View Full Version : I need help in "Fournte and Glory."

Keeper Collins
21st Sep 2002, 16:42
First,of all I must ask,IS THIS GARRET'S HOME?!?!?!? It can't be!
It's to big and fancy and clean to be Garret's home! Anyway, when I go back in time just as I'm entering the lost pyrimiad I encounter a strange room. It is the room with the hudge gold nugget in the middile and when you grad it the skeletons in the corners turn to zombies. I would ecsape them but even before I take the gold nugget all the doors shut on me. What should I do?

21st Sep 2002, 18:20
There's a trigger in one corner that opens another, small door. I believe if you walk around the edge of the room, to your left after you enter, you'll trigger it at the skeleton in that corner. Once that's open, it's safe to grab the nugget and run for that door to get out. :)