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23rd Sep 2002, 00:19
for Karras's Diary. It is superb. I am still hunting for a few things, but nearing the end. Then I'll just have to restart on expert.

It has everything, - a great town, terrific atmosphere, good foes (I love their voices!) and plot, plenty of variety and some quite hard bits.

I've shot or drowned all the Mechs so far (and enjoyed doing it), tracked down the bank key, 'cos the wretched man had left the pub, and I'm really enjoying the tunnels. It's great.

One question: there is a high doorway in the hotel, opposite the wall around Karras's house. It looks as if it might be frobbable but I can't get to it. Is it a possibility?

Thanks again. Do you have any ideas for another fm? (Please!)

23rd Sep 2002, 02:14
Well, I'm not Thorin, but I can tell you how to get into that door! :D Stand on the wall around Karras' back garden and do a little run/jump/mantle. That gets you up by the shutters and then you can just frob them to open. It's a terrific mission, isn't it?

Thorin Oakenshield
23rd Sep 2002, 22:57
Hi Lyril:)
Thanks for the compliments I enjoy getting feedback;)
It looks like Nightwalker has answered your question.
I always get here too late being on GMT:rolleyes:

I hope you managed to get in there.