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21st Sep 2002, 13:49
I have a GeForce 2 card and wanted to be able to take full use of it, but it seems I can't download the patch on the site. Is there anywhere else I can get it at?

Grey Mouser
23rd Sep 2002, 18:22
Hmmm, it looks like our FTP site is running slow... but I am able to download it.

Did you try This URL? (http://ftp.eidos.com/pub/patches/final_fantasy7/riva_TNT.exe)

....really slow but it does eventually download.

30th Sep 2002, 12:53
I have installed this patch but enabling the nVidia option in Configuration crashes my monitor, and keeping it turned off but enabling D3D shows glitched textures on message boxes, pointers, Towns, etc...

I have a GeForce 2 MX 400 32MB PCI Card, is there anyway to fix this?

3rd Oct 2002, 05:01
First...get the latest Nvidia reference driver from their site.....After loading that up:

Don't use the FF7.exe from the patch, just use the FF7config.exe, and configure it for you Hardware acceleration.....don't check any of the Riva options.

3rd Oct 2002, 12:56
Originally posted by Rengar
First...get the latest Nvidia reference driver from their site.....After loading that up:

Don't use the FF7.exe from the patch, just use the FF7config.exe, and configure it for you Hardware acceleration.....don't check any of the Riva options.

Ok, I'll try that, Thanks

16th Oct 2002, 13:53
I've got the same old problem, I now install the patch, even like you advised, but I miss the movies, get no screen(except for new/continue screen), I press new, okay, no movie, but also no screen, when I enter menu they screen appears, it works fine except for music and:

1. if the enemy uses machine gun it hangs, but the weird thing is, not everytime they use it it hangs.
2. If they fight ends it hangs.
3. If I use menu a second time(the time after it made the screen appear) it hangs.

I have a Asus GeForce 2 V7100 and a Creative Soundblaster PCI 128 and running it on a Intel Celeron 433 with DirectX 8.1a

About the movies, some other games of mine have problems with it, I formatted my computer once and installed all, but that did not help, while this bug is new on my comp.

ow, about the drivers: I have the newest drivers of Nvidia(of a month old or something) and the newest driver for my soundcard from the homepage of soundblaster.

please help, thanks in advance...

16th Oct 2002, 23:35
Try the upsidedown patch, that "usually" fixes the movie problem.
Another thing that might fix it, is the beta from this link

You could also try double clicking on one of the avi files on the cd, if it says something about missing codec, get online and double click it again. But I doubt it will work in this manner.

As for the crash during sound FX. Try bumping down the sound acceleration. try basic mode. type Dxdiag in the run menu of windows, go to the sound tab...you'll see the options there. You don't need to reboot. If you go through the Control Panel Multimedia icon, path, it will ask you to reboot.

You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the audio compression....and do the video compression while your in there.

This is inside Add/remove programs, in the Window's setup tab inside multimedia. Just uncheck Audio and Video Compression. hit apply, reboot and the recheck them. I doubt you really need to reboot, but might as well.

As for the drivers and your grid lines.....let me check something.....nope, they haven't updated them yet, still using the 30.82's. So they should work, with no problems......Just as long as you "don't" use the FF7.exe from the patch or check nivida's box. Also disable antialiasing. Another thing that might work is using Rivatuner, go to the direct3d options, inside textures and on the bottom set the texture filter to "force level 0". I believe you need to reboot for it to take effect. http://www.nvworld.ru/

I haven't played FF7 in a real long time......let me check something..... well mine works fine. no grid lines or anything.
But I'm using Win98SE. I even have the antialiasing set to 1.41x1.41.

If you have WinXP, I suggest using Win98 (which I doubt you'll do) at the very least, try searching previous post about configuring XP, and info about the XP patch.....I'll give you the link to Qhimm's version of the patch....It's supposed to cure the Chocobo Race crash.


And here is info on XP and FF7 (my handle is, Threesixty)

If you still get grids...there's always software mode.

17th Oct 2002, 13:07
well, my movies work now(still not with dune(another game who fails to show movies), but nevermind), but the game still stops with the fightings, which is the BEST solution for that, for the rest does everything work, including music and the screen appears at once.

so the only problem is that the fights do no work correct, for the rest everything is okay now(installing the patch worked fine)

ow, one thing, I do not have the same drivers you have, I have the new beta drivers

NVIDIA Version: 40.72 Beta Detonator Drivers [WinXP/2K]

they work better as the previous, I got it from fileplanet.com

17th Oct 2002, 21:03
Did you try the Basic Sound Acceleration?

18th Oct 2002, 10:42
yes I have, and it makes no difference, it still quits, do you know any other way to fix it, I have played this games many times before without this problem, so I don't know what's the problem.

and I've got some old savegames of the Nibel Area, I enter Nibelheim, all works well, but if I want to exit the place it also quits and says that FF7.exe has generated errors or something.

the sound is the problem I guess, but it only quits when the enemy uses a attack that's special or sometimes when I enter or exit something, but there are no other problems, normal attacks work perfectly.

btw. I have installed the XP patch, the same problem is there..., dunno if that was a good idea, I think I'll install it again, maybe that will help

18th Oct 2002, 15:31
Well, if you did the Add/Remove Audio Compression, too and tried all the different selection of the Sound Accleration (there are four settings).....the only other thing I can think of is that it might be is WinXP. (or maybe reinstalling DirectX will do something).

.....I guess you can try the Yamaha driver. When you install it you can change the sound FX to the Yamaha inside the multimedia icon in Control Panel, it will be a selection in the pulldown menu. (I wonder if you set sound to none, it will mute the sound in the game......I'll have to try it on my Pc to see if it disables sound, can't do it now though. It would make it easier to see if the crash is related to sound.)

It might be your Nvidia. "beta" driver too, you know.

I don't have Winxp, so I don't know the tricks to get XP to run FF7.....I think you need a compatibility patch from microsoft....or is that only for Win2000?

As for the Chocobo patch.....I would not "run it/add it", for now. It only solves the minigame of the chocobo race. And it does that by allocating a different memory address for the minigame.....could be that the patch is allocating something else into a piece of memory that has something in it already, causing the memory fault and crash.

Dual booting with Win98 would probably fix your headach.

18th Oct 2002, 19:54

I've tried some things out, I also had the old FF directory on a CD, I copied it(it contained patches that where installed) and installed the XP patch over it, till now no problems at all, it works PERFECTLY, I tried some things with my GeForce and some settings, installed FFVIII, maybe those helped, but now it works with sound, music, movies, FFSA and no crashes till now! and I'm glad it does! damn I love this game! :)

Major thanks for your help, without you I didn't know what was wrong, I owe you one.

thank god I didn't have to install Win98 :)

18th Oct 2002, 23:33

Post what you did. You said you " tried some things".

explain, please.

19th Oct 2002, 18:59
well, okay, for you...

under Rivatuner/DirectX settings:
I changed the Force Level to 0 as mr. Rengar said, I changed the FFSA there to 4, putted everything on under textures and putted everything on under antialiasing, FFVII works quite nice(it only doesn't like alt-tab, when I do that I miss screen and sometimes(happened only twice till now, but I guess that's because of everything on the desktop did it).

I just tried some things, including installing FFVIII and EAXunified, I have no idea what really helped, but it works so I won't change anything for some time :)

now I hope it will really survive the Chocobo Racing, but I thrust the patch so I guess that's no problem.