View Full Version : I sandbag my AI and it knocks them out, but the sandbag is stuck floating in the air!

21st Sep 2002, 19:34
I changed my sandbag's properties to Add>Physics>Misc>AI Collides With>True, and now it knocks out AI when I throw it at them (I didn't expect that!). So this is great, but when I do so, the sandbag stays floating in the air where it hit the AI. I can frob it and then gravity will apply to it again. But how do I make it knock out the AI and still bounce off them and fall to the floor like other AI Collides With>True objects?

21st Sep 2002, 23:55
collision type bounce? maybe...

22nd Sep 2002, 00:07
No...I'll just have to keep on trying, I guess.

Old Man
22nd Sep 2002, 01:27
Does the sandbag knockout show in the statistics as damage. IIRC the hammers knocked them out but didn't show in the damage and they didn't float either.

22nd Sep 2002, 01:53
Hm, my sandbag doesn't KO at all, until I add Knockout stim as source to it. It doesn't even have FrobInfo to begin with.

But when I did add the KO stim, it worked like yours, meaning it got stuck in the air after KO'ing the AI. So far, I found only one workaround and that is adding Physics->Misc->Collision Type= Bounce, Slay on Impact. Then linking this particular sandbag to an archetype Sandbag object (the one with negative ID number) via "Corpse" flavor. So what happens is when you toss the sandbag and it hits something, it gets "killed" and usual sandbag appears in its place. This means, however, that you can use it only once, which sucks.

Btw, if I am not mistaken, hammers bash the AI rather than KO them.

22nd Sep 2002, 06:16
hrmm... We're talking about D1 here, right?

Okay, at first I thought it might have to do with the physics... but perhaps not. It's gotta be the KO source, since it only happens when thrown at an AI (and only then when it actually knocks the creature out).

So... it seems that the sandbag is going non-physical when it hits the AI. This is like the behaviour of an arrow. Dang. Changing the Class Tag didn't do anything. It appears that the Knockout receptron action causes this to happen. I have no idea why, or how one might change it. The only thing I can think is that the Knockout receptron specifies using the Source as the agent object; changing that to something else ("Me" or "None") might prevent it from screwing with the sandbag, but there's likely to be side-effects of doing that.

(okay, now why do I have a burrick with a hammer phys-attached to its tail?)

22nd Sep 2002, 16:06
welcome to the island of dr. moreau.

22nd Sep 2002, 17:22
Good book... :)