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20th Sep 2002, 21:29
Hello. I just thought it would be fun to list thing's that we recognize from LOK game's in other LOK game's.
Heres some that I got.

The little skull torches in front of Vorridor's mansion in BO are in the swamp where Vorridor is in SR2.

The stained glass window's in the BO opening movie and the little pool of water the circle members are around when V comes in and toasts'em they did'nt change anything when they did it in SR2 even the windows have the same picture.

The oracles cave in BO where you talk to Mobius that triangle thingy with the torch in the middle is the same in SR1.

Feel free to add things.:)

Umah Bloodomen
20th Sep 2002, 23:33
I recognize the pillars does that count? ;) :p

Serious comment on the skull torches, I thought they appeared in SR2 because the swamp was the Termogent Swamp where Vorador (and his mansion) resides. **shrugs** what do I know? I am nuts. :p

21st Sep 2002, 03:01
Umah bloodomen: (after getting trounced by a couple sarafan) "Necro I need blood you can save me!"

Necro: Yes you do (extract's claw's and finishes Umah bloodomen off.....................

On a serious note I new that's why the skull torches were there it's just that CD tend's to change alot from game to game.

23rd Sep 2002, 05:06
Necro, you mean the Oracles Cave in SR1 not SR2 right? I'd hate to think I missed something as big as the Oracles Cave while playing SR2. :D

Oh yeah, and isn't the giant skull in SR1 suppose to be the remains of Nupraptors Retreat from BO1?

23rd Sep 2002, 23:40
Thanks Jedilvr

Yah I ment SR1 I edited it. I never noticed the stone forges connetion to BO that's cool.

12th Oct 2002, 23:31
How is the Stone Forge of SR1 connected to BO?