View Full Version : Three questions for Chris regarding art contest

20th Sep 2002, 16:22
1) Does it have to be drawn art? As I've mentioned I'm not good at drawing, but right now I'm thinking about doing a LoK lamp. I've got it planned out pretty cool, with the Wraith blade as the light and so on, would it be okay to enter that once it's complete?

2) Are there going to be any other similar contests after this one? I'm really, REALLY short on time right now, and even a month won't allow me long enough to work on the lamp.

And finally:

3) Could you keep a SR2 poster aside if there ever is another contest? I've looked everywhere and found nothing!


~ Preacher

20th Sep 2002, 17:10
Hey Preacher,
I have no problem with a LOK lamp being entered in to the contest. It is an art contest, and I included sculptures in the original post. Art comes in many forms, unless anyone else has a problem with this? As far as saving an extra Soul Reaver poster, I only have 1 extra at this time, these were promotional for retail stores. But if we do have more contests in the future, there will be other prizes.
Crystal Dynamics

20th Sep 2002, 19:18
Thanks for the reply on short notice, man. :)

Ah well, I stilll need time and a digitial camera before I can enter my lamp into the contest. Maybe next time...

Lady Kreliana
21st Sep 2002, 01:44
Art is art, IMO, and I think that sculptures are a welcome addition. :)

22nd Sep 2002, 11:53
Being one of the small handful of professional artists here (and/or classically trained, schooled artists) I can say that art is indeed art... try going to any art school and say otherwise... you'll most likely be eaten by an angry professor.

22nd Sep 2002, 13:54
Thanks! I could post a brief description of the lamp if you'd like.