View Full Version : Help please.

22nd Sep 2002, 22:38
I'm playing BO right now and I just left talking to Mobius for the first time. I am stuck. I leave the oracles cave and go in the cave next door but there is these two gray boulders blocking my way I assume I need a power-up fountain to proceed but I am almost positive I've gotten them all. Any help would be much appretiated.

23rd Sep 2002, 00:18
Boulder or rock? (heheh, smashy smashy with spiked mace, heheheh... *ahem* sorry.) Oh well, maybe that was something that you had to skip for the time-being - maybe that was one of the secrets. But if it was preventing you from proceeding with the game entirely... then maybe you did miss a power up thing along the way. Try using sanctuary and working your way back, that way you can pick up secrets and refill on spells.