html) in Fafhrd's absense.


Thanks for the link GM. I love it.

27th Sep 2002, 17:30
Originally posted by Grey Mouser
..."Super Virtul Pony Trecking II" ??? Should I put this on my wish list with Britney's Electric Bongo Boog-a-Loo and (more seriously) System Shock III? ;)

Ok, I can clearly see the reason behind your disbelief, but just check it out for yourself at ponytrecker.com (http://bluntedtaffer.50megs.com/images/cheese01.jpg). Just scroll down the list on the left. I want it purely for the thrashyness of it all. :)

Thanks for the info RiCh...I will play a demo before I decide.

And yes I do play Commandos 2 Xcom. I have even tried preaching my faith to these good folk...Maybe you can join the cause. :D

27th Sep 2002, 17:38
Well let me see! ;)

Thief 3 and Deus Ex II are givens. Can't wait to see what they have done to Deus Ex Stealth Wise!

I was waiting for Duke Nukem Forever! Loved the last game and all the add ons. A Lot of fun. But am not waiting for this one anymore. Been in the works for a real LONG time and as they say, "It will be finished when it is finished!" I will play it when it comes out though and hope it is a great one.

Any Rainbow Six or Ghost Recon. Those are big fun. One shot will take you down so you have to plan well or be real stealthy. I loved going in as the Lone Wolf and taking out the Terrorists!

Doom 3

Unreal Tournament 2003: While I agree with Bravus to a degree on the Deathmatch thing, I do love Capture the Flag, Assault [which is not in the new game], and Bombing Run which seems to have promise. I wore myself out on Deathmatch frag and respawn pretty fast though it is still fun sometimes when you just want to blaze away. But Capture the Flag, ect have a goal to achieve and you can run cover for your team mates. I like that. A kick in the pants.

Unreal II

System Shock 3: I wish there was one in the works. This game did not sell very well from what I am told. A shame, a dynamite game in my opinion. And the Thief engine too boot. Maybe they didn't promote it well enough, who knows. This game gave me chills down my spine in many places and was a kick to play. And story driven. As much as I loved Deus Ex I liked System Shock 2 a shade more. Must have been the tension and shivers down the spine. Maybe they should re-release this one with a bit more promotion because it still Rocks. I played it again not long ago.

I have not played WarCraft 3 yet but played the last game. Any comments. Don't usually jump on third person games but have played a few and they were fun. Yeah, I played Diablo 2 and the addon. Was fun. Slash and burn! Any recommendations on this type of game?

I also loved Home World but don't know if there is a new one in the works.

Games we may never see but I loved: The Descent Series! Oh man I loved them, played them too pieces. 360 degrees of movement. The first comp game I ever played when I got a decent comp was Descent and I was hung on it for a long time.

FreeSpace: A space combat game which had a story line. The first game named Descent Freespace sold very well with great reviews and lots played it. The second game Freespace 2 was dynamite and I had a lot of fun with it. When I was done I wanted the sequel so the story would be finished. But again the game did not sell very well! Hmm, maybe players are tired of these types of games, maybe it is promotion, who knows. But we may never see them again. :(

28th Sep 2002, 08:55
Thief III
Deus Ex II
RollerCoaster Tycoon II = October 15th, 2002
Sim City IV - February 4th, 2003, I believe
Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind: Tribunal
Doom III
Ghost Master... that's about it.


28th Sep 2002, 09:38
System Shock III
I have tried to make a mission for System Shock II, but my english is to bad to work with the tutorial and I have to give it up :( System Shock II is such a great game, I hope it will be continued some day.

Starcraft II
Freespace III

Thief III - I hope Ion Storm will make a german version, Deus Ex has only german underliners, not funny to play it. :(

28th Sep 2002, 12:52
Originally posted by ChristineS

Starcraft II

Have you played the expansion set for Starcraft?
It's called "Brood War". I thought it was pretty good.

28th Sep 2002, 13:02
Yes, I have played the expansions-set "brood war" and it was really pretty good :) So I'm still hoping for the next part :D

28th Sep 2002, 13:32
Because RPGs take so much time, and I have so little lately, there are none I'll rush out and buy the minute they arrive. I'm still tempted to play Planescape Torment, and then there's Icewind Dale 1 that we haven't even touched... Gotta finish Baldur's Gate 2 first though... ;-)

I don't know HOW I missed this the other day.. shame on me.

go, go NOW, get torment and play it. very good game. Especially since you can get it in one of those $10 flip packs now with some other game (coincidentally, you can get fallout 1 & 2 the same way, if you haven't played those...)
Its got a good story, the engine is about the same as baldur's gate, but you can't beat the planescape setting. Maybe this is just because planescape is my 2nd favorite AD&D setting (Spelljammer's #1 - so I have odd tastes...), but the game has a LOT of character that isn't in the others. That and sheena easton does one of the voices.

29th Sep 2002, 03:55
Originally posted by RicknMel
Obviously Thief 3!!

.....Are Mel & I the only ones who are waiting for Myst 4??

If you liked the games..Go read the books..I loved them and found it hard to put them down once you get started..

29th Sep 2002, 09:28
Just thought I'd pass this along...

Get $5 off $35 or more purchase at Amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com/) (plus free shipping to US)

Promotional Code: MAPVALLEY535
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I just pre-ordered NOLF2 and paid $39.99 total (no tax, no shipping) :)

There's also a $10 off $100 or more coupon: MAPBABYTALK2 (also expires Sept. 30)

1st Oct 2002, 01:42
I'm with you Gummie on the idea of a sequel to Grim Fandango...terrific little RPG/Adventure and lots of fun to play! Won't happen but it would be a real treat :)

Guess there's no question about my top two: T3 and DE II ;)

After that would be
Unreal 2
Doom III ... from what I've been seeing and hearing other gamers say about it...I did play Doom II's demo and have one of the mods that was made (jdoom) and with all the hype about it, etc. sounds like something I might really be interested in?

I also have been waiting for DNF...but......??????

Warcraft III...I still may get it...I know Warcraft II kept me going for a long time...good fun and good game to play and also got the add-on for that one.

Starcraft II? The only new Starcraft I've heard of is for one of the consoles...not interested.

Yes, they are making an updated version of Homeworld I believe.
And good (but not difficult) space shooters I also have enjoyed tremendously...Descent III was great and I also bought Freespace and it's addon...however I didn't care for that one as much personally, so I passed it onto one of my Sons to play. Controls were a little too much for me...otherwise game looked great :) Same thing with Earth 2150...too complex for me but having the different views all at once was the big hurdle mostly and trying to figure out your underground pathing, etc.

As was mentioned in another thread, I downloaded NOLF2 the other day but haven't played it yet...so not sure yet if that will be on my shopping list?

I did have rather a large chuckle recently...reading some of the new games planned for in next year or whatever in PC Gamers latest edition...seems that several of them will have Thief/Deus Ex elements in them...stealth, conspiracy, shadows, AI that can search for you, etc....wonder how many ex-TTLG'rs are behind these? LOL

So right now off the top of my head...can't think of anything more at the moment...perhaps there might be one or two more on the back-burner...but that's mainly what comes to mind now :) Ta and Good Hunting!