View Full Version : Tank-Hard version

23rd Sep 2002, 22:00
I have now switched to the Hard version and Each time I try to kill all the soldiers, mission failed comes up. All of the allies are behind the sandbags and the mines and the bomb has been placed on the road. Help

23rd Sep 2002, 22:16
Did you take out all the soldiers that were there when the mision started? When you get spotted by 1 and he doesn't kill you and you get away he will run up to the allies and kill them, then it will tell you the mission is failed.

25th Sep 2002, 00:04
I have positioned all my men in the sandbags facing where the soldiers enter after I start the invasion. That worked in the easy version, but not in this one. Everyone else is dead, all the boxes are empty.

25th Sep 2002, 02:16
Did the tank already come? It might be that both your tankmines and explosives got blown away before it comes and that gives you a mission failed.

25th Sep 2002, 02:42
The anti-tank mine is all you really need to stop the Tank, and soliders don't set it off

So put it the middle of the road right at the edge of the map, and It will be stopped right there.

The allies are no good behind the sand bags, as they can't see anything to shoot, even though they are shooting wildly away when the level starts they can't hit anything.

So move you allies out and lie them on the ground facing the direction of the tank mine.

This will work on any difficulty :D