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26th Sep 2002, 01:47
Who else thinks that the Flame sword from BO1 was absolutely bad ass and should've been incorpotated somewhere somehow in one of the other games... now that I think about it there was no room for it in SR, maybe SR2 but not likely, but surely it coulda been in BO2. W/ his trusted Soul Reaver weapon lost, Kain coulda used the Flame Sword and the game would have been so much better(though it was pretty damn good, anyways). Anyone agree/disagree???

26th Sep 2002, 05:23
I miss that weapon! It was my favorite in BO1! But my friends and I were discussing how it would not be.... right if they used such things from BO1 in BO2 - the gruesome spells and items shown with BO2 graphics?!?! OMG, that would be so gross!!!! Flay?! Implode?! Font of Putrescence?! That would be crossing the line. Even flame sword would be too.... disturbing. Imagine the enemies aflame, slowly, agonizingly die in front of you. Even the soul reaver didn't have the same effects it used to... gladly enough.

Besides, with games they always make you start with ***** and you have to earn your goods - Kain starts out half-naked, then he gradually gains some clothes along his journey. The same with weapons and such.

26th Sep 2002, 06:04
I wouldn't have minded seeing a good Flay or Implode BO2-style. Guilty pleasure.http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/lachen/lachen002.gif

I do miss the Flame Sword. I used it more than anything else in BO.:cool:

Originally posted by Naja
Besides, with games they always make you start with ***** and you have to earn your goods - Kain starts out half-naked, then he gradually gains some clothes along his journey. The same with weapons and such.

I kinda liked him that way. :D

26th Sep 2002, 15:42
Also it would deprive you of the ability to drain your victim's blood, can't get much blood out of ashes :) And you do require almost everybody's blood that crosses your path

27th Sep 2002, 05:38
Yes, but for the sheer twisted thrill of watching your enemies roast, it's almost worth it.

I'm ok...really, I am... http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/aktion/aktion061.gif

27th Sep 2002, 06:08
@ Rook: :eek:

27th Sep 2002, 06:55
I'm only slightly psycho, Naja.;) http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/lachen/lachen002.gif

27th Sep 2002, 23:19
sure you are.....

*slowly backs up and hides behind a wall to dodge effects of Rook's flame sword*:p

28th Sep 2002, 04:22
I think the reason for not having the Flame Sword in BO2 was more needing all the Lore you came across as aposed to all the Blood you came across.

28th Sep 2002, 04:41
Good point, Jedilvr! Of course if they were to put the sword in the game, they would have to make it difficult for us - kinda like the Soul Reaver in all the games *drains magic like a b!tch and two handed; need to be at perfect health; cannot use too often*- where'd you have to do all this stuff in order to for it to have any use. Well, since in BO2, you only got to have the Soul Reaver at the end of the game... we should be compensated; I think they did an okay job of compensation - all the weapons and multiple ... uses.... and all the cool dark gifts. They could have given us the ability to use some spells or items like before.... but since they were entirely different teams at work *BO1 and BO2 teams* and BO2 team wanted to do something different.... why, I don't know... they didn't give Kain his old spells and items back. Besides, like I said before.... that would be way too gross to do such a thing.

Also, if they gave Kain Flame Sword back, then it would kinda screw up the game-play... I mean, Kain is supposed to pick up his weapons from wherever and use them - he has no permanant weapon until the last boss fight. And considering that Kain cannot drop any weapon - he has to wait for it to break - the addition of the flame sword would be complicated when you get to the end of the game.....heheh.... two swords.... Sure, they could have done things differently.... but they decided to 'do something new'.... which as we can see led to all these **** glitches! So yeah.... I'll shut up now....:rolleyes:

28th Sep 2002, 06:25
Well, sure you need everybodys' lore in BO2, so the Flame Sword would definitely not fit. I was just saying that it would be interesting to see the use of the Flame Sword (and/or some of the other BO weapons) in BO2-style action.

Wait, Naja! Don't run away! I swear I'm not crazy!http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/traurig/traurig049.gif


28th Sep 2002, 06:51
*Peeks around from behind wall*

"Yipe! I've been spotted!"

*decides it is futile to run now*

"Alright, alright. I'll come out now.... don't hurt me!"

(j/k! I'm just too bored.)

28th Sep 2002, 07:02
Awww, c'mon Naja. You can have the Flame Sword and I'll just play around with some Pentalich of Tarot. http://www.contrabandent.com/cwm/s/contrib/ruinkai/vampv.gif

28th Sep 2002, 19:26
"...... I felt safer when you had the flame sword....."

(Ya know, I think it would be cool if there was an RP section here... don't you? I mean, most of the people here do it already.)

29th Sep 2002, 07:08
Ok, so I'll use the Flame Sword and you can have the Tarot. Or some other weapon perhaps? Which do you prefer? :D

Yeah, it would be kinda cool to have an RP section going here. http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/cool/cool001.gif

29th Sep 2002, 19:12
.... uh... I guess that's fine, as long as you don't have Tarot.

Well, somebody already started an RP in the General section.

29th Sep 2002, 22:29
But, then what's the :( for? You've got all the Tarot. Would you like the Reaver, too?

*** Hides a couple of stray Flays in her vambraces ***

29th Sep 2002, 22:44
Huh? I'm not scared... I mean sad. Uh.... I'm cool. I'm cool. Uh... the reaver? I think I should hold on to that for you....^^;;; Have fun with the flame sword..... just don't point it ... wait .... no!

Rook: "Like this?" *does arc with sword*

NOO!!! :eek:

*gets charred by the sword*

.....*cough* ...... yeah......

29th Sep 2002, 23:12
Whoa! OMG! I'm so sorry! I've gotta stop being clumsy like that... :o

Uh...here, try this... http://www.leonardsafety.com/leonardsafety.storefront/EN/catalog/1268


29th Sep 2002, 23:58
*applies whole bottle of burnfree dressing and wraps self in fire trauma blanket*

".......:( .........."

30th Sep 2002, 00:49

1-They need to make a BO3 just so we can use ALL of the BO1 armor, spells, magic items, and weapons in a 3-D environment.

2-Just as in BO1, BO3 should make you have to constantly change your armor/spell/magic item/weapon configuration in order to successfully combat different types of enemies.

3-Each type of enemy should have it's own set of strengths and weaknesses, that way you have to always THINK before entering a battle.

4-The BO2 cobat configuration of blocking and attacking should be kept the same in BO3.

5-The BO2 Dark Gifts need to be available in BO3.

6-I also want to see an upgraded Berserk-Jump-Attack that uses up magic or rage. I wish that you could transform into a werewolf, target an enemy from a distance, and when you land go berserk on your opponent.

7-Very powerful weapons like the Flame Sword need to have a limitation on them, like needing to collect magic or something in order to recharge them.

8- I like to keep the concept of taking other people's weapons and using them until they break. I think that needs to stay in the game. We need to also be able to take long-range weapons, but they should contain very little ammo, making them useful only for a small amount of time.

9-I think Shadowman 2 the Second Coming or Drakkan 2 the Ancients Gate are both good examples of some of the ideas that might be good to use in BO3. Drakkan is a very good example of how Kain's Bat Morph might be used to allow us to perform both ariel combat in the air and regular hand-to-hand on the ground.

30th Sep 2002, 00:54
Aww, now I'm gonna feel bad for the rest of the week.

How about taking a free shot at me with any weapon of your choice (except maybe the Reaver :eek: )?



30th Sep 2002, 01:17
*Anubis thinks Naja should use Spirit Wrack and then leave the body to rot and his soul forever trapped in the spectral plane*


30th Sep 2002, 01:41
Well that was uncalled-for--calling me a "he," I mean. ;) :p :D

Going spectral might not be so bad. Me and Frank could play chess. And Raz might visit every once in awhile...:D

What am I saying?! Don't do it, Naja! Please!! :eek:

30th Sep 2002, 01:47
Ah, my apologies I was unaware :)

On the other hand you could just as easily be consumed by a sluagh before you ever get the chance of meeting a "celebrity" like Raziel.... just imagine that, getting consumed but still being conscious, and then coming... *shudders*

Do it Naja. "YOU CAN DO IT!"


30th Sep 2002, 02:04
Eh, no big deal. I was just giving you a hard time. :D

B...b...but I'll have Frank the Sluagh there to protect me...I hope... And maybe even Raz will show up in time.

AAGH! Don't listen to him, Naja! Don't do it! Don't do it! I'm sorry about the Flame Sword thing and all! Don't do it, pleeeeease!!!

:eek: :eek: :eek:

Guilty as charged of overplaying my part. :D

30th Sep 2002, 03:27
Well, I dunno....:rolleyes: The soul reaver sounds rather interesting.....;)

Just kidding.... I won't do anything...yet. Mwuahahahahahaha!!! Now I'm the one to fear! Mwuahahahaha... *cough* *hack* *cough*.... *ahem*... Yeah!

Uh... guys... why are you looking at me like that?:confused: Hey! Where'd you get that flay from?! ... Oh NO!!!:eek:

30th Sep 2002, 03:36
I forgot all about the Flay I stashed in my other sleeve!

So, should I use it? Should I? Should I?

Decisions indeed...


30th Sep 2002, 04:09
....great. I'm back at the bottom of the food chain again.....:(

O.O;;;; I just realized there's no medication or treatment on the face of the earth that could save me from flay!!!

Please don't do it!!! No!!! Have mercy!!!:eek:

30th Sep 2002, 04:17
Huh? Oh no, heck no, I wasn't thinking about using it on you, Naja. I think I've done enough damage as it is with the Flame Sword. (Sorry about that, again.) But I am seriously considering chucking it at Anubis for trying to get me banished eternally to the spectral realm!http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/sauer/sauer037.gif


30th Sep 2002, 04:32
*wraps blanket around her tighter for protection*

...uh...it's okay....only flesh wounds. and muscle wounds. and psychological wounds. and......no really, I'm fine.;)

Now that I think of it... that DID sound kinda harsh... but not worth using flay over.... *Rook turns abruptly towards Naja*

eheheh, nevermind! :D Don't hurt me! *hides under blanket*:(

30th Sep 2002, 04:49
Whoa! Calm down. Jeez. I was just gonna ask your opinion. Do you think Flay is a good way to get my revenge on Anubis, or should I try to find some good ol' fashioned Implode?http://www.contrabandent.com/cwm/s/contrib/ruinkai/vampv.gif


30th Sep 2002, 04:59
*goes back under blanket with record speed*

*muffled*: OMG! Implode?!?! OMG!OMG!OMG!:eek: :eek: :eek:

*considers, then pops out from blanket*

Wait! I didn't mean USE implode! No! Don't do it! Use slow time and give Anubis a.... 'makeover.';)

30th Sep 2002, 05:06
A "makeover," eh? Sounds like a plan.

Or perhaps a little Spirit Wrack. That's what he would have done to me. Heeheehaahaahaa!!!


30th Sep 2002, 05:47
*Cast Incapacitate spell at Rook then thinks about what her punishment should be for her treachery*

*Casts Control Mind spell on Naja and makes Naja kill Rook*

Oh and BTW, I'm wearing Chaos armor, so think about it :D

30th Sep 2002, 06:04
*shakes head from daze*

Eh? What happened? Where's Rook?

*sees Rook's body on the ground and blood over hands*


*turns to Anubis*

YOU!!! You made me do this!!! .....Control mind??? Was that it?! Was that what you used on me?!

*grabs head*:mad:

Ah! I feel so violated!!!

*goes over to Rook's body*

No! My poor Rook is dead!:(

Rook: {{{I'm here, but you can't see me!}}}

AAAAGGGHHH!!! Voices in my head!!!! AAAAGGGHHH!!! :eek:

*hides under blanket again*

(Yeah... I'm bored. This is a pretty fun RP we got going! We should start another one for when things get boring around here!;) )

30th Sep 2002, 06:07
{{{Well, that was uncalled-for, Anubis!}}}

*** Plots ways to reinhabit her body and take another shot at Anubis.***

{{{ At least you've got some sympathy for my situation, Naja. Thanks.}}}

{{{ Now all I need to do is make a deal with the Squid to get my body back. Or maybe I don't need him at all. Who knows... }}}

Originally posted by Naja

(Yeah... I'm bored. This is a pretty fun RP we got going! We should start another one for when things get boring around here!;) )

{{{ Not if getting killed is gonna be an everyday thing for me. }}}

;) :p :D

Power reaver
30th Sep 2002, 17:42
Iam gettin sooo board , can I join in in the fun ? I guess so eh ,...


Well Rook , you just may be in luck . I happen to have the ability to shift realms and take anything and anyone with me . You wanna come along ? Well sure you can , but theres a catch , well ummmm..... not really . AAAA Iam not askin for much , just complete control of your soul for all eternity , thats all . Not much is it , I work for cheap , I know . :o

Besides I wouldent mind helpin you get your revenge .........:cool:
[yeah i have been watching you , soooo ?]


30th Sep 2002, 18:05
Wouldn't matter if you took him along, he'd still be intangible and noncorporeal so...... meh

Power reaver
30th Sep 2002, 18:12
well I ll just gather lots of matter and make a new body , like I always do for myself and others .

Tats how you shift , you know , sooo meh back to you :p

30th Sep 2002, 18:25
That's how Raziel shifts.... and he's unique :)

1st Oct 2002, 02:38
*watches Anubis and Power Reaver 'discuss' back and forth*:rolleyes:

"....eh? n-o-n-c-o-r-p-o-r-e-a-l?... s-h-i-f-t?....":confused:

*interrupts* "Hey! I don't know what you two are babbling about, but somebody's gotta fix Rook!":(

*to Rook* "Don't worry, I'm sure somebody will get you back to normal."

*to Anubis* "See?! That's what happens when you mess with weapons: somebody always gets stuck in spectral!"

Anubis: "....whatever. Hey, what's this?" *pulls out pentalich of tarot card* "I wonder what this will do..."

"NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!":eek: "Bad day! Bad day! Bad day!":( *tries to run, but trips and falls on her face*

*gets killed*

{{{Oh! Hey Rook! I guess I'll be hanging out with you here for a while.... until the others decide to bring us back - 'cause I don't trust anyone with more than two legs... if you get my drift...;)}}}

1st Oct 2002, 04:53
*Uses Jedi mind trick to make Anubis and Power Reaver kill each other* (And I bet you all thought my powers didn't work in Nosgoth)
*Makes four Plushies to carry souls*
"Now, who to bring back first."
"I died first, it would only be fair I come back first."
"Sure Rook, and I suppose I should bring Naja back second so the two of you can try to stop me from bringing Anubis and Reaver back, not likely."
"On the flip side I'm pretty sure their not too happy about me causing their deaths. Promise to behave?"
"OK, I promise" (secretly crosses her fingers)
"Naja, what about you?"
Who cares what they want, you did this to us, we should come back first. Besides we're not the types to hold grudges."
"Well now that all the spirits are here, discuss it amongst yourselves and come to a decision, I await your answer."

Edit: Sorry to kinda ruin the RP but I just noticed that this is my 100th post, that's the number I stopped at on the old forum. Thank You.

1st Oct 2002, 05:17
*glares over at her murderer*

{{{ You should be last! }}}

Anubis: {{{What?}}}

Rook: {{{Yeah. Bring me back first, since I've been here the longest. I've earned my right to be brought back!}}}

Power Reaver: {{{No thanks! I can get back myself. Like I said, I do this all the time!:p }}}

*with that Power Reaver shifted back*

{{{Hey! What about us? Power Reaver!!! Help us out here!!!}}}

Anubis: {{{..... I don't wanna be under Power Reaver's control! Didn't you hear that the first time, Naja?}}}

{{{Oh! I'm sorry; I have the attention span of a .......what were we talking about....:p }}}

Anubis: {{{Hey, Jedilr! Leave her here - she probably won't notice anyway.}}}

{{{Notice what?}}}

Rook: {{{.... hm... she wasn't like this earlier. Does this place have an effect on her or what?}}}

Power Reaver: "You heard them. Bring back Rook and Anubis. It will be....interesting to see them as dolls. Mwahaha....erm...*ahem* .... They want to come back!:rolleyes: "
(It's okay, you didn't ruin the RP. You still wanna play with us? We don't bite....:rolleyes: much....)

1st Oct 2002, 09:26
{{{ Whoa! Wait a minute! What kind of doll is it? God knows I'm anxious to get back to the material realm, but nobody's bringing me back as a gender neutral plushie! Maybe I'd do better just to stay here till somebody comes up with a slightly less humiliating escape plan. }}}:D

{{{ Besides, I'm busy honing my soul devouring skills. Heck, I've got plenty of time here in spectral anyway. }}}

{{{ And, of course, Naja is here...Uuhhh...Naja? C'mon where'd you go? }}}

{{{ I'd like to take this opportunity to apologise to solidsnake for completely derailing the original subject of this thread. }}}
:eek: :o :D

1st Oct 2002, 09:57
Bah, you guys cheat.... making moves for other people

AND WHAT THE???...... There's no "Jedi Mind Tricks" here!!

*Casts Repel*

1st Oct 2002, 20:58
You dare challenge my Jedi Mind Trick....
(Waves hand in front of Anubis, Power Reaver, Naja, and Rook) Jedilvr was never here, Anubis killed Power Reaver and is ploting world domination :D
Jedilvr was never here, Anubis killed Power Reaver and is ploting world domination :eek: