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22nd Sep 2002, 00:42
I have finally gotten past the oracles cave(thanks to the help on here) and now I am again stuck. I have just beaten avernus' cathedral. It teleported me back to the pillars and told me to seek out king ottmar. My question is how? A strategy guide I was reading was vague and said "to upgrade your disguise fly the last landmark and walk east." What's the last landmark? How do I get the upgraded disguise from the pillars? Thanks for the help.


22nd Sep 2002, 06:35
I think Willendorf is the landmark they're talking about. Once you get there, I think you have to go east through the town to a cave where you'll find the disguise.

Happy hunting. :D

22nd Sep 2002, 06:51
Don't go to see the king until you've uncovered as many secrets as you can, especially lightning!!! 'Cause after you go to the king for the second time, you won't be able to explore anymore. So, if you haven't been to the lost city, got lightning, been to every moon cave, went back to Kain's mausoleum area (secrets), or uncovered any other secrets, don't go yet!!! (if you need help finding lightning, Hash's altar, etc. just ask)

Oh, yeah. The upgraded disguise is in a cave in the oh-so-famous Uschtenheim! (just wanted to point out the name)

22nd Sep 2002, 14:58
Yes!!!! Thanks alot, Naja(and rook). I need to get my upgraded disguise before I can go to Willendorf, because Willendorf on my map is in a shaded area still, making it impossible to venture there. I need to go to Uschtenheim, huh? Well I am heading there now, thanks! If I run into any more trouble u can bet I'll be back!

22nd Sep 2002, 16:47
I am attempting to search a lot more before going to willendorf. I've done so and got the lightning spell(which is pretty cool) and naja u said the upgraded disguise was in a cave in the village of uschtenheim. Well I am now in uschtenteim and there are no caves around, except the one which only has a save beacon. Could you please elaborate on where this upgraded disguise is??? I am dying to finish this game. Thanx


22nd Sep 2002, 17:33
Nevermind... sorry for wasting your time... I totally didn't realize what last landmark everyone was talking abotu cuz I didn't activate the bat beacon right after the cathedral. Instead, I walked right out of the gate and it teleported me back to the pillars. *snake smacks himself multiple times*

22nd Sep 2002, 17:41
Glad you found it! Enjoy the rest of the game!