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23rd Sep 2002, 13:57
I finally did it! The last 1% was the longest, but it's done and ready for you lot at last. I've uploaded it to Cheap Thief so it should be there soon, but in the meantime you can get it from the link in my signature.

It's a small and simple mission, but I hope you like it. Thanks to MWB and Diana50322, my testers, for their invaluable help. Diana seems to have vanished unfortunately, I hope all is well and she is back here soon.

Anyway, get on with it

(fingers crossed)

(damn spellin)

24th Sep 2002, 00:52
Thanks Balrog,
Will get it and have some fun! :)

24th Sep 2002, 01:00
as I type this. Don't know what it's about yet but will be checking it out soon :) Your opening home page has a most beautiful picture and evidently you have an interest in photography as well :) I shall try to see more of your site in the near future and if your interest in beautiful pictures indicate, I'm sure your FM will be just as lovely and fun to play :) Ta and Good Hunting!

24th Sep 2002, 01:17
I just finished playing this one and it's terrific! It's a very nice little town to explore with nicely placed loot and secrets and some very funny little notes, etc. Excellent mission! I came up about 55g short of the total loot, so I'm going back to look again later. Thanks, Balrog!

24th Sep 2002, 11:30
Thank you, thank you (blush)

Old Man
3rd Oct 2002, 21:12
Well, I've had a ball with this one. Thanks, Balrog. Excellent fun.

Okay, I'm twenty short on loot. Got all the pockets and secrets so it's not that. Any suggestions?

Thanks all.

Oh, btw, I've managed to Ghost it even though it took a ton of retries with the Foyer guard. And I managed to Ghost the lady too without dousing any torches. She mutters when you're in the darkest corner but continues on her way. It took four of fives trips to unlock the cashbox from this darkish corner. Actully, less bright corner would be more accurate.

Part of the problem with the Foyer guard is that he cannot always be heard very well from upstairs. I wasn't sure if I'd got by him safely or not. Turns out there's a sweet spot along the railing upstairs from the second to the fifth step from the top of the stairs. I'd hustle over the landing railing and up the stairs to this spot and drop a Scouting Orb to check on the guard's attitude. The archer will bump and grind his way around Garrett while here but otherwise not react. Many, many attempts but finally one with no alert. There was probably a comment but, like I referred to earlier, these comments can't always be heard clearly.

Great fun. Thanks again Balrog.

3rd Oct 2002, 21:19
Well done indeed! Top man :cool:

Keeper Collins
3rd Oct 2002, 21:34
I have played through this mission and so far so good. I'm not finised it yet but almost. It's not that bad,but it's not really all that great. Hey,who am I to say that? I don't even know how to work Dromed!:rolleyes:

4th Oct 2002, 03:38
Originally posted by Keeper Collins
It's not that bad,but it's not really all that great. Hey,who am I to say that? I don't even know how to work Dromed!:rolleyes:

Well Keeper, why say that at all??? If you meant it as a joke..it's really not very funny and you shouldn't have made such a dumb remark IMHO Sorry but that just doesn't sound very nice either way! Ta and Good Hunting anyway!

4th Oct 2002, 14:58
Looking forward to playing this but i'll have to wait until my own FM is finished. Using all my spare time right now.

I'll let you know what I think once I get a chance to play it :D