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22nd Sep 2002, 17:25
I understand that Kain's memory was a little hazy when he first came to, but wouldn't you think at sometime, he would have asked vorador "Hey, weren't you decapitated?"

Can someone please fill this plot hole for me? Maybe I missed something.

22nd Sep 2002, 18:35
We don't know why Vorador was walking around in BO2. You can see Vorador in the intro of BO2 working along side Kain. So something happened to Vorador beofre Kain lost his memory when he was defeated by the Sarafan Lord... but as I said we don't know exactly why... :confused:

There are some theories going around saying that he simply grew his head back. Which is not impossible in my opinion...

Look around through some of the older posts to read more about some of the theories that have been going around. If you want of course. ;)

23rd Sep 2002, 05:16
I'm still leaning towards the idea that Kain himself brought back Vorador sometime between the events of BO and BO2. And I prefer to think that Vorador's head was returned to his body to do this. Something about the thought of his head growing back just seems a bit odd. As always, though, it could only be my luck that that would, in fact, be the case. :rolleyes: http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/lachen/lachen002.gif

23rd Sep 2002, 13:39
Personally, I believe that the actions of Raz in SR2 brought Vorador back. Anyone else have any thoughts?


23rd Sep 2002, 23:46
Maybe raz's actions in SR3?

24th Sep 2002, 03:20
you could be right... my head aches when I think about all the possible altered timelines and possibilities!!!!!

Angel of Music
24th Sep 2002, 23:42
When it comes to Kain and Vorador, what I want to know is who peed in the other's Corn Flakes. The two of them seem to be sniping at each other throughout BO2, be it apparent to each other or not.

25th Sep 2002, 06:50
Well put, Angel.http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/lachen/lachen002.gif

I'd been wondering exactly where all that animosity came from, myself.

Power reaver
25th Sep 2002, 14:01
I think Kain brought Vorador back to life (something to do with the HoD)

Or it could be :

Raz uses the HoD to bring back Janos . Janos and Kain together(or not) bring back Vorador .

But there are many theories , like my very own Big V Split theory . It sounds highly unlikely , but this is LOK ....

Big V Split theory : My theory isnt a 100 % plot proof , but its just a theory . Sometime before BO (I would think between 500 yrs before BO and BO era) , SR Kain met Vorador and told him to use the Time Chamber in the swamp to go back or forth in time (whatever time the final battle takes place) and meet Raziel and the Hylden Lord (final boss ?) there , so that he can fight and help him . In the process the HYlden Lord manages to use 1 of his spells to split Vorador into 2 (or clone him) , cutting Vorador into 2 parts , 1) a 60 % part of him 2)and a 40 % part of him . then he sent the 60% V back through time and kept 40 % part with him . The 60 % V dies in BO and 40 % V appears (due to his lack of power he looks weaker) . The 40 % V has been munipulated by the Hylden Lord in some way so that he is not very helpful to Kain . (Umahs Vorador isnt with Kain thread and what you just posted Angel of Music)

Well thats my little theory .It isnt much but it explains a few things like why Vorador wasent very helpful with Kain and why he didnt take part actively in battles after he disposed of 6 members of the Circle (ie because he was weakened and in BO he got powerful enough to take on Malek due to him getting more power due to age .... )

27th Sep 2002, 23:35

Kain retrieved the head of Vorador hanging from the hand of the statue of Mobius in the Sarafan Stronghold of SR2. Then Kain sought out the body of Vorador and joined the two together, while using the Heart of Darkness to restore vampiric unlife.

Kain and Vorador immediately join forces to overthrow the humans and get revenge for Vorador's beheading, and for the genocide of the rest of the vampires. Vorador begins creating new vampires in order to raise a vampire army.

Tremendously weadened due to his resurrection from the dead, and further weakened by the time and power required to produce vampire fledglings - Vorador stops producing fledglings, takes a less active role in the vampire armies, and becomes a silent witness to the vampire domination of Nosgoth.

Because Vorador is no longer increasing the size of Kain's army, and because Vorador refuses to teach Kain how to produce vampire fledglings, a slow anger and animosity begins to grow between Kain and Vorador.

After Kain is defeated by the Hylden Sarafan Lord and after he returns from his coma, Kain still holds a grudge against Vorador and blames him partly for Kain's defeat. This anger he holds is made apparent in BO2 in the dialogue between Vorador and Kain.