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25th Sep 2002, 23:13
hello again. i am in the sr1 and i am stuck. i went thru the eye of the skull and retrieved the force glyph. i am now attempting to scale the wall next to the portal door across from where i got the glyph. i was told to throw a projectile at the block with the bulls eye looking mark on it . this way i could climb the wall and not be "blocked by the block". i cant seem to hit the mark. i have tryed many times. is there a trick. another way around, am i headed in the correct direction, am i making sence. please advise......thanks

25th Sep 2002, 23:36
My only suggestion is keep trying. Maybe that is just a really picky part and you need to keep at it for a while until it decides to let you pass. Actually, I haven't been there in a long while... so I don't even remember that block - I remember the skull and the force glyph puzzle... but not the block. But I hear that is what you're supposed to do: hit it with a projectile. Oh well, don't give up!

Reaver of Souls
26th Sep 2002, 02:04
I think I know where you are. You have to go up to the top of the big skull and then float across to the platform that has the torch on it (where the path that leads to the force glyph room is).
From there you need to look over to that bullseye block. Shift to spectral. To the left of the block are two ledges that stick out. When in spectral they droop and there is a reachable platform between them. All you need to do from there is glide over. That part screwed me up too, you don't actually have to do anything to the block, but if you really want to once you're over there you can push/shoot it down. Hope that helps!

26th Sep 2002, 03:27
I have to disagree with Reaver of Souls.... I think shifting to spectral is the last thing you want to do in this instance, however he was correct in saying that you should glide from the top of the skull to the ledge with the torch on it, from there you can take aim at the block and knock it over (it slides into wall if I'm not mistaken), then just glide over and climb up the wall.

Hope that helps

Reaver of Souls
26th Sep 2002, 23:11
I just tried it out and yes you do NEED to switch to spectral otherwise the platform you need to land on will not be low enough and you will not make it (and no, you can't blast the block from that platform, the angle doesn't work b/c the only direction it would go would be into the wall, which doesn't work).

26th Sep 2002, 23:56
Hmm..... never did it that way, but nice to know it works, thx. But you don't HAVE to switch to spectral because I know for a fact I never did and I got the glyph