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24th Sep 2002, 17:19
It was getting interesting and I did have something serious to add. Thanks!

24th Sep 2002, 18:29
Right, I'll give it a second change. But next time use PM or e-mail to ask this :)

25th Sep 2002, 15:24
To all-
What was the matter with the banter in this thread originally?

There are a great many things we do not know and will never know about situations. Some things from WW 2 are still classified. There is a huge, complex intel network functioning throughout the globe by most governments all the time. My feeling is that there are signs that saddam and his band of merry men are actively seeking nuclear weapons again. They had gotten to some point and ar now renewing the effort.

He would not hesitate to use a nuke on Israel or Kuwait for a second. He could be at a point soon to very easily produce a dirty bomb that does not produce a nuclear chain reaction explosion but would be filled with unrefined dust that would still produce radiation over an area for decades or more if exploded in a conventional warhead.

Bush and Blair aren't just talking about taking saddam out for fun and giggles. There must be signs. We simply have to accept the fact that we'll never know all the details of how they know or exactly what they know.

Whaddya think Rapid?

25th Sep 2002, 16:27
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