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22nd Sep 2002, 19:46
... and new screen shots:

Restoring the cathedral (http://www.rcl-software.org.uk/thief/missions/cathedral/)

Keeper Collins
22nd Sep 2002, 21:08
OMG! Zaccheus! The chathedral looks so much better,not that you did'nt do a good job the first time.:p Even though you siad you were'nt going to redo the entire old quater it looks like you did a good job rebiulding the area around the Hammer cathedral.
Everything looks great! No zombies or huants or apperations! Just Novices, Hammer gaurds,and Hammer Presites! All is cleanded up and rebuilt and there is even a river leading in to the clostier! I am amazed! But I must ask you something.Now you don't have to do it if you don't whant to I'm just makng a suggestion. Er,umm,could you please,ummm,if it's not to much to ask,make it day time? I hated the Old Quater and that dreaded haunted cahthedral and all the evil that resided within it. And I'm sure Garrett hated it to so why could he just go in during the day?
With the exeption of "the dark moon that takes all the light." Now I know the undead are gone and hopefully never coming back and everthing else is all fixed,cleaned, and rebulit but still considering the horrid and awful history of the Old quater I would perfer if it were day time.

23rd Sep 2002, 08:05

Well, I might make it daylight for the Thief 2 version, if there is enough demand. But day time missions have the same "bright light" problems that St.Yora's in TRC v1.0 has. Everything is lit up and nothing looks moody. I will play around once I've ported it.
EDIT: Can a Thief2 mission be in daylight?

BTW, the river leads past the cathedral complex, not into it.

24th Sep 2002, 00:43
A daylight Thief? Ahhh...not for me at least. That's what makes Thief the game it is IMHO...the Dark eng :) Why would a Thief want daylight hours...? His domain is normally the dark...although I know there are burglers that work the day shift...but that's the atmosphere for Thief games...dark and scarry or too many electric lights/torches that make it difficult enough to find that dark corner in time :D Just my 2ยข anyway. ;) Ta and Good Hunting!

24th Sep 2002, 00:49
Looks Great Zaccheus! Can't wait to play it. ;)