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Keeper Collins
21st Sep 2002, 17:57
Thereis something coming,some thing not good. I can feel it within me that something big is about to happen. It is not just a big thing it is also lifethertaning to all of us. The other Keepers feel it too. The Elite Keppers can sense it so much they are sick.All other Keepers can just feel it. A great danger is approching and evil is rebiulding itself as darkness countines to riase. We are all in great peril for danger is coming and I'm afriad this time it can not be contianed. There is something just not right! Forantuly,we have him the master thief to protect us. He is indeed wrapped in all this but he will find a way out and Garret will concer the evil that plauges us. All that is happening with him has been foretold by the sacred prophecy. For Garret the truth has been drownd in a sea of lies but it will not forever stay that way.Do not be afriad my friends but be careful.

22nd Sep 2002, 06:21
Yes, I can feel it too. The Thief 3 website will be updated with a new image that says "Thief 3 website still comming soon..."

25th Sep 2002, 15:37
Yes...I can feel something coming to the keepers, something that will make them cringe.

It is known as...a spelling bee!

26th Sep 2002, 22:56
Spelling Bee Moderator: Okay, Keeper, your turn. Drugs.

Keeper: Sure, dude! Let’s party!

Moderator: Uh, Keeper, the word you need to spell is “drugs”.

Keeper: You sellin’ drugs, or what man? Cuz if you are...

Moderator: Keeper, this is your last chance or you are disqualified from the competition. Now spell “drugs”.

Keeper: Oh, spell! Not sell. Hehe, man I thought you was a dealer or something. Okie dokie, drugs... d-r-u-u.. Hey, u-u that spells “w”, man! Ha, lemmie start over, I was just like warming up.... drugs... d-r-u-g-z... drugs.

Moderator: Sorry, Keeper, your answer is incorrect. You may leave now.

Keeper: Ah, bummer, man. Oh, well, I got the munchies anyways. You want me to bring you back some twinkies?

:p :D

Yes, my friends, be afraid, be very, very afraid. ;)

29th Sep 2002, 03:48

4th Oct 2002, 19:26
I always liked the kid in school who new he couldn't win, and didn't want the humiliation, so he just bombed out on his first try to get it over with.

"Cat. K-A-T. Cat. I'm outta here!" Then as he walks by your desk, he says, "Heh. I know it's two T's."

(Blatantly stolen from Brian Regan.) :D

7th Oct 2002, 17:12
Originally posted by Bat-mite
I always liked the kid in school who new he couldn't win...

Ehm...it's knew. ;)

Lady in Black
15th Oct 2002, 16:23
Just the other day I was walking on the streets of my Homecity, I was relaxing by feeling the cool breeze. I dared to walk into a dark ally and there I saw him! He jumped out of no where. He was as dark as my forum name is...lol He picked me up I struggled to get out of his arms, then 3 men with guns appeared out of nowhere too! I sighed. Then the stranger who's currently is on hold of me grabbed a Grappling Gun and aimed for the roof of another building. He climbed up the rope like a spider and before I know it he was jumping from one roof to another. The 3 men fired their weapons at us. One bullet passed my nose, I shivered with fear. The man finally jumped off the building and landed on the streets. We had a ride on top of a car which brought me to my Apartment. We both jumped off the car and I walked to my Apartment Building. The guy said silently as I was 2 feet away from him, "I'll be seeing you again." I turned around and he was gone. The next morning I hitched a ride with my dad to the supermarket. When I returned home I saw Garrett having tea with my mom!
You think that's wierd enough...
My mom hugged me with excitment. I had no clue why. Garrett kissed me on the cheek and whispered in my ear, "I'll be seeing you again." which gave me a clue that it was him who saved my life the other day. Mom told me the extreme wierd news, "Natasha, meet your new boyfriend Garrett." I fainted with extreme shock.
BIG LOL Sorry, I couldn't help myself. LOL:D:D:D:D