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25th Sep 2002, 19:22
Got an urge to play Startopia again and just finished a marathon runthough of the official missions. While watching the credits scene I realized that I really like the music in the game. Anyone know of a way to turn the native TFA files back into standard WAVes? I noticed the muckyfoot main site has samples from the game but I was looking for the complete songs.


26th Sep 2002, 06:05
It's probably out on CD.

It was just never marketted.

26th Sep 2002, 17:42
I have it.


Click on "Musiques".

Click on "Télécharger." in the first grid.

27th Sep 2002, 06:07
Those are the already released ones startopiafrance, he's looking for all of them.

I'm afraid at the moment there's no way to decode the TFA's. Something to do with "crazy hex stuff" if I remember correctly from the days way back. The creator of then encryption seems to be visting us quite alot these days, so perhaps we should appeal to him...

Tom, any chance you would reconsider letting us decode the files?

27th Sep 2002, 19:03
If I want listen Startopia music, I launch the game and I select the pont...

Maybe it's with a recorder software to record the musics.
I made it with Tiberian Sun, and i have no problems...

I will try.