View Full Version : Your holiday coliseums

28th Dec 2012, 00:41

Never in my life have I played a game where the Devs go through the trouble of making fancy holiday-themed items, and then only give the holiday-items out to, like, 5% of the community. The 5% of the community that doesn't even really need the extra crap. I bet half the Halloween cards you handed out aren't even in circulation anymore because their owner was either banned or quit. And most of what's left are probably dupes or stoned with duped stones, which might get you banned if you try to trade for one.

What's next? Valentine's? Easter? I don't care if it's a 2* Ogre with bunny ears, please for the love of Christ, share your holiday spirit with everyone. If you can make a unique 5* Almighty card, surely you can make a non-bordered 4/3/2/1* version of it for the less-fortunates.
Or just have one Coliseum and give the Banshee/Azi/Lich to the top ranks, the Banshee/Azi to the middle ranks, and just the Banshee to the lowest. That way the top-ranked players can stroke their e-peen with their rare Lich card, and the low-ranks can go sit in the corner with their Banshee. There. Everyone gets something to be happy about.