View Full Version : Poll: Do You Read The StarTopia Post?

25th Sep 2002, 02:23
Everyone knows that the StarTopia Post is the #1 source for all things StarTopia, but we're curious as to just how often you check, if you still check, ect.

Vote up!

25th Sep 2002, 06:41
Har, I barely read it ever, because it wont render properly under my linux netscape. My windows box is busy playing startopia.

25th Sep 2002, 18:19
Originally posted by startopiapostburninhell
-nothing intelligent from the above former member to see here - edited by Evil Admin

did someone ask you something?

pissoff please

25th Sep 2002, 20:24
Did I miss something interesting?

25th Sep 2002, 20:35
I check it every so often, but there is no point in checking every day seeing as it is not updated that often :)

26th Sep 2002, 02:04
Once a week

It really doesn't get updated enough to warrent a constant stream of hits. I go to planetneverwinter regardless of updates because I am really having some difficulty beating the game...

But if there were more updates I'd be hitting it up every day.

26th Sep 2002, 17:45
I visit STP always.

And : Startopia france is the #1 Startopia ressource in French...

27th Sep 2002, 05:49
Thanks for the feedback guys, it seems like once a week is a good time to check, because that is roughly when we find news!

StarTopia Post loves you, and remember, if you see any news, tell us!

28th Sep 2002, 19:30
NEWS : That's my Startopia buy's birthday..

15th Oct 2002, 09:08
I check it all the time, although it never seems to get updated, even when you send stuff in... <hint, hint>

Meddling Grey
15th Oct 2002, 22:03
I can't vote accurately, because the time between my checks is variable. I have my browser defaulted to ST Post, you see, because it's easy to load and I like to make sure I'm not missing any updates. So it can be anywhere from "Once a day" to "Once a week", and all those little blobby things in the middle. I'll go with once a week though, since I'm not on the internet all that often.

(Sorry about picking at your poll. I'm just in one of those moods. :) )