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Miss L. Croft
23rd Sep 2002, 18:00
:o hey everyone!i really want to start up my own website but i really dont know how to start (i mean the technical stuff) i am really not very good with computers.So,can anyone give me any tips or idea's on what I should do topic wise?:confused:

23rd Sep 2002, 19:35
Well, what you like could be start. Think of something you enjoy. But a bit of advice. Don't just start a site to have a site. It can become a lot of work.

23rd Sep 2002, 20:01
Take a look here (http://newbieclub.com/builder/) Miss L Croft, and good luck. :)

23rd Sep 2002, 20:23
There's another good codes page...


Some of it is quite advanced, but if you figure out where the text can go, then it's really just a copy/paste job! lol

That's how I used to do it

23rd Sep 2002, 20:47
The Sevloid guide to HTML (http://www.sev.com.au/webzone/sevhtml.asp)

It's how I learned.

(Click the picture below to view my current site...)

And, hey - don't worry too much about what it looks like or anything like that to start with. We all have to learn, somehwere, right? ;) Just experiment until you find something you like :)