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21st Sep 2002, 20:52
I remember how I did. The first game I played was Soul Reaver 2, then Blood Omen 2, then Soul Reaver and finally Blood Omen. A very weird order, but I still got the story.

Anyway, a friend of my brother's just up and gave him Soul Reaver 2. He said he got it for free (without the box though, just the disc) and wasn't interested so he just gave it to my brother. my brother wasn't interested in it either, so he just left it lying around. After a while, I tried it out and was quite impressed with the intro, so decided to continue playing it.

Something happened though, in the Stronghold, after you beat the three guys, I couldn't go through the metal gate because I didn't no about spectral or phasing through. I was stuck for ages and in the end just gave up. After reading an FAQ, I went back and did it.

Odd though, I would have missed out on this truly great series if my brother's friend had been inclined to keep SR2. Well, that's my story. Loved SR2, then went out hunting for the other LoK games. What's yours?

21st Sep 2002, 21:43
As many people here probably know, I won Soul Reaver in a competition on the internet which kinda got me hooked and have been playing ever since.


22nd Sep 2002, 03:35
I hadn't heard of the series before I bought the SR: Quest for Melchiah demo a couple of years ago (it said 'vampire,' that's what hooked me:D), but I was hopelessly addicted from then on.


22nd Sep 2002, 05:28
I started with BO when it first came out. I had rented it, so the guide inside was gone. So when I played it I thought I really sucked! Then the fmv played and then I was like: "OOOOHHHHH!!!! That was supposed to happen. Maybe I don't suck!"

I was in sixth grade when I played that.... I had recently got a playstation, didn't know games were rated, parents didn't know games were rated either (since one of the games they first got for me with my playstation was "M", and they let me rent BO), but absolutely fell in love with the game!!!! I think it was that game that got me into vampires.:p

Then, I'm not sure how I found out about it being a series, I just followed the rest of the games: SR, SR2, BO2 right when they came out.

Thanks for asking the question - ah, good times, good times.

22nd Sep 2002, 07:18
Hmm...First LOK game I bought was SR1(I got it when it first came out), I didn't get far before the disk broke(Didn't even get to Melchiah's territory), I spent 2 years looking for the game with no luck. When SR2 came out I bought it(decided to move on without playing the first one:D ), I beat it and then I bought BO2(And I for one think that its a great game). And recenly I got the collecter's set thing with BO1, SR1 and some crappy game that I destroyed. I fell in love with the series when Kain destroyed Raz's wings. GOOD TIMES

22nd Sep 2002, 10:23
I had a few false starts before getting into the LoK series. First, I played a demo of Blood Omen around the time it first came out. I thought it seemed kinda cool, but didn't go out to buy the game since there were others I wanted more at the time. I think I rented the game on the PlayStation around that time just to see what the full version was like, but I'm not sure; I just vaguely remember playing it on the PS1 (mostly because the intro stood out in my mind for a while, and that's the only way I could have seen it at the time since I didn't know anyone with the full game).

Years later (last year, actually), I saw Soul Reaver 1 at a friend's house since he had rented it, being the vampire enthusiast that he is (my friends and I even call him "Vampire Mike", since we were once in a class with him and 3 other people named Michael and needed a way of clarifying which one we were attempting to speak to when we called out one of their names). Again, I thought it was cool, but not enough so to justify buying it.

At E3 last year, I tried out a demo version of Soul Reaver 2 (which was pretty much the same Air Forge demo that was later released for the PS2), but didn't think it was much different from Soul Reaver 1. I also saw someone playing Blood Omen 2, but it didn't hold my interest for long.

Eventually, I downloaded the PC demo of Soul Reaver 2 just to test it out. After seeing the opening discussion between Raziel and Moebius, however, I was completely fascinated and proceeded to replay the demo almost daily. I finally realized why my other glimpses into the series hadn't really impressed me: I never got a chance to see any scenes in which there was a dialogue between the characters, and therefore had no idea how great the LoK storyline was. The gameplay throughout the series has, unfortunately, been a bit on the average side, but the writing (particularly in SR2) is absolutely brilliant, as is its presentation (again, however, SR2 stands head and shoulders above the rest of the series in this regard).

Naturally, I proceeded to buy the games. I first bought SR1, so that I would understand the story leading up to SR2, which I purchased next. After completing those two, I tracked down an unopened copy of Blood Omen 1 and played it for long periods of time every day until I completed it. I haven't been able to buy Blood Omen 2 yet, but I did recently rent it and play it from start to finish.

Anyway, that's the long (and parenthesis-laden) story of how I became hooked on the LoK series.

EDIT: Fixed some grammatical errors

22nd Sep 2002, 11:54
God told me to.

22nd Sep 2002, 13:38
Well, since my aunt and uncle are millionares, they just went out with me and bought me $84.00 worth of games for my old PS1(on my birthday of course). One of them just happened to be Soul Reaver(along with Tekken and Gran Turismo), since I thought it looked pretty cool on a show I was watching called Extended Play. I'd say the exact date was November 3, 1999. As soon as I saw the intro, I was hooked.

About a year later, I sold it along with other games for Final Fantasy VIII. Then, after about a year with FFVIII, I realized what a mistake a made.

I went out and bought Soul Reaver for the Sega Dreamcast for the extremely low price of $2.49!!! And it was freakin' brand NEW! That was one good deal. Oh yeah, I got it at Best Buy.

Finally we were reunited at last.

By the way, the Dreamcast version kicks the PlayStation version's butt to the moon. If you have a Dreamcast, do not hesitate! Get it now.

22nd Sep 2002, 17:25
Before SR came out they had ads on tv for it I saw one and got the game the day it came out I did'nt know it was related to BO. I've played them in order since. I did play BO at a friend's house when it first came out but the cut scenes didnt work. I just recently got BO in the compilation. I just got past talking to Mobius for the first time.

Power reaver
23rd Sep 2002, 08:36
Hey I remember someboby asking this before (maybe it was me , I dont remember) It was probably a long time ago , any hu , here I go .

well in the yr 1999 , my Dad got me a CD full of demos and stuff . 1 of those demos was SR . It was the fire glyph demo . I played it and my first expression was "this sucks" , no it was not cause of the game but cause my computer was old , and couldent run SR at the time . Then in the yr 2000 , my computer got updated . I was just browsing through my old CD s to check somethings out . I found the SR demo , I installed , and started it . I played it but I wasent very interested , but then I saw the word Vampire in the game , and so I went info hunting on the web . I found out the story , the realm shifts and all (not to mention the unigue method of killing) and BAM
I immediately got hooked . Sometime later that year , I decided to get the full game . I had to do a heck lot of travelling just to get to the store (and i wasent even sure they had it) , it took me 45 mins to reach . I asked whether they had the game (I was expecting a NO ) but they did have it . I immediately bought it and got even more hooked to the game . I thought it would have a sequel and I came to eidos (well I came to eidos when I first played the demo but after I played the full game I registered way after I got SR) , and there was an SR2 and I looked for info for SR2 and then i got even more hooked and then......uh you get the picture .

I have SR and SR2 at the moment , I really want BO and BO2 but I cant get my hands on them :( .

But I will , 1 day .......:D

Umah Bloodomen
25th Sep 2002, 00:12
I was staying with my ex bf down in Toledo at his parents house and ended up playing playstation with his sister. When she left, I found Blood Omen sitting there next to the television and after checking the back and the booklet, decided to play it. I actually didn't find my own copy in the store until late 2000 and I've been hooked ever since.

3rd Oct 2002, 11:53
My introduction to the game was similar to FierceClaws. I was about 12 years old when a friend of mine borrowed me a disc with a bunch of ripped games. One of them was BO. So I extracted the game, had a good look at it, restarted it about a hundred times immediately after getting killed by brigands and went back to Comix Zone. :( A few months later, whilst dying of boredom, I discovered a funny directory on my HD named LoK. So I gave it another go. Luckily, after getting killed or the first time, I stared at the ceiling for a couple minutes to calm myself. The next time I looked at the monitor, Kain was a vampire. Naturally, because of a ripped version of a game I didnt have animations or Kains monologues so the game seemed average to me. I stopped playing it after getting into Voradors mansion because i didnt have Mind Control and I was stuck. My next brief encounter with the series was after installing a demo of SR1 from a borrowed CD. It was too much like Tomb Raider at first sight so it got deleted after few minutes of playing. Then came SR2. I just got into college so I had a lot of spare time ;), and a gamers magazine I´m subscribed to had published a CD with a SR2 demo on it. I installed it and was left slackjawed after watching the introduction movie. The rest of the day was a bit blurry after that. I only remember walking the street muttering strange phrases like "must have it" to myself while the passengers were avoiding to meet my bloodthirsty gaze. That day I purchased a Sold Out edition of SR1. It took me about a week to get it over with. When I started playing SR2 I expected to see the intro from the demo which I already knew by heart but first I was delighted to see the ending of SR1 in what became to me the best FMV I had ever seen. And heard. Don´t you just love the part when Raziel furiously leaps on Kain who nonchalantly grabs him in mid-air? Anyway, it took me two days to complete the game and it only left me wanting more. I knew I had to get the first game, the original BO which I so recklessly abandoned all those years ago. It was not an easy task seeing that I live in a backwater country where some people still have no idea what PC is. And I didn´t want that foul ripped version, not after I had witnessed the series in all it´s glory. Finally, a friend of mine found an armchair stuffer whose best friend´s taxidermist once knew someone who owned a copy. So, after a lenghty search, escaping a ferocious tribe of sewer cannibals and counquering Ecuador, I finally found a sea chest containing two Stradivari violins, several gold ingots and a Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain game. It was a bit shorter than I remembered. The rest of the story was less dramatic: finding the announcement on the Net that, while I was fishing for piranhas, a BO2 had been released; running to the store every day until they finally got it; staying awake with tons of coffee until the game was over; and that´s about it. The life went back to normal. Until SR3 comes out. :)

5th Oct 2002, 13:43
i downoaded a demo of SR1...played it and was hooked straight away...i thought it was awesome, and i liked the fact that it wasn't easy, but wasn't too hard...

i have rented Sr1, a few times, and downloaded a demo of Bo1...i loved that to. but i have yet to buy any of the games...altough i'm going 2 get BO2 with a new pc...

Time Streamer
5th Oct 2002, 20:18
Well, it was the early 96. While at work, my friend suggested BO1 since he knew I was addicted into games like that. After testing the game for several minutes and once I learned how to suck blood, I was eternally bound to LoK.

6th Oct 2002, 00:08
Hmmmm if I recall, my friend had bought a 2nd hand copy of Blood Omen years ago, (it wasnt in very good condition) and it wouldnt work on his playstation, so he bought it round my house. Funnily enough, it did work on my PS, and I was hooked. I only got to play it for about 15 minutes though, because my friend wanted BO back (it still wouldnt work on his ps though, har har)

Ahem, anyway, about a year later, I started reading previews about a new game called Soul Reaver, and it got me very interested. When it was finally released, I bought it...and well the rest is history really ^__^

the abyss
6th Oct 2002, 04:31
a little while back in may of 2001 i bought that months issue of OPSM which always comes with a demo disk.....as i was scrolling through the disk i saw SR1...at first glance to me this guy looked like an alien and at the time aliens were a pretty cool thing for me so i decied "hell, why not?" and i pushed "X" and began my journey into LoK...while checking out the controls i saw the plane shift option and i thought to myself "alternate planes of existance?!?!?! SUUUHHHH-WEEEEEEEEETT!"...so i played the demo (which was the fire forge) over and over again until i saw little raziels running around my head....i could never shut up about it in school and the second i heard that SR2 was coming out, i went out and got me a PS2 just waiting for the game....when i finally got i was absoulutely thrilled but a bit confused considering that i had only played that one forge in SR1 but when i saw the timeline and finally understood it i was hooked for life....when im an adult and get my own house and the whole shebang im gonna have at least two rooms dedicated to LoK....AT LEAST....

13th Mar 2004, 08:34
i was given SR1 for xmas.

The Angel of Death
13th Mar 2004, 12:49
i 1st got in2 legacy of kain when 1 of my friends bought sr1 over played it & turned out it was prity good so i asked 2 borow it did after that i got sr1 on pc then when i finished it so i went & got sr2 finished in about 5 days so i decided 2 play bo1 beat it so i went & go bo2 just beat the sarafan lord (u could just see red in the health bar) & than bought defiance & beat the game in about 3 days

13th Mar 2004, 13:03
I'd seen Sr1 mentioned in games mags for months and months. I was eagerly awaiting its release for what seemed like forever. On the day of release I rushed out to buy it, and to my suprise, it had a nice hologram on the cover!

13th Mar 2004, 13:51
I started with BO on my PC. I bought Soul Reaver as soon as it came out and so on. It wasn't till after SR1 that I REALLY got involved in the whole phenomina.

thus sayeth DW

13th Mar 2004, 18:41
i just found out and remembered that i was an lok fan about 4/5 years ago and i didn't even know. when i first got a playstation it came with a demo disc and so i played all the demos barley knowing their names. well there was this one game that i really really liked and now i know what it was called..... it was soulreaver:D . now i am trying to find that blasted demo disc so i can add it to my lok collection...:p ... i am so blasted forgetful at times.:p

13th Mar 2004, 19:22
Let me think.....I....got SR when I was 10 and I've been hooked ever since. It's an obsession. ;)

13th Mar 2004, 20:11
What can I say but they must've seen me coming when they drew up the plans for the LOK series. At least I'd like to think that I'm special enough to warrent a style of game catored to my specific tastes. Mmmmmm reaverliscious

13th Mar 2004, 20:20
LOL. On a dramatic scale, you could say LoK has made my life worth living. :p

13th Mar 2004, 20:23
I was at my ex boyfriend's house and he was playing Soul Reaver 1. I wasn't really into games and I hated him for playing games instead of showing me attention.. Then one day he was stuck inside the Silenced Cathedral and asked for my help.... We finished the game together, he was playing and I was giving directions :D I liked the game so much that I went and bought my own copy 2 days later... And the rest is history..... :D

Don don
13th Mar 2004, 20:49
I 1st saw BO1 when i was:confused: ...10. But i didn't it was BO and i soon forgot about it. Then in 2002 I saw BO2 in TV, thought that what a great game, and SR2 later,but does ...uhm people told stupid things about them, I think they didn't even know that they were 2 LoK games. But enought about them. So my brother brought BO1 instead of BO2 because he confused them:rolleyes: . But i found out that it wasn't a bad thing after all, 'cause I knew the story from the beginig(or at least i think the begining). Than in 2003 June23rd i finally got BO2. After finishing it i ordered SR2 'coz i knew the storyline SR1 and it didn't interested me much, but that ----- sent SR1:( , but after all he sent SR2. OK than, one'd think, BUT I had glourious graphics problem so after half (2004 March 7th:D ) i've got it fixed (special thanks to mortaniusgod) i've finished it. Now I'm just waiting for Defiance and my history'll come in Full Circle(or not;) )

Hope it's not boring:)

14th Mar 2004, 23:37
i first heard about SR1 whilst playing a demo in like '98. then a few years later, for no apparent reason, i felt the need to go out and buy it. i saw the intro and was awe struck. i couldnt believe how cool this game was. ive been hooked on the series ever since. my order was SR1, defiance, then SR2. im going to buy BO2 then BO1. kind of a weird order but whatever gets it done...

15th Mar 2004, 04:58
I first got into lok when i played the demo for blood omen in a Playstation book, than was years ago :p

15th Mar 2004, 07:07
I was aware of Soul Reaver 1&2 for a while, but I didn't actually buy them when I had the chance(I don't know why I didn't realize how important they were until they became hard to find). I saw a copy of Blood Omen 2 for PlayStation and Kain kept resurfacing in my mind until I finally found a PC copy of Blood Omen 2 that wasn't horribly mangled. Then I managed to find a used copy of Soul Reaver for PC, then a brand new, just-released copy of Defiance. I'm still looking for Blood Omen 1 and Soul Reaver 2 for PC. Someday...

15th Mar 2004, 07:34
if you shop online, ebay has them cheap, so does ebgames.com

16th Mar 2004, 06:57
time to reminisce..
my brother wanted me to buy SR for him. He said that his friends played BO and liked it, so he wanted to know what it was all about. But he wanted SR not BO. I didn't want to comply because he was halfway around the world and I didn't feel like playing any games. I had my own PS1 but didn't have a lot of games to play.

Anyway, I finally gave in and went to babbage to preorder. The clerk gave me a poster and a t-shirt, he also mentioned it was the last set. Already I could tell it's a good sign :D
When I finally got the game I decided to try it out myself. I was all alone at night facing off the melchahim for the first time.. couldn't sleep for few nights because I was too agitated. By the time my bro got the game I was already brainwashed...

10th Jun 2004, 22:02
Well it was a few years ago and I was at a friends house and he showed me a new game that he'd gotten. It was Soul Reaver. After the into I couldn't stop playing it. So I got Blood Omen 2 and then Soul Reaver 2. I beat SR2 before BO2 first though. I later found SR1 and BO1 (which I'd been searching for for months). It quickly became my favorite game series after that.

11th Jun 2004, 00:13
Well I got into LOK after playing Soul Reaver, I didn't get allot of computer Mags back then so I knew nothing about it. You should have seen the shock on my face when I completed it only to find a "TO BE CONTINUED" So I played it again this time getting all the secrets thinking that it would Finish the story off, but no lol.
But it was enough to hook me to the LOK Story :D

At the Begining of Soul Reaver there is a reffrence to a game Blood Omen so I thought I would get it but no luck :( But then one day while shopping in town, I went into a computer shop and there in the Cheaper games bin was a blood Omen so I got it.

Then Came SR2 and BO2 and then Defiance :D

11th Jun 2004, 01:11
the uk playstation mag had soul reaver in it, and it had a demo of the game on the disc. it says on the cd's cover "Legacy of kain: soul reaver, come and play a level of the tomb raider beater" but oddly i have a demo of blood omen 1 (the uk playstation mag issue 15 i think) in the house since 96 - 97, i even played it, but i didn't really get into the games till soul reaver

11th Jun 2004, 05:32
my first lok was sr2, waaayyy back then :p when it first came out. my brother picked it up, and i installed it, played it for a while, really liked it, but then i got some other games and forgot about this one. about a year ago i replayed sr2, got bo2a then sr1 and played them again and again till i got some things figured out (i didn't have an internet connection back then). now, whenever i play sr2 i remember my first time, and i remember how great it was to be so anxious to see another cutscene.

11th Jun 2004, 07:51
It was FATE! Well, more like an accident. *sheepish grin*

If the store hadn't been having a sale that weekend, I probably wouldn't have picked up SR2.

Got started in January and it took me three months to realize that there was another game. (I didn't have to suffer Defiance longing.)

11th Jun 2004, 07:52
i remeber watchin a commercial of the SR1 game and i saw it at frys electronic store for the pc i didnt have ps1 back then so i got it for my pc and i didnt play it till after 6 months because my computer was an old one, untill i got my computer upgraded i got to play it and it took me like a year to pass it cus i played it everyonce in a while, and i beat kain the first try =) and i loved the game ever since then. but sr1 is my favorites out of all the games. i wish they remade the sr1 for the ps2 that be cool.:p

Void Aware
11th Jun 2004, 08:57
It all started with a drool covered SoulReaver review the the dutch magazine "Power unlimited"

The reviewer loved the game so much he claimed "The graphics are so good they will never become any better"
He was wrong of course :p

11th Jun 2004, 10:11
It all started with a demo disc that i got with some playstation magazine. It had a playable demo of the fire glyph area from soul reaver. I think i played that demo about 50 times, from then on i was hooked. I bought SR then I got SR2 and BO2 when then came out (I actually bought SR2 before i had a PS2, lol, i love it). Next was Defiance and i finally managed to buy a copy of BO on ebay about 2 weeks ago, so now i have the whole set.

11th Jun 2004, 17:11
Well i first gt started about 4 years ago when i was in 7th grade i was at a friends house and he showed me some games he had just gotten because his mom felt sorry for him because he had the flu. anyways i started playing it and i feel in love. ii must have been another year befor i found out about SR2 so me and my friend both pitched in and bought it i ended up keeping it because he lost interest, then i played it i saw BO2's preview about i figured hey if theres a two then there has to be a one. soo i went on ebay and found BO1 and by the time BO2 came out i had already played the previose so i was ready for that another two years later i got defiance! well that would be my history

11th Jun 2004, 18:24
I had a two for one game rental coupon for Blockbusted. I went in to get Return to Castle Wolfenstein and grabbed Defiance because I recognized Raziel from the cover of another game I'd never played. It turned out Wolfenstein absolutely bit on the PS2, and Defiance kicked booty. I went online to find out more about the game, and I discovered the whole rest of the series and bought the lot and my own big TV. Now all I need is some time. Where's Moebius when you need him? Oh, yeah. He died... repeatedly. Ha ha.

11th Jun 2004, 18:45
RTCW on PS2? Blasphemy, if you ask me...
Well, my little nudge was given by Matthew Danvers, everyone, applause please for Mr. Danvers... OK, shut your claps, now :p
SR2, then BO2, BO and then the infamous Soul Reaver... And I still can't play Defiance :(

11th Jun 2004, 21:43
I was looking through a cheat book and saw a big picture of kains head, all powerful and alein and that instant i was hooked just by its visual style, and I will own BO in 3 days for sure.
Yay :D :D

12th Jun 2004, 05:53
Wow...I first remember BO1 when it first came out (man am I that old?). I remeber getting it on a demo disc for a gaming magazine (I think it was PC Gaming or something like that). I played it once, it was the very beginning of the game and would stop when you went to face Nupraptor (the teleport at the pilars). Instantly I was hooked on the game. Then about 1 or 2 years after playstation came out, I bought a playstation and bought BO1 couple of weeks later. Then came SR1, then waited for a year after ps2 came out and bought SR2. I still can't get past those darn demons so I dropped the game in my draw and there it is collecting dust. I got defiance (which imo is 2x better than SR2) and I still don't have BO2 to this date.

12th Jun 2004, 06:09
Originally posted by Fury
Well I got into LOK after playing Soul Reaver, I didn't get allot of computer Mags back then so I knew nothing about it. You should have seen the shock on my face when I completed it only to find a "TO BE CONTINUED" So I played it again this time getting all the secrets thinking that it would Finish the story off, but no lol.

not only did they do that to us once. but twice. i was quite upset but the story was far too good to not get over it. i currently dont care much for the sequel. of course, when it hit's the shelf they'll have my $49.99 and $15 more for a collector's strategy guide with cool artwork and enemy detail information. :D

relating to topic: SR1 day one off the shelf $49 or whatever a new playstation game cost back in '99? I cant remember....

Black Wraith
12th Jun 2004, 18:37
I have been into Legacy of Kain since '96, when I was only 10 years old. I have always been into Vampires since I was like 6 years old, and they never seemed to phase me. Blood Omen was the first game I ever got for my Playstation (I got the game with my Playstation on my 10th birthday). I played it, but didn't really get it, with all the story, it wasn't really a game for the mind capacity of a ten year old. But after 2 years or so, before I heard about Soul Reaver before the game came out, and I wanted to get it, so I played through Blood Omen, understanding it and all, and I couldn't wait for the sequel to come out. And in '99, I bought Soul Reaver. and from there, I bought Soul Reaver 2, but didn't have enough for Blood Omen 2, It took me until the end of 2003 to finally get BO2, and I got Defiance last Christmas. I can't wait until the next game comes out, and I doubt that it'll be the end.

Kain of Coorhagen
13th Jun 2004, 13:10
Well, I played a demo of the orignal Blood Omen game back in ehm...96/97. After that I bought the game of course, because it was the best game I had ever played!! (Later on came FFVII, but that's another story)
And I've been hooked on the LOK-series since then. Best game-series ever ;)

14th Jun 2004, 10:39
started with BO1 in '96...was 16 years old and heavy into vampire's, angels and other myth's

after fire glyth demo i just HAD to play SR1, mostly because of the "legacy of kain" part in the title... bummer when Kain was not playable...but SR2 made up for it... and LOK-D finally closed the story line and made BO2 believeble :D

it was a good 8 years of my life LOL

back to my roots lately, played BO1 again two weeks ago. planning to play al the games in order to get the whole story :cool:

14th Jun 2004, 18:52
I started with SR by accident,a friend of mine borrowed me his PlayStation and a few games,I looked at the case and the manual and it looked interesting,once I saw the intro I was stuck "twined and bound eternally to it".I've played them all except BO,I've only played the demo.

2nd Sep 2004, 21:59
hey all. i like to make this thread to hear your first experience with lok and what got you hooked;)
my first time was with bloodomen1 a year after the release of it.
but i didnt think mutch of it (blasphemy) yeah i know but i didnt play it that mutch and never gave the history a chance...and shortly after i got rid of it...:eek:
then one day me and one of my friends was a trip to our favorit record/videogames store and while he was listening to some music i went over to try some of the new games. and someone had allready been there and played this game called DUNDUNDUUUH!!! LEGACY OF KAIN SOULREAVER...
"maaan this is awsome!!" i thought. and i was only in the abyss where you learn to jump and suck souls and stuff. and just because of this scary demon looking guy there could jump really far and suck souls i bought the game.
a week after i was just about to finish the game and i was totaly hooked to the story. no body could talk or even come close to me. i was like "GRRRRRR GO AWAY!!:mad:"then finally i beat kain........
to be continued.
"what the h..... NOOOOOOOOO!!!!
and right there and then i was hooked.
while waiting for sr2 to come out (and little did i know that there was going to go a loooong time for that to happen. i didnt even know there was going to be a ps2 ad that time)
i learned that a game i once had was the begining to this hole adventure.
and once again i had to go " NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"
but to late. you couldent get it enymore.....still on the search.
and thats my story. THE END

i hope that some of you whould share your stories....

2nd Sep 2004, 22:25
mine was SR1 i always wondered why it was calledlegacy of kain soul reaver (yes i now know how thick it sounds). though it didn't actually hook me to the series:eek:

i had no idea about BO1 then i saw some thing one day so very long ago about a new soul reaver:D great i thought! soon my wallet was crying but i had SR2, joy! this was what hooked me to the series i bought BO2 straight away.

strangely i still haven't got round to playing BO1 as it isn't the easist game to find plus i am always hard put to find money for new games.
i was soooooo hooked on the series when defience came out i had to get it whatever it took i would have the game. this resulted in me tradeing loads of PS2 games 2 of which were SR2 n BO2. but after comeing on this fourm i was desperate to have them back so i splashed the cash!
and this brings us back to the present!
love the series!!!
great job CD have done
plus love this fourm!

3rd Sep 2004, 01:20
I've played the LOK series all the way through, although I started with SR1 and jumped back to BO1. Another thread on this subject is here. (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?=&threadid=30910) ;)

3rd Sep 2004, 03:28
well... the other topic doesnt really covered what Memnock is asking of us so i'll participate in this one.

It was SR1... a friend of mine recommended it although he personally never purchased the game himself or played it; i grew to hate Kain for ripping my wings!!! err.. i meant Raziel's wings off and well the ONLY thing that sucked me into the series was the fact that they never seem to 'end the series' - in turn they lure me into buying the sequel with a very dramatic to be continued...


That's 3x's already... i need closure people. if your gonna take Raziel from me then take the series too.. :p

3rd Sep 2004, 03:29
Mine is posted in this one, (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=40256) which then got merged with this one. (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=5853&perpage=25&pagenumber=2)

3rd Sep 2004, 05:26
Mine's in the old thread, too. But I'll write it again here 'cuz I'm too lazy to do that looking up and linking thing.

I had a two for one game rental coupon for Blockbusted. I went to get Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and I almost rented Harry Potter, but then I saw this game with a picture of the dude (Raziel) from that other game cover (Soul Reaver 2) on it, so I rented Defiance instead. Turns out RtCW reeked on PS2, HP stunk, period, and Defiance ruled. After returning the game, I looked up background info on the net (stuff that I would have known if Blockbuster rented out the manuals, too:mad:), and the treble hook sunk in deep. I had to play the rest! So I sought out and bought the other games and became a forum junkie.:D

3rd Sep 2004, 06:10
well... mine's an old story.
I played a demo of BO1 (I must be REALLY old to have seen that =p) and I was delighted by a game where the main character was not a mr nice guy. I got the full game later, finished it, and let it go, after all there is no "to be continued" in BO1.
A long time later a cousin of mine was talking about a game he got, that he thought it was really lame and all. I looked upon the title "Legacy of Kain" and was really surprised. So I got the game and have been addicted since. I played BO1, SR1 &2, Defiance and I am finishing BO2. Nice games, really heheh

Raziel the One
3rd Sep 2004, 21:10
My friend gave me to try and play Soul Reaver 2. I loved the game and purchased my own copy for PS2. After finishing it I bought Soul Reaver 1, then Blood Omen 2 and after that Defiance. I am still to try Blood Omen 1.

4th Sep 2004, 02:23
i first...... well i wouldnt say heard of cuz i didnt even know it was SR1, at my uncle's & aunt's house, their son was in the basement (which was nicely decorated :p ) with some friends and i just happened to be there, and i saw the intro for SR (altho i dont think i saw all of it, otherwise i dont remember, it was long time ago) it looked really good, but i never got to see any playing :o

so then, at somewhere in july or august or whatever my family was on vacation, and my mom found one of her old friends, so we went to their house and we were there till like mid night, and they had BO2 for the PS2, i was almost immediatly hooked on it, so soon as i got back home i went and bought it was tramps :P

so anyways, on BO2 i played up to faustus, eventually finding out you have to DODGE his flying kick, not try to claw at him while hes doing it :rolleyes: i beat him, got jump, then whined as my family said we had to go back to ..... my aunts, uncles, cousins, place....... :P

after i bought BO2, i went online and stuff & looked at SR & BO & Defiance series, and now im hooked and have all the demos, but dont really wanna buy that eidos pack for BO, SR, and FF, cuz id rather have PS2 or computer versions :P (even tho i only have compy & gamecube)

P.S. my comp sucks! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!:mad:

and.... thats my story.... (*whispers*) stupid computer cant even get BF1942 or halo to work on it *kicks compy* this thing sucks!, i hate MILLENIUM EDITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X_x

Umah Bloodomen
4th Sep 2004, 02:34
Originally posted by DB)Diablo
i hate MILLENIUM EDITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X_x

As you should. It's a worthless OS, IMO. :p

4th Sep 2004, 03:44
I first got hooked when i played the Soul Reaver demo in a PS1 mag, i had Bo before that but never really liked it so after i played the demo i went back and beat Blood Omen and bought soul reaver 1

5th Sep 2004, 15:41
Watched brother playing SR2 and immediately got hooked by the storyline and graphics. Started playing game myself. The rest is history.

6th Sep 2004, 14:11
i remember seeing sr1 in the shops. never hired it or anything but took notice of it because of the hologram cover. years later me and my brother went to hire something and he picked up sr2 and said what about this. i said i dunno what's it about. he said im not sure something about vampires. because i like vampires i said yeh ok we'll try it. we played it and beat it in one day, but i loved it. great story, so i went out and hired sr1 and it took me a week and it filled in some gaps. a long time later i got bo2 and it wasn't great, but i enjoyed it. then defiance came out (by now i knew sr1 and 2 inside out) and i loved it, it answered so much. and i recently found and bought bo1. by itself not great but pretty good. but it set up the story for the rest so it was worth getting to fill in all the gaps.

6th Sep 2004, 16:17
My first time: I bought a copy of a Playstation magazine and it had a walkthorugh/review of Soul Reaver... after seeing the first page with a picture of the fallen Raziel, I just knew I had to buy this game, my aunt bought the game for me as a Christmas present and after seeing the intro, I was totally hooked and bought Blood Omen 6 months later

6th Sep 2004, 18:11
well, i had heard of the soul reaver series before i heard of blood omen, i didnt think much of soul reaver till just recently when i found out the two were related (which was when i bought defiance, lol, i know i suck) but anyways, i had jsut started college last year and i was at my friends dorm and we were looking through his games, i saw "blood omen" i thought it looked cool, and since it was for psx (all he had in his room was a psx) i decided to start playing it......well after about 15-20 minutes of restarting the game and being ticked off......my friend sitting next to me tells me...."next time you die, just wait a minute or two" so i did, and WOW was i suprised! after about 3 hours of sitting inhis room playing it i asked him if i could borrow it.....actually i ended up trading him syphon filter 2 for it (very good deal i think) and well after that i started reading some of the story line online and found out there was a series following this game, then slowly i bought the rest of the LoK series, and right now im am in the process of beating SR2 and BO2 (i beat the other 3 allready.)

26th Apr 2005, 06:18
I was 8 or 9, and over at a friends house. She had an older brother, Josh, who I thought was just about the coolest kid on the planet. Looking back on it, he probably dredded having to deal with me whenever I saw his sister, but he was a nice kid and he put up with me. One day I discovered him playing his PlayStation, and some wierd game with a blue guy. I immediatly assumed that he was about 3/4 of the way done with the game, cuz he was better at everything than me so he was probably better at this too. A few days later I was over again, and he said I could give it a try. I only made it to Dumah (which was actually farther than he bothered playing to), but I was hooked. Several years later, I was in a gamestop when what did I see, but my blue hero on the cover of a used game! And for only $9.99, how could I resist. Since that day, I've been hooked for life.

How'd it go for you?

26th Apr 2005, 06:26
The Unholy War's Soul Reaver demo.

26th Apr 2005, 06:49
i thought their was all ready a topic on this?

for me it was a friend let me borrow a game and been hooked ever since - through all 5 games

26th Apr 2005, 19:42
A friend of mine couldn't seem to figure out how to hurt Melchiah in any way so he lent me SR1 for a couple of weeks until I eventually got to that point and hadn't managed to spot the alcoves myself. I ended up having to find a walkthrough for that point, but in the mean time I decided to test out this cheat device I'd bought. The cheats didn't work but it did have an ability to play some of the sound files and show the chronoplast scenes, so I was really looking forward to the alternate ending, although bu the time I got to the battle with Kain I'd already decided it was one of my favourite games and bought myself a copy.

26th Apr 2005, 19:47
I played the Demo on an old games magazine. It was just the fire forge section of Soul Reaver 1. I Enjoyed impaling black monster things (i wasn't sure what anything was) so i traded my copy of Command and Conquer (The first of the series) to my neighbour for her copy of Soul Reaver 1. Best deal i ever did

Gabriel Edson
27th Apr 2005, 23:54
i was bored and i was looking for an action/adventure game for ps2. i just happened to grab defiance, because it looked cool. ive been a fan ever since.

30th Apr 2005, 03:37
Mines a weaid case my friend borrowed the game once and I have liked anything to do with vampires for a long time anyway he borrowed the game showed me at that time didn't really care but some year later (this is sr1) i was in a game store when i wanted to find a good game next thing i know a box falls on my head and there lies soul reaver 1 so I grabbed.

Weiad huh like my destany was to find it

The Elder God
30th Apr 2005, 04:13
I borrowed a PS2 version of SR2 from a friend just to see what kind of game it was, not really expecting anything much. I really liked the game's storyline, dialogue and characters, which made me to get my own copy of it and the rest of the games.

Legacy child
2nd May 2005, 15:12
I first played SR 2 at my friend's and I didn't know anything about the series. I found out few years later when BO 2 came out, and i bought SR 1 and wanted to buy the BO2 too but I didn't have enough money. Now it's sold out and I'm still looking for it.......

Gabriel Edson
2nd May 2005, 15:22
legacy child: look here.

buy blood omen 2 (http://search.ebay.com/blood-omen-2_W0QQfkrZ1QQfromZR8)

3rd May 2005, 23:04
One of my closest friends got me into LoK. We were at school one day (I think I was about 13....in seventh grade...um...I'm 17 now. Do the math. :P), and she said "Hey, come to my house, I got the most awesome game the other day!" So I did, and she showed me the very beginning FMV...and I first I thought SR was dumb...and then I liked it...and then my friend inspired my first ever LoK fanfiction and then I saw SR2 for sale in the local EB....and the rest is history. Since then, my first LoK fanfiction has been revised...twice so far and will probably continue to be revised...and I managed to hunt down every game in the LoK series.

Yeah. Good times.

Guardian OF The Reaver
4th May 2005, 14:35
I was Talkin to my best freinds like three or four years ago and he told me about this great game called Soul Reaver.

So the next day i decided to go to the shops and buy it but they diddent have it. :mad:

So i looked around a little more and found soul reaver 2 i played it and now im hooked. since then i have got.

Soul Reaver
Blood OMen 2

in a few days i will have Blood Omen 1

cant wait