View Full Version : Thief II not installing on my system

23rd Sep 2002, 15:37
:confused: I'm not sure how to explain it. I'm running 2000 professional with an SB Audigy MP3 and an ATI AiW 8500, and the Thief II installation won't even install. Please, somebody help me out!

Okami, the Wolf

23rd Sep 2002, 17:36
When executing the setup program to install Thief under an NT-based OS, you must add the -lgntforce parameter. Thief wasn't originally designed to run on NT-based OSes but it has worked okay. Use the Start->Run menu to navigate to your CD #1 for the Thief game and select the setup.exe file. Then add the -lgntforce parameter after the executable filename. Or, at a DOS prompt, enter:

X:\setup.exe -lgntforce

where X: is the drive letter for the CD drive with the Thief CD #1 inserted in it.

Note that when you are asked to insert the Thief CD #2 that the setup program may start again (i.e., you may end up with 2 instances of setup.exe running). Kill the 2nd one that started when you inserted the 2nd CD so the 1st instance can continue.

23rd Sep 2002, 19:00
That is correct. And the first letter of lgntforce is a lower case "L". I have Win 2000 pro and it worked fine.