View Full Version : Sandbox goals ?????

25th Sep 2002, 11:49
What aims doyou give yourself after completing a scenario?

At the moment, I'm trying to make everyone unhappy and aiming for 100% unhappy guest leaving. Expensive toilet, few cleaners, very harsh security guards etc. I keep at least one of each building and all well maintained. Any other suggestions?

Does anyone have any interesting sandbox goals, or does everyone just keep tring to make the resort better and better?

I think it would be a nice idea to post any sandbox goals, especially given the sad lackof a scenario editor.

Coconut Kid
13th Nov 2002, 15:03
I hope some folk see the replay value and hang around after they have blasted through the scenarios. :rolleyes:

I always enjoy trying to maximize my income in a game of this kind. If I use the money cheat, I like to see how fast I can make back the money which would be needed to pay off the "loan." It's like playing with a virtual loan shark to keep your business going.