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22nd Sep 2002, 09:57
Hey, does anyone know where can I find an Official Fan website for Tomb Raider 2 movie, and a picture of this Chen Lo guy, who will be playing the Villian in the sequel.

22nd Sep 2002, 11:05
Well, I don't think there is a site for it yet...as to Chen Lo...has he even been cast yet?

22nd Sep 2002, 13:25
According to the local rag, he has.

*waves her one page article around wildly*

I wonder if I can sell this on Ebay...

22nd Sep 2002, 13:56
And his name is....?

All I've seen so far of the additional cast is Noah Taylor, Christopher Barrie, Gerard Butler, Ciaran Hinds and Djimon Hounsou.

None of whom strike me as particularly Oriental.

22nd Sep 2002, 14:26
I have located the following information.




2nd Oct 2002, 15:43
I am really beginning to be desperate to see who this Chen Lo dude looks like, I might recognize him, cuz I watch a lot of Kung Fu movies.

2nd Oct 2002, 17:27
You can use Doman Search (http://www.netcraft.com/?restriction=site+contains&host=tombraider&position=limited) on 'tombraider' to see all the available TR sites :D

2nd Oct 2002, 20:01
Let me just make another comment, but I'll refrain from post 4 times in a row. :)

It bugs me, that Tomb Raider is in Production, and filming, but there is NO official website yet for Tomb Raider 2 movie, and the first movie site has no news regarding the 2nd movie either.

Fan site wise, there used to be a good site that updates often - TRmovie.com, but they aren't online ANYMORE.

3rd Oct 2002, 01:30
I don't think that they would have enough substantial information and news to make a good website about the movie yet. Just my oppinion though:)

4th Oct 2002, 03:38
I am going to be putting up a TR movie website very soon but like you guys were saying Paramount is not releasing any concept art or pictures or anything like that. I have been to www.paramount.com but the only address they have is a mailing address. Does anyone know how/where to contact Paramount by email for press releases??