View Full Version : Happy (belated) Birthday Smiley !

Power reaver
20th Sep 2002, 08:44
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You guys might be thinking that I have gone Insane , but infact it was Smileys birthday yesterday . Smiley , the thing that gave emotion to the internet has turned 20 yesterday .

It was Scott Fahlman, who developed Smiley . He devoted his professional life to Artificial Intelligence (AI) , the practice of teaching computers how to think like Humans .

On Sept 19 1982 , Fahlman typed :-) in an online message . The Smiley face has since become a staple of online communication , allowing people of age 10 to age God knows what , to add punchuates to their messages with symbols saying "Iam just joking" .

I think we all should wish the Smiley a Very Happy Birthday , cause its made our Internet lives a tad bit more fun