View Full Version : Weird Stuff

24th Sep 2002, 20:40
Hey, what weird stuff have you noticed in the game? And I don't mean the soul reaver on the Seer's floor, I mean new stuff. I got a few:
- A peasant near the start of the Canyon level repeatedly runs back and forth to extinguish two flames. Each time he turns one off, the other one turns on, and when he sees this, he grabs his head and shakes like he just got out of Mind Control, and then runs to extinguish the flame.
- The city has an Anglo/French name, the people speak with a British accent, the signs are in a pseudo-English with some letters deformed, and almost all of the posters are in German, with the occasional one in French. And remember, all the town names in BO1 are Germanic.
- If a civilian comes across a dead Sarafan, they will check him and be scared. However, if the Sarafan is not drained of blood, then sometimes the people don't raise an alarm!
- The annoying songs that play out of the old record players are incredibly similar to patriotic British songs during World War I.

That's about all I can think of off-hand. Any other strange things/easter eggs you can think of?