View Full Version : A request for compatible unlimted rage codes for the gameshark

20th Sep 2002, 02:31
Hello wouldn't it be interesting for once to see Kain go berserk. or even immolate at all time well if anyone reading this that has the resources to produce compatible codes for umlimited rage would one please submit them for all to see:D

21st Sep 2002, 21:39
There is a infinite rage code for PAL.

There is no code that lets you have all the Dark Gifts from the begining of the game.

Here is an infinite rage code for GS2 users in USA that works with the mastercode posted at Gameshark.com

DE9CDC22 A2359BA3
DE9CDC26 82359BA7
DE9CDC7A 82359BA7
DE9CD386 BCA99B83

the abyss
23rd Sep 2002, 15:47
has either one of you tried the ultra jump code? it won't work for me for some reason. if either one of you has tried it (successfuly) pleasde tell me and if it's not too much trouble give me the code that you used because the one im using freezes up my game at the loading screen.

23rd Sep 2002, 19:49
Sounds like you entered the code incorrectly.

Triple Check.

DE8E53C2 002ABB83

Im pretty sure thats the code...

23rd Sep 2002, 20:21
The super-jump code is *very* difficult to use. In a lot of areas, it will bounce you out of the level entirely.

the abyss
27th Sep 2002, 15:47
hmm...the jump code is fine...i probably just need to check the master code...and thank you for the warning but i am well aware of the risks of the ultra jump....but regardless it will make the game much more interesting

27th Sep 2002, 19:19
If you change the value of the jump code he wont jump as high.

the abyss
30th Sep 2002, 15:10
thanks for the hint but something here is definately wrong...both the master code and the jump code are entered in correctly but for some reason they are still freezing up my game....it says "reading memory card in memory card slot 1" and stays like that even when there is no memory card installed.....i doubt it would be the other codes considering that they are not activated but i'll check tem as well anyways....any suggestions to what may help please share.....also thanks for the value changing suggestion i'll look into it if i can get it to work....

30th Sep 2002, 19:24
Make sure the master code is FIRST.

Maybe you have a corrupt file on your memory card?

Is there alot of saves on your memory card? BO2 seems to take quite a LONG time when bringing up the save games to load if the memory card you are using is full. I think this has to do with the "BO2 save system is on crack" problem.

Thats all I can think of right now.

the abyss
1st Oct 2002, 01:24
oh ok thanx that's probably it....i don't think the master code is first so i'll check that....and i doubt it's the memory card being too packed because it says that even when there is no memory card in the PS2....but thanx for the advice really appreciate it

1st Oct 2002, 19:47
No problem. Master code has got to be the first one.

the abyss
2nd Oct 2002, 23:24
oh any hints for the value of the jump code? sorry for hassling you so much but i don't know the first thing about gameshark hacking.....if you could tell me a website that explains it i'd be much obliged but if not the new code value would be just great

3rd Oct 2002, 06:40
Visit this site to learn something about GS codes


OoO Look what I found

These codes are for Gameshark 2

Must Use this M code

ECC0FEC8 14981F74

Kain Upgrade

1CE09FB0 1456e7A6

One Hit Kills

1CB2C1BC 2055F025
1CB2C1C4 B095E77D

1CB7ED80 B096E7A1
1CB7ED70 1456E7A5

No Blood Suck Camera

1CB65FD8 15F6E79D
1CB65FDC 1456E7A5

Born Dead Enemies

1CB2B640 1456E7A5
1CB2B690 B096E77D
1CB2B6B4 1456E7A5

Disable A.I.

1CB287C8 3854E7A6
1CB15674 3854E7A6

1CB5A2B4 1456E7A5
1CB5A5D4 7AD2E7C5
1CB5A5D0 5AD2E7C1
1CB5A430 1456E7A5

1CB5A47C 205524DD
1CB5A480 D8D547A5
1CB5A4A8 7892E7B5
1CB5A4D0 1456E7A5
1CB5A474 1456E7A5

1C8724EC 2055F025
1C8724F4 D8D507A5

Mega Jump 2 (NOT AS HIGH)
1C8724EC 2055F065
1C8724F4 D8D507A5

Always Target Jump Gift
1CB6B1AB 0456E74C
1CB6B2B0 0456E72C

Ok? Ok! You just need to just edit the 2nd to last digit of the first line of the jump code on your gameshark to a "C" or maybe "B" I forget. Or just use the M code I posted here and these codes, or follow that link and convert them back to the other code format.