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Apocrypha Roxy
24th Sep 2002, 00:41
Just installed Thief 2, and for some reason, like last time with Thief 1 (which I fixed, btw), the intro movie and the mission briefings will not play.

My computer is pretty new, I have no issues with any of my other games, and I'm using '98. I've got a Pentium 4 processor, and LOTS of room on my C-drive, so I know it's not that.

I've been to the readme, nothing was an issue for me; I checked out the mission movies - they play correctly in Windows Media.

Whats a tafferette to do? :(

24th Sep 2002, 01:15
Originally posted by Apocrypha Roxy
Whats a tafferette to do? :( Explore Disk 1, and double-click iv5play.exe. You will be watching cutscenes in no time! ;)

Apocrypha Roxy
24th Sep 2002, 01:27

Thanks, Leatherman!


24th Sep 2002, 02:11

2nd Oct 2002, 03:19
Why does the stupid Indeo codec do this?!

I have had enormous problems with it, which (until my complete reinstall a fortnight ago) ended up in my never really knowing whether the movies would work or not, as they worked or failed on their own volition (runing IV5Play.EXe had no effect).

After the reinstall, possibly due to my not installing any RealProducts, which have been said to be even worse for the codec, the movies will stop working but all I have to do is run IV5Play.EXE (I even have a shortcut in my Start\Looking Glass Studios\Thief - The Dark Project folder) and they work immediately afterward.

So why did Looking Glass use such a *****y codec for their games? Why didn't they just use something else?

3rd Oct 2002, 02:45
The install of the Indeo codec is placed in the installation sequence AFTER the installation of Thief. If you then ONLY play the OMs, you don't run into the problem that the Indeo codecs don't work anymore. It's when you already have the Indeo codecs installed BEFORE an install of Thief (and don't reinstall them at the end of the install sequence for Thief) *or* when you play a lot of FMs that the Indeo codecs don't work anymore (but just for Thief). The software protection in Thief is really old. It was already old when Thief was new, but it was cheap. It is also flaky. Eventually you may "touch" Thief enough that you have to reinstall it. Some no-CD cracks won't work on some versions of Thief because the code bytes are different at the spot where the crack would get inserted although the version for the game is the same. Copy protection has been a real pain in Thief for its players. I've even found a registry entry that supposedly doesn't apply directly to Thief but might get used by the copy protection software. I don't remember the copy protection scheme used, but it does get identified if you use CloneCD to copy the distribution CDs for Thief. Thief is an old game running on new[er] hardware and operating systems. Those that seem to have the best luck running Thief have old hardware and still run Windows 98. Getting the fastest CPU, fancy mobo with RAID, SCSI, onboard 5.1 Digital Dolby audio with licensed EAX, high-speed monster gig drives, and especially with the latest OS is probably not the best platform on which to run an old game. And it's not just games. I know users that have to stick with old computers and old operating systems because they have a critical need from one piece of hardware that isn't supported by later hardware or operating systems.