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Grey Mouser
25th Sep 2002, 23:59
Check HERE (http://www.eidosinteractive.com/support/patchinfo.html?ptid=76) for the fix list and the patch.

At present I don't have word on whether you can use this patch for Beach Life, but I hope to find out and will post here when I have the scoop.

[edit - hmmm, looks as if our FTP server is abysmally slow to download at present...but it will, eventually - GM]

26th Sep 2002, 05:44
On the co.uk Eidos site is the Beach life patch (http://www.eidosinteractive.co.uk/support/patchinfo.html?ptid=60) :)

26th Sep 2002, 14:56
How comes the english version of the patch is smaller in filesize? I hope it contains all the same tweaks/addons etc!

Bahama mama
26th Sep 2002, 15:59

Just a little more info.

The Spring Break patch will will not work on beach life.

There is a seperate patch for Beach life on the UK website as mentioned earlier.

Also please note that once you apply the patch for Spring Break your saved games will be gone. :(

Rats! I was about to win level 8. Now I need to start over again. I wish the patch added more builders cause now my guys will be doing alot of over time.


Grey Mouser
26th Sep 2002, 16:02
Originally posted by @m
On the co.uk Eidos site is the Beach life patch (http://www.eidosinteractive.co.uk/support/patchinfo.html?ptid=60) :)

Thanks @m!

Originally posted by keogh
How comes the english version of the patch is smaller in filesize?

The simple answer - because there are differences between games we publish in the US and games we publish in the UK. Exactly what differences? I dunno...I don't have a copy of Beach Life here in the US!

28th Sep 2002, 08:41
Originally posted by Grey Mouser

Thanks @m!

Your welcome.

27th Oct 2002, 17:08
i got beach life cd and the patch downloaded in my pc, ..
but i cant use the patch,
because they say that "unknown version"
how come eh ??
also, .. there's no version written in the main menu of the game ..
anyone know the answer ??

28th Oct 2002, 09:33
If you have BEACH LIFE you need to download the patch for the English (UK) version which is entitled Beachlife.

But if you have Spring break (US Version) then you need the US patch.

Im guessing you are using the US patch on the english game, hence the reason it dont work.

Download the english patch from eidosinteractive.co.uk and use that.

The version number appear in the top right of the menu screen ONLY when you have the patch installed.

You said you couldn't get the patch installed therefore you have no version number.

28th Oct 2002, 17:05
the patch that i got is uk patch for beach life .. 100 percent sure ..
still .. can't be updated... :(

i guess... i just play it without the update ...

28th Oct 2002, 17:13
Hmmmm I'm afraid I can't answer that then.... thought you were installing the wrong patch, but obviously not.

You'll have to wait til a "Eidos bod" answers this problem i'm afraid.

29th Oct 2002, 18:42
too bad .. i'm already in the final level..
would feel lazy if must start from the new level after installed the patch...^^
so...i think i'd forget about the patch :)

25th Jul 2003, 13:29
my beach life patch says unknown version too :( and yes mine is the uk version if anyone has worked out why please let me know why it wont work. louise

27th Feb 2004, 14:23
yeah i know the game isnt new anymore.. but hey why cant i use the patch ?