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26th Sep 2002, 01:22
I have been having problems with left clicking on my lab analysers on some missions. I am trying to drop an item on the analyser from my "pattern buffer" , but instead it beams the analyser into the buffer. This is an intermittant problem; sometimes the items drop onto the analyser just fine.

I have tried clicking on different locations on the analyser, in hopes that the problem is similer to the one where if you click on a bioplant pot it beams both the pot and the plant inside it into the buffer, but if you click on the plant only the plant is beamed there.

A related issue (that isn't quite as annoying), is when I try to move the equipment around in one of my labs. If I am beaming up the lab equipment into my pattern buffer and try to grab the analyser, the last thing I grab drops onto the analyser. I have learned to avoid this problem by just telling the entire lab to pack itself and then picking up the crates afterward.

26th Sep 2002, 05:48
Click on the flat surface of the Analyser and Bio Pot to beam things into them. Clicking elsewhere on them will beam them up.

26th Sep 2002, 05:49
Also, to beam things out of a Bio Pot, click on the plant (aim at a leaf or something), not the pot if you want the pot to stay put.

26th Sep 2002, 07:17
Thanks for the quick answer. I already had figured out how to deal with the bio-pots; it just doesn't seem to work that way for me when I try it on the analyser. I have tried clicking on different locations on the top of the analyser, as well as on it's sides, and it seems to always beam into my pattern buffer. At other times I can drop things onto it just fine; it seems to be an intermittant problem.

26th Sep 2002, 16:16
Another thing to try if its being picky is to drag items from the pattern buffer into the game world. You should see a dim "ghost" of the item you are transporting as you drag it across the screen. Just line this up with the blue swirly thing, release the mouse button, and you should be in business.

This is also helpful if you have lots of things in your pattern buffer and want to beam down the third item on the list. Saves you from running back and forth between the cargo bay or throwing a bunch of stuff down only to pick it up later.

27th Sep 2002, 01:21
Thanks for the drag and drop idea. I keep learning new tactics to use while playing StarTopia. Some of them are:

1) When starting a new building, don't click on the accept button; instead click on the ghost outline of the building. This allows you to reposition or pivot the building if it isn't in just the right location.

2) When hiring a new peep, promote them to 5 stars right away if you have the money. This means that you don't have to keep checking to see if it's time to promote this peep again (and the peep is less likely to quit).

3) You can place small corridor items on the outside edges of some buildings such as the Space Motel. I usually put statues there. You can put Bio-Pots there but you can't put plants in them.

4) When you right click on a cargo bay, it lists all the stuff in all your cargo bays and you can pull the stuff directly into your pattern buffer. This is very useful when you have multiple bays and you don't know where a particular item is located. I also use this to see if I am running low on basic cargo (like medical supplies for my sickbays).

5) I like to only hire peeps with no criminal history. All criminals will occasionally commit 'crimes' while working wherever that type of peep works; Karmaramas remove plants from the Biodeck, Turrakens slow research, etc. Even if you arrest them they seem to continue committing crimes once released. This tactic also makes criminals (and enemy agents) easier to spot, since none of them have my symbol above them. Once I have a 'mature' station (usually after I have won a level) I tend to hire every non-criminal peep I can find. Eventually no more criminals (or random new tourists) come on the station because the maximum number of peeps are already aboard and I have hired them all.

6) I usually have a couple security scuzzers in my pattern buffer when I am hiring new peeps. If the peep is a criminal I can drop them on next to the peep to arrest him. They don't always arrest the peep; it seems to depend on what the peep is doing. They never see the peep if he is doing something active (like buying from a dine-o-mat). This tactic seems to work best when the peep is just standing in one location. It's also fun dropping a Security scuzzer in a crowd; the criminals change direction away from the scuzzer.

7) Sometimes spies place bombs that are not armed. The way to tell is that they don't have a flashing light on them. These bombs are harmless unless they are close enough to another explosion to be set off, then they go off in a secondary explosion. If you can collect enough of them you can set up a monster chain reaction which might be useful when invading an enemy section.

8) Since scuzzer rechargers are so small, cheap, and are not "duff" rooms (see the "attracting peeps" thread at http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?&threadid=571), I sometimes put a whole slew of them in a section to attract more peeps into my station.

Matthew Daly
27th Sep 2002, 13:22
Usually when I beam the analyser into my pattern buffer, it turns out that I was clicking on one of the "prongs" that stick up from the sides instead of the flat spot.

Another thing that happened to me today was that, in upgrading my equipment, I accidentally blocked off the access point of the analyser. There didn't seem to be any alert that things were wrong, just that it was impossible to beam things into the buffer. Life improved when I moved the furniture again.

Mucky Foot
28th Sep 2002, 00:17
#4: It actually includes everything in every cargo bay and sitting on the deck, e.g. crates next to a factory or on the biodeck waiting for collection by a droid, or the furniture when you've repacked a room.

#5: Peeps that have been through a rehab cycle should not commit any more crimes, though they will still show a criminal record of course. They're also "hardened" criminals :-)

#6: How well your fuzzers spot criminals depends on your security staff levels.

#7: Placed bombs are always armed - those bombs are ones that fuzzers have found and deactivated. Again, how well they find bombs is down to security level.

TomF - Muckyfoot coder.

28th Sep 2002, 03:41
Originally posted by marrip
If the peep is a criminal I can drop them on next to the peep to arrest him. They don't always arrest the peep; it seems to depend on what the peep is doing.

It's one thing to have a criminal record, it's another to commit a crime. The Security Scuzzers will only arrest peeps that have commited a crime on your station, and even then thay can be a bit dodgy at it.

The other thing I found is that you cannot beam Security Scuzzers into a room, making criminal Turakkens a pain to arrest.

Mucky Foot
28th Sep 2002, 11:02
If you beam the fuzzers somewhere nearby, they usually spot the criminal. They will go into rooms to arrest them, you just can't beam them directly there.

TomF - Muckyfoot coder.

30th Sep 2002, 23:14
Originally posted by Hand-E-Food: It's one thing to have a criminal record, it's another to commit a crime.

I find that they fuzzers will arrest anyone with a criminal record, even just after they enter through a port. Once I have set up my station, I tend to do a lot of 'port watching', where I hire the non criminals I want and drop fuzzers next to incoming criminals.

Originally posted by Mucky Foot: Placed bombs are always armed - those bombs are ones that fuzzers have found and deactivated. Again, how well they find bombs is down to security level.

I guess in the future instead of picking up live bombs I will drop a fuzzer next to them so that I can pick it up without permanently tieing up a slot in my pattern buffer (or at least until I want a big bang).

1st Oct 2002, 17:03
You can drop live bombs right into the recycler to free up space in your pattern buffer. They're converted into regular garbage, and your salt hogs can turn it into a little bit of cash.

You can also drop it onto the lab analyser. It spins around for a few seconds then disappears harmlessly.

Personally, I like to hold onto them. You never know when you might want a particular peep "retired" and don't have the means to do it traditionally. Or if you need to make a new swimming pool in the biodeck. Drop one onto a flat stretch of land. Instant terriforming.

Mucky Foot
4th Oct 2002, 23:28
You can also drop a bomb through an open Stardock. It makes a very pretty bang. Not terribly practical, but it's cute anyway. And let's you play Dark Star (http://us.imdb.com/Quotes?0069945).

"Hello bomb. Hey - bomb?"
"And I said - let there be light."

TomF - Muckyfoot coder.