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2000 voltz
22nd Sep 2002, 03:14
any1 seen the 84mb trailer?

its complete nonsense

1. Sapper cuts a guy wit a knife
2. natasha can do the thing that the allies can do like crouch then stand - shoot
3. GB can jump out of window, i actually think u can but in my manual it doesnt say how to. pls tell me how to. and get on the gutter.
4. Diver cuts a guy on throught when he can only throw knives
5. when sapper runs to cut guy (hes not even meant to be able to cut) the nmy doesnt hear.
6. when the group find the dead guy he doesnt run he juz walks there and says a new word that i never experienced 'Hans?'
7. The sniper rifle for duke has a loud sound which sounds cool, but in the game it sounds like the bel and btcod 1.
8. nmy tank doesnt fire at the drivers tank wen he finds him.
9. Driver can shoot gun in the air.
10. he can run into the elephant?
11.in the frenchy part an nmy is chasing the GB iv never experienced an nmy chasing me.
12. after the shot of poison the nmy is on the ground like goin 'egerer' but in my version hes like 1 shot goes dizzy 2 shots then hes on the floor as if hes been stuned not moaning.

and remember if you are able to do these thing tell me how.

this doesnt mean i hate commandos 2, its really a cool game.


22nd Sep 2002, 04:30
Remember that this is a very old trailer, from when they were just busy with the game. Although:

3: He can, just shift click on a window.
6: He walks, there in the game too and Hans is not jsut a word but a name.
11: Eh, when you run away, enemy chases you, sounds pretty obvious doesn't it? :)
About the sounds again that was a very early trailer, probably before they had even included sounds in the game.

22nd Sep 2002, 04:44
We probably talked about this a year ago when we all got the game and found this out.

2000 voltz
22nd Sep 2002, 10:14
o ok so cos its old

thx guys

22nd Sep 2002, 18:50
We still hope to see all the above in C3.

Iakovos :)

22nd Sep 2002, 21:33
Not me!

22nd Sep 2002, 21:54
As always, you are drunk, 1shot :D

Iakovos :)

24th Sep 2002, 12:30
The Green Beret's jumping ability isn't always good. For instance, if you Shift + Click while telling him to move somewhere and he gets a chance to jump off of a 50 foot cliff in the process, he will.

24th Sep 2002, 23:07
Originally posted by iakovos
As always, you are drunk, 1shot :D

Iakovos :)

Hey, i haven't had any alcohol in more than 4 weeks. :p

25th Sep 2002, 02:58
Even though the movie is old, you've gotta love how they say that the scences were taken from the Actual Game....

I guess we never get the Actual game just some hotch potch version that satisfied the distributor time frames is more likely :D :D :D

26th Sep 2002, 09:03
Originally posted by 1shot1kill

Hey, i haven't had any alcohol in more than 4 weeks. :p

u still drunk? how much alcohol did you drink:eek:

26th Sep 2002, 10:35
By reading between the lines of 1shot's message, he drunk plenty... :D

Iakovos :)